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Blessed With Overseas Master’s Degree

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: Om Sai Ram We are all very blessed of having found ourselves under Sai Baba’s refuge. I consider all of His devotees (including myself) as very lucky. Sai Baba loves us unconditionally, protects us and guides us.

In the year 2016, I had completed my under graduation degree from University of Delhi. After my farewell, I returned to my home town Lucknow in June. I wanted to pursue my studies and aimed at getting a master’s degree from Australia. My father was not prepared in sending me anywhere as he wanted me to stay with him. But I did not want to sit at home, unoccupied. I started worrying a lot about my future as I had always been very career oriented. Then my cousin sister told me about how Sai Baba gives answers to our questions. So with very little faith, I opened Sai Baba’s answer book and checked for the number that came in my mind first. The answer clearly stated that I should keep Santoshi Maa’s fast and pray to Sai Baba and the work will be done. So I started keeping Santoshi Maa’s fast on Fridays and prayed to Sai Baba daily.

My father was extremely against my undertaking Master’s degree abroad. But I started believing in Sai Baba and prayed to Him daily.

Miraculously, on a Friday I got an offer letter from a top notch University of United Kingdom and I started convincing my father. He was still very against with the idea and I prayed to Sai Baba again. In a matter of a day, my father agreed to send me without any fuss. It was nothing but a miracle because it was next to impossible to convince my dad. Every work related to my going to UK was accomplished on a Friday. I received my visa on a Friday too. After this experience, there has been no looking back. I always believe Sai Baba has been looking out for me. He has always guided me and protected me. He has granted all my wishes to come true.

Two weeks back, Sai Baba also gave me a darshan in my afternoon dream. In the dream, I saw a glimpse of Sai Baba and then I was serving halwa to two old beggars. I got up in the evening, and to my surprise my mother told me that we should serve halwa to beggars sitting outside Sai Mandir and I happily agreed. Usually, there are a lot of beggars sitting outside Sai Mandir, both young and old. But that day, when I reached Sai Mandir, to my surprise I saw only two old beggars (the same I saw in my dream) sitting. What A Miracle! I really got happy to serve the two old men.

Another experience is much to make many happy. I have read Sai Satcharitra and devotees shared in the book that they got a coin consecrated by Sai Baba’s touch and kept it with them forever as His blessings. I wanted to do the same. I thought that the Sai mandir I visit daily, I will ask panditji to keep my coin at His feet and return it as His blessings that I will cherish for life. One day I was really sad that I had been applying for jobs for more than 8-10 months and I still had not landed on my dream job. I also told Baba, that You do not love me. That day when I visited Sai Mandir, I bowed down in front of Baba and to my surprise panditji gave me a two rupees coin (that was not mine), that was kept at Baba’s feet for long, as His blessings. Tears rolled down my eyes as I could not believe that Baba would give His immense blessings in such a way. I have that coin with me and will keep it safe forever. Now, I am looking for a job in the UK and I am sure He will grant me the same. I also hope He grants all the wishes of His devotees and keeps everyone very happy. Jai Bolo Sai Baba ki. Jai Bolo Avdhut Guru ki.

He Is Everything, Faith Can Achieve Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Switzerland says: I am very small devotee of Sai Baba. I always pray Him but I always expect Him to show me a miracle for making my faith stronger. I don’t know how in this process of me asking and Him providing, many things changed. He changed me as a person and as a devotee. I never thought that slowly, slowly He will bless me with everything I asked but at the right time.

I was worried about the situation at my work which affected my personal life too. My manager said once during lunch time, what is your plan B and are you waiting for any miracle? That day I didn’t cry rather I prayed to Sai. I prayed Baba You are my Father and You should decide my destiny, You should decide what I deserve and not them. Why are they in that tiny room taking decision of my life? It should be You. Slowly things started changing. I worked hard with Baba’s blessing got opportunities to prove myself to everyone. And now the same manager and the same other person at same point of time after 2 years were positive about my situation. He said everything will be good and he supported me. He is leaving for new team and this also paved path for me. Initially I was scared but then I left everything on Him. Now the process started for my situation. It is a complicated one, yet I had to wait for 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile I got to know that I was pregnant. All Baba’s leela! I was stressed for my situation at work and also not well because of pregnancy. But I had firm faith in Him. Even my dream of seeing Him in dream was solved. I saw Him and I think on real at 4 am in morning. He helped me, supported me and loved me like my mother. My pregnancy time also went smoothly. I didn’t have that much morning sickness. He supported me like anything.

