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Sai’s Blessings For My Mother

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Sonal from USA says: My Sainath Gurudev Maharaj, as per my vow, I narrate this experience on this site and forgive me for a long delay it took me to share this.

In the beginning of October 2015, my mother started having this pain in her left side of her front and back ribcage area. She had similar pain a month ago, as she used to baby sit my nephew and so she thought she had pulled a muscle and just kept on putting heating pad over and over; day and night which was not good. But she continued as it made her feel better. After almost week and half it didn’t seem normal to me and I said let’s go the doctor again even though he had seen her month ago for the same pain. This time doctor told us to see a specialist for injuries as it seemed bone/muscle related. After seeing the specialist, he concluded something worse from the X-ray, which we were not ready to hear and he said it so casually that “we are pretty much looking at cancer, so just prepare yourself for that”. I just came out crying not knowing what to think or feel and not to mention what my mom must be feeling after hearing all this.

We were both in a big shock but doctor had not confirmed anything and told us more other tests and that CT scan was needed and that our primary doctor would talk to us after the tests were done. I just came home and sat in my Puja room and just started praying not knowing what to think. I didn’t know what to do and I cried my eyes out that night. Next morning I felt I had to do something to distract my mom from thinking about this as her next set of tests were a week away and it would take us 2 months to complete other tests. All I could think of was praying to Baba and I remember I used to read Sai Amrit Vani before and I don’t know why I had stopped but with work schedule at that time I used to be careless in my daily puja. I asked Baba to forgive me but please help me and just felt that Baba had given this thought of Sai Amrit Vani so I should do that. So next morning was Thursday and so I started Sai Satcharitra Parayana in the morning and Sai Amrit Vani at night. I was hoping my mother could also sit with me and read the Vani with me but as she was in pain while sitting and lying down I didn’t think she would. But surprisingly she said, “no I will sit” and she sat through it all for an hour. Small incident to mention here, I had only one copy of the Sai Amrit Vani and really wanted one more for my mother last minute. I thought I made some copies for it but could not find it and I finally prayed to Baba to help me find it and all of a sudden as if Baba was directing me with an immediate thought to go to a particular shelf and find that particular Sai magazine which was kept along with so many other books, I was surprised to find that magazine right away and as I opened it, found an extra copy in it. It just felt like Baba’s Blessings was there for my reading and for my mother – Om Sai Ram.

I had continued to apply Baba’s Udi and gave my mom with water also. She seemed to be better than days before but the pain was still there. As we waited 4 more days, for all the appointments to start, the test of our prayers and faith continued. It was Saturday and while reading Sai Satcharitra I saw how much Baba had stretched the efficacy of Ram Naam and I just felt like singing the Lord’s Name. So, for almost an hour just sang Ram Naam and this time I truly felt His love as I was singing and not using mala to repeat, just singing from my heart. I think every time we use a mala we lose the Bhava (feelings) which is so important in being one with the Lord.

Around mid-month, by Baba’s grace I was able to continue my reading and Namaskars for 108 times. I felt strengthened by His Bhakti and this sense of true Faith being instilled in me. To be Baba’s Bhakta, people like me have long way to go but being His children I was feeling His protection and love for me and my family. Today I was thinking, there are so many innumerable people that are trapped and feel helpless and my Baba, You are our only saviour in this Yug. With so many sects in our Hindu religion and still continuing to grow, neither we know what our true religion is or have a path we can follow. We are scattered like ants in all directions trying to figure out what mantra, book or Deity we should follow in our time of crisis. May Your loving grace be upon us All Baba. The water that I give my mom from the reading of the Saptha mixed with Udi was my saviour for all disease and all pain and problems and Baba’s words were the seat of our faith. May You bless Your children and may Your Sai Amrit Vani be a solution to all our problems. Om Sai!

