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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Sai Appa The Real Miracle Maker And The Best Teacher

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Anitha from India says: I am Anitha currently residing in Singapore basically from India. Sai Appa is the real miracle maker and the best teacher. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram to all the fellow devotees who follow this page every day as like me. My humble pranams and best wishes to Hetalji and all those who are part of this wonderful site. It gives such pleasure and positive vibes while reading the experiences of the devotees with our beloved Baba. I wholeheartedly pray our Almighty Baba to give all strength and support to continue this noble site and its other related progress. Thank you all again. The experience that I am going to share would definitely be a long one but I am sure it is going to be one of the commanding boosts to all those believe in Baba. Such is His mercy and kindness towards His devotees. Please forgive me if there is any error or if the sequence is not followed as per the life incidents happened.

I had already shared here about myself and my brother’s marriage with Baba’s blessing. How the marriage happened within 2 years by all things falling in place after visiting Shirdi for the first time in 2011. Me and my brother both had a baby girl each. Later after 3 years during 2016 I and my sister-in-law were pregnant. Of course everyone wanted a Boy baby as we have a girl baby. Me and brother both are living in two different foreign countries. In foreign countries we get to know the gender of the baby by 5 months. I have to mention here that my brother before the actual scan told us that he suspected that it would be a girl baby. When I heard that I couldn’t believe and accept it. So I started praying, crying to Baba asking that my brother should get a boy baby only; at any cost let me get a girl baby instead. This is how I prayed and cried to Baba on that night.

Later as per Baba’s plan my brother got a boy baby and I gave birth to a girl baby. Everyone in the home was very saddened but every one of us was consoling each other for having a healthy baby. I had C-section for both my delivery, so during my 2nd C-section my husband, my in-laws were not ready to get the family planning done. After 5 months we were back to our residing foreign country and I resumed my work in Sep 2016.

Starting Sep 2016, we had very huge problem with my husband’s work side (business partner) which is another miracle from our beloved Baba as He made us relieve from that worst of the worst situation. We invested a huge amount from my parents and ours hard earned money as well. Baba knows all our past, present and future. That’s how without even we realise the severity of the situation and the loss we may incur, He very well managed us to get back all our hard earned money with a huge debt, but with a ray of hope to get back soon in a good shape. By November 2016, we got business into our hands and the whole family especially my mom, dad and brother were all in a mental trauma as how to move further with such a huge debt. During these times, I always felt very sad and thought that I should have got a boy baby. By March 2017 the things got little OK but not fully. My parents came to help us. 1st April 2017 we went for a medical check-up to inquire about not having my periods even after stopping the breast feed for my 2nd child. Doctor examined me and told that I was pregnant for 21 weeks (5 Months+). Could anyone believe this? Yes, me and my husband were in a shock to know. Later the following week only we got to know the gender of the baby as a boy baby. Everyone in the family were extremely happy but I was worried as without knowing I took some tablets for my fever, headache during my early pregnancy. As I was scared when the detail scanning was done the person told the foetus growth was all good for the week except the nasal bone was low compared to that week’s chart, so there was a chance for Down syndrome. When I heard this my whole world became dark, totally dark and I couldn’t explain how I felt that moment.

br/> As next step we were given 2 options to know the foetal problem. One was to have the amniotic fluid test called amniocentesis or blood test. Either test would take 15 days to know the results. We gave for blood test and we waited for 20 days as there were as 2 public holidays that came during weekends. I pray God that nobody in this world should go through this kind of situation as I know how terrible to have a baby within you and to have mixed thoughts and feelings about that baby. The doctor said they would call us if anything abnormal was there in the report. Every time when my phone rang I got scared that it may be a call from the hospital. Finally I couldn’t wait further after 20 days so I called the hospital and the nurse said that the report was normal. OMG that moment I got back my world. Later I went back to India for my delivery. Since we didn’t know the exact date of conception, doctor in India fixed a date for C-section based on the earlier scan reports and current report. On July 15th 2017, at 11.10 am, I delivered a beautiful boy baby and all were happy.

