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Jai Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UAE says: Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful medium to communicate and share our experience of this divine experiences and miracles and blessings of Lord Sai. I am from Dubai Sai’s daughter.I started my belief towards Sai after my marriage, thanks to my husband for telling me His miracles stories and asking me to worship Him for our wishes. I went through so many miracles of Sai Baba from getting a job in Dubai in a big MNC company as an outsource employee and later on in payroll of same company which was very difficult for a non-experienced person like me who didn’t have overseas experience and also getting our new flat in India, all happened with me was really a miracle and all unexpected way followed below.

My job Story : After coming to Dubai, I applied many jobs site but nothing was clicking, later I got an interview call, but it did not went that good because I was not experienced person in their level of expectation and it was a small company so even I took it in a casual way because I had just landed which was on 4th Nov 2013 and my visit visa was of 1 month thinking I will get a Job within a month’s time. But almost a month had passed but didn’t find a job and my tension started, I prayed Sai Baba a lot that I should get a job ASAP. In the meantime my husband extended my visit visa by another month meaning the last day was 2nd Jan 2014, after which visit visa could not be extended as the person has to exit the country and then again come back in a visit visa. I went for few interviews but nothing clicked which made me very sad, then my 2nd month visit visa was going to end still I was hunting for a job and going into depression because I didn’t want to go back to India leaving my husband. My husband motivated me and asked to keep that trust in Sai “Shraddha and Saburi”.

When I came to Dubai from that day I and my husband visit every Thursday to Sai Baba temple near our place for His blessings, it feels so peace and happy though we are in tension his smiling face wrap our tension. In the midst of all I got two calls for interview from two different company. Here I will mention A and B company. I went for the A company for an interview, they said they will get back to me though I knew it’s a different industry and new for me compared to my previous work experience. Then I got a chance to give an interview for B company. It was so big and a good company, then my interview started and somewhere I got confidence that interviewer liked my answers, then the interviewer told ‘’you have a good India experience but if you are selected you may be in an outsource visa and not in their payroll visa’’. Overall I got a vibe its going good but later when I came out and had an interaction with other 2 candidate for the same post, I came to know that one candidate had 5 year Dubai experience and other had a husband visa and myself none of it, somewhere I felt I would not get it. Later I became so sad and went home and started chanting Sai because after some days my Visa was ending and I needed to go back India and apply visa after one month’s gap. So I was so much in tension and next day I was in sleep and I got a call from the consulting agency of B company and they asked how the interview and I told it went good and she took a pause and told me congratulations and that I had been selected. I got the job, I was so happy and tears rolled out and I called my hubby and informed, he was also very happy.

Just a brief highlight about the interview for B company. I got an email from the outsource company on 26th Dec 2013 which was a Thursday, my interview was scheduled on 29th Dec Sunday, On 30th Dec I got confirmed for the post and my visit visa expiry date was 02nd Jan 2014. Hardly few days were left for me to exit the country and within all this I got my first Job in Dubai. Just imagine guys the power of Sai thus from that incident I became an ardent Sai devotee. Payroll Job : After getting into B company l used to feel like am an outsource employee and used to feel bad though I was in B company but still not a part of it because I could not attend any in house meeting and used to feel like an outsider in the same company and I used to ask Sai Baba like if I would have been a direct employee it would be so nice and in this my 1 year and couple of months passed and one day my colleague informed about internal vacancy and he asked me to apply but I was so confused whether I could apply or not as I was in outsource and would I be able to get a job and if my mangers would know about it ? Would he allow me to apply? My mind and heart started playing with me. I took Sai’s name and called my internal HR and asked whether I could apply? HR told me to apply so I applied and the interview was good and when I came to know from others that many people had applied for the same post then I started thinking it would be difficult? Whether they would select me? Then a week went and one fine day the interviewer saw me face to face and he ignored me. In that I understood may be I am not selected and started forgetting about the post and when I reached my desk I saw HR calling me and when he told that I got into payroll ( direct employee of B company ) I could not believe, I was confused but everything went well and I started my new profile. Now after a month, the politics in the new department was horrible and I used cry every day why Sai gave me this post as I used to struggle. A lot as people there were not with helping mentality and do lot of back stabbing, now I almost completed 3 years in this department, but here also Sai miracle He gave me what I wished though many thorns in it but still it has many flowers that’s my “experience and brand name” in my CV. I believe in Sai and miracle will happen for sure and this difficult period will vanish and new colors of happiness will come to me. Om Sai Ram.