Following days, we got the CT scan done and I was just praying to Baba, to please take care of my mom as she went in for the test and let the right person be there to guide her as she always gets nervous and scared of hospitals. I was glad as it was an Indian person and he spoke our language. I was so happy that Baba even took care of my small request. After the test we had to wait and I was told that our doctor should get the results within 2 or 3 hours. Well even though I was scared to call the doctor, I made a call about after 4 hours and was told by the nurse that doctors hadn’t reviewed the reports and they would call us back. Well that day and the next day Wednesday passed and around 10 in the morning on Thursday we got a call from the nurse. She called to give the CT scan results and was told that her lungs looked good and no sign of cancer was there and there was minor fracture on the rib area and we should make appointment with our Primary physician. So I made appointment with primary physician which was on the following Monday. As I continued my Sai Amrit Vani on that Thursday, I truly felt Baba’s presence as I read the words and sang it along with the CD. It moved me to tears and I truly saw Baba’s presence on how much He is there and just felt grateful to My Baba that His presence is felt by us even in our times of test and trials. Om Sai Ram.

After the doctor’s appointment, we were told that her lungs report came out good and now they were concerned about her liver and abdomen. Again me and my family were just holding on to Baba’s feet and hoping and praying the clearance of all these tests with no other issues. On Monday around 10am we got the call from the doctor that everything was good and nothing to worry, and there was no trace of any cancer issue. In my heart I was just bowing to Sai over and over; thanking Him for His grace upon us. To all the readers who are reading this experience, I pray to you to surrender yourself at His feet (of the Lord Sainath Maharaj) and do not knock other doors and beg other people (who prey on weak people for their money) to solve your problems. Just pray to this Merciful Lord Sainath Maharaj and He is sure to save you no matter how big or small your problems may be. Just remember nothing is greater than God. Forgive me for such a delay Baba and Thank You – Thank You and Thank You for Your loving Grace upon us. Om Sairam – Om Sairam – Om Sairam!

Baba’s Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to all Baba devotees. I have been praying Baba since my college days and have experienced number of miracles from then on. I would like to explain a few in details today.

One of the biggest miracle would definitely be my marriage. I was in love with a guy from a different religion and my dad was totally against it. When we checked our horoscopes also we came to know that our match won’t work but being a Baba devotee I was very sure that ours would be a successful marriage and wanted to go ahead with the marriage irrespective of all the warnings given by all the astrologers. With Baba’s grace my dad finally accepted my guy and we got married after almost 4 years of struggle. Now am very happy to say that my husband is much more closer to my parents and they also treat him like their own son. Needless to say the predictions of the astrologers were proved to be false once again.

The next miracle would be the birth of my son. Before marriage itself I came to know that I had PCOS and the gynaecologist told that I might face some problem when trying to conceive. This made me totally anxious about pregnancy. But nevertheless, I kept praying Baba and with His blessings I got pregnant the very next month after the marriage. I didn’t face any problem or trouble as told by the doctor. This time even the prediction of the learned doctor didn’t prove to be true.

After he was born, when he was one week old he had jaundice and his bilirubin level was increasing. I was advised by the doctor to admit him immediately. But I was on the verge of tears and was not willing to part with my son. I immediately took out my mobile, looked at Baba’s picture and started praying to him. Believe me or not, the very next moment the same doctor came and told me that I could take my son along with me to my home if I wanted to. She also added that since the bilirubin level is on the border, we could wait for a couple of days more before admitting him. As you could all imagine, I was more than happy and was very grateful to Baba for listening to each and every other prayer of mine.

The last miracle I would like to describe is how my husband got a job in the city we preferred. I wanted to move to my hometown after delivery because I wanted to stay in close proximity to my parents. My husband also started applying for jobs and got almost selected for a company immediately. I was so over the moon. But unfortunately he failed to clear the last round. This totally disappointed me. I then sincerely prayed to Baba for his job and left everything at His feet. After this, my husband attended so many interviews but wasn’t able to clear any. When I was about to lose my patience, Baba at last blessed my husband with a great job in a reputed company. The package was much more than we expected. I cannot thank Baba enough for everything that He has done for me. If not for Baba, I wouldn’t be what I am today. Thank You so much Baba and please let me be Your devotee till my last breath. Please bless my son, husband, parents, siblings and all Your devotees. Please do not ever leave our hands. Love You Baba.

