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Sai Maa Stood By Me And Helped Me Through Difficult times

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Hello, Thank you for the bottom of my heart for giving us, the devotees of Shirdi Sai, the opportunity and platform to share our experiences with others and thus instil faith in Sai. I live in the US and would like to remain anonymous. Sai has helped me overcome some of the most difficult times of my life and so I want to share that with everyone.

Jai Sri Shirdi Sai Ram, I live in US and my real test started in 2008 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Very quickly his health deteriorated to the point that he could not speak or eat. It was the most painful time of my life so far, to see a person who has been so active and full of life, be so helplessly lying of his death bed. I give immense credit to my mother who stood by him this entire time and showed amazing amount of courage in caring for him. He passed in 2009 and left me bitter, angry, frustrated with the world. From that day onwards, I did not go to any temple, fold my hands in front of any idol nor prayed to anyone.

Days passed by this way when suddenly I started having various issues in my job. I was getting increasingly impatient and wanted to get out of this job. And so, I started searching for another one. But soon I realized that even when I had the qualifications and experience, I was finding it difficult to get a job. My colleagues with lesser experience were quickly getting jobs and moving out, but I was left behind. I started getting very depressed and on top of that the job was getting increasingly stressful to the point that I could not bear it anymore. Almost every car drive back to home from work, I used to cry because I felt that was the only safe place where I could cry as much as I wanted, without affecting my husband and kids with my work problems. One morning, I clearly remember it was a Saturday; a friend of mine from London just unexpectedly called me. She very rarely calls me and we usually text each other. But that day she told me she called to tell me that her father was very ill, but no one was really aware of his serious condition, when she got a dream in which Sri Sai appeared and told her to go to India to take care of it. She immediately went to India and did the needful and got her dad out of his health issues. Well, at the time, I thought that’s a good story and glad she was made aware of the danger by whoever this Sai was, but definitely I did not get any such help when my dad was suffering and don’t think I will get any help in the future. But after keeping the phone, I thought about it and decided to pray sincerely to Sai.

That was the first time in my life that I read Sai Satcharitra. Pretty much most of the time I cried and I completed it in 7 days. To my surprise, I did get a really good job and was happy working there. I had a deep desire to go to India and visit Shirdi. Things just started to fall in place and I went to India with my family. We did go to Shirdi but unfortunately did not know that we could book the tickets in advance to get into Samadhi Mandir. Hence, we had to stand in line for 2 hours (I did not want to pay any broker/agent the money to get us in to the Samadhi Mandir from some back door and definitely I was not going to do that in the most scared place like Shirdi). But standing in that line for 2 hours, I started getting very restless and agitated. Finally, we reached the Samadhi Mandir and before I could even bow to Sai Baba, the helpers there just shouted at me to move out quickly. I was there for hardly for 2 secs and I was just pushed out. At this point, extremely depressed and dejected, I sat in our car and started our journey back home. I just cried most of the time on our way back as I felt I did not get satisfactory darshan of Sai even after coming from miles away. Again, angry with Sai and Shirdi, I decided not to come back again to Shirdi.

Few days after I came back to US, I had a dream in which Sai appeared and told me that He was very happy that I made the journey to visit Him. You won’t believe the immense happiness that dream brought to me. Around the same time, I got another dream in which I saw a house filled with pictures and idols of Hindu Gods and Goddess – like Shri Shankar, Shri Ganapati, Shri Balaji, Shri Hanuman and Guru Nanak. There were many photos of various Goddesses too. Wow!!! that was a wonderful experience. And just to let you all know, I have not been a very religious person. Barely went to temples or read any religious books and recited any shlokas. Again, somewhat during that time, I saw another dream in which Swami Samarth appeared. It was like someone had a camera in the hand and was showing me the entire posture of Swami Samarth starting right from His feet up to His head. His skin was wheatish and had this amazing glow on it that I have not seen before. At first when I saw His face, I was a little startled, scared, but then He softly spoke to me and told me to give one teaspoon of milk each to my 2 daughters and everything will be alright with them. When I woke up from my dream, and as was instructed to me, I gave one teaspoon of milk to them. From that time, whenever I get worried about my daughters, this dream brings me peace. I kept on reading Sai Satcharitra on and off. Sometime I used to do parayan for 7 days, and then take a break and then again start reading it one chapter a day.