Everytime I hear positive when I pray to Him. My faith has increased thousand fold. At the end of the month, 3 weeks got completed and I got my problem solved in work. They appreciated me for the good work; I got promotion very strangely with very good salary hike. I informed them about pregnancy and they were happy. I got the letter after 4 years of hard work which I wanted for very long. Baba did His miracle. Now I have beautiful house living in beautiful place. My husband is settled. I know his faith has increased too because of seeing my situation and my faith in Baba. I have beautiful son which I named Samarth after our Sai. Everything is what He gave me. He decided the future for me. Nobody took decision for my life, He did. He did so many miracles for me that I have strongest faith. My life would not have been the same without meeting Him. Om Sai Ram.

We Are All Equal In His Eyes

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My sincere thanks to Hetalji and other team members handling this blog, without your efforts it would be impossible to write about a certain type of thinking in our society. I am a very simple, middle class girl from Indore. By Baba’s grace, I’ve been to places and have observed that He’s always there with us, be it a simple subway queue or some interview or while we are walking on the road. Thank You Baba for everything.

My story starts from here, In the year 2014 I completed my MBA from one of the colleges in Greater Noida from where I had to return Indore without any placements. After fighting with Baba I accepted what He wrote for me. I came back and worked in Indore for 2 years waiting and praying to Baba for a good career and job. And here it was, He gave me a chance as I was offered a job in Malaysia. Baba wanted me to see the world. While residing there, I grew close to this friend of mine who proposed me for marriage and I don’t know what came into my mind I trusted him and resigned for coming back to him in India. Nevertheless I would say I’m still glad about it as the guy is a good person and he loves me a lot. I would like to share with you that earlier I was going through some problems and I posted an experience here, which was published the same day, when I had final flight to India. What else it could be other than Baba’s miracle? But this post it about what I’m facing now. The guy I love is a CA. His parents are not really happy with his choice as they expect their son to get married to a pretty, CA or a girl working in bank. Yes! Pretty. The point is that I’m overweight, they say that I look elder than their son. Baba, this really hurts, am I not good enough? Is it really important to look in a certain way at things? Is it important for a girl to be slim and pretty? There’s no importance of how a person is from inside? I’m writing all this just to request the devotees, to be like Baba. He never disapproves of anyone who has a certain issue. Even Bhagoji Shinde was a kodhi and still Baba loved him like anyone else. He looks at us equally, He looks at how we are from inside. So, I request who’s reading this to never look down on anyone. I know my Baba will help me and He will definitely bring me out from this test, happy and satisfied. I know He will never leave my hand. Baba in You I trust. Anantkoti Bramhan Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrambh Shri Sacchidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Miracle Of Sai Baba Words

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. I am a mother of two kids. By Baba’s grace I have everything in my life. I just want this experience to show how powerful Baba’s words are. As the famous saying in Sai Satcharitra “Sitting in this masjid I won’t be untrue to my words” one of my favourite quote too. I want to say only one thing please, please don’t loose hopes on Baba. He is there with us all day long. He is one living God with all other Gods inside Him. So trust Him and be happy forever.