My Sai’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Hello to all my Sai family, I am a staunch devotee of our dear Sai and my life is full of my Sai’s miracles. Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful job you are doing, you don’t know this job of yours is giving so much strength for so many people around the world, may Baba bless you with lots and lots of happiness.

As I told I am a staunch devotee of my Sai and my Sai is my whole universe for me. Each and every minute is my Sai’s miracle for us so how can we list only few of them here, but somehow we have to figure out at least some important and list them here so that it gives positive hopes to many people who are going through lots of challenges and lots of trouble in their life. I have posted many of my experiences here so many of them are posted and some are yet to be posted. Today I am here to list few of my recent experiences and then too very unimaginable kind of experience.

Few days ago when I was speaking to one of friend she told me that she was very stressed due to their visa processing which was getting very delayed. I told her not to worry as our Sai is there to take care of us and He will take care of everything, and then came back home and sat in front of Baba and requested Sai to help her in this problem as I know how stressed we feel during all these kind of situations and requested Sai to solve their problem and that I would post the experience here. And then here You go my Sai was back with His endless miracles. After few days she told me that her husband got the visa but her visa was still delayed. Then today she called me to tell that her visa had not yet arrived and she was about to lose her job because of this. I told her that everything would be alright and that I was sure that our Sai will take care of all our problems and He will solve her’s too. Baba please help her to come out of this issue so that she can celebrate her birthday very happily which is next week. Sai I have so much belief in You, please help her Baba.

Second experience is: Here in the city where we live had a very wired kind of situation come up. There was a bomber who used to courier bomb to the people’s residents and blast the bomb, there were 5 bombs which were blasted and I was so worried about the situation and sat in front of Baba and requested our Sai to do something about the situation and prayed that by morning if the person is caught I would write the experience here, and lo my Sai’s miracles are unmeasurable and the very next morning I get up to hear that the suspect was caught and killed by the police. This is our Sai, Who never leaves our hand in any kind of situation. When our Sai is there to protect us who can harm us? He will never allow anything to happen to His children. Thank You so much for all Your help Sai. We are nothing without You my Baba. Please never leave us even for a second. Love You so much Baba. Om Sai Ram, Om Sri Sachidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Sai Baba Helped Us Get The Locker Key

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Swati from India says: Thank you Hetalji for this platform. It really helps us maintain our peace and strength in difficult situations. Thanks to Baba for motivating you in this venture and also for bringing me to this site. Om Sai Ram.

This is my 2nd experience on this blog, though I have posted umpteen experiences in the comments section in the past. Although Hetalji, Poojaji always say that we should not promise to post experiences only if this/that happens, I somehow ended up doing that and I will describe, how miraculously my bank locker key was found.

I experience Baba’s experience every single day, in some or the other way. Many times realizing only later that it was our Baba Who had been pulling the strings all along. We have kept few ornaments in the bank locker and me not being very keen on jewellery had not operated the locker for almost 1.5 years. Last week, for a family function, I wanted to take a few things and went to get the key- it is always kept in a wallet in a certain place in the house. All important keys are kept in that. So I was rather surprised when I did not see the key there. I checked with others in the house and they searched in that wallet and in few other places unsuccessfully. I did not think too much about it and went ahead with the function without the jewellery. However, the thought was nagging me as to where the key could be.

After few days, we all searched in every possible nook and corner of the house after searching the cup boards- in vain! 3 -4 days we all searched the same places again and again and finally decided that we would approach the bank to break open the locker. However I was not comfortable with this. This was planned to be done over the weekend. Today is 21st Mar. Today afternoon I prayed to Baba that please help me find the key today itself and I will post my experience on this blog. By late afternoon, I got a call from my father that he found the key in the same wallet in which it is always kept! I just looked at Baba and there He was giving me that enigmatic smile of His. Why Fear When I Am Here? it is beyond all comprehensions as to how that key could not have been found earlier, if it was really in the wallet all along. It is nothing but the miracle of my Sai! Thank You Baba, Thank You so much. You have been with me all along, please continue being with me always. Have gone through/going through a lot of pains in life. Cannot avoid that, it is my past karma results. However, with Baba by my side, He has ensured that I did not collapse, crumble or give up ever. Baba, please hold my hand like this always and also of all Your children who need You. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu. Would want to add that today is my assigned day of the Naam Jaap of the AASM venture and a blessing from our Sai. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Blessed My Daughter