During this time, my mom was recovering from the shock of my dad’s death and getting back to her normal life again. She even started visiting me yearly in the US. That was a good time; time of relief and some happiness before the next storm. Now came November 2014, the month and year that I will never forget. First I got a call from my mother, she was in extreme panic. She told me that while she was with me in the US, someone stole her ATM card and robbed her of about 1 lakh rupees. Both my parents were hard working people and did not literally get even a penny from any inheritance. All the saving they had was their hard-earned money. I was very sad and tried to comfort my mom saying that it’s just money and that I will send it to her if she needs it. Anyway, barely a week must have passed after this incident, then I got another dreadful call from my mom to tell me that she had gone to a doctor and was diagnosed with the exact same type of cancer that my dad had. This was devastating; just simply devastating. Cannot completely pen down the emotions I felt at that time. It was sadness, anger, fear, pain, hopelessness, more fear. Then, she started the long journey of more tests and treatments. I could not believe that I was again going through the exact same sequence of life events that I had already been through a few years back. My mom thankfully is a very strong woman. She went pretty much alone went through the surgery and the radiation (as I was here in the US with a job and family). I was constantly in touch with her through regular phone calls and face times. Through all this, and though extremely difficult, I tried to keep faith and belief in Sai. At this point in my life, somehow, I believed that Sai will come to my help, that He will protect my mom and bring her out safely from this ordeal. I told my mom to do parayan as well. Even though her condition was very fragile, she did pray to Sai as much as she possiblly could at that time.

In July of 2015, we came to know that she will have to undergo another surgery as the cancer had spread. I was scared. Needless to say, I was getting physically and mentally tired of what was going on in my life. My family life at home was also affected by what was going on. I was becoming more frustrated with my husband and kids. I felt like I was almost slipping into depression. My mom also had visible side effects from high dose of radiations, she had lost weight, and she did not look like the mom I knew. Very weak and fragile, she kept on going and seeing her determination it helped me keep going. Just extremely dejected, one day I looked at the sky and asked Sai to give me some indication that He is with us and after a few mins of blankly starting at the sky, I suddenly saw the entire murti of Sai as is in Shirdi, right from His feet up to His head, with one feet folded over the other. Ok, so yes, temporarily I did feel better. I felt that someone is watching over me, that someone knows what’s going on in my life. During this time again I had a dream. In this dream I saw that my mother was very ill, very weak. She was lying on the bed and was surrounded by the family. She was not able to eat or speak; just like my dad. She was suffering and was in pain and then suddenly she fell down and died. Since the first time I read Satcharitra, I have been wearing a chain around my neck with Sai’s locket. In the dream, the moment I saw my mom pass away, I removed the locket from my neck and smashed it. I also saw that I walked passed Sai’s idol, looking at Him very angrily. Suddenly I got out of this dream. I was sweating and scared. What if this dream comes true? But then as I had read in Satcharitra and also as my friend once had told me, that sometimes Sai shows you some horrible dreams so that they won’t happen in real life. I had to believe this. I had to keep faith in Him and so I did. I kept reading Satcharitra (sometimes just one page a day), but I did. Finally, my mom is in remission now. Its been 2 years and by grace of Sai Baba, she is doing well. She is able to eat on her own and pretty much does all her work on her own with little assistance from my sister and her maid. After I realized that my mom has gathered enough strength to travel, I again had a desire to go to Shirdi. I was going to go to India anyway for a week to check on her, and so I decided that we both should make a day trip to Shirdi. Everything was set, we had asked our driver to come in the morning to drive us to Shirdi. Taking our last experience into account, we were smarter and booked our tickets online. The day we decided to go to Shirdi, it was raining. Our journey to up Shirdi was very comfortable. Once we reached the Mandir area, we were told to remove our shoes. I was hesitant to remove them, because the Samadhi Mandir was still quite a walk from there and I did not want to get my feet all soaked in water and muddy and cold due to the rains. My feet were nice and cozy inside my good shoes. My mom kept telling me to remove the shoes and I was reluctant to do so. Finally, we found a small shop very close to the Samadhi mandir where I could keep my shoes safely and also did not have to walk much without shoes to the Samadhi Mandir. We went inside the Samadhi Mandir. To my utter surprise, there were very few people inside that day (not really sure how that was possible because from what I have heard from regular visitors to Shirdi is that this place is busy all year long and I had gone there during holidays). Anyway, we actually could go really close to Sai’s murti. We were allowed to stand there for how much ever time we wanted to. It was quiet and peaceful. This time around we had the darshan to our heart’s content. I was also able to touch the Samadhi. Amazing is the only word I could use to describe that experience. Both my mom and I were elated. After that we went to the masjid to take darshan and there were so many people there, it was unbelievable. The line extended so far away that I could not even see the end. But I definitely wanted my mom to go and touch the masjidmaai. Even if I didn’t get to go, I desperately wanted my mom to get in. So, I asked the guard who was sitting outside to let us go. First couple of times he said no. He told me that he allows only those people in from the side door, who absolutely cannot walk or are disabled. I told him that my mom is a recovering cancer patient and it is my desire that she gets to step into the masjid. He was moved and let my mom in. So, that was amazing too. My mom had Sai’s darshan there as well.

