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Sai Helps My Family

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sri Sai Ram. Dear all, I am a devotee like all of you. I have been reading this website for last 2 years. Every time I feel scared, worried, I read different miracles and it eases my heart. I am going through a very difficult time in my life. There was a time in my life that everything was going right, both personally and professionally. Then suddenly due to one decision everything turned worse. Life at the moment is very much like walking on eggshells. I keep waiting, praying to Sai to shower His blessings on me, so that I can come out of these problems.

Last few weeks, there has been a renewed hope and I am waiting for Baba to make that hope a reality. I have been trying for a job and I am hopeful that Baba will give me a job soon, which will solve my professional life and by doing so, hopefully it will slowly end my troubled personal life as well. The reason I write this experience today, Thursday 19th July 2018. is that I am waiting for Baba to bless me with job progress and as I wait for His miracle, I am reading Sai Chaitra, Stavan Manjari and writing Om Sairam. Today I was thinking about all what Sai, has done for my family and me and suddenly decided to post this message.

I have grown up learning and knowing Baba. Baba came first into our lives, when I was a young girl around 6-7 years old. Like every family, my family too believed in God and praying but we were not strong devotees. We would go to temples, but we would pray simply. My mother/ father would do pooja once a day at home, light the diya and do small prayers. At that time we knew Sai Baba, but just as we knew and prayed to all other Gods. The change came swiftly. One Sunday, suddenly in our lives, my dad had an accident; a seemingly small fall, which happens to all of us on occasion. However this fall, ended up causing a lot of pain to my father. He was admitted in hospital, taken in for surgery. My dad was the only breadwinner for the family. Even after the surgery, the doctors told my mom that it was difficult for my dad to walk again. My brother and I were very young and we were overseas with no family close by, so my mom was all alone bearing the burden. Our lives in one stroke went from a small happy family to contemplating a future with small income, because my dad might never walk again. During those difficult days, one Thursday my parent’s one of the friends took my mom to a Sai Baba centre for aarti. He told my mom, trust in Sai, just pray and tell Him our problems and He will help us. My mom went along with that uncle and attended the aarti. My parents were never staunch believers, but that day my mom who was so lost and felt so hopeless bowed down to Sai and said “I don’t know what to do, how to make things better, please save my family”. A flower fell on my mom as she was getting up from her namaskar. All the Sai devotees there understood that it was a miracle.

My mom wasn’t that sure, because she didn’t understand then that Sai had given His blessing through the flower. For my mom at that time, her troubles continued. Slowly changes started to happen. Doctors who had told that my dad might never walk, said that he could probably walk with a stick and after lot of physical therapy. My mom started believing. She started to attend aarti every Thursdays. Sai then came into my life, where my mom would drop me and my brother for Sai classes every Saturday. As we entered Sai’s fold, Sai helped our dad. Within a year, my dad started to walk, without the stick and even without a limp. He went back to work. Sai continued to bless us. Before my dad was working and earning well, but after this incident as we devoted ourselves to Sai, to God, we saw ourselves grow. My dad’s career took to new heights and my mom’s worries were reduced and she started to enjoy her life as well. Today I am in that similar boat as my dad, not due to a fall, but a decision that I took thinking it would be good, but ended up giving me problems. I keep my faith and hope on Sai, that He will end this misery. He has blessed us before and He will now. Everyday I learn to wait, I cry sometimes, I fight with Him, sometimes I beg, I bargain. But I never stop believing. Sai please save me Sai. Help me out of this misery. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba’s Blessings – My Life For You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Gujarat. Before I start and during the conversation, if my words are hurting or are not aligned then I am really sorry about it and I pray to Sai Baba please forgive me for it. First of all, I am really thankful to Hetalji and team to provide this platform. You are the really blessed souls and feel that you are very near to Sai Baba. I am a big fan of your blogs from 2009/10 but never thought about Baba’s leelas and experiences with me to share earlier but now by Sai blessings, I am writing here my earlier experiences.