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Anuradha Dhanank from India says: I am a staunch believer of Baba since childhood. I have experienced many miracles. In fact Baba has saved my life many times. Sai Baba blessed my daughter. Oh Sai, I surrender myself to Your lotus feet. Even though I knew Baba since childhood, but I wasn’t a staunch believer. Although my life is full of amazing experiences of Sai’s miracles, I wish to share this first miracle of my life of year 1996. After this incident I became the loving daughter of Baba.

After my marriage, one fine morning, my husband said that we were going to Shirdi by car with his friend’s family after 3 days. I was very happy to hear this. But next day he said that his friend’s program was cancelled. I was very much disappointed and discussed with my hubby that we should visit Shirdi by train. He agreed immediately and we both with our lovely little daughter of 2 years, started for Shirdi. Our tickets were not confirmed but still we got the seats and the journey was very comfortable. We reached Shirdi early in the morning at 5 am. Aah! What an amazing feeling. I felt, as if I have come to my Father’s place. Hurriedly we got ready in a nearby hotel and joined the long queue for darshan. I totally forgot to keep milk for my over disciplined daughter. While we were in queue, my daughter suddenly started crying for milk. Then I realized my mistake. Near the queue zone, we saw the canteen with long queue. We requested many people standing in the queue to get milk for the child and we were ready to pay any amount for it. Suddenly a person of little dark complexion came near us and without spelling a single word consoled us that he would fetch us milk. To my astonishment, in spite of such a long queue, within seconds, he appeared in front of us and gave a cup of milk. My husband and I were searching for money in the purse to give this kind soul. But to our surprise, He only waved a good bye, and disappeared. Oh my God! Baba Himself came to shower blessings on us and to feed my little baby. We came to tears. After Samadhi Mandir Darshan, we searched everywhere for this man, but we couldn’t find Him anywhere. Oh Baba! You are great and so are Your leelas. Wish to share more experiences soon. Baba please be with me always.

Baba’s Miracles In Day To Day Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi. I am a tiny devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from Bangalore. I came to know about this blog about 5 years ago. From then onwards this site has become a stress reliever and a great motivator. I have shared many experiences earlier and thank you for the entire team for posting the experiences.

In my last post I had shared about my husband’s onsite chances this year. But he had to certify for N5 level Japanese language certification. Unfortunately this time there would be no exams in Bangalore, and applications were full in the nearby city Chennai. The only option left is Mumbai, as Pune, Kolkata and Delhi are very far. My hubby has lost interest now, Baba please make him to apply for Mumbai or Pune somehow. Please make him clear the exams, so that he travels and experiences the new environment. My sister will be traveling to Shirdi this month end for Your blessings. Please solve her problems and make her successful in her life.

I am pregnant now due to Your blessings, be with me throughout my pregnancy as I am little worried. Take care of my parents, siblings and all Sai devotees. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Dear Devotees, I am going to share baba's grace on me. Yesterday night my son couldn't able to sleep because of little throat pain. He is normally very cranky and little bit of discomfort also makes him cry a lot. So, i was very worried because if he doesn't stop crying ,then we'll have sleepless night. I prayed to baba,applied some udi on his throat and continuously chanted "Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namaha", also decided to share it in comment section,then after some time he slept and I also slept, thanking baba. Baba, you are only sailing me across this Sea of Samsar which is full of tension and troubles. Baba forgive me for the mistakes i have committed with/without knowledge and bless me with peace and happiness.

  2. Omsairam..bless my father and brother with a good health…forgive our sins….baba thabkyou so much for healing ny father's backache and my hand injury…thankyou somuch..

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