Now, all happy and content, we decided to make our journey back home. But, Baba did not want us to leave as yet. We forget where that little shop was where we kept our shoes. By this time, it again started drizzling. We frantically started searching for the shop. We went up and down the street countless times in search of the shop. Some people there were trying to help us locate that shop, but just could not. By this time my mom was getting very tired. Our feet were soaked in mud. We were out there in that drizzly rain and muddy street for about 25 mins. We were really tired and thirsty, when a man just showed up from nowhere and told us to come with him. He took us to that very shop. It was right in front of us all this time. There I washed my feet, wore my shoes and we were all set to head home. Both my mom and I were very amused at the incident of the shoes. We had a good laugh on our way back on how no matter how hard we tried to not get our feet wet, Sai ultimately got our feet soaked. We had more than satisfactory trip to Shirdi this time. So far, my mom is doing well. I pray to Sai every day and read Satcharitra regularly. Oh, I forgot to tell about one more believe that I developed over this past few years. After my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I kept a photo of Sai by my bed. It leans against my night lamp. I have told my kids and husband never to touch it and let it fall. I believe that as long as this photo stays upright and does not get accidently knocked off by me, then Sai is taking care of her. A couple of times I have seen the photo just standing without support and about to fall and I caught it and again kept it upright leaning against my night stand. Both these times, I heard that my mom had some complications in her treatments or was just sick and down with fever, but then recovered from it. I believe its Sai’s way of telling me something is wrong but I will take care of it. Thank you for reading this. Please keep my mom in your prayers. May all your dreams and wishes come true as well. Jai Shri Sai Ram.

Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee says: I do not want to disclose my name and city. I want to be anonymous. Om Sai Ram. Thanks to Hetalji and group. I am Baba’s small devotee. Baba always saves me from all the problems and troubles. Coming to my experience. There are so many experiences. Every minute, every hour, every day new experience. This is my second experience. My first one has not got published yet.

I and my husband applied for work visa very late – close to expiry date. We did not have proper documents and I was really worried and I was crying every time. I was praying Baba. I cried a lot. So what happened before even we applied for a Visa. At my work one manager came to me and asked me there was one position in her team and if I was interested for the position? I said yes and had forgotten about that. It was the last day of application and she came to my desk again and applied from desk. She told me that there were two more people who had applied for the position and they had relevant experience. I did not bother thinking that I was not going to get this position.

One day I came to work and got interview invite for the same and had an interview. I came back and told everyone that oh I am not going to get this position and it was just a formality interview. Those days I was worried about my visa because it was going to expire in few days. After few days the same manager came to me and took me to the room and I thought she was going to say that they had rejected me and gave the position to someone else. She said to me that they gave the position to someone else. I was like no problem and immediately she gave me a paper saying, “it’s you! Please sign new contract.” Oh my God! I did not know how to react and when I checked salary; oh it was way more than I was getting at that moment. Guess what; it was a Thursday and my husband got the visa documents the same day! It was all my Baba Who gave me this position with good salary hike. However I could not join the position on the given date as my visa got expired and I didn’t get interim visa. I cried so much. But with Baba’s grace my manager and her manager agreed and said me not to worry and that I could join whenever I would get interim visa.

