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Motherly Love Of Sai And Got Prize For Sai Satcharitra

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am Sai Baba’s daughter. Om Sairam These 3 are the magical words which bought a lot of happiness in my world and those are breathing words “Oms AIR am” to me. I would like to thank Hetalji and the entire team for their fabulous and fantastic work on this website by helping us read and share the experiences. This is Modern Sai Satcharitra after Baba’s Samadhi. Coming to my experience, nobody understands His ways about pulling His devotees towards Him, unless He wills it nobody can go and see Him.

Currently am living in US. During Guru Poornima I went to the temple here and attended pooja but there was something in my mind that last year in India I enjoyed a lot during this festival playing, singing and dancing on the roads, and was thinking now that I missed all of that because am here. Next day I got a call from New York Sai temple as there they were conducting quiz on Sai Satcharitra and if interested then to come and participate and also on the same day they were doing Guru Pournima celebrations. So, I thought of going to the New York (its 12 hours journey from place but still Baba pulled me) and visiting temple.

Hence I travelled, and Baba arranged my accommodation also in one of the volunteer’s house and got fresh up there comfortably and attended quiz and palki procession. It was amazing event. I enjoyed more than India like playing, singing, dancing on the roads with palki etc. I felt very happy as Baba was hearing my small wishes too. No need to say I participated and was selected to final round of quiz but I was thinking again that I had to travel for final round also and in between lot of commitments to decide for me to stay in US or not. So, I didn’t show interest on participating final round of quiz. Baba ways are unique and He made me to be present in New York during my final round of quiz. One month before final round of quiz, I got a job opportunity in New Jersey and went there to join and was travelling every weekend to Sai temple and attended my final round of quiz. But this time during exam I was bit panic and didn’t get time to attempt all questions, so I left some of the questions open and gave my paper. Actually, in previous round I scored 100% so people were expecting that I would be getting either 1/2/3 prizes, but I felt like I will not get 1/2/3 as I had not attempted all the questions and they said results would be announced during Dushhera 2018. I was praying Sai continuously and finally the day came, Saipaa gave me the second prize in this Quiz. Still I am happy as I thought that I would not be selected and broke the people’s trust and their help to me to participate in this quiz. But due to Sai Paa’s grace He presented me with the second prize.

I was very happy during that time and I joined my new job and got a new ID card but forgot to offer at Baba’s feet since it was closing time and everyone were rushing but I did mistake and so I lost my job. Initially, I didn’t have in mind to go and participate in the final quiz but before the month of quiz Baba showed me a job opportunity in the nearby city New Jersey, so I travelled there and attended my quiz. Once that was completed I was supposed to come back from that city, not sure what was His plan. Also, I was praying to Baba that I can’t get one day also free time from my house hold work and taking care of my kid and husband. So, was also thinking to go my mom’s place but I could not go. Baba knows what to do, when to do and how to do? That’s why He pulled me here and made to me to stay here for a month comfortably and then send me back. The other Sai devotee where I was staying in her house, she became very close to me and she offered 2 pair of dresses and I got Quiz prize money 500$.

Generally, if we go to mother’s home, while leaving they will offer dresses, money and eatables. Baba also sent me back with all these. That’s why she is always Mother of all mothers. But only one point here is I lost my job so I travelled back with a heavy heart and started my depression life as it is, not sure why He is doing like this and when He will bless me. Dear Sai devotes, kindly pray for my job, I can’t offer to stay here and am doing my Masters too, so it’s very difficult to stay and manage myself. I can’t depend on my husband and not interested to borrow money from him. So please pray for me to get a job soon. Om Sri Satchedhanadha Samartha Sadghuru Sainath Maharaji Ki Jai.

Baba Cured My Bee Stings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I live in the US. Please post this as anonymous. This is a wonderful platform for all the devotees worldwide to share their experiences and prayers. Thanks to the great and generous effort of Hetalji, Poojaji and all others for giving us this opportunity to be blessed by Baba. You all are truly a blessing for us.

5 days ago I got stung by bees in many places on my body. The worst one was on my lip which was very painful and in one hour my lips got swollen. I was in a lot of pain, applied Udi and did all home remedies. But the pain or swelling did not go down. That being a Saturday I stayed home. Next day morning my whole face was swollen and I panicked. I cried in front of Baba asking how I could go to work next day looking like this. Please reduce my swelling. Again I applied Baba’s Udi and promised that I would share my experience if the swelling went down. Miraculously the swelling reduced by Sunday evening and on Monday, though there was a little; it was not noticeably visible to anyone. Only someone closely looking at my face would know. Thank You Baba for saving me.

