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Baba’s Unconditional Blessings And Mercy For My Prayers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram. Dear Hetal Ji and team first of all thanks a ton for maintaining such an amazing blog to get all the devotees accustomed with and share their experiences. I am a small devote of our Sai since a decade and just by chance started reading your blog by this Oct 2017, which I believe that too because of Sai’s mercy and now I am continuously following up this blog.

This is my first posting for this blog, and am writing this as I believe it’s Baba’s grace and mercy that I am penning down my experiences without which it couldn’t be possible. I still treat myself as a small devote and pray to Baba to bless us with Shraddha and Saburi and keep us on His lotus feet till the life ends. Perhaps, day by day I am feeling stronger about the omnipresence of our Shri Sai and trying to fully devote myself along with my family at His feet as without His mercy we are just silly humans and prone to do silly things intentionally or unintentionally which may result to our sins and put us under number of hardships and then we hover around and beg to our God for His mercy to pull us out from the curse number of times. I have experienced, number of miracles in my life till now and penning down some experiences which will result in long note and that too at very first time, I will try to put down in stages. Hence, just briefing some of the experiences on a shorter note

Experience 1: I am happily married person blessed by Baba with an understanding wife and an adorable son which could only be possible just because of Baba. I believe this, because first I experienced lots of problem in getting married and then on the birth of our Son, doctors advised us for the surgery of our newly born son as during the first 24 hours of his birth he didn’t take the feed of his mother and if the nurses were trying to feed the other milk he was vomiting and couldn’t digest at all. We even consulted another doctor to have second opinion and again the same result which was “surgery recommendation”. We prayed to Deva, and it was by His only grace we got in touch of an experienced paediatric who diagnosed the problem and overruled the surgery opinion and just by medication our son was fit and fine within 3 months without any surgery. By Baba’s grace, he had just won the state level championship in roller skating and targeting for the national level.

2: Another miracle I experienced, during my hardship time starting from 2011 to 2013 in my job with lot of mental tension and agony that why I was in this job which was just because of my immediate boss who was not happy with me because I had rejected his preferred candidate in an interview on account of his misinterpreted information in the CV along with non-fitment of technical experience as compared to the one, which we were looking for to fill the post in my team. My boss, even threatened me over this by discussing with me in person that I may be in problem in future if I didn’t fill that position at the earliest and that I must select his referred candidate and forced me to rule-back my negative feedback shared with the HR team for the candidate whom I interviewed. But I rejected this and continued with my original feedback as a result, I was not only harassed but turned down on monetary terms (means bad increment for almost 2 years). The only option left for me was patience and faith in Baba Who not only helped me to overcome out of the hardships and helped me to prove my metal in the organization on account of 4 successful projects which were really appreciated by the global team-mates and were announced on a global note.

Though I got 3 promotions by Baba’s grace, back to back 3 years in a row but due to my boss’s karma, my increment was not as per my market value, due to which I decided to quit the organization in 2014 year end after a span of 6 years with a faith in Baba’s mercy and moved on to another organization with good hike. But I had to start from scratch in the new organization. During Oct, 2017 it was flashed in news that my ex-boss was arrested by the police on account his unethical activities and legal proceedings were going on against him. His career is on stake now, as his professional certification is subject to cancellation on account of legal proceedings. In addition to that, He won’t be hired by any reputed organization until he is cleared of all the legal charges. This instance, gave me lot of strength and my belief in God turned on to greater heights that patience, faith in God and good karma always pull you up from any hardships and those who always treat themselves as the super one and treat others badly by misusing their powers without any mistakes of others also face same treatment during their hardships. Perhaps, I would say that its well known fact, that we will reap accordingly how we sow, depending upon our good and bad activities in the past. It was only his bad karma, due to which he faced this situation when his hardship started and he is now publically disclosed regarding the legal proceedings with no name, fame and wealth at all. He was even behind the bars during last year, am unaware about his current status and the special investigation team was investigating about his crimes and accumulated wealth not only in his name but for other family members, which was earned by him by using unethical sources.

