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Why Fear When Our Sai Baba Is There?

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear all, I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from India. I love Baba from the core of my heart and remember Him even in the smallest of my acts. Whatever I am right now is only because of Baba’s grace and guidance. My heartfelt thanks to Hetal ji and team to create and maintain this blog.

This is my first experience on this blog. I have had many experiences when Sai Baba has clearly saved me from failing. Here, I am sharing my recent experiences. I got married 1 year back to a very nice person and in a very good family. My husband and his family are chosen by my Baba only. They are all just the way I always wanted. But somehow in the initial days there were some clashes between my husband and myself. He never used to understand my point of view and wanted me to follow his ways of doing things. Being an independent woman this used to bother me a lot, which was leading to many small clashes in our married life. At the same time some major issues were going on in my current company, and people were getting laid off from job without any prior notice.

Since after marriage I had requested for a transfer to a new location, and had been working from this new location since then, I was much worried about my job security. In my current role I could only provide remote support from this new location and hence my position could have been easily questioned by management anytime. While all this was going on, my husband and his relatives planned for a trip to the USA to visit my husband’s cousin, and everyone wanted me to avail leave from work and join them for at least 2 weeks. It was very difficult situation for me. I could not openly refuse their plan, as I was newly married, and nobody would have understood my job security concerns. My husband even submitted my VISA application. I used to pray to Baba daily to help me and started reading holy Sai Satcharitra. Our Baba always listens to our prayers and does whatever is best for His kids. Unexpectedly circumstances turned out to be such that my VISA interview appointment could not be fixed anytime before everyone left for the USA. I got the earliest VISA interview appointment only on a date which was 4 days after my husband was scheduled to return to India. Without causing any annoyance to others Baba simply saved me from this situation. Within a month’s time my manager was actually questioned about my position but with lots of effort he could manage talking through senior management and saved my position in this company, quoting my work as he knew that I was a very sincere employee. Had I availed 2 weeks of leave at the time when there was so much of turbulence in the company, and when the work load was heavy, my manager would have got a bad impression and would not have taken so much of efforts to save my job. My sincere thanks to Sri Sai Baba for saving my job.

After this incidence I started searching for a job in other companies and attended a few interviews too but nothing was working out. While reading one of the experiences on this blog, I felt like starting Nav Guruvar vrat and prayed to Baba to make my husband understand me and to bless me with a job fitting my profile. Wonder of wonders, with Sai Baba’s grace I completed my Nav Guruvar vrat without a single break, which is so surprising, as being a woman I was expecting that I may have to skip 1 or 2 Thursdays due to my monthly cycles. My husband’s attitude started changing from the day I started the vrat and now he is very understanding and loving towards me. He respects my opinions and even consults me in his own work related decisions.

On the 8th Thursday of my vrat, I got a job interview call from a very big multinational company and on the following Tuesday I appeared for telephonic interview round. On the 9th Thursday and on the following Friday I appeared for multiple rounds of in-person interviews. Throughout this interview process it felt like Baba Himself was making the interviewers ask the same questions which I was prepared to answer. In fact, the whole interview process went on in such a way that I could effortlessly demonstrate all my skills and strengths very effectively. I knew that it’s Baba Who has tailor made this interview and job for me, and there was no doubt that He had chosen the best for me. Now, I was sure to get selected. Within 2 weeks from my interview I received an offer letter from this new company with a much better salary package and designation than what I had proposed during the interview. I resigned from my current company on the same day, which was again a Thursday. Everyone in my family is very happy. Now I am all set to join this new company after serving 2 months of notice period in my current company. All thanks to my beloved Sai Baba. Sabka Malik Ek! Sri Sachchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai! Om Sai Baba!

Sai Baba Answered My Query So Quickly

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Amandeep from Australia says: Jai Sai Ram to all Baba’s devotee. I would like to first thanks to Sai Baba who helped me to know Him, worship Him and love Him and helping me in hard situations. Secondly I would like to thank this blog that helps me to share my experience about my beloved Sai Baba.

