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Our Wonderful Trip To Shirdi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee says: Sai Ram. My good wishes and prayers for all readers and the admins of this blog. May Baba bless us all with abundance of health and happiness. Let our devotion and faith in Baba’s lotus Feet grow manifold. My koti koti Pranaam to Our Guru, Lord Sai Baba, Who is always eager to come to the rescue of His devotees whenever the devotee calls Him with love and faith. Love You, my Sai Maa. Without You and Your Grace, my life would have been not worth living.

As I have shared in my last post, our Shirdi trip materialized as soon as I started AASM and Mahaparayan. Prior to the trip, I read in a blog that since green is the color of healing, the Angel of healing appears in that color. My son had injured his right eye and his vision was blurred. So I requested Baba that when I see Your aarti online, I want to see You dressed in green, so that I am assured that You are healing my son. And the ever- merciful Baba came in a green dress for Shej Aarti. Then I also requested Baba that when I visit You in Shirdi, I want to see You in Green and Yellow dress. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I also got involved in Mahaparayan miraculously, by Baba’s grace. So this time, we reached Mumbai on 29th March, which was a Thursday. We had hoped to reach Baba’s Mandir by 9- 9. 30 p.m. But because of traffic jam, we reached Shirdi around 12. 30 a.m. So going to the Mandir was ruled out for that day. Though I felt very sad about it, but consoled myself, saying Baba knows what is best for us. So I started my MP journey the same day I started my Shirdi journey. This I think was a wonderful happening.

30th March, around 4 am, I woke up to the sound of Kakad Aarti. Every Sai devotee will vouch for it, that what a blissful experience it is to wake up to the songs of Kakad Aarti when you are in Shirdi. Both my husband and son were sleeping, but I had made up my mind that no matter how exhausted I was, I would go to the Mandir. I quickly took bath, wore fresh clothes and literally ran towards the Mandir. I went directly to Dwarkamaai where there wasn’t much crowd at that time. I watched the remaining part of the Kakad Aarti there. Then I offered a coconut at Dwarkamai, next to Baba’s large photo. When I came out of the queue, I glanced at the TV screen and was supremely happy to notice that Baba was dressing up in green clothes, the color of healing. Yes that was the reassurance from My Angel, My Baba. Then I went towards Samadhi Mandir. There I stood in the queue for Teeth, but was informed that it was already exhausted. But I stood in the queue for some time and got Halwa Prasad. Then as I was coming back, I saw an elderly gentleman, in white Kurta and white beard, giving away some Teerth to some devotees from a bottle. I requested him and he readily gave me some Teerth. I was elated. So the very first morning, Baba arranged for both teerth and prasad for me.

I then went to Chavadi and offered my prayers and also placed the letters that I was carrying from many devotees at Baba’s Lotus Feet. After that we all had wonderful Darshan of Baba around 8 and also witnessed Madhyan Aarti. Getting pass for same day Madyan Aarti was also surprising, as usually people don’t get it. But somehow, once we requested the official agreed to give us 3 passes.
In the afternoon, I again went to the Mandir, mainly to do my Parayan. I did the Parayan inside the Samadhi Mandir, Mukh Darshan part. As I was reading SSC, a dog came and slept on my bag. After I finished my reading I gently took away the bag from under its head. I felt this touch of the dog was Baba’s blessing as well. After this I went to Gurusthan. I decided to do 9 perambulations of the Holy Neem tree. I was looking for neem leaves. On my second round, a gentleman came out from Samadhi Mandir Darshan line, and on his own accord offered me a neem leaf. You can imagine how happy I was! I continued my rounds. On my 7th round (not exactly sure), the miracle happened. A small branch of neem leaves fell near me. Only I was there and no one around. Some leaves also fell on my head and inside my bag. Can you imagine how Blessed I felt? It was a dream come true moment. Again after this in my next round I found some more leaves. Then I saw two elderly gentlemen looking for neem leaves. So I gave them both neem leaves from my treasure. Thank You is a small word for Your Kindness, Baba.

Before going to Shirdi, one night I dreamt of Baba. In that dream, I saw Baba was wearing yellow dress and I was standing in the window ( the one through which you can see Sai in the Samadhi Mandir) and praying to Him. So mentally I had thought that I want to see Baba in two colours, green and yellow. In Shirdi we had 2 Aarti Darshan and 3 normal Darshan. And in all the three days (9 times Baba changed dress) He dressed 8 times in green or yellow. Such is His kindness that He listens to even small requests of His devotees.
I went many times to Dwarkamayi, Chavadi, Mukh Darshan area. Also visited devotees memorial, like Abdul Baba, Baija Maa, Tatya, etc. and Khandoba Temple. In all I was feeling very happy and peaceful. Last day, we had Kakad Aarti darshan and then went for breakfast. I was feeling so sad to leave Shirdi. So I again went to the temple area. There I bought some roses and prayed to Baba to please accept them. So I went to Chavadi and put them at Baba’s Feet. As soon as I did that, a lady came and covered the bottom half of the photo with a piece of cloth ( again yellow). And guess what, my flowers were inside at Baba’s Feet.
This was one visit that I could enjoy the Holiness of Shirdi to my heart’s content. But then, can a Sai-devotee have enough of Shirdi, ever? No, never! Everytime I come back with a heavy heart and prayers on my lips that Baba call me soon again. This time too was no exception.
Thank you, dear Sai-Sisters and Sai- Brothers for reading such a long post