This instance transformed me a lot on both personal as well as professional grounds, as the message I got from Baba “Just do your job positively and have trust on me, I will guard you forever for the best”. For me the best part is that My Sai is with me and my family Who has always turned up whenever I looked for Him, which has always strengthened my belief in Him and I also pray to Baba to please help us to understand the difference between the bad and good ones and give us the zeal only to opt for the good options in our life. Please bless all for the prosperity, well-being, healthy and peaceful life and forgive us for our mistakes. Since, the message is going too long, I would love to share other experiences in my next post by Baba’s blessings and grace. Baba please help the humanity and give Your blessings to all of us to share our wonderful experiences that could only be possible just because of You. Please bless us ever with the feeling of Your omnipresence. Jai Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

Sai Truth Of My Soul

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am one of the mad devotees of Saiyaa. Blessed are those who spread Baba love with all and Baba be everyone’s supporter. Hetal ji you are a blessed soul. My Baba blessed me again by calling me on my birthday. Once I was doing Akhand path of Sai Satcharitra at my home. I was blessed by getting a call from my Shirdi and my tickets done to my heaven, I was overwhelmed and waited for that beautiful time. Days passed and the planning started of meeting my Sai but Baba was waiting and planning more than me. I made a list same as I do that Baba please do these things in this 6 days of my Shirdi trip. The day came when we had to leave for Shirdi. There was some confusion but see Baba miracle like Kakasaheb Dixit got picture of Baba before going Shirdi I got Baba Parsad from Shirdi and Vibhuti which finalised the call of Baba and we left. Divine Plans Are Beyond Human Imagination. My Sai was waiting for my birthday eagerly then when I step my feet on Shirdi soil I was just overwhelmed again forgetting each and everything, my worries, doubts everything. The holy journey started and Baba was sitting in green collar, my favourite, which is also a signal between me and Baba. I was full of joy, then when I heard a Bhajan it was coming from outside Pandal. I was crying and said Baba if me too sing from soul and sing for You and creating love then Baba give me gift tomorrow on my birthday which was next to impossible as I am not professional nor I have any bookings or name written.

I came outside Darbar and don’t know where my legs took me. I went in some office and I asked guard that could I sing Bhajan? He looked at my face blankly. He asked did I have have bookings? I said no just want to sing. Then he asked me to wait for 5 mins. Then there was no response. He did not return. Then again one man stood up and said what happened. I repeated same that whether I could sing Bhajan. He asked to come with him. He took me to the main head who said how they could give chance? Then by Baba’s will he asked to come next day(my birthday) at 6.30 pm. I was filled with love, total love. Then that same guy asked me to come the nest day and said that he would take me. Then my birthday started in Baba Dwarkamaai at 12 am and my Baba wished me by allowing me to sit in Dwarkamai lap and celebration started. I did path, did Maala seeing my Baba how beautiful and peaceful it was! Then Baba wished me by Neem leave and Snan pious water. Then I sat there for two hours there in peace. Then time passed and again we got up early and started my Baba journey with 108 Parikrama of Neem Vriksha and then I was feeling as if on occasion of my birthday Neem leaves were raining as I got 80 Neem leaves straight on me and from guards. Then when it completed I got Baba Itra cloth by which idol get cleaned from Gurusthan by priest. Saimaa blessed me with His love unlimited. I wished to distribute halwa. I distributed that and not even that it was Madhyan Bhog to Baba by my hand. I was in tears. It doesn’t end here, Baba called us soon for Dhoop Aarti.

Then the time came for Bhajan. I went the same place and the person was not there who had called me. I was like Baba, can I sing? I am no one and I am just His Beti. I sing for Him not for any desire. Then an unknown person helped me, asked for me. Then I went there and he procrastinated till 8 pm. Then I went to give Saiya clothes. Then the person asked my date of birth and then I told. Then he said. “oh today is your birthday, come inside”. Then one shawl was kept there in which Om Sai Ram was written. He covered me with it as if some respect given. Then he said, “ye Baba Ki Taraf se happy birthday Sada Khush Raho” and gave bag full of Udi as I mentioned in my list of wishes before coming to Shirdi. Then finally I actually got a chance to perform two Bhajans on big stage in Baba Darbar. Then I spend 7 days over there as if I belong to family of Kharparde or I am His Shama, He fulfilled my all wishes by calling me in each of His Aarti. I went Parayan Kaksha did all 4 Aaarti in Darbar. Maximum time I spend time in Dwarkamai, did meditation there. Did my Mahaparayan, saw Baba’s bhog of evening in Gurusthan (kacha pyaz+dal ka pani+bhakri) how could I say that when Aarti was going on in evening as if all the Neem leaves in tree were freezed.

