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My Well Wisher Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: First of all I would like to thank Shirdi Sai Baba for always being with me and listening to me, and sorry Baba for posting late and I would like to thank for this entire team who is providing this website for all of our Sai Baba devotees. Coming to my experience I have a lot of experiences of our Baba that I would like to share with all of our devotees. I have already posted my experience and I have read my experience also and I was very happy. I am now a mother of two sons. At present I am in US, Sai came into my life through my sister, she always use to pray when she was studying her eight class even today she is a devotee of Sai, slowly I also started believing in Sai, Sai is always with me, Sai always bless us and always be with us forever Baba.

Coming to my experience when I went to Bangalore in the year 2008 for NIIT coaching for one year, I joined in one hostel which was very near to our NIIT. I entered into the hostel and they gave us one cot and showed me the room where Baba was waiting for me. I first saw my Baba’s photo on the wall where my cot was there. I thought oh Baba You are already here for me, then slowly one friend near to my bed spoke to me. She is working near to the hostel, she told me almost after one week. One day she took me to Baba’s Temple on Thursday. I was very very happy to go to temple as I am a devotee of Baba. There in that temple you believe or not I don’t know Baba was really alive. Baba will listen to devotees, so many devotees saw Baba directly walking and blessing devotees. When they constructed temple they were planning to get Baba’s statue, when the Baba’s statue reached Bangalore from Jaipur, Baba came in one devotee’s dream saying that I am coming near to temple, get up and be ready with Aarti in your hand. While the devotees were coming in one van with Baba’s statue from Jaipur all devotees were sitting simply and then Baba spoke with the devotees, a sound came from the box saying don’t sit simply chant my name as Sai, do Bhajans, not only this so many miracles happening now also.

When I went to temple I came to know all these and from that day I always used to go to temple daily three times or four times whenever my heart felt like going and it was very near to our NIIT just opposite to our NIIT. I have learnt Aartis in that temple only. One more thing, after few months after Aarti, myself and my friends were having Prasadam in temple. On that day they were cleaning Mandir and they were throwing all waste newspapers. I was just sitting and having Prasadam, my inner heart was telling just get up and go near to the newspapers, You will find a Sai Baba book there and I told the same to my friend. She told, no book will be there, all are waste old newspapers. I didn’t listen to her and I was far but I was 100% sure, I just went there and I took away few newspapers from there and I found my Sai Baba’s book. That book was about that temple miracles Baba showed to all devotees. I felt really Baba is there till today, that book is with me only.

One day while going to temple I saw jackfruit which I liked it to eat, one boy was selling that fruit but we didn’t have time to take because Aarti would start so I told my friend I like it but ok first we have to reach temple. I said, you know what Baba had planned, He gave us as Prasadam as jackfruit. We both were shocked. From that day we always talk with Baba, He will listen to us always. One day I was reading that book which Baba gave me, in that they wrote Baba will come if we call, and bones will speak. I asked how Baba? Next Day morning I was going to my class with my friend and my heart was telling that someone far from me wearing orange clothes and I am sure He would talk to me. I told to my friend also but she didn’t believe me. He came and spoke to me where are you from, and He asked me Dakshina also. He was none other than our Baba and He looked the same like the photo which my friend and I always used to talk.
Dear devotees always believe in Baba, He will be there for us always and guide us. Baba always be with us, bless us Baba in all our births. I love You so much Baba.

I Got My Dream Job In US

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a Master student in US and have been searching for job for past 1 year. Though it was easy to get software engineering jobs, I was passionate about a particular field called Deep Learning and had wished that I get into (particular company – do not wish to give the name) which was a leader in this field. There were many people who discouraged me and made fun of me that I was incapable of getting a job in this field. I used to work so hard day and night, studying this subject. Somehow, I used to crack all rounds but finally get rejected. I was so dejected, depressed. I stopped talking to people. Though I had been a bright student all through my life, I started dreading if I would end up unemployed. I have always been a devotee of Sai Baba Appa and Aurobindo Annai. But I never had so intense problem that I pleaded Sai Baba or realized (though it has happened) His power. This particular experience changed my life and Baba enlightened me that I am nothing without His grace.

I finally got the interview call for my dream job. I was excited. I prepared day and night. I had 2 phone interviews which I did really well. The first interviewer was hiring manager and he liked my performance so much to the extent that he said he would let me know what I should prepare for the job once I get the offer. I was very confident that I would get through. I was so confident that I rejected few other interviews and didn’t do them that well (my mistake) as I was sure of getting this one. A week passed and I did not get the result. So I mailed the HR if the decision had been made. I do not know if that HR did not like me being inquisitive, she sent me a mail saying I was rejected and the worse of all that I was not suitable for the position and closed my case. I broke down. It was my dream job, my dream field, my passion, and I was rejected and they said I was not suitable. I cried and scolded Sai Baba. But I remembered how the Manager was supportive.

