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Saburi And Shraddha With Pain

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m a Sai devotee in recent times though He kept following me for long time to help my ignorance I could not find Him behind me. I trust whomever we pray it reaches to Sai, may be my sincere prayers with my Ishta Deva reached Sai. He pulled towards me in few instances.

Before becoming devotee of Sai, I got married with person I loved. Marriage didn’t last not even for a week’s time, dispute aroused and became worse and we went for legal separation. Note still we had utmost affection from both the sides. Both of us kept praying God, myself fasted for months to my Ishta Deiva, but couldn’t reunion and got divorced. I felt like it was the end of my life, I kept crying for months’ time after the order in court. I didn’t eat at all. Lost trust in God, kept myself isolated crying in dark room. I understood it was because of past Karma, it was like case filed against them with rude manner that made them feel enmity upon us, it was not my will but something drove us to do though we were not intended to. Infact I didn’t trust in Sai those days, I hated Him a lot, as accidentally I got Baba’s Udi from temple which I applied to my husband and that was the last day we had been together. After that we got separated. The same night fight aroused, as per horoscope my first marriage was not fruitful. I married trusting my Ishta Deiva. All went vain, I didn’t trust God, after which only in dark room without eating, crying day and night thinking of my past Karma and may be curse from any girl I betrayed in my last birth. Just after a month I got a call from my ex-husband stating that he loves me a lot. I wondered like anything God answered my fasting, prayers etc. I was so happy I begged for reunion and he was also okay but all other family members may not, we spoke with each other unknowingly to family people as the dispute were so severe due to the case filed. He and me were so affectionate with each other and again I started taking Ishta Deiva, lighting lamps praying Lord for reunion.

I consulted many astrologers if there was any cause for reunion and everybody said no your marriage was nullified. But I didn’t lose hope in God, I mean Ista Deiva. From the incident of Udi I hated Sai like anything. I scolded Him worst whenever I saw His pictures on road, vehicles etc. After an year my ex slowly started ignoring me and I found that he slowly started seeing other alliance. Being possessive I fought with him and on this I broke up, having trust in God that He will reunion us making him understand how I love him. Later in an year he blocked me on social site. That day I felt like dead, rushed running to temple prayed Maruthi that time. I didn’t know even Maruthi reaches Sai, I just prayed Maruthi because my ex husband is a devotee of Maruthi. I asked Maruthi why did You leave me like this, left my hands? I’m helpless. You took him away from me. As soon as I came out of the temple I saw the wordings on an auto “I am not away from you, will never leave you or in words will not let you down” this I took it as a positive sign. I thought if I wait, God will make some help, may be time was not good now. Slowly I got involved in helping charity, good deeds to divert myself from past but still in heart was loving and missing him.

One day my heart pained like anything and I started crying as it was very painful. I didn’t know why when I came back home I heard from home that they got letter from court. That was surprising as all case was over 2 years ago how come it again came. I know he too might have received this and would get angry, hatred towards me because of this. I kept silent didn’t call him, trusted in God prayed Him as Man is helpless without God. This time I started praying Sai due to one miracle happened in my home, with which He drawn me towards Him almost a week. I prayed to Him. After prayers I suddenly got pain, was weeping all night as if someone pierced rod in my heart, some drove me to check my ex WhatsApp I found he got married with another girl. I couldn’t tolerate the pain. I threw Sai idol and all God’s in dustbin. I kept on crying, didn’t feel like living further, everything went like dark in life.

After few days I took out Sai and fought with Him, why this to me? I didn’t expect Him that He will come back, He came back spoke for reunion, I was again attached to him, suddenly he ignored me, went away and now before my eyes he got married with someone else. I agree this may be due to my past Karma; I might have cheated someone like this. But still I couldn’t digest this pain, why Sai has to do this with me. Meanwhile almost two years my parents were seeking alliance and I got very genuine proposals but nothing got finalised, in between I got proposed by close friends but when getting closer some problem came and they got settled with other. Sai keeps saying me to have patience, but why He cheated me by showing board sign stating will not let me down etc. why He sent him back, I didn’t call him. I just cried before God Who drove his mind to call me back after legal separation. I feel very bad, that those people think I’m very bad one as per the circumstances but based on horoscope it happened to save life of each other. When Sai is there why astrology works. I cried weeping thinking of him. Suddenly in TV it says like some message over is over, be happy. How can I be happy every girl wants to be with one husband, I loved and still love him. I knew Karma is Karma, but why prayers went vain. Though with all pains I’m keeping faith on Sai now and waiting patiently that one day there will be good tidings in my life. I always have the pain of past in my life stuck. At times I feel I’m useless for Marriage may be as per my Karma I should stay single with hurt. Whenever I go out, see people with husbands, I remember my ex, many sleepless nights and suddenly I wake up in the middle of night thinking it’s me I should be in the place of that girl living with my husband but I can’t now, its delusion. Karma though I understand Maya is so powerful it is not easy to digest this pain as a girl. I trust Baba has to answer my prayer. I lost my life; whom I loved a lot. Atleast in next birth I should live along with him. Patience and perseverance is so painful, only depending on time. As I’m hopeless now I have left everything in the hands of Sai. Whatever His will let it happen. Atleast let Him make my wish come true. With tears and pain, waiting for Sai’s mercy in my life.