I also have a few other places with bee stings that are painful but not visible to everyone so, I am suffering with the pain. Thank You Baba for helping me and saving me from bee stings. Baba, You know I have a few more things that I am asking of You, one for selling my house and the other to bless my daughter in her studies. Baba my son is also undergoing some medical tests. Please help him Baba. Please take care of him. Please Baba we need You. Baba, please help and fulfil the wishes in my mind. Only You can do so. I am also planning to come to Shirdi 20 days. Baba, I need Your blessings to sell our home.

One more experience: My daughter was having exams and she was very stressed and worried about them. She had not done so well in her last exam and so I was worried too. The previous day I prayed to Baba, to please come in front of me in some form. Living in the US it would be hard to see vehicles with Baba’s pictures or the words Sai. Whole day I searched desperately looking for those 3 letters to ensure myself that Baba was with my daughter and would support her. The whole day passed, I didn’t see any cars on my way to work and even at work I didn’t see any words with those 3 letters. As I was at a conference, one of my colleagues asked me if we both can go to eat some vegetarian food as it was not there at the conference. So both of us ladies started walking outside to a nearby Indian restaurant. As we stood at a traffic light to cross the road, I saw the name of a hotel “SAINTE L…. ” across the street. It took me a second to register. The 3 letter “SAI” were shining in front of me. Thank You Baba. I took a picture of that and sent it to my daughter and said Baba is with you. The next day she called me and said the test was good and in another day she called me and said, “Mom I got 95%”. Wow Baba’s miracles are great. He helped me and showed me that He is with me and my daughter. Thank You Baba.

Om Sairam Baba, I am doing the Nav Guruvar vrat, and yesterday being the 8th one, I was getting tensed as my house has not got sold and we were incurring loss. The sad part was I was at work and had so many meetings that I could not go to the temple during lunch time and evening. When I was coming home it was already dark and hence I could not stop at the temple. And Of course because of my work and hunger, I forgot about the vrat and had dinner. I had wowed that during the vrat on Thursday’s I would eat only sweets and fruits. Sorry Baba for my negligence, please forgive me. Baba my request is to please, please sell our home. I am visiting Shirdi in 4 weeks from now. Please Baba let me come there with a peaceful mind so that I can pray and thank You. This is my trip to Shirdi after 15 years. Please Baba, let me come to You with a peaceful frame of mind. Please help me with all the problems that we are having.

Baba Always Delivers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I am a Baba’s devotee since childhood.
I have been waiting to write my leelas and experiences of Baba for last 2 years. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to derive, connect, understand and finally write about Your leelas Sairam. I’m certainly blessed to be inspired by so many experiences from devotees on this forum. Thanks again for providing the platform to share our leelas and inspire many more.

I currently reside in the USA and have been a staunch devotee of Baba for the last 4-5 years. I used to worship Him as a child and go to Sai Aarthi bhajans with my mother. I stopped during my teens and college years because of a variety of reasons. I have had my share of doubts on God especially when I was struck with a chronic incurable skin disease 15 years back. I had a tough time in my adolescent years due to my skin. I was a braggadocio in my teens and as a result of this I lived my heydays not caring a fig for anyone except me and myself. However, all that changed when my dad died suddenly of a cancer relapse in 2011.

I was a bachelor in one of the world’s most exciting cities and was having a fun until then. Suddenly, I felt the weight of responsibilities fell on my shoulder for which I wasn’t prepared. Not only that I had just seen off my dad in the same city airport only a week back, I couldn’t live any longer in my favourite city. I was in a relationship at the same time and had just got approval for the wedding from both parents when all of this happened. I was distraught and helpless but had to muster courage for others. I was very angry with Baba for letting this happen and asked “why me”? I stopped His worship and going to any temple for that matter and lost belief in God. Fast-forward to a few years I was married but still had many responsibilities of taking care of my mother and getting my sister married. I had a lot of issues and because of this in my early married life we decided to postpone having kids as a result of all this. I only kept faith in Sairam and finally got my sister married. When we finally wanted to have kids, we couldn’t conceive and after doing many vrats and parayanams my wife conceived to the joy of everybody. However, this wouldn’t last for long as we had a miscarriage and were totally devastated. To add to this, I had to leave out of town for my project work and couldn’t be there to support emotionally. I was still asking Sairam what sins did I do to get this at this late stage and was praying hard to get me through this phase.