Home Sweet Home : Our flat also we got with the help of Sai Baba blessing, we did not had money for the token when we booked the flat, everything happened so suddenly that one of the Real Estate Developers came here in Dubai. NHe started sending SMS notification and that’s how we just went to inquire about it and we found it interesting as the sales person took all the responsibility of paper work which helped us to book our first flat, everything just happened on its own way like someone was behind us, all these things happened with the grace of Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram.

My Eye Vision: My vision was very blurred from childhood and I can’t see properly, am fully depended on my specks and always used to feel like when I can see this world more clearly? People used to literally say I have attitude because I don’t smile when someone looks at me. Actually the fact is that I can’t see without my specks and people think the other way like am ignoring them, in this way I have grown up. In my marriage also I could not see people properly because I didn’t wear specks and even I can’t be in lens due to allergy of it. After coming to Dubai also I used to face a bit problem in my office because I couldn’t identify people when I was not in specks, then later after 4 year, one day at Sai Baba temple I was praying and my husband told Sai Baba is smiling and I told him I can’t see, and I asked Sai my wish that when I can see Your clear view and when my vision be normal? Then a month passed and suddenly my husband and I had a casual discussion about laser surgery and my husband fully opposed on it saying don’t do it be in specks, but I kept telling him I want to do and then I inquired but found it costly then I dropped the thought of it. After few more months’ time October 2017 we planned for India vacation and suddenly two 2 week before, my husband himself told that hewill check on the laser and took a doctor’s reference from one of our cousin. We tried to call them many times but no one picked up the phone. Then we decided to go and meet him once we were in India and we planned it after Diwali was over and finally we went to the hospital for inquiry but nobody was around and door was closed and when we enquired we came to know that doctor passed away 2 weeks before due to heart attack. I and my husband got so upset, because it iswas eyes related and he was the best doctor with reference, now we were short of time and to search for a new doctor was very difficult, but finally my brother’s friend gave a reference and we went to my place and inquired first. Then went with few eye test and my eyes were eligible for surgery and they gave us a quick surgery date and operation happened successfully. Also we faced lot of difficulties in family, my husband’s mobile got robbed on the same day when we came back home after surgery, my husband’s side few family problems, we managed to stay in one of cousin’s place. Painting was going on but still we managed to stay there after surgery, in this all Sai was with us in a way, wherever we went Sai photos used to follow us and we would feel a kind of protection; be it in auto we, bus, banners, shops. We never thought my eye operation would happen but with grace of Sai all came good. Shraddha and Saburi, Om Sai.

Everything Is Possible

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Sairam devotees, I am going to share the message received by one of the Sai sister through Baba. I felt that sharing this message among all the Sai devotees will boost our faith and confidence. Thank you. Sairam

Everything is possible Everything is possible if you shall turn and receive from me the treasure of faith. Everything is possible if you do not disturb your peace with taunting doubts. Everything is possible if you are patient with time. Everything is possible if you are able to gather the atmic strength from within and remain stationed in My will. My dear children of the universe, you are in my womb and I am the only mother that you have had in your many lives. With my thousand eyes, My million hands and My unspoken silent love, I protect you always; watching you rise and fall in my own presence within My own self. I am everything to you even though you know it not. And there is nothing, nothing that I cannot do for you. Everything is possible if you are determined in your effort. Everything is possible if you choose Me over everything else. Everything is possible if you do not waste time, energy. My guidance always flows through every heart if you are able to overcome fears of the mind then you shall become clear and the guidance from my heart shall enter every nerve of your being with fearlessness, faith, and surrender you can accomplish anything and receive anything.