1) I failed in HSC-12th Examination in 2005 and I went in depression after that. My behaviour changed and I didn’t feel better and was uncomfortable to meet people. Felt like days were passing and for me, the world was not moving which was like the soul was not present and that the only body was living. During that time I didn’t link with any God and didn’t believe in God. I didn’t like to pray or even go to the temple. During that period my mother was a Sai Baba devotee and did pooja and reading Satcharitra regularly. I saw her every time but was not attracted much. After passing this type of phase up to 6 months one day I made up my mind and took that Red book “Sai Satcharitra” and with don’t care attitude, I sat on the sofa and started flipping pages randomly like time pass. After then read some incidents and felt better immediately. Then at the same moment, I closed the book and restarted to read again from the cover page. I saw Sai Baba picture. Then I read the introduction, incidents, leelas of Baba and then the chapters. I felt it was a really devotional book and I respect it right away. Though I was still on Sofa and made my mind that I would read it very carefully after bath from next day morning and then place it in our temple. After day by day with reading and gaining knowledge of Who is He, How He helped others; I felt really good. I felt my days were lively then, feeling better and like re-birth of my life. During that time Baba came on my dreams and by that, I was motivated. By this, my journey started with Sai Baba and He blessed me during my tough times. Even everybody called me the loser. By His grace, I got admission in Diploma and then Bachelors. I completed my education without any break and I had a good job. Thank You, Sai Baba for everything.

2) As a Sai devotee, I felt very blessed and often He gives proof of His presence even today. In 2006-07 I was very eager to read “Sai Sarovar” book to know His leelas in depth. But as I knew and which is mentioned in “Sai Sarovar” that without Sai Baba’s permission even one can’t touch or read this book. So, I was really eager that Sai Baba gave me permission as early to read it and I was waiting for any indication or sign to start it and it happened. After few days Sai Baba came on my dream, ” I was in between 3-4 students and I asked Sai Baba that I want to read Sai Sarovar and He replied that You can start ” It’s blessings. Amazing. Next day I purchased all four parts and started reading it.

3) Other Sai blessing when I was in Shirdi with my friends during 2009-10. I was praying there for my completed exams and it was very tough and I was under stress. After praying to Samadhi Mandir, me and my friends were going to Gurusthaan. During the time of Parikrama under Neem Tree, I thought there is no chance to get a neem leaf today due to no wind and there were few devotees eagerly waiting to catch it under there. But same time during my thought process I saw one leaf whirl and fell in front of my eyes. Suddenly I stretched my palm and I got on it. I felt it was the answer and His grace to my prayer. I am nothing without You. Be with me, Sai Baba. Thank You, Sai Baba for everything. Keep Faith, do name chant on each moment. May Sai Showers blessings to everybody.

Baba Helped To Find Out A New Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Sairam Hetalji, many thanks to you for this blog to share our experiences with Baba devotees. These experiences do give faith and strength to all Baba devotees during their hard times. I want to post my experience on this blog, please edit wherever necessary. Please don’t include my name and email id.

Today I am going to share my experience. In my life everywhere Baba is there, and He is protecting me and my family members. In every hard situation I will go to Baba and pray Him with my tears and Baba solves all my problems. Last year we were facing hard time, now I am sharing how Baba helped from that situation. My husband is an IT employ. He is working on contract basis and not full time. His contract period had ended. My family dependent is on his job. I am a house wife. With Baba’s blessings we have two kids and so I am not working. I am taking care of my kids. Suddenly his contract ended and there was no job and so me and my husband were worrying a lot about the situation that without job how could we survive with kids? My husband applied for lots of jobs but nothing was working. We got tensed and depressed. But we believed in Baba and we both prayed to Baba. Then I prayed Baba with my tears to help us from this hard time and that I would start 9 weeks pooja. At that time I was browsing on my laptop about Sai Baba and all of sudden I saw this blog and I started reading the devotees’ experiences. I felt these experiences gave me a faith on Baba and I promised Baba that if my husband would get job then I would also post my experience on this blog.