I was sitting at home crying and crying. But my Baba was busy doing His miracles. Immigration gave me interim visa and I could join new profile. Still I was waiting for work visa for my husband and me. Immigration raised so many requirements and took long. When my husband asked them when would he get his visa they said it might take 3-4 months. He got really frustrated as he had to sit at home. With Baba’s Grace we got visa in a month. My Baba is so great. Before visa approval I had a dream( Whenever I read devotees’ experiences and see that they have put that they saw Baba in dream I used to say Baba never gives me darshan in my dream) and saw Baba’s swaroop, I got up in the morning and I was really happy. My friend came from India and she had visited Shirdi and she got me Baba’s swaroop. When I opened the box it was the same I saw in my dream. My joy knew no bounds and again it was a Thursday.

After few days my husband got visa. Sorry for my long post. I have so much to write but I am cutting it short, but still it’s long. Second Experience:- I was fasting on Thursday and went to the temple. I had made some rice pulao. We were getting late. Usually I buy bananas on the way but that day I said to my husband that we can’t buy banana as we were running late and he said we should buy. I agreed and we stopped on the way and bought bananas. Outside the supermarket one elderly man was sitting and I said to my husband that can we please buy something for him and my husband said sure and we bought banana for him as well. He took it and he was very happy. As we were going towards the car thought came in our mind should we give rice to him as he was homeless. We both went to him and offered rice to him and he took it happily. I and my husband thought Baba came in the form of that elderly man. See I did not want to go the supermarket and then my husband said we should go and I agreed with my husband and went. It was all Baba’s plan. Baba knows everything. Baba gave me so much. Thanks so much Baba. Please do not leave me. I do lots of mistakes everyday. Please forgive me and make me a good person. Please devotees, please pray for my residency. Please. Om Sai Ram Shraddha and Saburi.

With Baba’s Blessings Received Duplicate PAN Card

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am an ardent devotee of Baba always seeking His guidance and blessing in every walk of my life. Baba is everything to me. I have been reading this website since 2009 though I lost touch in between since I was too absorbed with my life/work. This website is indeed a lifeline, lights up a ray of hope whenever I am upset or depressed. Firstly, I want to thank Hetal and team for this wonderful work of sharing and documenting Baba’s experiences. I consider this website as a modern-day Satcharitra.

Coming to my experience, in 2017 while travelling back from office I lost my purse in bus. Though money was less in the purse it had important documents like driving license, PAN card and credit/debit cards. As I was unable to get my purse back I blocked all my cards and started reapplying. All the cards were re-issued except PAN card. In my Original PAN card, my father’s name was not spelled correctly and full name was not specified. It had only first name, last name and middle name was missing. When I applied for re-issue of PAN card, in the application form I entered correct spelling and full name of my father and submitted with supporting documents. I started receiving email from PAN card department requesting for a proof of my father’s name as per previous PAN card [Which did not have full name]. I clearly explained the situation that all my documents had my father’s full name but they were unwilling to proceed further without the supporting document as per my original PAN card. The emails were going back and forth and the PAN card department was hell bent on receiving the proof with only my father’s first name and last name. I did not know what to do and one fine day while reading the experiences on this blog I just prayed to Baba that this time I will submit documents with certain modification [ ideally, I should not be doing] in the proof and if the PAN card department accepts it, I will post my experience on this blog. Lo with Baba’s blessings they accepted the submitted proof and they agreed to process my PAN card and I received my PAN card 2 days back. It nearly took around 2 months to get a duplicate PAN card with correct details. Without Baba’s blessings, it would not have been possible. Baba, please forgive me for modifying the details. Baba as promised I am posting my experience. Always be with us and sho

My Daughter’s Graduation Blessed By Baba And Buddha

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee SaiDam from USA says: Baba waited for our sake to bless my daughter’s graduation.

