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Baba Gave Me A Neem Leaf In Shirdi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Gayathri from India says: I am Gayathri enrolled in MP 111

Om Sai Ram. My name is Gayathri. I thank you all whosoever involved in making this platform and helping us to share our experiences with others and making us to come close to Baba. May Baba bless you all immensely. I am bound to share so many experiences but these two experiences I want to share now, the rest whenever Baba feels, will share with you all. Please accept my salutations, Baba.

This happened in end of August. We have planned to make a trip to Shirdi to celebrate my younger daughter’s birthday there with Baba. It was 8 years since Baba called me to Shirdi. I was really happy but I almost forgot the steps to book tickets for aarti and heard the procedures were also changed. So I thought I should check it online and visited Hetal’s site. There while browsing I happened to read an experience about how she/or somebody else got a neem leaf. I was in a hurry but the incident that someone thrusting the neem leaf on her hand was registered in my mind. Accidentally or providentially I read about the mahaparayan group and registered myself and we left to Shirdi. There we had blissful darshan, attended aarti with my whole family on my daughter’s birthday and everything went on well, but I couldn’t get a neem leaf. We were there for two nights and two days.

I was going and standing there with my elder daughter but not even a single leaf I could get. I have to leave Shirdi the next day, I was feeling worried then I remembered the experience and said Baba If You wish I will also get. Many people were trespassing and taking the neem leaves which I didnt want to do. I asked a lady who trespassed and took so many leaves that can she give me one? She said “no” and gave me one small neem stem. I was dejected but thought at least I got this. So I preserved it and had a little and made my family members also to eat a little of that stem. Time was running and my husband became restless and I told him just final chance I will go and do namaskar and try once, just give me 5 minutes. He said ok and I went there with my elder one. I was in tears and closed my eyes and said Baba I am also your daughter but see I didnt get even a single leaf. When I opened my eyes a boy or a man in late 20s or early 30s with saffron color dress, with no hair on head I guess, chatting with one more person like him came towards me and suddenly held my hand and thrust something in my hand and left. When I open my hand there was one neem leaf. My joy knew no bounds. He just merged in the crowd. So many people were standing just like me there but this guy came to me and thrust the leaf into my hands means I felt He is none other than My Baba. The previous day only I got a call from mahaparayan group and got myself enrolled. So I was really happy after so many years Baba pulled me to Shirdi, gave darshan and now making me to read satcharita. I feel really blessed. Thank you Baba. Please shower your blessings on all of us always. This is my second experience.

During parayan, as you all know they started Stavan Manjari parayan too and I got a call from them. I was doubtful whether I could do then I thought if this was Baba’s wish He will make me to read. I took a long break in my career. I thought of going back for work but needed to clear some exams. It was really difficult for me with 2 young kids. So I prayed to Baba I will read SMP for three weeks and if I clear this exam I will post my experience. I hardly studied for 5 days, and finished 3 weeks of SMP and appeared for the exam. With Baba’s grace I have cleared it. Still starting my career is going to be a long way but I completely trust Baba, and going blindly believing He is there to take care of every minute detail in my life. Thanks Baba for being with me, without you I don’t exist. Sorry for posting my experiences late. Please forgive me. Please be with me in each and every step of my life. I surrender myself completely to you. Take care of me and all my loved ones. Thanks for making me write this experience. Love You Baba. Gayathri.

A Visit Much Awaited

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: JAI SAINATH

Sai…Sai… To all the beautiful children of our beloved deva. As the mahaparayan slogan goes, “Read two chapters of Sai Satcharita every Thursday and beautiful things will happen surely.” As in my case, i am a part of mpe-136/neha sai 60. My son was born last year and i had taken a vow of taking him to Shirdi as well as Shibpur Sai Mandir (Nadia district-West Bengal). My family decided a certain date and while discussing the same we had gone to a relative’s place for prasad. Our entire family was there and everyone agreed to come along. We missed the decided date but the next Sunday we all gathered and started our small pilgrimage. The distance is 5 hrs going and 5 hrs of coming. The trip was awesome and all the people joined and some could not make it. I am not exaggerating the whole scene but the idol of Baba in Shibpur is like He is waiting for us having a smile on His face and letting us know by His smile that He was waiting for us. Amitji, the caretaker of the mandir was not there, the pujari ji did all the rituals and blessed us all. As we stepped out of the mandir, Amitji came, took us inside and opened the veil of the main mandir. He said that still there are 2 hours left for the mandir to open but as you people have come so far, i cannot let you all go without this darshan. We got all the prasad consecrated and left with the blessings of our Baba. Amitji smiled and told everyone darting me, that now your wish has been fulfilled. Love You Sai for all that You have bestowed on me, when i too recall that am i eligible for the same. But You the Merciful Father will never ever see Your children crying. Thanks again.