Everything is possible that is always I say to you. The laws of nature rotate along the orbit of purity and if you, My dear child, rise with an untainted heart, then they shall bow to you. Fate is for those who suffer, that we are amadant to be weak and deny their selves of their divine strength For the children who have obeyed My word, fate itself moves and moves way for their determination. I am your mother, your origin, your root, your love and your life. Whatever is in Me instantly flows to you, if you do not obstruct it with fear that I am different from you. Whatever I do is to make you believe that I am born within you and the moment you shall turn to my word and utilize its truth, everything, My dear child, shall become possible. Everything I do is what I have already willed as a part of this play and whatever you shall do is by strength of faith. You shall not ask the reason of my ways. You shall be determined to complete the task that I myself guide you to do from within. What makes me sad is when my children come in the way of my task by fighting with each other that I cannot bear. Those who have remained in dark, those who have denied my love for them, those who seek ambition and opportunity rather than wisdom and peace will always try to sabotage My work. But they can never be successful for my task for you is imprinted on stone. All you have to do is show that you carry the strength and light of truth. You must remain silent and not entangle yourself either by word or action with such meddlers. Pay no attention to them and they too shall silence in their babbling of untruths. You do not need to defend me. You need to be silent and portray my teachings through your silent wisdom and selfless deeds. As for Me, I will always extend My hand to all. Whoever extends and holds My hand, to that one I give the gift of truth and pure love. Have faith that I am where I need to be and you have to be always by My side in spirit and in devotion. Everything is possible but you cannot weaken. You cannot know it all until the task is in motion and before it is complete. I know I am there always I am myself doing what needs to be done. I am fully conscious of anything. I have not come to leave my task incomplete I am with you. But you must have faith and be with Me At the right time all will be revealed. Until then bask in my blessings and realize that everything is possible. If you shall smile and say with your strength, “I believe..I believe.. I believe..” Everything is possible, My sweet little one, if you are able to do with faith, wait in patience and live in love! I bless you with all the treasures of these.

Baba Saved My Marriage

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam. By Baba’s grace I would like to share the biggest miracle of my life so far. This experience would increase our faith and make us believe that nothing is impossible in front of Baba. Thank you Hetal ji and team for this platform.

Coming to my experience, my life was all smooth until 2012. I was an orthodox and spiritual person and always brought pride to my parents. I got married in the year 2013. Mine was an arranged cum love marriage. Long story short, life became miserable in the next one year. At some point I could not take it any more so I left the house and we both lived separately for close to 3 years. There was not a single day that went without shedding tears in front of Baba. All those days my faith in Baba increased day by day and He was with me, holding my hands. I got a dream one day in which I was going in bus and told to Baba if I will reunite with my husband, I should get a flower, immediately a yellow flower fell on my lap. I woke up and I was happy. But nothing changed. The situation became worse and it went till divorce. Still my Baba’s grace made me hold His feet strongly.

My divorce was also finalized. After that one day I decided to send him a final message and that is when my Baba turned everything to positive. My husband responded and we reconciled by one and only Baba’s grace. Now I am living happily with my husband. When I used to tell my friends and family about the flower indication that Baba gave, they thought I was blabbering but I knew my Baba would not leave me.

My experience is mainly for people who are going through severe hardships in life. Remember only one thing everyone may forsake us but Baba will always hold our hands. I used to get very scary dream during those 3 years, like some black ghost is coming and hurting me, dragging me down the bed. When I got up I used to see scratches on my body. I cried to my Baba. One night I got a dream where the ghost came and I was shouting Baba Baba, then my beloved Baba came and took the ghost and threw it out of my bedroom window and told it never to bother me again. I never got such dreams after that.

In another dream during those painful times, He came in white kafni and said “I know you are crying everyday telling me you don’t want this divorce, I see that. Don’t worry everything will be ok”. These were His exact words. Now if I look back at those 3 years, I see one and only Baba. It was only Him Who helped me sail through that period. Dear devotees please don’t lose hope. Hold on firmly to His feet. Nothing is impossible for our Baba. Baba please be with all of us. You are our only hope. Please always keep me at Your feet. Whatever You think is right for me, please do that. Bow to shri Sai peace be to all.

Sai Life Saviour

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Chirag Nagpal from India says: Om Sairam ji to all my Sai Baba’s devotes. Baba is my everything. He is the One Who loves me so much. His Leelas are truly miracles. I have already posted few experiences here and this is one of the bigger experiences I got to share. Forgive for any mistakes. Om Sai Ram.

So last to last Thursday me and my girlfriend who is also a devotee of Baba met in a park near my place during day time as there were quarrels between us and she didn’t but I wanted to meet. So we met in a park near my place. So we were sitting on a bench and sharing emotions and out of the blue few bees came and got stuck on me and so I ran as bunch of bees followed me and my girlfriend tried saving me by hitting them but bees started to stick in her as well. We both lied on grass and I yelled for help but I believe there were hardly any people who would danger their life to save us. I shouted, I was like ‘Baba help me, Sai come ‘ I heard voice of people saying just lie down, don’t shout and within seconds there was a thick layer of bees on me. Actually someone had disturbed the bee hive and they attacked us. I was crying for help and could not call at home as well as I was there with my girlfriend and stuff. I was shouting and an old man said don’t shout and after few minutes someone was there near me who said smoke here they will go only of smoke. He was an old man, bees were entering my shirt, so he smoked his beedi near my shirt. While coughing as he was old enough as I could hear and he burnt some grass near us to save us but we needed blankets to escape and there was no one to help. I asked him please save me, please and again started shouting Baba for help and he said who will help you? I said my Sai Baba and he said I came here to protect you and I am stuck in danger now but we have to save our life and trust me he was none other than Baba and He shouted for blankets and within few minutes someone came with blankets and he the old man held me. All my weight was on Him and He took me out of the park and the other person took my girlfriend and the old man vanished. I couldn’t see His face even. As my face was facing down and when I got up I was cladded with blanket on head. He was my Sai Who saved our life. He is the One Who has saved my mother’s life few years ago on Thursday itself. Om Sairam.