Baba Rescued From My Health Issues

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: OM SAI RAM. Today I am penning down my another experience which had happened in my life. The one who are reading Sai Satcharitra might be aware of how Baba have cured the diseases of His innumerable devotees which were not cured by medicines.Let me narrate my experience here.

Since my childhood I stayed in hostels for my studies and continued to stay in hostels till my completion of B.Tech. So almost 10 years I was staying outside from my home and survived with hostel food. Might be because of that or something else my stomach became very sensitive, had some gastric problems often. It was turned into Duodenal Ulcer in 2007. I went to hospitals and took some course of Medicines. While taking the course, might be because of high power medicines I became very weak and was not able to do my work also. So I stopped those medicines. After few days my brother suggested me to consult another doctor in this case and I consulted him. By Baba’s grace this time it was working fine and in Endoscopy also it was almost normal.

Almost one year it went well and I had stopped taking medicines as well. But again after some months some symptoms aroused. This time I used Ayurveda medicine. Instead of reducing the problem it got aggravated. So my condition again went from bad to worse. One night when I went to bed; again the same problem started, lot of giddiness in my head and didn’t know what to do? I went down and told my situation to my owner. He gave me one ENO packet and asked me to drink it. After I took it, the situation became even worst. By seeing this the owner took number to inform my parents. That time my cousin was with me. I asked him to call Ambulance. The Ambulance arrived after 30 minutes and then I was admitted in the hospital. There I had a vomiting, after which I got some relief. So after all check-ups (including CTC scan) and 2 days stay, they discharged me by billing 30k and told me everything was fine and asked me to take one tablet for a month.

Next day my cousin dropped me in my hometown. I didn’t inform my manager about my situation and I decided not to go back to office. In fact I dint had any mind to do job due to my health issues. It was during 2009 and period of my recession time. My manager called me after few days and started shouting at me that if I didn’t come to office from next week then they would be removing me from the service. Anyways I didn’t have intention to join again. So I took it very easy. After few days I decided to go to Shirdi. I had booked the tickets for me and my father. Meanwhile I had completed Sai Leelamrutham (written by Ekkirala Bharadwaja Master). So finally that day came. I and my father started to our Shirdi trip. We went to Shirdi early morning. After finishing the breakfast we went for Darshana. We had very good Darashana of Baba. Then I brought Shiridi Sai Satcharitra. That was the first time I opened that book in my life. I had a strong desire to complete the book there itself. So after coming back to the lodge I opened the book with a strong urge and started reading. I finished some chapters and while I was reading went to sleep. I was deep in my sleep. Later I had a dream, where a python which had coiled was rounding me and started killing me. Baba came from my back side and beat that Python and was giving a signal to python to go…go away! I had experienced that jerk in my body as well. Behind me I saw my father also. This way Baba had saved me and rescued from my health issue and gave a new life. I can’t repay the help Baba had done for me. Even if I serve Baba for entire of my life dedicatedly, that will also be not enough to pay back to Him for the mercy and grace that Baba had shown to me.

After that we returned back to home from Shirdi. Again the same manager had called me over phone and said, “Satya we had understood your problem. We will give you 3 months of leave, take rest and come back once everything is alright”. Is this not a Baba’s miracle? Yes it is truly a Great Miracle which only Baba can do for His children. I have lot more experiences with Baba, which I will be sharing soon in my next post. Stay tuned. Om Sai Ram.

My First Shirdi Experience

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. When my mother was pregnant with me, her second child, a pious family friend told her Sai Baba will bless her with a son. And He did, as I was born on a Thursday. Sai Ram was added to my religious name as a sincere thanks to the fakir of Shirdi. And so began my trust with Sai. But, I wasn’t even conscious of His presence in my life until many, many years later – in Aug 2015 when I developed a sudden urge to visit Him. I visited a local temple here in the US on a Thursday and felt a spiritual connection. And through these Thursday temple visits, I got introduced to a whole new beautiful world of Sai – wonderful aarti renditions, the precious original Satcharitra, Jaya Wahi’s book – “Sai Baba is still Alive”, this experiences forum – the modern day Satcharitra. Thank you Hetalji and the entire team for doing such a blessed job. My day starts and ends with a prayer to Sai and on most days, I make it a point to read the devotees’ experiences. I have never been to Shirdi and a deep desire to visit Baba at His punyasthan arose. I prayed to Baba that He should make it happen. What I am about to narrate was nothing but short of a miracle.

