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Where And How Can We Experience Divinity?

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Sairam devotees! Loving Sairam to you All. My humble pranams at Bhagawan’s lotus feet. Thank You Sai for letting me an opportunity to share Your words among the devotees who are waiting desperately for Your grace and blessings. Thank you Admin for this site, for this platform.

Sairam All, This is the greatest chance we have got in our life. We have got Sai in our hands. Don’t let Him leave us. Let us make every effort to have Baba in our hearts. Let us make every effort to please Sai and stay so that our life gets sanctified. Let us never listen to the nonsense that people speak outside or pay heed to people who speak mindlessly and increase the distance between us and Sai. I might not have the bhakti like Hanuman to please You Sai. I don’t have strong commitment like Radha to love You Sai. What I have is I always try to remember You, be with You, and feel You. All I try is to work sincerely whatever I do and at the end of the day I just offer it to You in my heart. That’s all we need to do and our life gets sanctified. It gives energy, conviction, and strength day by day to live for Sai. Living for Sai means my sadhana which means to do all the work sincerely and put in efforts to prepare well and offer it to Sai so that the work becomes worship. My dearest Sai let me offer this writing to You. This is one of my services offered to You. You are the Doer and I am just Your instrument.

Where and How can we experience Divinity? What is blocking the vision of God for us? Bhagawan lovingly explains and guides us today. God is not separate from you. Do not be under the impression that God is present only in temples. Body is the temple and the indweller is God (Deho Devalaya Prokto Jeevo Deva Sanathanaha). So you do not need to go in search of God elsewhere. Turn your vision inward. Then you will find God, who is the embodiment of bliss. You are getting drowned in illusion on account of excessive attachment to the body. Get rid of body attachment and develop attachment towards God. Then you will become God yourself. God and human beings are not separate from each other. They are like image and reflection. God is in everybody. This temple of the body is able to move around because God is within. Scriptures reveal – Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma (Divinity is Truth, wisdom and infinity). You must tread along the path of truth and wisdom in order to understand and experience the Divine principle (Brahman). “Whatever comes to our mind, let us offer to Sai wholeheartedly. Whatever actions we are doing, whatever thoughts we are having in our mind, if we offer it full heartedly purely to Swami, then everything becomes pure.” This is the secret of sadhana. Only we have to continuously remember Sai. There is nothing we can do, not a single moment which is ours. Every single moment He decides. Let us run away from bad company, join good company, and perform meritorious deeds day and night. Thank You Sai for Your words. Thank You for this human birth. Thank You for everything.

Sai’s Assurance

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Sairam devotees, Thank you for your time to go over through this site. Thank you for your faith and patience in Sai which brings us all together on this common platform. Let me share with you something about Sai’s assurance. If we keep this in mind, we need not worry about anything and when He is there with us, nothing is a challenge for us. Let us keep faith and patience on Baba. Rest, He will take care.

SAI’s assurance: Let us always work hard whether it is our study, work, or house hold chores. Sai’s grace is always there. We have done many good works and have given joy to our Sai. Since we have given that joy, we will never go down in our life. Can anybody after giving joy/happiness to Sai will go down in life? That is not going to happen. This is the assurance Sai has given us. When the faith meets the grace of Lord, the miracle happens. Sai says, “Whomsoever I look upon undergoes change for the better and acquires new potency, which continues to gain strength day by day.” Why do we even think about our life, why do we even worry about our profession, food, clothing when Sai has taken care of everything? When Sai has been taking care of an ant, insect in the mountains, we are after all Sai’s best creation, don’t we have to assure ourselves that Sai will look after us? It is always our doubtful mind that troubles us. Every single morning let us remind ourselves,” God resides within everyone’s heart, and also to trim and nurture the flame of awareness so that it may burn brighter than ever.” Whoever recites this daily, this wakening hymn will attain the highest abode, resplendent with supreme intelligence as well as supreme wisdom. During the entire course of our life, we need 5 forms of discipline-silence, cleanliness (inner and outer), service, love, and non-hatred towards all. Even if you have any health problem, you don’t have to worry. Sai is there to take care of everything. Let us take a Shiva Linga, do Abhisekham and drink the water every day and slowly the problem will go away. Just keep the lingam in a plate, take some water and say Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram and pour water and drink that water. Everything is in Baba’s hands. Let us be good, let us be disciplined, let us make Sai happy, Sai continues to take care of you wherever you are. Once we have tried to give joy to Sai and please Sai, the gains due to that are tremendous. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Is Always With Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Chaitanya from India says: This is Chaitanya from India. I am devotee of Baba since my schooling but from some years I ignored praying to Baba. Again suddenly I started reading this blog from last week By Baba’s grace and I realised myself, started worshipping Baba very seriously with faith. I would like to thank sincerely the Hetalji and team for maintaining this blog as many devotees are increasing their faith on Baba by reading these experiences.