Things slowly were improving but we couldn’t yet conceive again and we went to all the specialists and ran all the tests. Everything came back positive and we were not sure what the issue was. The project I had to leave for after my mishap turned out to be a gateway for me to get a job in a big firm that I always wanted to be a part of. Once that happened we suddenly got news from the specialist doctors that my wife was pregnant when they saw the test reports in detail. My wife had a tough pregnancy with numerous ER trips and complications. She delivered a preterm baby and we were with our son in ICU for many days hoping that he would come home. So even after his birth we didn’t really celebrate as we were worried for his health. Slowly he coped up and finally arrived home this week. I attribute all this to Sai Baba only, He gave us a new born in His Mahasamadhi year. I’m so happy just for that and we hope to take our infant to Shirdi one day and have him meet His Maker. Sorry for such a long post once again and I’m submitting this on Ganesh Chaturthi and hope to have this published before Baba’s Mahasamadhi Anniversary. Baba always delivers, it may take some time but He surely delivers.
Om Sairam! Jai Sairam! Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Sri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba’s Love And Help

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Om Sairam to all Sai Devotees. I am a Sai Daughter from India.
I am a small dust particle of my Sai’s Lotus Feet. I am nothing without Baba. He is everything for me. My life is full of Baba’s miracles. I have posted many experiences on this divine blog. Thanks a lot, Hetalji for giving us such a divine platform to share our experiences and get more and more strength. Today I am going to share the experiences which I had promised Baba to be shared.

Experience 01- I am 11 weeks pregnant. Last Wednesday at midnight I was feeling severe abdomen pain. I prayed Baba to please help me to get rid of this pain and to please take care of my babies. After sometimes my pain went off. I was feeling much relaxed.

Experience 02 – When I was planning to conceive, I asked a question in Baba replied that you will get the good news in 90 Days. I counted the days and came to know that it would be in the first week of October. Exact the same time I got the confirmation of my Pregnancy. See how Baba gives comfort to His devotees. There is no need to say again and again that please be with my babies all the time and make my pregnancy smooth because I have surrendered everything on You and I know You will take care. Why Fear when You are here? You gave me this happiness and You only will take care of everything.

Experience 03-My Chacha Ji(Uncle) was not feeling well. He got hospitalized and doctors were not able to diagnose yet. I prayed Baba to help him get well soon and he to come home soon. Next morning I called my aunt and asked about uncle’s health. Now he is recovering and came home back. Reports have not come yet. Baba, I am sure You are there and everything would be fine with Your grace.

Experience 04- Yesterday night my husband had a severe headache due to some family problems. Because of a headache, he was not able to sleep. I applied some Vicks and massaged over his head while chanting Baba’s name. I prayed Baba to get him well soon from his headache and that he gets sound sleep. I promised to post the experience. After sometimes he got a very sound sleep. Thanks a lot, Baba. What will I do if You are not here? My husband is a very good person and always helps others selflessly. The person/s whom he helps and gives everything always give him pain and pain. That’s why he always gets hurt and tensed. Baba, please help him to understand that we should help people who are really in need and who have good heart to understand other’s true feelings and also try not to hurt others. Please make my hubby understand that Baba is there to help us in each and every condition. Baba, I have full trust and faith in You. You only fulfil my wish. I have full trust that You already gave me what I asked. This 10th Nov 2018 it will be confirmed. I will share my this experience very soon. Om Sairam. Sai Reham Nazar Karna Bacho Ka Palan Karna. Om Sai Namo Namah Shri Sai Namo Namah Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah Sadguru Sai Namo Namah. Jai Sairam.

Baba Helping My Mother To Recover From Sickness

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Usha Nandini from USA says: I am a Sai devotee since 2009. I have posted five of my experiences previously and they got published at various times. Baba attending my award ceremony, Baba Cured Me From Disease, Baba’s Words Come True, Baba’s Miracles Are Unfathomable And Beyond Human Imagination and Unconditional Faith In Sai.