I had to travel to India in Aug 2017 for a family function and I decided to first stop at Mumbai, pay a visit to Shirdi and then a couple of other cities before finally getting to Bangalore. We had booked for Dhoop and Shej aarti. As per my original schedule, I was to land in Mumbai at 12:30 am and we (my sister’s family and I) were to leave by road the next day morning around 10 am for a 6 hour ride to Shirdi. It turned out as my flight from US started late and everyone on my flight missed the connecting flight from Paris to Mumbai. Now, there was a mad scramble at Paris to re-book on next earliest flight. All passengers ahead of me in the queue were re-booked on flights the next day or day after. The first miracle happened here- I was intently praying to Sai when the person at the airline counter told me I was very lucky to get routed via London that same day. I would now land in Mumbai at 12 noon (good 12 hours later than my original scheduled arrival). By the time I finished immigration and got out it was 1:30 pm. My brother-in-law and sister picked me up from the airport and drove at top speed. We reached Shirdi by 5pm, a lot earlier than our estimated 6 hours. This was miracle 2.

We entered the Samadhi mandir in the nick of time for Dhoop Aarti. Because we went late, we got a chance to stand in the outer column. In my mind, I was telling Baba – You got me all this way but I am not able to see You due to huge crowds. Just as this thought arose, I found a pillar that had a ledge where I could stand. I thanked Baba and by this time, I was in a highly emotional state. Just then the priests started to sing Dhoop Aarti. Since I don’t know it by heart and didn’t have a book, I again prayed to Him that I would like to sing. Here’s miracle 3. The person in front of me, (who was standing on the ground) opened a small crumpled sheet of paper that had lyrics of Dhoop Aarti in English. Since I was standing on the ledge, I had perfect view. My joy knew no bounds and I was all in tears. When we entered Dwarkamai, and a priest began to narrate where Baba would sit in front of the Dhuni, I was totally overcome with emotion. I can’t quite describe the energy in that place – you can feel Baba’s presence there. The priest gave me a coconut as prasad and I gladly accepted that as Baba’s blessing. I was like a kid in a candy story, soaking in the sights, smell, energy everywhere – Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Chavadi, Neem tree, garden and museum. It’s an unforgettable experience and one for what I am very grateful to Baba for. Those of you yearning to visit Shirdi and feel Baba’s presence keep the faith and be patient. Baba will make it special for you. Om Sai Ram.

Show Me Your Presence Again

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I came under Baba’s feet 3 years before. From then onwards I experienced many miracles. First Baba gave me a job and I resigned from that. I have shared many experiences before. Thank you Hetal mam for this beautiful platform to showcase our experiences and prayers. Also you are doing many such noble works like Mahaparayan, forming SMP groups, Hanuman Chalisa group. I joined in 1 year SMP group. May Baba bless you with everything you wish.

I am praying Baba for my job and acceptance of my mom for love marriage for more than two years now. I think I have debt of my karma so Baba is not listening to me. I am scared of my one brother and my mom is angry on me for so many reasons. The situation got worse from last week. I have a habit of asking questions to Baba in Q & A site. Baba gave me indication that I will get job for survival, at that time I was waiting for my result of IBPS exam. So I thought I will pass that exam and began to dream but today I got negative results. And Baba said in Q & A site that important work will be done on Ram Navami. Now important work in my life is my job and marriage. But Baba had another plan. I have to pay my education loan and for that bank manager started to visit my home often. Loan amount I had to pay was more than 3 lakhs but to all our surprise manager reduced the amount to 85000 and my mom is raising the funds now. Thank You Baba. This happened exactly a day before Ram Navami. Baba’s words will never go false. Baba’s actions are beyond our imagination. I matched Baba’s answers with job and my love but He did another thing which was unexpected. Though my mom and brother accepted to pay the loan I am feeling guilty and feeling useless sitting at home without doing anything. Every time I am failing in my exams. I couldn’t face my mom. I am 25 now. How am I going to make my mom accept my love. You are my only hope Baba. Please do something. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is The Best

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m an engineering student. I had shared my previous experience saying that continuous prayers and Shraddha on Baba helped my friend to get placed in a company. I had promised Baba that I’ll share my experience if he gets selected.