Once He Commit To Be With You, He Will Never Let You Alone Anywhere

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you Hetal didi for such a wonderful work. These experiences help us to enhance our faith on our beloved Sadguru, our Sai. I have been worshiping Sai Deva since childhood because of my father. He was a strong atheist but our Sai melted his heart and blossomed immense Shraddha for him. Now out of countless experiences I would like to share one small but heart touching experience.

It was 2002, I was doing my medical graduation and living in college hostel. Once I was traveling through bus from my home to hostel after finishing holidays. After 15 kilometres bus stoped in a small town to take passengers from there. A person boarded the bus and sat beside me as there was a vacancy. After settling for 4-5 minutes he take out a small white paper and started carving something on it with the help of his nail. I was closely observing him because it was a different art for me. When he finished his work a beautiful emboss image of Ganesha was there. The person gave that image to another person as a gift sitting in front of him and started making another one. Now this time he made goddess Laxmi and again gave it to another person. I was thinking, inspite of sitting beside me he was not giving anything to me. Then I washed out my thought by counselling myself that I am not that much fortunate and continued to observe his art. Here comes the” leela of Sai”. Third time he made an image of Sai and gave it to me. As he handed over the image I couldn’t stop my tears out of happiness. I still have that image of Baba with me. He just wanted to tell me that He is with me. The glory of Baba is just unutterable. Om Sairam.

Sai’s Mercy

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: Dear Sai Devotees, I am humble devotee of Sai Baba currently living in United Kingdom. Sai came into my life when I was doing my Masters’ in Chennai. My husband [Boyfriend at that time] introduced me to Sai. I never went to Sai temple before that, but once I saw Baba for the first time I had an inner peace. Now let me tell you few miracles on my life through Baba’s Blessings. But before that, many thanks to Hetal ji and her Team members for this devotional work which reinforces the faith on numerous devotees.

I met my husband while doing my Masters project and we both loved each other within a short span of time. He was 10 years elder than me but it really didn’t matter to us. My husband wanted to settle abroad so we tried hard but it wasn’t easy. I thought of giving a try since I was working in IT Company and later realized it as a difficult goal to achieve. I didn’t give up since my belief on Sai was strong and finally succeeded going onsite. This was only possible due to Sai Blessings. When we decided to marry, the oppositions came stating Age, caste etc. But we both were firm in getting married. My father and brother were adamant but finally by Sai’s blessings our marriage was arranged and we are now happily married. Baba is ever helping those who believe in Him. How difficult the situation maybe stick to Baba’s feet, He will definitely help You.

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  1. dear devotees amazing experiences
    thank you all for sharing
    dear hetal sister i can't thank you enough for the work you are doing
    wishing all the blog readers and team members a very happy ganesh chaturdhi
    baba give me shradda and saburi
    waiting for your blessings for a long time
    help me in this situation, please be with me, guide me baba
    i want to study hard, complete CA.
    please help me to concentrate

  2. Wishing all a very happy Vinayaka Chavithi.

    Wonderful experiences, especially 3, 4 and 5 where He manifested Himself.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Omsairam..bless my father and brother with a good health…tc of them…forgive our sins baba…love you baba
    Today i was fasting baba i felt very hungury today…..baba…😯😯

  4. Baba.. as baba said.. we will have our goals till we reach a certain portion and baba helps us through out.
    My life time wish was fulfilled by baba by getting married with my love.
    Now, at baba feet for 1 more wish, job for my husband in India. We did everything the best with respect to job.. but more than anything when thinking about that job.. I only remember baba and nothing about qualifications etc.
    Hope I will inform you soon about the job good news that only happens with baba blessings..
    baba baba baba.. always u in me

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