My name is Amandeep and I am in Australia. I know about Sai Baba from a long time but I was not a devotee like I was doing for my Gurus. In last few months, I started watching Mere Sai serial and came to know about my Baba’s life and His miracles. Then I started reading His leela’s and read Sai Satchritra on internet. As I am from a Sikh family I never done Pooja and Aarti but I am trying my best to worship Him at my best. I have read somewhere that Baba let His devotee worship according to their own way and there is not any compulsory procedure to follow to worship Him. So I am trying my best and my Sai Baba is listening to my prayers. Me and my husband are going from a hard time of our life. I tried to get permanent residency of Australia many times but got rejected. Then my husband has applied for it. It is still in process. He got sponsored by one employer. We have applied that application 17 months before and still waiting for decision.

One day a worker on his workplace mentioned that employer was about to sell his business. As we applied for the application, if he sells business we will lose everything, no other option would be left. Me and my husband both were very stressed. I was doing Sai naam jaap and somewhere in my heart I was feeling that my Sai Baba will not let this happen but still I was very stressed. Then I opened my mobile and by mistake I clicked on Safari and a page opened where a message from Sai Baba was there that I had searched few days back that ” Don’t stress, your all worries will be over”. Then I was in bus when my husband called me and mentioned that his employer said he has no any plans like that and he will not sell until our file got approved. I was like thank You Sai Baba to help us. I know You are listening to all my prayers. Please stay with us and bless us. Please help us in getting our visa smoothly Sai Baba. I know You will help us definitely. I surrender all my worries to Your lotus feet and I know You will answer my prayers. Thank You very much Sai Ram for Your help. Please bless us. I would like to say to all devotees to have patience and faith in Sai Baba. He will definitely help you. Om Sai Nathaye Nama

Sai Blessed Me With Job And Sons

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Kameshwari from India says: By Baba’s Grace serving Government of India. It is His sheer grace that I am working here earning my bread with dignity. Blessed by Him to be happily married and have 2 sons.

I started believing Baba with doubt in 1988. I was ashamed being a post graduate believing Sadhu, fakirs etc. It so happened that after my PG made many attempts for employment through competitive exams, I passed Commission exam for a job at a central govt. office, after scoring good marks in written test, misled in interview by the director. I was shattered. After a week at the place where I worked, during lunch time it so happened that inadvertently, I adjusted a photo of Sai Baba on the table wishing to get me some change either marriage or job. By the time I went home, my mom told me that the appointment letter reached home at lunch time, since that moment I surrendered myself to Baba so much that every turning point in my life is only His grace. I am indebted to Him for this life and beyond.

After marriage, as a pregnant I laid down in the afternoon at my mother’s place. A Sai Baba sooth sayer knocked our door, told my mother ” App ke ghar me kishan bhagvan ayega”, my mother woke me up to see him. As I entered the verendah where he was seated, he said that again that he is right. My neighbour asked him what would be the sex of the baby, he said a boy then my neighbour asked what’s the guarantee? He said ‘”agar galti hui to mere sar phat jayega!” He also advised my mom to continue doing good things. I offered him dakshina of 51/- he did not accept for a long time, he only took food that my mom offered. I asked his advice for change in my career, he said the place where I work is best suited for me and that change was not possible and asked me to continue praying Baba which I do ever since. He blessed me with another Boy. Baba’s grace bestowed upon us, we got experienced on international level also. However on rejoining I was subjected to minor punishment with major financial cut that reduced my dignity vis-a-vis my juniors. I wish and pray Him to take me into His fold again by accepting my appeal to reinstate my increments. Bless my elder son with good luck at job and marriage due in December 2018, younger son with good grasping power and luck in his academics and career. Also bless my husband with good health and right career contracts. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

Blessed By Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Renukadevi from India says: Most unforgettable moment in my life. My name is Renukadevi. I am 26 years old. I work as an assistant professor in a reputed engineering college. Om Sairam. God bless you all. Today I want to share one of my most unforgettable experiences which Baba gave in my life. I work as an assistant professor in reputed engineering college. Myself and mom are ardent devotee of Baba.

From my childhood I have ligament problem in my knee. But it had not affected my routine life anyway. Sometimes when I walk long or work hard, I used to get pain in my knee which goes away in one or two days. But On August 20th, 2017 unfortunately my dad passed away because of cardiac attack. On the same night I unconsciously fell in restroom and my knee ligament tore completely. My knee got swollen and I couldn’t bear the pain and wasn’t able to walk without limping. So we visited the orthopaedic doctor, who misdiagnosed and gave treatment for 2 months. Nothing got improved. Only the swelling in my knee got reduced, but I wasn’t able to walk like before I used to. I lost all my hope. I cried and cried to Baba and didn’t know what to do.