One Thursday me and my husband started Baba’s 9 weeks Pooja and we also started Sai Satcharitra one week parayan. I always do the Sai Satcharitra parayan to overcome our problems with our Baba’s grace and this time also we started parayan. The next week my husband got call from the Vendor Company and he was going to set the interview. We both prayed Baba for the interview, the interview was over, and we were waiting for the results. Before that also he attempted few interviews but nothing worked well. For this interview we prayed a lot and we totally depended on Baba’s decision. One day we were expecting a call from his recruiter but he was not calling. We thought this interview had also gone. Then I stood in front of Baba’s idol and said with tears in my eyes, “If You will think I am Your daughter and I am Your devotee then we will get positive feedback from the recruiter and if You do not think I am Your daughter and devotee, we will get a negative feedback from the recruiter”. Still we were waiting for the call but it was not getting. Then suddenly I said Baba, “You are not thinking that I am Your daughter and a devotee”. I was crying and started packing my bag to go to my brother’s house. When I was packing my bag, my husband’s phone was ringing. He was not picking his phone. He had forgotten the phone and had gone out. I only picked the phone and it was his recruiter. He was calling to tell my husband that he had got the job. When I heard that, tears were coming into my eyes. Immediately I went to the Baba’s idol and I asked to Baba for forgiveness. Then I felt very happy that Baba accepted me as a daughter and devotee with this. I love You Baba. You are everything for me. You helped us with this hard situation. I want to say one thing for Baba devotees that we should have faith and patience then Baba will listen our prayers and He will always protect us from all the situations. Forgive me Baba as I delayed to post my experience. Om Sairam, Om Sairam.

Shirdi Swami Personally Came And Asked For Bhiksha

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Kalpana from UAE says: I am a house wife basically from Kerala residing in UAE. I have two children. My husband is an accountant.

Sai Ram! The most memorable experience of Shirdi Swami in my life is what I am going to narrate. Almost every year during summer time we go to Kerala for vacation. That is July – August. Four years back me and kids were enjoying our holidays in Kerala. My husband couldn’t accompany us as he was busy with some urgent work in his company. One fine morning I was sitting alone in the drawing area of one of my relative’s house. Suddenly I heard the door bell ringing. I peeped through the door and saw an old man standing outside the house. I went out and asked, “what do you want?” He smiled and asked ‘Bhiksha’. I gave Him a five rupee coin. He gave me the brightest smile in this world. He was wearing a white head scarf, white shirt and dhoti and holding a very big stick. His beard was white and very short. Moustache was also thin and white. The thing I noticed was the orange coloured cloth bag with marathi letters written on it. I was wondering how long He might have travelled to reach there. He turned back and walked very fast and disappeared.

I totally forgot this incident and was busy with daily chores. Then that evening while I was doing my prayers in their pooja room suddenly as a flash I saw this old man in front of me. I was so shocked because I was not at all thinking of Him. The next morning my husband called me and I narrated the full incident to him. Suddenly he told me that the old man was none other than Sai Baba of Shirdi. I kept silent for a minute then I dropped the call and rushed to the pooja room. There when I looked at Swami’s picture I couldn’t believe my eyes. The person I saw the day before resembles Shirdi Baba in that picture. I was feeling so sad that I couldn’t recognise Baba. Before coming to us He will put us in a maya otherwise the welcome will not be the same. All are His leelas.

I have innumerable experiences with Baba. Once I had a dream that I am going to Dubai temple and on the way I got a pink silk cloth with golden print and gold lace on its four sides and on it I saw Baba’s face. The next morning me my husband and our two children went to the temple, there I saw Baba’s statue draped in the same pink silk cloth I saw in my dream the previous night.

