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How Sai Baba Helped Me In Getting B.Tech

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Nathaya Namaha To all Sai devotees. May Lord Sainath keep His boon bestowing hand on your head on your family and loved ones. I am going to express my experience on how Sainath helped me in getting B. Tech degree. I have experienced many miracles of His but I am sharing only few miracles of His.

From my childhood I used to go to Shirdi with my parents and sister regularly i.e., once a year. When my mother was staying in hostel, her roommate was a devotee of Lord Sainath, she presented a photo of Baba when my mother was leaving the hostel. My mother neglected without doing Pooja and kept It in cupboards. Once my mother said to my father that lord Sainath keep on coming in her dreams(initially my mother didn’t recognised Baba), but later recognised and told my father that Baba asked her to perform Pooja of photo which her roommate had given. Then my father told to my mother to start offering prayers and perform pooja and my mother started offering prayers and Pooja and we had a good fortune of visiting Shirdi very frequently.

But later gap of three years came (between 2013 to 2016), I was basically not good at studies, lazy and an active procrastinator. I joined B. Tech course in 2011 June. I got into all bad habits in first year itself and I had 5 backlogs at the end of first year and I decided to clear them in second year. I had tuitions every year and every semester of B.Tech except fourth year(not sure) and for backlog subjects even if I failed again I used to keep tuitions again. In second year (2012) I took tuitions in advance and I wanted to clear all the backlogs and I was fully motivated, when the exams were nearing I asked my mother how to clear the subjects? She said to me to visit Sai Baba temple which was near to our home. I visited regularly and offered prayers. I cleared all the subjects except one subject because I didn’t get tuitions and I wrote only half page of answer sheet of booklet of that subject. In second year; second semester at the commencement of exams I didn’t visit temple and I eventually ended up failing and clearing only one backlog out of three subjects of first year of second semester, I was even caught for keeping chits and my exam got cancelled.

In third year 2013 in summer I had good fortune of visiting Shirdi. In third year 2013, I failed in four out of six subjects but I passed the second year second semester subjects. I still wonder how did I pass? But my mental illness aroused due to heavy smoking and my friends kept teasing me a lot about you will get cursed if you do this, if you do that (about God) which triggered OCD( I didn’t know that time ). Lord Sai gave me many signs of visiting Him for which I went once or twice but later I did not go ( I tried to change in third year and I even stopped smoking for 17 days but nothing came in my way that time, but later I started). He tried to pull me near to Him but I didn’t let it happen. In third year second semester I failed even more badly thus failing in five subjects out of six and had not passed even a backlog of first year second semester but had cleared a backlog in second year second semester and failed the other one again. In fourth year 2014(I even did scams, cheated my friend’s). I visited psychiatric hospital and I was diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). I did not know that time but my mother knew it, doctor told me to stop smoking, which I did for few days and I was medicated but later I started smoking. I was in drugs and all other bad habits. I didn’t even go to college, I used to get up daily and get ready for college and went to my friend’s place and used to have drugs. My parents thought I was going to college. I totally failed in nine subjects out of eleven. At the end of B.Tech course I had eighteen backlogs (I did not appear for one semester exam and some supplementary exams) and was addicted to smoking and was overweight. After B. Tech I had fights with outsiders / unknown persons on roads. (I started my weight loss journey, I lost weight but in a wrong way). Then one day a big fight happened during Lord Ganesh Visarjan day (fifth day) and I was luckily escaped in this case. My friends played politics and told me not to come outside home (I was unaware of this). My friends tried to put blame on me but the opposite party didn’t let it happen (during compromise). I was lucky. Although the fight was started by me, my friend picked up and took it to another level. My friends bet me and scared me and told me to accept my mistake in front of opposite party ( they tried to save themselves and wanted to prove me guilty in front of opposite party) From that time I tried to remain isolated and didn’t meet any of my friends. I had tuitions for exams but I didn’t concentrate on studies. Exams commenced; I visited psychiatric hospital and I was diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder and I was told to stop all habits forever (which I did) before few days of exams. I didn’t get good treatment because of my exams were nearing. Examinations were started for odd semester subjects and invigilation was loose. I passed seven out of nine subjects by cheating. But when exams were over my medication was in full force and I took medication daily.