Sai Solved My Land Problem

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Sailaja from USA says: Hello my name is Sailaja currently residing in USA. Sai firstly before sharing my experience my humble namaskars to You. Secondly my namaskars go to Hetalji who has provided us a platform to read and share our experiences and problems. Sai please help me in writing experience and let the world know Your miracles and power how You save Your children.

My name is Sri. I stay in USA. I had a problem from my husband’s maternal uncle and it started in 2013 June; my worst period I can say. I was due to my delivery in two days and his uncle filed a case on us saying that the land we have was his land. We were all shocked with that move and we didn’t know from where to start solving the problem and I was worried on my delivery bed too and no one was paying attention to me or my baby. He wiped all our happiness with just one selfish and cunning move. He thought he can make us dance like anything as we stay far but one point he forgot was that my Sai is everywhere Who comes running to save His child.

After two years we went to India and case was going on and we got judgement to hand over the property to us before the final judgment comes. My dad, husband and my brother went to take land into our custody which they were occupying. I can’t forget that day in my life just it was so cinematic where our lawyer also joined hands with them, misguided us saying we don’t need any police force when taking land. We believed him and went. His uncle like in a movie was ready with big crowd of drunken people in support of him. Once my husband stepped into the land that’s when they rounded him and my dad got scared and started crying. When I came to know that from my brother I was shocked and I prayed Sai to please save us from this trouble. After that his uncle took my husband to his home and started bargaining huge amount if he wanted the land back and to withdraw the case. No one was there in support of my husband as everyone were planning to have the share of money from his uncle which once my husband gives him. Finally they started 1 crore and with Sai’s grace they zeroed in with 12 lakhs which we thought ok instead of taking tensions.

After we gave money they cheated us and they started case against us and demanding more money from us. We thought this was not ok and testing our patience. We thought to fight against them with the help of Sai. In this bad moment we faced another jolt from my husband’s mom who was supporting his uncle instead of us. I can’t forget the days how I and my husband kept weeping. I kept weeping before Sai everyday as we cannot take that untruthful act of my husband’s mother, sister either of them not giving support in any form. We were just left alone in dessert. But my Sai was there and He showed me a way in my uncle’s form. My dad seeked his help and with him all situations were under our control which we never expected. Finally in 2017 we went to India for vacation as we were not worried about our land anymore as my uncle was taking care and we thought to wait until final judgment comes. When I keep reading Sai leelas I thought how blessed people are to see such leelas. But I never knew one day in my life I will also see. The big day came and we came to know the judgment was on our side and his uncle had to pay a huge amount which he took from us. After coming to know that; his uncle came to my husband and begged like anything which I had never, never expected. And finally everything cleared off and we are happy with pour beloved Sai’s blessings Who protects me under His umbrella. Sai please be with me all the time and bless in a way that I should remember You all day in my thoughts. Thank You Sai for saving me from all hurdles and giving this place to share Your leela. Thank you everyone for reading such a long post. Jai Sai Rama Krishna hare.

Sai’s Magic In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi Sairam, I’m really happy to share this with all of you. This is something unbelievable happened to me. Like all I have completed my B –Tech. degree and I got placed in a good firm. I got an offer for Software Analyst and I got training in a real good domain. I had a wonderful academy batch and all went smooth. After the training period of 3 months, we all should get deployed in a project which we were trained, that’s the usual process. Our bad luck, that at that time the openings were very less for software analyst for the domain we were trained. So our whole batch was asked to take a support job and our title would also get changed. Because of this reason we all were ignoring the project call that came out of our domain and were extending our bench period. Months went still there and we were in the same bad situation. Now it was something we were at the neck of the bottle. HR wanted us to agree on the project calls whatever we got else we had to resign the job. So people started agreeing the project calls even for lower level at different locations and that’s where Baba entered in my life.

One of my friend gave me a book called “The Miracle ” and she had asked me to read the whole book starting on fine Thursday and finish it on next Thursday (7 Days) – noting you will definitely get a good result. I was like so depressed because I had lot of requirements to choose the project like I wanted it in the same state because I didn’t want to stay away from my parents, wanted ‘X’ job tile, wanted ‘Y’ designation etc. At this point I would like to tell, I was not much familiar with Baba and His magic. With all my hope I started the book on one fine Thursday and I had poojas every morning before reading the book. Today is Thursday and I was finishing the book with full hope and patience. To my surprise, as soon as I entered in to the office I heard a news that our whole batch had been moved to the “Software analyst” designation back and I got 3 project calls on the very same day. I got selected for 2 projects, which satisfied all my requirements like ‘X’ job tile, want ‘Y’ designation and ‘Z’ location. I’m really amazed to see His Leela. Was wondering how could all happen in just one day? Is it true? With all my tears “You are so amazing with so much love. Ohm Sai Ram!!!