Soon after his birth he got respiratory problem and immediately he got admitted into another child specialist NICU. When I got back from my sedation, without me asking them my dad voluntarily said that the baby was good and so not to worry. But I felt something bad and so I then called my aunt. She also said the same. Then lately I understood that he was admitted in another hospital. I couldn’t even move from my resting position and as time moved my pain started increasing. But I had one thing in my mind and courage that God – my Baba will never take my kid away from me as the baby is purely His divine blessing only. That faith and belief made my baby get well soon and he was discharged before me and came to see me on July 21st to the hospital. At last what I got to know from the long run testing, struggle is that we should always pray for a healthy baby rather than being keen on the gender of the baby, also we should whole heartedly believe in Baba even when all our favourable things go against us. Baba is our saviour, teacher, well-wisher and all in all as how we see Him. Dear readers before I start please forgive me if anything wrong in my presentation. Hope this long post would definitely be a boost for someone.

Miracles Of My Baba – I Love You Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Dear devotees, I am feeling so blessed today as I write my experiences as Baba has helped me immensely in everything that I have asked for. I feel that I was in darkness and lived a life of ignorance when I did not know the magnanimity of Baba. Having said that, I do feel that maybe I was ignorant of His power, kindness and love earlier but He has always protected me even then. I remember a chapter in Sai Satcharitra that says if you bow down to His picture (even unknowingly) His blessings are showered on You.

Coming to my experiences I have had a few of them in the past couple of months that I had promised to post on this site. I have been pretty busy and there has been a delay in posting or should I say that Baba has eventually chosen today as the day when these would get posted. The first experience was after returning from India I was mentally disturbed about a few happenings that took place there and was unable to sleep for a couple of consecutive nights and that was when I just said to my Baba to please help me sleep tonight and that I would post on this page and guess what it was nothing short of a miracle that I immediately fell off to sleep. Thank You Baba! I will always be indebted to You for everything You have done for me.

Next one was how I recovered my lost keys which was a near to impossible thing to find considering the number of places I had been too. But Baba helped me get them. I have another experience where my new manager was very upset about something she thought I had done. I had asked Baba to resolve the issue or make my manager think it was not a big deal and yes Baba heard my prayers again.

I have to relate another huge blessing of Baba regarding my dad’s health. My dad was to undergo prostrate surgery and I had asked Baba to ensure everything went smoothly. Baba the great saviour got the surgery cancelled at the last moment when the anaesthetist discovered my dad had a chest infection. Thank You Deva once again. You have saved us a number of times from huge calamities.

Recently I prayed to Deva when my dad was suspected of pneumonia. I asked my loving Sai that it should not be anything serious and low and behold it was nothing serious. Thus my dear devotees this is the kindest of kindest Gods that I have experienced, who is just happy if we call out to Him, chant His name and He will instantaneously come to the rescue of His children. I love You my Sai. Please be with me and all my family always. Forgive us if we have done anything wrong. Make my brother and sister speak to each other and my brother-in law to speak to my husband. Please erase their differences. Please make my brother get stability in his job. Please protect his job my Deva. I will bring them all for Your darshan my Sai. Thank You devotees for reading my experiences. I pray that all the sufferings and pain of the devotees are erased by our loving Sai. Thank you Hetalji for posting my previous experiences, hope this one is also posted. Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai!

Many Thanks For Always Helping Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji, Thank you for maintaining this modern Sai Satcharitra. We devotes feel blessed to read the stories and miracles of Baba.
I have to thank Baba for 6 reasons and my apologies Baba for delaying to post the experiences. First of all thank You for helping me those two days when I was experiencing some fear. The fear is related to a psychological problem that I have. Baba helps in every situation.

Secondly thank You Baba for not letting the lizard come to the kitchen. Devotees may find this weird but a lizard was repeatedly coming to the kitchen and disturbing us. We prayed to Baba and I had promised to write this experience once the lizard stopped coming.

Third experience is that I was really hoping to receive a message from someone in my future work place and I did receive a message from her. I was feeling that she was ignoring me.