In the year 2016, My friend from Australia came and I again started doing all the bad habits. My doctor told me to stop it and I did it. During this course of time I lost huge amounts of weight and I started going to gym. There I did a wrong thing and all the gym trainers were angry on me (before this I complained against a trainer for a reason, now since I committed a mistake he was on me and tried to beat me). The trainers tried to beat me. Since the owner called my dad he came on time and saved me otherwise I would have been beaten up badly. Since then I didn’t go outside home. I was afraid because of that incident. I was mentally weakened. I watched bomb blast incidents on internet and the situation became worst. Once my dad took me forcefully outside the home(When my tuition was fixed at Sai Baba temple for the rest of odd semester subjects, Sai Baba made me visit a temple of his which had a bomb blast few years ago by visiting that temple regularly Baba took away my fear. This is the power of Baba. He makes a coward person visit a terror attack place).

I had tuitions at home (from first year I had home tuitions). I didn’t study well and invigilation was strict. I passed two subjects out of nine. At the end of my 6th year I passed nine out of eighteen subjects and next year was the last chance to get B.Tech degree. My tuition for the remaining two subjects in odd semester was fixed at a academy near Sai Baba temple at Dilsukhnagar(The temple which I talked about) opened by my home tutor(in partnership) for rest odd semester subjects. I went there daily. Initially after completion of tuition I didn’t visit temple but later on I went and apologized Sai Baba for neglecting Him these many years. In meantime I went with my mother to an astrologer and asked whether I would pass B.Tech or not? He said I would pass and asked me to worship Sai Baba and told me to offer prayers to Subramanianyam Swamy. Initially I did but later I discontinued, but I worshipped Sai Baba since then regularly. I went to the temple on Thursday very regularly (sometimes I didn’t go). Due to gym incident I stopped doing exercises and started slowly gaining weight. My father backed me up and told me to do exercises, but I stopped doing. My sir got cheated by other partners and the academy was closed but faith in Baba confirmed (sometimes my faith was low but Baba made me believe in Him by His miracles). I didn’t get tutor for other subject( initially I got because I went to academy but once academy got closed I didn’t get tutor) exams came and I passed only in one and failed other. Our college has a facility for students, if we have five or less than five subjects backlogs at the end of our B.Tech course we get eligible for super supplementary where we can write them and pass off and get B.Tech degree. So in order to get eligible I should pass at least three subjects, I was stressed a lot. My tution for even semester subjects was fixed at an academy near to my home. I daily went there and while returning I visited Sai Baba temple and pleaded Baba to pass me and also requested Him to call me to Shirdi. I visited Shirdi in October and I was very happy. I didn’t get good tuition for computer subjects as tuition teacher was good at other University syllabus. And one other subject I was taught by his relative about which he did not know anything about it. I was unhappy with this. But I went to the temple almost regularly and asked Baba to pass me. Due to not paying fees they didn’t teach me when exams were nearing (Actually the fees should be paid by my electrical subjects sir but he didn’t pay, we had given him 20000 before when he needed money and he promised to pay my fees and the deal was done on this basis). I got maths tutor when exams were nearing and I managed to prepare well in it. I didn’t prepare well due to two reasons 1. I am dull at studies and not showed interest 2. Due to medication I was drowsy for the whole day and I used to lay on bed. The day of my first exam I thought of committing suicide but some feeling of carrying books to college kept on telling me and I carried them. When I went to the exam hall the invigilation was loose and I wrote well and I passed the subjects but failed in one subject. The result came exactly on my birthday and I was eligible for super supplementary and it was loose too and I passed B.Tech. After that I started my weight loss journey again, initially I had problems but by Sai Baba’s grace I lost a lot of weight. Thanks to Sai Samarth of Shirdi for helping me. I know He will help me forever in this life and in my next births also. Thank You.

Baby Shower Happened Peacefully

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from 2012. I have posted 2 experiences of mine earlier on this website. Thanks a lot for your selfless service.