Baba Saranam! Baba’s Grace. My daughter got graduated on 5/14. The graduation dinner at the college was on 5/13 (Sunday). Here in MSP, (all days except Saturdays) our Baba’s temple closes after madhyan ararthi (around 1 pm) and reopens at around 6.15 pm for the dhoop arathi and then remains open until after shej aarathi. We were supposed to be at the University at 5.30 pm. My daughter suggested, we will go to Baba’s temple pray from outside and light candles (electronic) on the steps outside before leaving to the University. It was around 5 pm when we reached the temple and we noticed some bags (school kids’) on the steps and wildly assumed that, temple may be open. We tried and Baba Saranam! Baba’s grace, the temple was open. We noticed that 4 gentlemen had assembled to sing bhajans and were packing up. We fell at Baba’s feet, lighted candles right in front of Baba and one gentle man was waiting to close the temple and was waiting for us to leave. Baba Saranam!

Yesterday (Monday 5/14), my daughter got graduated. It was very crowded at the University and my daughter was busy meeting friends and saying bye. We could not take a good picture with all of us. So at the end, my wife suggested, can we go to Baba’s temple and take picture there. I suggested since it was 3 pm, we will go to Buddha’s temple (my daughter loves Buddha very much). We went to Buddha’s temple and there were many elderly monks. My wife suggested distributing the chocolates and we did so. All monks happily accepted and blessed us. One volunteer lady was talking to us very socially. We did not ask her, she volunteered and asked us, ‘do you want to take picture in front of Buddha?’ Baba Saranam! Baba and Buddha are the same. She asked us to wait for few minutes and wait for the head (master) monk and seek his blessings and he came and blessed us. Gifted us with a thread chain with Baba’s idol and blessed us. And again the master asked us, do you want to take a picture in from of Baba and again we took with the Buddha and the Master! Baba Saranam! Without Baba’s grace, I am nothing. Let me remain as a dust at Baba’s feet. Baba bless our family and all my friend devotees.

How Our Sai’s Love Gave Me Peace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I’m a small devotee of our love Baba and live in Hyderabad with my friend. This experience is all about my friend and her return to home.

Usually, every weekend me and my friend spend our time smoothly. But this weekend we had some misunderstandings between us and we were not talking to each other properly. So, my friend wanted to chill out with her other colleague’s. As we were having a cold war between us she did not tell me where she was going. She left from the house in the morning by 5.40 am on Sunday and she did not even return even when it was 3 am Monday. Suddenly I got tensed with all shivering and all the negative thoughts were wandering in my mind as she was not responding to any of the calls. Then I went into Pooja room and touched our Sai’s idol and placed my head on His foot. Within seconds I got relieved from the tension and anxiety. So I waited for her till 4.40 am in balcony itself. Meanwhile I read Hanuman Chalisa and Sai Chalisa. After completing I pressed home button and opened Whatsapp and again pressed home button and here comes our Sai’s grace, within two minutes after completion of Sai Chalisa I received a response message from my friend. I thanked a lot to our Love and I slept peacefully there after by 5 am. Whenever, we feel anxious or tensed just remember our love and if not just hold Him close to your heart and ask Him for the solution. He will provide for sure when you deeply concentrate on your inner voice which is none other than its Our Love Sai’s words where we will be relieved from all the negative thoughts. Thank you for reading. Love, please help me to get out of the situation as soon as possible and save Your children from those evil people. Om Sai Ram.

Miracle Of Sai Baba’s Prasad

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miracles |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ashish Bharti from India says: Shirdi Sai Devotee Ashish Bharti from India says: I am a businessman. I live in Ujjain (MP). One day Sai Baba came in my dream and He told me that when He was alive I was His bhakt then and now also I should do His bhakti in this birth too and follow His orders. I made a facebook page “Sai Baba Ki Jai Ho” and a Facebook group “Bhartiya Sai Baba Bhakt group”. Since I have started worshiping Sai Baba there is an improvement in every field in my life. Sai Baba really is a God. We all should worship Him.

One day my son became critically ill. I went to every doctor of the city but no one was able to cure my son and then suddenly in my neighbourhood one old lady came from Shirdi. She has been to Shirdi to pray before Sai Baba. Then she advised me to give prasad and Udi of Sai Baba to my son and I did the same. After that my son started improving and gradually he became healthy. From that day I became Sai Baba’s devotee as the miracle of Sai Baba saved the life of my son. We all should worship Sai Baba. Sai Baba is the God

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