Baba’s Five Day Diya Puja

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Om Sairam to all devotees. Sainatha please shower Your blessings on all of us. I’m a small devotee of Baba staying in US. I have already shared couple of experiences earlier and posting this now by Baba’s grace’.

I have been worrying about a particular issue since few days and with Baba’s grace I have started five day diya Puja which I came to know about from this site only. Today after completing my five days puja I’m posting it here and waiting for Baba’s blessings for my particular wish.

1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but Thursday is preferable.
2. One has to perform this pooja on the same time for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience. But time of doing this pooja should be same for all 5 days.
3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
5. Offer one fruit to Baba and distribute it among family members as prasad. 6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting Sai Sai Sai or any other mantra that you like.
7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray whole heartedly in the holy feet of Baba for His blessings.
8. On completion of pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people.

Om Sai Ram. Please bless my daughter Baba and fulfil my wishes too. Please accept my ignorance if I had done any mistakes while performing this puja. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Miracle Yet Again

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Beenu Chhabra from India says: Baba’s daughter from India. Om Sai Ram to all Baba’s devotees. Thank You Hetalji for posting my first experience. This is my third experience that I’m posting here. I have started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat from Jan 25th 2018 for my Mom’s good health. I prayed to my Baba that if He has accepted my vrat then I want to hear this bhajan – ‘Sainath tere hazaron haath’. I put in the condition that I will not play this song myself; I want to hear it suddenly. Two weeks passed and still no sign of that bhajan. On the third week, on Wed night, I again prayed to Baba that why have I not heard that bhajan. Have You not accepted my Vrat? And I slept off. The next morning, it was my third Thursday vrat and when I got into the car to go the office, suddenly my husband played that bhajan! And I was in tears! I can’t explain that feeling. If this is not miracle then what is? Deva, please be with me and my mom, dad, brother, husband and son always. We are nothing without Your blessings. Please take care of all of Your kids. Om Sairam.

Whatever Baba Says Happens, Faith Is All It Takes

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

`Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Kolkata and I am just proceeding on to do my masters. I am really thankful to Hetal di’s blog. It has created immense faith and courage to face every situation with the help of Baba’s blessings.

Recently, in the month of November I had been through one of the worst phase of my life but thankfully not so worst as Baba was there as my saviour. I had a fight with my boyfriend and it was almost at the verge of breaking up and somehow it was my fault as well. We were not in touch for the past 3-4 months and I felt it was over but used to ask Baba that would he come back? Would everything be alright? Finally he then came back by Baba’s grace. Finally the fight resolved. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Baba pelase help and save my paerents with good health and support them financially…show us a path saii..i am asking you this fro years…whay is the final result sai ma… there nothing to achieve???
    Sai ma…please help me and my sister for exams…make us study hardly…help us saima.
    Bless everyone …sai rakshak…improve my eyesight sai…it is in the verge that i cant see anything baba…
    Protect all.sai rakshak.sai saranam.

  2. Om sai rakshak saranam!
    Firstly holding your feet i beg your pardon baba for the irresponsible thing i have done.i too have done five day pooja of baba to fulfil my wish.. i told baba that i will share the pooja procedure with devotees in the comments section on last day which somehow i totally forgot.But my merciful baba fullfilled my i remembered the whole thing after reading the 4th experience published today..sorry deva and thank you for not punishing me.
    Now i am sharing the pooja procedure with my sai family for my self satisfaction.
    1.This pooja can be started on any day but preferably Thursday can do this pooja either in the morning or evening but it should be done at the same time all 5 days
    3.light 5 lamps in front of baba
    4.offer 1 flower to the holy feet of baba
    5.offer 1 fruit and distribute among your family members as prasad 108 names of baba or chant sai sai..or any other mantra of your choice the end sing sai baba aarti and pray wholeheartedly to baba for his blessings
    8.finally on completion of 5th day pooja tell the pooja procedure to 5 people.
    Om sairam

  3. Omsairam..bless my father and brother with good health forgive our sins…baba sorry so much of irretation frustation and anger is there in me on whom to show so i show it on my father and brother.. sorry baba i accept my fault forgive me

  4. Om Sai Ram, Love you baba please be with my family protect them and take care of them baba as i dont have any one other then you to look after, please forgive my mistakes done by me knowingly or unknowingly baba, please help my husband clear his exams and settle in his profession baba, please help get a full time job baba, please give good health to my parents and kids baba, please let me be at your lotus feet till my last breath baba.

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