Baba blessed me with Kakad Aarti miraculously on my last day which was impossible to get the pass, cleared all my doubts. Blessed me with new life in His shade and the things I wanted to distribute I did. Then this beautiful journey I can’t explain what it was for me. I got everything from my Baba. Last day when I went for Shej Aarti in Dwarkamai one puppy came and slept on my lap leaving 1000 of laps there as if Baba was saying something. Then when I was leaving, Baba gave me rose. Then one lady came running and gave me Udi, hugged me and said come soon, Ah what love He has for His children, can’t forget His love, His Prasadalay Prashad daily, kids there, animals there, peace there and Baba’s love for me. Baba let evil be away, Saimaa let all be good. I know You are looking after everyone Saimaa!!!Trust Saimaa as He only chooses you, no one else can introduce Him to you. If He wants then only you get, then it’s on you how you improve and purify yourself in His company. Stop hating!!be His true devotee, let people be happy. Then You will meet Him really. Give Him a good home in your heart and help others! If You are in pain then don’t create pains in another life, pray for their happiness. Then you are His true child, He will fulfil all your dreams.

Blessings Of Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Sister Swathi from India says: Thank you Hetal ji for this wonderful blog. This is the first time I am writing my experience. I was introduced to Baba during my college days. I used to go with my friends to Mandir and offer Rose to Baba on Thursdays but I didn’t have any kind of true devotion nor I knew anything about Baba, just because everyone used to go even I would go, offer rose and pray to Him. During those days I even thought like why people are so much devoted to Him. I used to pray to Him normally and I would think He just doesn’t exist and all are blindly believing Him. I am really sorry Baba and to everyone for thinking like that. Please forgive me Baba. Coming to my experience – I felt the true devotion to Baba two years back. One afternoon I was just lying down and one of my friend called me (she is not even my friend we just spoke to each other because of some problem that too once, we had shared our numbers through Facebook) she is a great devotee of Baba and one afternoon she called me and we were talking casually and she said that she will be going to Shirdi tandhe nest day. I asked her whether she was going with family, she said no and told me that her neighbour was conducting a tour every three months, so she was going with them. I don’t know what happened to me and I told her suddenly that even I want to come to Shirdi. She was happy hearing that and she said she would talk to that tour manager and book my tickets. This just happened so suddenly and next afternoon we left to Shirdi.

We visited some local temples and we reached Shirdi at night. We attended night Aarti and later we had Baba’s Prasadam and we stood in the line at 11(night) to attend Kakad Aarti. This was first time I kind of felt True devotion to Baba. Morning we attended Kakad Aarti and I was standing in the first row and was praying to Baba. Then we came out and we purchased Baba’s idol, photos, silver ring and we left from there. It was just an awesome experience and all thanks to my friend for introducing and make me realise things.

After the trip to Shirdi I got a job till then I was jobless with nice salary package and I used to worship the idol which I had bought from Shirdi at home. As days pass by I became lazy and I just forgot Baba. I became careless never used to pray and my life became hell. I faced many problems. Then I remembered Baba again and I started praying Baba and I felt like I want to know more about Baba so I started reading Sai Satcharitra and always when I was free I used to Google Baba’s experiences, from them I had a strong feeling to Baba and became His great devotee. One day through this site I came to know about Nav Guruvar Vrat and I started performing the Vrat and meanwhile I was even searching for job and I had applied for one company.

One Thursday I got a call from that company and that was a interview call. Later I attended the interview. Guess what? The building where my office is there it’s name is Sri Sai Centre and my happiness knew no bounds and I was so happy that Baba is with me at each and every step. Thank You Baba. You know what I am today is just because of You. Thank You Baba for such a wonderful life. You know my days starts and ends with You. I share each and everything with You. Sorry for all my mistakes and bless me Baba.

I am in relationship with a guy whom I am going to marry this year 2018. As I have already said in my previous post that my office building name is Sri Sai Centre and one more miracle is the person whom I am going to marry, their house name is also Sai Nilaya. Isn’t it a miracle? I feel really blessed that Baba is at every step of my life. Thank You so much, this really means a lot to me.