I would like to share one of my experiences that happened recently. I am 7 months pregnant and last week one night I felt so uncomfortable and was not feeling sleepy. I struggled a lot and then I started praying to Baba and chanting Sai Baba to make me feel better and sleep and said that if it happens I would share my experience on this blog. After sometime I slept, that was only because of my Father Baba. This may be a normal thing but this made me to believe in Baba more.

One more experience is that I recently went to my in-laws home as there was my husband’s brother’s marriage. I am having a habit of placing Baba’s photo under my pillow and sleep. So as usual woke up in the morning and was praying Baba; as for the first face whom I see morning is Baba. After completing all my daily activities I found that Baba’s photo was missing. I searched everywhere but I didn’t find It. I felt so unhappy and got scared that Baba left me and that thought made me cry. After sometime I prayed in my heart stating that this was the last time I was going to search so please don’t leave me Baba. Then I suddenly found It in my bag.

I felt so happy that Baba is always be with me, guide me in fact the life which I am leading is only because of His grace. Never leave me and I promise You that I will be Your devotee till last breath. Please save my husband and also make him Your devotee soon. Please always be with my family and bless us and all Baba devotees, please help me and be with me during my delivery and show Your miracles always to Your devotees.

Baba’s Wonders In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: This comes from a devotee who started believing in Baba and ready to pledge his life seeing Baba’s true power and selfless service. Baba came into my life nearly 4-5 years back, however in the last 1 year He has dragged me into His circle by showing all His kindness.

It is a great privilege to talk about Baba ji’s wonders that He did to us, thanks a ton Hetal ji to show me this platform. There were 2 instances: – First my wife had a miscarriage (we were expecting our first baby) but by 10th week, heart beat was not heard and my wife and me lost what would have been our 1st baby. We were lost. Then the same day I cried falling on the floor as I was out of station due to office work. I cried thinking of Baba to save us and bless with another wonder – as I was recovering from this, my dad who was hale healthy suffered something called as acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Being the only son (immediately after my wife recovered, I rushed to hospital to take care of him). My dad was in ICU and emergency for about 12 days and then total of 50 days in hospital. Baba miraculously saved my dad’s life. I again got the hope of life. The above 7 months in 2017 (from Apr to Oct) were the most difficult times to our family. Everything we lost, but slowly Baba started bringing things back in life. My dad is alive because of Baba ji. Now me and my wife have full faith in Baba, and we pray Him to give us new life (Hale healthy baby) this 2018. We hope Baba will take care of this and I will pledge the full life/faith on Him. I have unconditional faith in Him. He will do wonders and bring us back into normal life. Request all to trust Baba ji and pray for us also. Baba ji bless my wife and me to have the feeling of mother and father and give us the hope. Love You Baba ji. Thanks a ton Hetal ji.

Sai Heard My Prayer

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says:Hi Hetal ji, my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for giving us such nice modern Sai Satcharitra. I want to be anonymous. This is my first post on this blog. So if you think it is ok then you can publish and make corrections wherever necessary.

I am regularly visiting Shirdi in every summer vacation from 2004. But that time I was not staunch devotees of Sai. But after 2006 when Sai listened my prayer at the time when my mother was on her last steps of life. She was an asthma patient. Her lungs were totally damaged. Doctor had put her on supporting system. 3/4 days passed like this but no improvement was there so we decided to remove her from supporting system but doctors were not allowing us. After long discussion they were ready but warned us that without oxygen she would not survive more than 5/10 minutes. She would suffer a lot for getting difficulty in breathing and we would not be able to see her in that situation. We took her at our home and were continuously chanting God’s name and I prayed Baba to take her with Him without any suffering, and that I would come to His Dwarkamaayi and serve there with sweeping, mopping. And see He listened my prayer and she was taking her last breath before me very calmly without any suffering. From that day I became His devotees. And always feel that He is with me and I have few more experience which I will share in my next post if Baba permits me to do so. Lastly I request all my Sai devotees to keep trust and have firm faith on Him. Om Sai Ram to all.

Baba Removed My Fear

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the devotees. Few months back I was blessed with 2nd child (girl). I already have a 2 years old girl. I was kind of little upset; for Baba not giving me a baby boy. I didn’t worship Him for few days. I know it was my mistake and Baba made me realise it later.

Coming to my experience. I suddenly felt a very small movable lump on my neck inside my skin. I got very scared and started worshipping Baba again. That was the time I realised I did a mistake by not worshipping Baba for giving me 2nd child as a girl (we devotees sometimes lose faith in Baba for small things but see Baba pulled me to Him again by this small lump). By Baba’s grace the lump got settled on its own and there was nothing to worry then. And for the past few days I feel something bad going to happen. So I have started my 9 weeks Vratham and started studying Sai Satcharitra. I know Baba will make me overcome this fear with positive energy. Baba please be with me and bless everyone. I know I’ve done mistake. Please Baba forgive me and accept me as Your child. I’ll not lose faith on You hereafter at any cause. Om Sai Ram Maharaj Ki Jai.

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