Baba Prevented A Major Accident

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I live in the USA and have been a devotee of Baba from 1999. Sometimes I have drifted away but when calamities befall Baba has pulled me towards him. Thank you hetal ji and all the wonderful volunteers of the for making this a great platform to spread the teachings and share the experiences of Baba. A few of my experiences have already been posted here. Thank you Baba.

While I was driving to work this morning, I saw a green scooter in the lane next to mine and a black car in front of the scooter. Somehow I lost track of the scooter and I merged to that lane in a quick 30 seconds as I needed to be in that lane. I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing so I merged. jJust after merging I saw scotter right behind me. I got a shock, how could i have not seen that scooter. Only Baba prevented the accident. Otherwise How could I have missed the scooter which was less than 5 feet away from me. Even I touched the scooter there would have been a major accident as I was going at high speed. Baba, only You know what happened. Thank you for saving that person’s life and preventing the accident. There was no way he would have been safe if not for You. I am so thankful to You Baba. Please protect me always and thank You for saving that person’s life. Baba, You know I have so many wishes I have been praying for. Please help. So much confusion and so much indecision. Our family is scattered now Baba. Please please help and work Your miracles. Om Sai Ram

Beautiful Trip Gifted By Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namasthe All – I’m so thankful to Hetalji and group for maintaining such a beautiful site which gives hopes for millions of people to stay alive.

Coming to my experience : I stay in pg alone, away from family. My every weekend used to be very depressed and sad. One day in my mind I got a thought why can’t we (with my pg friends) go for some trip. We were actually planning from many days for trip and no one was serious about it since we all worried about security as all are ladies in the group. As soon as I got the thought of going for trip Baba did all arrangements. And selected the trip place also which I wanted to go. We checked for Govt. buses only 10 seats were available in our convenient timings. Later we started thinking about stay and all hotel rooms were very costly. Then we thought this is not going to work out. All of sudden my friend got a package tour website “Get Beyond Limits” and we called and enquired, everything seemed to be feasible. We went for trip and all was WELL. We went and came back safely. The traveler bus was having Baba sticker behind Bus. In this form Baba was with me all the time. I’m very happy, glad and surprised and so much thankful to Baba. I was little scared in some drive in hill station, in water games, but in all these places Baba came in some form and was with me to make my trip memorable. I said Baba if my trip is safe I’ll post my experience here. Millions of Thanks to Baba.

Baba Cured My Stomach Pain With Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Please keep me anonymous. I am from US.

Hope this experience of mine gets posted. Thanks hetal ji for maintaining such a pious site for all the devotees. Two days back i got an answer from Q&A site that i will fall sick and i was healthy so i didnt mind much but exactly in the evening i started feeling sick with acidity and stomach pain. Next day i went for shopping and after coming home i vomited. Also my pain got worse.I don’t know i just felt to take water and udi. Trust me it went off in seconds i did not even realise when i was ok and slept well. There are many experience but this one made me shocked that how He is always there to look after us. OM SAI RAM. Please Sai bless everyone who comes to Your Feet and make them prosper in life.

Son Got Well

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Deepika from India says: Myself from Chandigarh. Me and my family are devotees of baba from 8 years. Baba is backbone of our family. Only because of Baba we are happy and achieving our everything.

My son was not well. He didn’t eat food happily and had constipation. I was very much worried about him. But I prayed to Baba for him. And he is fine now. Baba please always be our backbone and our saviour and bless my family.

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  1. Omsairam…bless my father and brother with a good health ….forgive our sins….thankyou so much for whatever you have blessed me with.

  2. Baba please help bless and save my my father sai…help me and my sister for exams…i dont have any other dreams and hopes also ,except you.bless my father saima….be with them bless them healthy happy.saI ma.sai rakshak…

  3. Hello Hetalji , Om Sai Ram !! I need help from one of your devotee who posted her experience way back in 2016 , dont know how to get in touch with her but thats her experience :
    lady who suffered with vitiligo. my daughter is also suffering from same and I want to know to which homeopathy doctor she contacted in India . Is there any way to contact her. May be baba can help my daughter.

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