Every month one Saturday we all go to Dubai temple. Once while we were praying inside the temple in my mind I asked, “Baba, can You give me a small flower Baba?” A person was sitting in front of Baba’s statue and I could see his back side only, without turning suddenly he took a big yellow colour flower, gave it to the priest and told him to give that flower to me. He was not at all looking at me. The priest with a good smile came out and from the crowd called me and gave that flower. I was so happy. The next month when we went to the temple I told Baba who is going to give me flower as it is not fair asking flower every time we visit temple. Moreover the priest is a bit serious type. So after the darshan when we were about to leave the temple the priest called me and told to wait. He took a garland made of pink colour flowers from Baba’s statue and gave it to me. I was literally crying and thanked Baba a lot. The garland was having a sweet fragrance which lasted till next day. This is Baba’s love to His devotees.

Sai My Father

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Baba has been in my life for almost 70% of my life. I made a mistake by not praying to Baba for a few years just because I failed my exam and was facing the most difficulties. Baba being the Father and Protector drew me back under His wings. It was then that when I started to believe Baba more than anything and anyone I had ever known. He is everything to me. My day starts and ends by praying to Him.

Miracles do happen when you believe. I left everything in Baba’s hands for the past few years. I experience Baba’s presence in my everyday life. When in doubt, I always close my eyes and ask Him for help and Baba always gives me a hint. I have so many experiences that I could write. But I will list the ones that give me chills when I think about.

Experience 1: I take Udi every morning after I pray to Baba. I don’t have any health insurance and had never been to a Doctor in a long time. I got some serious allergic reaction and saw some blisters on my hands and legs. First reaction was panic just like everyone else. Then I prayed to Baba and put Udi in my water and had it twice a day for 4 days and miraculously, my skin was back to normal.

Experience 2: I was having financial problems right after I had to leave my first job because of the stress. But I prayed to Baba just to be with me. My friends whom I helped a long time ago returned the money and I was able to sell some stuff that I hadn’t used in a long time and was unable to find a buyer.

Experience 3: My car coolant was leaking and I couldn’t get my car to the dealership because they were completely booked. I couldn’t get a rental car. So I prayed Baba to help me drive my car to the temple 300 miles from my town and bring me back safely. I topped off the coolant before I left and drove to the temple and came back and the coolant level didn’t drop a bit.

Experience 4: I had sent my visa renewal/adjustment status and it had been 5 months already and there was no update. I prayed to Baba and read a few chapters from Sai Satcharitra. The following Thursday I received a letter for fingerprints. I got that done and waited for almost 3 months before the next update. In the mean time I had been reading Chapter 15 from Sai Satcharitra every day. I just received a letter yesterday that my appointment for adjustment of status is next month. I am leaving everything to Baba and I know He knows what’s best for me and He will get me through this. I used to panic over little things for no reasons before. Ever since I started to read Sai Satcharitra every day, I feel so much relaxed. Please leave everything to Baba and have faith and be patient. He will take care of the rest.

Baba’s Leela

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Thank you Hetalji and team for maintaining such a beautiful blog. Reading the experiences on this blog reconfirms our faith in Baba that He will resolve our problems although slowly, but for sure.

I was working in a company where I was appointed as the lead. I was really happy to receive the job. I started recruiting and formed the team. One of the person I recruited was eyeing my position since the beginning, which I did not know. Slowly, all my team members ganged up against me and complained, even though there was no fault of mine. Hence the management made me an individual contributor. I started searching for jobs outside and kept praying. I used to attend interviews and at the last minute things would get dropped. I felt disheartened and at a point of time I almost lost faith in Baba since I was trying for more than 3 years. Finally I got a good opportunity but they wanted me to join within a month. However, my present company was unwilling to relieve me soon. I kept praying to Baba to help me out of this problem. Finally the new employer agreed to bear partial amount of my notice period buyout amount. Baba also ensured that my exit formalities were completed smoothly and on time. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Now 2 of my biggest wishes are still pending. Please fulfil them as well soon. Anantakoti Brahmandanayaka Parabrahma Shri Sacchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai.

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