Mine is going to be a love + arranged marriage. At first our families were not happy but somehow I convinced my parents and they agreed but my guy’s family had a problem with him marrying me. There was time when my guy was ready to leave me because he couldn’t control his family torcher. In his family only his dad was supporting to our relationship. One day when I was reading devotee’s experience on this blog I came through Sai Divya Pooja. Then I started doing the Divya Pooja and even Baba came in my dreams too and slowly everything changed. His family too agreed for the wedding. Thank You Baba, it’s just because of You today am living my life and am getting married to the one I love. I owe this to You, without You I don’t know what would I have done. Recently I thought of gifting a ring to my guy and suddenly I realised what I am today it’s just because of Baba and today me and my guy are together it’s just because of God, so I thought of gifting Sai Baba Gold Ring. Please help me to get this done Baba please. I request everyone to pray for my wedding to be held soon. Thank You Baba. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba’s Grace On Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am going to share a couple of my experiences, before that I would like to thank all the members who are maintaining this site and provide a nice platform for us to share our experiences. As written in Sri Sai Satcharitra, in this Kalyug, chanting Baba’s name and reading His Leela is the way to liberation. Where from we get to know about an ocean of Sai Leela apart from this site. During a vacation, we planned to visit some places along with friends. The journey was good, we visited a famous temple in South India, where it was much crowded because of holidays. Suddenly I found that my son was not with us, we thought maybe he was with our friends who were few meters behind us. But after waiting and searching for some time, no one was visible. We couldn’t contact with anyone because our mobiles were not with us.

Gradually I panicked, because lot of crowd was there and we searched all nearby areas. I was remembering Baba and chanting continuously. Then Baba, Who is mother of all mothers, responded to my prayer and I could see my son coming with our friends from far. They had stopped at a shop to buy something and my son was also with them. After that I got a great relief and thanked Baba a lot. We should always follow Baba’s magic mantra Shraddha and Saburi, then really we can see magical changes happening in our lives.

Once while eating, a fish bone got stuck in my throat which caused lot of pain. After taking water mixed with Udi, slowly pain reduced and I became all right. Sai Leela are endless, He is always guiding us, we can’t describe His unconditional love for us, our job is to surrender ourselves at His Lotus Feet.

Miracles And Prayer Request

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello everyone, I am a Sai devotee from Bangalore, I would like to share my experience with you. I completed my post graduation In 2016, during that I faced few health issues and problems in studies. Only by the grace of Sai, I completed my post graduation with good marks. I have never been to Shirdi and this miracle happened one day before my exam. I had a wish to have Shirdi Prasadam that day. I was telling this to my mother and within 2 minutes someone rang the doorbell. My mom opened the door, it was my neighbour and she said that she just returned from Shirdi and gave us Shirdi Prasadam. Me and my mother were surprised that 2 minutes back only we were speaking about Shirdi Prasadam and within 2 mins Baba fulfilled our wish. We were not aware that our neighbour had been to Shirdi and even she never heard our conversation.

My mother had problem In uterus doctors told that uterus must be removed, but my mother did not want to it as my mom was scared of surgeries but by Baba’s grace it was cured only by medicines.

Now I am facing problem from past 1 and half year that is regarding job, I completed my studies in 2016 only by Baba’s grace. But I am not getting job, I am depressed, now its 2018 very less chances for 2016 passed out graduates to get a job now, especially in IT sector, Baba please help Your daughter. I am depressed, my life is a question mark now, friends I am worried. I am depressed, please friends pray for me, thanks in advance for the one who will pray for me.

Baba Saved Me From Difficult Situation

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hetal ji and team thanks for giving us this platform. It’s so amazing We all devotees are connected across the globe. Thanks again. I am from India. I got a govt job after lot of struggle. I was not getting relieving order from previous institute from private college. I was due for an inspection of my educational documents at govt college. I panicked and prayed Baba. Baba helped me in getting a way, I did court affidavit stating I didn’t get my relieving yet. I thanked Baba, I still was anxious as the inspectors had not come to our college. Everyday we waited for them. One fine day in January 2018 they came and checked my documents. He asked me for my relieving order. I took Sai name and gave him affidavit. He read it and said coolly no problem I’ll accept you as staff of this college, but get relieving of previous institute next time. I thanked him and thanked Baba for helping me with this inspection process otherwise even if one document is missing they don’t accept as faculty of that institute and it will affect my career. I felt Baba came as inspector and it happened so coolly. I am just out of the room and typing this text. Thanks again Baba. Bless all of us Baba. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Well said by the second devotee: "Stop hating!!be His true devotee, let people be happy. Then You will meet Him really. Give Him a good home in your heart and help others! If You are in pain then don’t create pains in another life, pray for their happiness. Then you are His true child, He will fulfil all your dreams."

    Thank You O Sai and be with wherever we are.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Om Sai Ram
    Koti Koti pranam mere Sai.Sai by grace my son has clear all his exams n his year is also been saved.Saithank u so much,without ur grace it was impossible.Sai always guide n guard me n my family.Sai we should always walk on ur path n keep faith n patience on urlotus feet.Sai tera lakh lakh shukur.

  3. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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