Fourth is someone dear to me who rarely messages; as he doesn’t have the habit of messaging on his own messaged me twice and this had overjoyed me.

Fifth I got information regarding my new job from the required people and was feeling relaxed. Thank You Baba for always helping me.

Sixth, thank You Baba for helping me find all the relevant information related to my passport work. Thank You for many other reasons like for always taking care of me. I kindly pray to You Baba to help me with my passport and visa work. There is a lot to be done. You know all my problems. Please guide me and help me. I can’t do anything without You Baba. On Sai Ram.

Unfathomable Blessings Of Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai devotee from USA. I don’t know this is my what number experience because Baba has innumerable blessings upon me which is impossible for a number count. You are my everything Baba. Thank You for everything. Thank You Hetalji for giving us this platform to share our experiences with our Baba and spread the blessings of Baba throughout the world.

Coming to my experience, in a routine blood work my husband’s platelets count was high so I got so tensed because high platelets has a serious underlying reasons. I googled and found a lot of dangerous details so I was worrying like hell. I was not able to sleep properly for so many nights. I kept praying Baba all the time. I did nav Guruvar vrat for my husband and family and then he was scheduled for a blood work again after 8/9 months. Then with Baba’s blessing his platelets count decreased which was impossible without Baba’s blessings. Thank You so much Baba for always giving me positive answers in Your question answer site and bless me to unfold. We are nothing without Your blessings Baba. Please keep showering Your blessings upon us. Thank You for everything Baba. Love You so much. Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Yogiraj Sai Nathaya Namah.

Sai Blessed Me With A Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Zambia Says: Om Sairam.
This is my second experience that I am posting here. First experience was published on 11th July 2016. Coming to my experience, since 2017 I was looking for a job change. But I didn’t get a job. I resigned my previous job in January 2018 because of too much pressure. In May 2018 I got a job, but there was a permit issue. Until September my permit was not approved. I started reading Sai Satcharithra in September and the best part was that the day I started Parayan that day itself my permit was approved and I joined in the Company. Thank You so much Baba that You blessed me with a job.

Baba please bless my daughter with good education. She is not concentrating on studies. Baba bless my mother with good health, since many years she is suffering with Knee pains, she is not able to walk properly. We are planning to go for knee replacement. Please help us Baba.

Baba Is Our Oxygen

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Many experiences are posted by Baba’s grace. I’m little child of Sai depending on Baba for everything.
Koti Pranams to Baba! Our daughter who stays in America with her husband told me that her gold ring had fallen somewhere in office or at home. She couldn’t find it. I prayed Baba if her ring is found, then I would submit the experience. After ten days, yesterday she told me that she found it in her lunch bag. Bow to Shri Sainath Peace Be To All.

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  1. Baba please help my son. Baba he is very young and only 15. Baba please bless him with good health. Baba please remove that migraine from his body and give him good sleep so that he can be healthy tomorrow morning. Please see that he never gets headache and migraine in his life. Baba he is suffering a lot. Please Baba remove his sins and forgive him. Baba please see that he dont have diabetes, thyroid and cholesterol. You know his diabetes and cholesterol levels were high last year. Baba this year readings and reports should be normal. Please bless my younger son too with good health. Even his diabetes readings are abnormal. Please Sai both my kids should not get diabetes cholesterol thyroid and any health problems. Baba please be with my older son and remove his migraine now itself. Help me Baba

  2. Baba please help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father financially and make him happy and healthy baba please dont let him suffer from bp and diabetes saipa and cure my mother's pain baba please help us to study well baba and take care of my grandparents baba and make us visit shree dwaraka balaji soon ayyappa sairakshak saisaranam. Baba please show some path regarding my father's school

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    saima please forgive my sins. thank you for everything.
    please approve my visa appa. it should not go into RFE. there will be unnecessary tension or turmoil in the house due to uncertainty.
    please baba, please approve my visa baba
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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    please bless us with a baby again.
    please baba
    please forgive my sins
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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    daddy cancer should not spread anywhere. he should live for long.
    please baba
    please forgive my sins.
    I am really sorry from bottom ofmy heart
    om sri sai ram

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