Coming to my experience: For the past two months I was feeling mentally and physically weak. My husband is abroad. I was confused with everything and making my life worst. So I started my 9 weeks vrat for Baba, hoping for the best. I usually visit this page to read devotees’ experiences as well as quotes updated in the page which gives me positive energy. I had chest pain and some body pain also. My weight was also reducing which made me feel more worried. Making up my mind I went to the doctor, she said to take a blood test and prescribed some protein powder and vitamin tablets. The blood test result came and with Baba’s blessings everything was okay and I also gained weight. The results took 2 days so mean while I was very worried and constantly visiting this page where I read a devotee’s experience relating mine. It stated that she was in same depression as mine and got relieved by 7th week of vrat and to my surprise I’ll be completing my 7th week this Thursday. So I felt this as a very positive sign. Now let me share the quote which was published on this page during the two days before the results, “I am going to give you a new life now. Forget about your pain and problems. It all has become your past. Now only happiness will be there. I know you are disappointed and you have lost the hope of being everything fine in your life but don’t forget that I am there to take care of you. And when I am with you, nothing can go wrong in your life. Have patience my child. Days of Happiness are near my child.” The above were the two quotes now can you relate that I said in the beginning. Baba will never be untrue to His words. I also doubt Him so much but Baba knows each of us very well. So stay one in one with Baba and enjoy the immense bliss. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Saved Our Family From Disgrace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: At first I would like to offer my sincere wishes to all the members behind this blog who relentlessly work towards the service of Shri Sai. Baba has made it possible for us small devotees to actually fall back on the very experiences posted here to get up and repose faith in Baba for our progress in life, our various impediments which do not give us clarity in our thoughts. Sai Baba and His love has bought all like-minded people on this platform to come together to form a strong bond which will definitely send positive vibes around.

I would like to share one of the many experiences: My son is an average student and would not put enough efforts to score good marks. He is always far behind his close knit of friends who are doing very, very well even now after their education in their working life too. This incident happened when my son was in his third year Engineering staying in hostel, some untoward incident happened and my son was made the culprit and the matter went to such a extent that he was suspended from college and asked to go home. We went through hell and prayed to Baba like to save us from this calamity and save the future of my son. Baba asked me to read Vishnu Sahasranama, which bought about positivity in us. Then within 15 days he was called back to join college and continue his education. We just wanted the good for our son and not have any break in his studies. Then came another ordeal, the institution being of a big stature said you will have to face some charges like legal, then started our legal fight. I gave up tea, coffee and non-vegetarian food in the name of Baba to help tide us over this legal tangle. Sai did test our faith for 7 years but ultimately Baba did give up on us, Baba helped us out of it neatly. Just a week before the verdict was given Baba had come in my dream and said come and have tea, I said how can I when the matter is yet to be resolved, but within a week of the dream, we got the verdict that the matter had been closed and my son had come out of it totally. For this I had to go to Shirdi and offer my gratitude, which Baba blessed me with my family we visited Shirdi offered our prayers, gratitude to Sai Maa and gave up fast on tea, coffee and non-vegetarian food. Anant Koti Brahmanand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahm Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Helped Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Baba helped us in Visa problem
Thank you Hetalji for providing us such a strong platform to share our experiences. I am devotee of Baba since my college days. Baba has always helped me in all the problems of life. Many times I have felt His presence. This experience is regarding US visa extension problem. Our Visa extension was filed in Dec 2017. Everyone knows that how tough it has become to get Visa extension in USA. I prayed to Baba to help us. I did not want to go to India as my daughter is enjoying studying here. But after 15 days we got RFE and I was stressed out. I kept praying to Baba and read Sai Satcharitra in a week. Every day I used to talk to Baba and read devotee experiences’ on this blog which gave me strength. Everywhere we were hearing denials. Finally my husband’s attorney filed the response and our visa got approved in 6 days. It gave me immense happiness. Baba gave me many signals during waiting period that everything going to be fine. After approval we are very much relieved and thankful to Baba to help us. I also have strong faith that Baba will help me getting a job one day inspite of tough situation. I am and will always be thankful to Baba.

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  1. Humble salutations O Sadguru! Thank You for drawing us to You and giving us space at Your Lotus Feet. Continue to protect us, guide us and bless us O Deva. Love You Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. Sai deva. Please bless my parents with good health and save them from these situations, please change our thoughts, everything is going in the wrong way….. I am getting hate on myself…. Please helpy father financially saiiii.
    Happy dusshera sai ma…… Help us in studying….

  3. I am sharing, how baba listened to my prayer. My husband has planned a trip during Dusserha, but I did not want to go because I wanted to spend those days reading Sai Satcharita and worship Baba, since this is 100th year of Baba's punyatithi. I was worried, that if I will deny to go, he will be angry. But just before the trip I was informed that one of my relatives is coming to visit our place. See Baba's miracle, now my husband couldn't tell anything, he continued with the trip and I stayed at home, spending my time with Baba.

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