October 2018, we went to India on vacation and my mom was not doing well with her sodium potassium imbalance. She was trying her best to keep herself up and walking. On October 12 I had to go out of town for attending a seminar and she fell down near her bed twice and couldn’t get up. She was on the floor almost nearly for two hours each time. After that she didn’t move from bed for next 72 hours. She needed help even for turning her body in the bed. Those were the saddest days.

On October 15, Baba’s Samadhi day I prayed Him to not make her suffer like this bed ridden and even requested to take with Him. Also I asked her questions about cure in the questions and answer site. Baba answered a person will come to help and you be successful. As Baba said at 15th night around 2 am I found that my mom turned her body in the sleep and I was so relieved. I was chanting Baba’s name all the time. I felt I was chanting His name even in my sleep. Finally Baba has brought back her to life. We took the test for her kidney and heart and everything was in range for her. Then she slowly started to walk and regain her strength. As Baba mentioned to me in the question and answer site a home nurse was also sent by Him to take care of her. She became ill again on October 29th. Again I asked Baba to help her heal. Baba replied she will feel better in 18 hours. I trusted His words. Even though I was anxious I didn’t call my family to enquire about Mom’s condition. I patiently waited for the 18 hours to be over. By 24 hours when I called my mother she was back on her feet and talked to me. Now she is gradually improving. I think our bad past life karma is getting reduced in this birth as we face tougher situations in life. Please Baba bless my mom, brother and family. Jai Sairam!

Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba. Thanks Hetalji for this wonderful platform to share our experiences. My pranamas to Baba’s divine feet.
My experience is regarding how with Baba’s blessings my son’s cold reduced. I have a son who is an infant. He was sneezing at night a lot. I thought it may increase for the next day. I prayed Baba to please reduce it and that he should not sneeze and should be able to breathe easily. By morning he has not sneezed a lot. I daily apply Vibuthi of Baba after bath. My Koti Pranam to our Baba, Om Sairam Anatha Koti Brahmananda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parmabrahma Sachidanand Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai. Om Sairam.

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  1. I am Sai daughter J from India. I am 36yr old born Uttar Pradesh Brahmin family and Sai devotee from 2012. Baba gave me soo much love and protection till now also be fulfilled many wishes.
    But I am stuck in something from past 8yrs. I don't know Baba what to do. I fall in love with my old classmate in 2011 from Agarwal community. I tried to resist myself for not falling for him but can't help also my parents like him alot as my friend. Everything was really going good till 2014 and we achieved many things together. In June 2014 I revealed about my love to my father. Instantly he rejected it and stop talking to me. After that he started searching for Brahmin alliance for me. He arranged some meetings and fixed the marriage. Initially I didn't said anything but when its like do or die situation I denied and told my mom also about my love. My parents became angry like anything and abondoned me. Stop talking to me and my mom fall sick since she is having High bp and other medical conditions. They started threating me ki they will die if I am going to marry my love. So I said ok for whatever they said. I came home left my job in 2015. I put all my trust on Baba that he will protect me and full fill my wish. Now it's 2019 from past 4yrs my parents are really working hard to get suitable groom for me but still in vein. I am staying at home without saying a single word to my parents about my love because if I say anything they will abandone me and fall sick. So I trusted Baba always praying to protect me from all those. But inside I feel too much pain seeing parents suffering also my boyfriend's is still waiting for me and my parents still on their stand they are not able to understand my pain. They only think about what people will say. Please help me Baba

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba please help us to study well baba and take care of my grandparents baba and make us visit shree dwaraka balaji soon ayyappa sairakshak saisaranam. Baba please show us some path financially baba please baba this is a crucial time baba please help….

  3. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  4. om sri sai ram
    please pull me from depression. please send someone for me to save me from this. please baba
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  5. om sri sai ram
    saima please help me to conceive this month.
    please bless us with hale,healty and beautiful baby again
    as I promised I will listen and speak only good things
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  6. om sai ram please bless my mom from astma and breathing problem she is suffering from heart problem and she canot sleep hole night.she is facing health problems from 10 years.she cant bear suffering from long years.please cure her suffering sai baba.i feel very bad for her situvation. please prayer all for my moms health.baba bless you with good news.please add this comment here

  7. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, dattatreya, namaha shivaya, baba kin palkhi, tirupati balaji jai, jai durga, jai murugan, jai hanuman

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