Few weeks ago I had uploaded my experience about he being selected with Baba’s grace. I had uploaded it in the morning and he got selected on the same day to another company. Continuously after that he got selected to 4 companies, now he’s placed in the 4th. It is just a great miracle by Baba. I had even thought of making him offer roses to Baba which he did. And this experience I hadn’t thought of uploading but after Baba has showered so much of love upon us, it feels so good to share. Thanks to Baba.

Babaji’s Blessing

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a humble devotee of Babaji. My mother had a desire to visit Mata Vaishno Devi temple on her birthday with her daughters (me and my sister). The concern was her age. She completed 82 years. I and my sister had all confirmed bookings done online except the booking of rooms at bhawan. I had prayed to Babaji and the entire trip went so well. Despite heavy rush, we could manage to get a room and had wonderful darshan. As promised I am posting my experience now.

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  1. Dear 1st devotee, please do not stick to your wish, Try to not think about him and move ahead in life. I know you might hate me for writing this but it is not necessary that whatever we wish for us is right. you have been really strong until now to have faith in God, now have faith to be happy, happy with or without anyone. Your happiness should not be depended upon one person. Restart your charity work, good will happen, may be not as you want but as it has to. Please stay happy and realize your potential to do whatever you can. Sometime baba wants to teach us somethings that no one will, you can name it patience, surrender or something else. It is very very difficult, I know, I have fought with baba like you and cried for years for things I wanted, but the reality is I did not get them. But I think baba has something better in store, believe that and be happy. Sometimes we are the biggest reason of our sufferings, we are not ready to be happy. We can be happy by accepting the situation and live a life that we got, our life according to us. Hugs and love. Om sai ram.

  2. Baba, please help and save my parents help my father financially and physically and mentally…….. My condition is deteriorating day by day saiiii maaaa.. Everything is null without you…. …nothing more

  3. Dear 1st devotee, i can undersatand your pain…coz even i am goin to be divorcee in short time…it is an extremely painful situation i cannot just explain by words.3 times my marriage got fixed and after putting invitations it was stopped due to some problem…now last year i got married that guy has many affairs and is a drunkard…i filed divorce within 3 months of marriage …..there is a deep wound in my heart…my father and brother are the only one who are supportive to me in this situation….rest everyone want me live with that guy….now my only hope is saibaba….nothing is within human capacity..what has to happen…will happen…and with faith and patience and with baba's support we can come out of all these situations….pray a lot madam….things will….change one days…nothing is stationary in this world…saibaba would have done everything for good only…place your entire trust in him..😂😂😂

  4. Om Sai Ram, Love you baba please be with my family protect them and take care of them baba as i dont have any one other then you to look after, please forgive my mistakes done by me knowingly or unknowingly baba, please help my husband clear his exams and settle in his profession baba, please help get a full time job baba, please give good health to my parents and kids baba, please let me be at your lotus feet till my last breath baba.

  5. Dear first devotee..don't despair.I am sure you will get a very loving husband in future and the pain of the past will be erased.Wait patiently…baba never leaves anything in the negative.Dont stick to your desire of having your ex husband bavk.He is married now.Pray that you get a husband who loves you a lot.Why fear when our sweet baba is with us.

  6. First Devotee,
    I am.married but i am childless .Now i have crossed the age of becoming a mother.My parents and me are devotees of The great Sadguru Saibaba but no use.
    Our past karmas cannot be removed by praying him or any God.
    So just come out of all these worship to Gurus .They were mere.human beings raised to level of superior beings by selfish people to mint money.There is nothing called miracle.We have to face whatever is in our fate.So be pratical.Donot waste your time in chanting and parayana instead go search for a good life partner.All the best.I am saying all this by my experience.Even I wasted my praying to.these bogus Sadguru.

  7. Dear sister,

    I am writing this as a reply to the 14th comment.I can understand your pain of not having your own child and as you said some fates we need to bear however you have prayed to God.

    It doesn't mean that we will stop praying to God.  Praying God is not mandatory as long as you have the strength and ability to carry yourself on your life and if you are able to live happily and help others in whatever situations you are going through..but not everyone are capable to do that..I am telling it from my experience as I have gone through the worst of worst experiences and being pious person and I used to wonder why God is giving me bad things when others are enjoying their life without any problems. .but at situations where you don't want to disturb others I used to rely on God may be just to cry even though I knew I am going through bad made me stronger to bear the problems i faced and I was able to be cheerful in front of others. one wanted to see a person who is always complaining and worrying. After so many years I understood that the experiences had taught me a lot and I became more and more devoted to god and was able to understand others feelings better..

    I am sure all these words are not going to relieve your sadness, but please don't tell others don't rely on God as you might not be knowing how relieving it would be for others..I sincerely pray to God to give you happiness in your life..

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