With Baba’s grace, my relatives referred a doctor who is specialised in this ligament treatment. He diagnosed my condition and asked me to undergo one minor surgery. With intense faith and hope on Baba I agreed. I did my surgery on December 5th, 2017. Doctor advised me to be in non weight bearing state (i.e using walker for walking) for atleast 3 weeks. On that time, I was praying to Baba a lot to cure me soon. On that time, Baba introduced me a sister named pooja in whatsapp group. She sent me Sai Satcharitra and Udhi from Shirdi through post. I can’t explain how I felt at that moment when I received it in my hand. After that, I got a chance to enrol myself in Mahaprayan of Sai Satcharitra and also started doing 9 Thursday vrat. Post surgery I wasn’t able to move or lift my legs at all during physiotherapy session because of weak quadriceps muscles. After first Thursday vrat pooja, I was able to lift my leg. Today is 30th day post operation, day by day I am improving a lot. With Baba’s blessings, I am sure I will get well very soon. Always have patience and faith He will definitely answer your true prayers. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Served Justice

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Oman says: My many thanks to the team managing this website where we may share our experiences and spread awareness of the proof of Sai Baba’s miracles. I would like to express something which happened to me last week at my workplace. There is a lot of drama and emotion involved but I will try to keep it as short as possible.

For obvious reasons, I would like to keep names private. I work in the back office accounts opening team of a well known international company. The team comprises of some members who have a target and hence there is a competitive edge to the work amongst those people. Now there is a member, who we will refer to as “D”, who was trying extremely unhealthy and immoral means to beat the person ahead of them. Unfortunately, the entire management had been brainwashed by “D” and they were supporting them in this as well. This was very well known to the rest of us team members but we were helpless against such strong opposition. It was hard for me to accept the situation so I desperately asked Baba for help. I referred to the Q & A website, asking how Baba could side with someone like this and how He could forsake our other teammate “A”, who was genuinely deserving the rank. For two days I prayed and I was receiving very non-committal replies from Baba such as “don’t interfere, you cannot change anything, it is out of your hands, don’t let it affect you, leave the situation as it is, etc”. Only I know what despair I went through as we all respect “A”, who is an extremely good person and has a very clean slate in all aspects of life. “A” surely didn’t deserve to be beaten. The day before the month closing, I went to the local Shiva temple which does not have a Sai Baba shrine. Yet I prayed for truth and justice, and suddenly started receiving replies from the Q & A website to the effect of “everything will happen as you desire”. On the morning of the last day of the month, Baba literally gave me a response saying “work will be completed as desired” and true to His word, by 4pm, “A” had defeated “D” by exactly one point, despite all the extra points “D” had stolen and earned unjustly. I thank Baba for this help from the bottom of my heart and may he bless “A” to reach great heights and achieve everything desired. May Baba bless us all in every way possible. Om Sai Ram!

Baba Came To Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Devotee Krishan Mohan Tewari from India says: This is how Baba blesses each of his followers. Om Sairam, each day of my life, every breath I take is just because of the blessings my Sai has shed upon us. I don’t think any language or any words are enough to describe how He and only He has made me experience His grace every moment including this one in which I’m trying to jot down something that happened to us at Shirdi.

Last year Dec 2016 by His grace we were at Shirdi with our group, I was at Gurusthan and my wife was taking the Darshan at Chawdi. For the first time in so many years I noticed that Baba’s Gurusthan was surrounded by Tulsi shrubs. All of a sudden I had a request that Baba today I want neem leaves with Tulsi. I did the Parikrama and sat down outside Dikshit ji’s wada. An aunt came with neem leaves and offered me one to consume, I had it still thinking of the pending Tulsi ji. Same time at Chawdi my wife was pulled inside by one of Baba’s lady guards and from top of Baba’s picture she offered her Tulsi leaves and a coconut. She asked her to consume Tulsi but to keep the coconut in Puja. My wife came to me and offered Tulsi and so my desire was fulfilled, some days later while at home during my Puja I noticed part of Babas face on the coconut. He came to our house again in the shape. His blessings are incomparable and indefinable. We are because of His sheer blessings. Om Sairam

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