I got married in May 2013. From Day 1 of our marriage we had several family problems because of elders. My husband and my father never had good relationship with each other, which was hurting me more. After 5 years he came to Canada on 26th March 2018 but I made a mistake in not informing my husband on this, I asked my mom to do that. My husband didn’t like this behaviour. I prayed Baba that everything should be alright. I asked in website about this and the reply I got was “Dispute will arise due to a small error. Urge for blessings of Sri Sai Baba. On the next day of the birth day of Lord Rama, work will be completed.” This year Rama Navami was on 25th March 2018, after some open fights (My husband never talks open, to make him open his mouth is a biggest miracle) everything was settled by 29th March 2018 evening. My baby shower happened peacefully on 30th March 2018. Everything was His blessing. He has done a lot to me and it cannot be expressed by words. My long term dream to see my father and husband talk to each other came true. Thanks a lot Baba. Jai Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: This is my fourth post on blog, two have been already published. All credit goes to my Lord Sai maa and Hetalji and team. I thank all devotees for sharing their experiences which always helps us to strengthen our faith in Sai maa and boost our confidence in difficult situations of life. I am a small devotee of Sai maa having immense faith in Him. Here I would like to share my recent experience.

With the blessings of Sai maa I am doing well in my professional and financial life. We had given our 2 BHK house for rent, and our tenant wanted to vacate. Then we put up board for To Let. So many came but it was not materialising. Then I prayed Sai maa to help and get a good tenant. I vowed to post the same on this blog. Next day only one of the tenants had come, seen the house, liked it and paid the advance also. Thank You very much Sai maa for showering Your grace and blessings. Sorry for the delay of my posting the same. Sai maa please be with us always and help and guide us in future endeavours. Also bless all devotees. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Kripa

Shirdi Sai Devotee Neha Srivastava from India says: Om Sairam everyone. I am Neha from India. Baba cured my mummy’s stomach pain.

Firstly thank to Hetal mam and all team for such beautiful experiences. In 2017 my mummy always said that her stomach was heavy like some pain. Then I and my mummy went to the doctor and the doctor said that it was the starting of cancer. That time I felt that all was over in my life. I said to my Sai Maa please Saima don’t do this please Maa. Then after two days my family doctor had come in India from other country. I and my mummy went to him and I told him everything. Then he checked and did ultrasound and the report was normal. Sai ma always does miracles(Chamatkar), some time we lose our faith and patience but we have to keep trust and patience with Sai maa. Maa You know what I want; please fulfil my wish I promise You that I will never again prospect You maa and will share my experiences. Please Krepa Karo Sai maa( Please grace us Sai Maa) Om Sai Namah Namah, Shri Sai Namoh Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah, Satyaguru Sai Namoh Namah.

Sai Saved My Kido

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam everyone, Like all of you I am also a small devotee of Baba. I have known Baba and prayed Him since my childhood, but, Shirdi Sai pulled me closer to Him in the recent years. I have been always blessed by Lord Shirdi Baba and Sathya Sai Baba.

Coming to my recent experience I had prayed to Sai to bless my sister-in-law karyotyping report to be normal and the procedure of doing test should not be painful. My Sai blessed and the report was normal and pain was bearable. Thanks a lot Sai, please be with her throughout her pregnancy and bless her with healthy child. Other experience was I was blessed with Baba’s padukas and Udi by priest in temple. To my joy; I was flying in sky. In that crowd Baba called me and blessed me. Thank You Sai. Forgive me for all the mistakes I have done, guide me in a proper way, control me doing in wrong things and speaking ill off other. Bless me to serve to the best till my last breath. Take care of my mom, dad, brother, husband and everyone’s needs. Without You life is miserable Sai.

Sai My Almighty

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Thanks to Hetalji for running this blog successfully. May God shower abundant blessings to you and your family.

Om Sairam. Baba has helped in every way in my life. With Baba’s grace I am blessed with a daughter, a good husband, Govt. job and good place of work. Sai is everything in my life. Daily when I go outside I pray Sai that I should see His picture on an auto, car or on a shop. Every day I see His picture at one or the other place. Sai is there in my life. He does miracles in my life. I am an ardent devotee of Sairam since many years. After Sai came to my life I experienced so many miracles in my life. Baba my daughter should do well in exams and recover from fever. Bless her with good health. Baba bless my sister’s husband with a good job and health. Change my brother’s attitude. Shower abundant blessings in my life Baba. Take care of all people and take away their karma and bless them.

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