I immediately sent him a request in LinkedIn and sent message that I got rejected and that I had done my second round well. He immediately accepted my request, sent his office email id and said he was not in office and that he will look into the case. I immediately mailed him and did not hear back for 4 days. I was so depressed. I could not eat or concentrate on any work. I had exams but I could not study. I suffered from inferiority complex. I felt that the mocking of others came true and I was incapable. I felt deep pain in my heart. I had exams and I had to prepare for them. I could not share my pain with my parents beyond a point. That day, I saw the photo of Baba on the table and decided He was the only hope. I immediately searched miracles of Baba and came across this website. I read many of the experiences and prayed to Baba that if I get this job within two days, I would write in this blog. I also prayed I would take up Sai Vrat for 9 Thursdays and read Sai Satcharitra in 1 week. I prayed to Baba and sent the manager one last mail from my heart as to how much I liked this job and I would do my best if I am given the opportunity. I was lying on bed, did not sleep and was listening to Sai Bhajans. At 12 clock in night after I sent the mail, I got the offer letter and I am writing this blog post in joy and gratitude. Thank You Baba. If not for God intervention, I would not have got this job and the manager would have forgotten me. Such is love and power of Baba. Baba please bless us all with Your love. I promise to fulfil all I prayed. And from today, I would never doubt Your power. I love You.

Sai Baba Miracles In My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Sister Swathy from India says: Hi All, I am a 27 years old female from Chennai. I had been Sai devotee for the past 5 years. First of all thanks for this opportunity to share my experiences with Sainath. He has always been my pillar of support in these years. He has always guided me in everything I do including my marriage. I had been married for 1 and 1/2 years now and it was a love marriage. It was only because of my father Sai Baba the marriage was arranged by both the parents and was a grand event. There are lot of miracles by my father Sai Baba in my life. I had gone through lot of struggles but eventually Sainath has turned everything good. One such instance was a fight in my marriage. My husband and me had a huge fight. My husband was very upset. He is a very stubborn person and would never give in during a fight. I was crying the whole night praying Sai Ram.

Suddenly in the middle, my husband came near me and hugged though he didn’t speak anything. From next day morning he started being normal. It was only because of Sai Maa that the fight came to an end. It was indeed because of Sai Ma it happened, in spite of mistake being on my part. Sainath please shower Your blessings on all of us. Sai Baba knows your mind and soul. He always gives His hand to His children who trust Him completely.

Another experience in my life was 3 years back. I wasn’t married that time and was doing 9 weeks Sai Vrat. I was also reading Sai Satcharitra book that time. Since it was jasmine season I had promised to ardent Sai Maa with Jasmine flowers on all 9 Thursdays. I had completed 4 weeks successfully. On the 5th week I was searching all over my place to get Jasmine flower. Since it was raining all shops were closed. I was so disappointed and worried. I started praying Baba wholeheartedly. After some time I went out of my apartment to meet my friend. Suddenly to my surprise out of nowhere, a lady appeared selling only jasmine flowers. My happiness knew no bound. Got flowers and gave to Sai Maa as promised. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Sai Baba Has Given Me A New Lease Of Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: Apologies Sai Baba for posting this miracle so late. Thanks Hetal Ji for such a blessed service. This is my third post on the platform. I’d like to share a miracle of how Sai Baba forgave me, prevented bad things from happening and made my first trip to Shirdi a reality. Last year, I got distracted, and got myself into some very bad practices. Though I’ve been a staunch devotee of Baba, I didn’t stop myself. I felt and still feel very ashamed for my actions and wholeheartedly apologize to Sai Baba for what I did. I was very worried if my health was going to be impacted negatively. Thanks to Sai Baba, nothing of that sort happened.

During my trip to India, when I was at the hospital for my blood test, out of nowhere I saw Baba’s photo there. I had tears in my eyes, it was like Baba telling me I forgive you, and am giving you a new lease of life. The next day my wife and I travelled to Shirdi as per our plan. This was our first trip and I sincerely thank Baba for having us there. Right when we got there, I got a call from the doctor to confirm that there is nothing wrong with my health. Thanks to Sai for taking care of my health. I can’t thank Baba enough, all I beg for is a life where I can help as many people as possible with unwavering faith in Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram. Baba knows what we’re praying for, will share my next miracle soon and pray to Sai Baba to make it happen.

My Mistake Being Forgiven

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been Sai devotee for the last 16 years. I have great faith in Him. He has not fulfilled all my prayers. But I know He has a valid reason for that. He definitely knows what is best for us. I read this blog daily and it certainly helps me to boost my confidence and face difficulties with level head and also teaches me to not lose hope and keep faith in Him. My recent experience I had by mistake in Fit of anger broken the charging pin of my husband’s mobile. I knew that if he finds out he would not spare me. He had taken it to a local store and they asked him did you bang it with a sharp instrument. This was the part I was afraid of. Whether my husband will suspect me as only both of us were home. Thank God he did not suspect me as I had prayed to Sai Baba. I knew He would save me which He did. I am also doing Saptah of Sai Satcharitra for a very crucial event in my life. I hope Baba will fulfil it very soon.

Baba Really Listened To Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Japan says: Thank you for maintaining this blog. I read these experiences whenever possible and it really reinforces my belief. My two and a half month old baby was having stomach ache and difficulty in passing stool. She was crying continuously since evening. We tried everything applying oil, etc. I applied some Udi and prayed to Baba that if she calms down and is able to pass stool, I will post this experience immediately. After about 15 minutes she stopped crying and started drinking milk and then in less than half an hour she passed stool, and calmed down. Thank You so much Baba.

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  4. Sai Ram. Baba please be with us every second on the trip and keep us safe under your shelter. Please be with me Sai as you know my worries. Aum Sri Sai Ram

  5. Sai ram. You know everything and the root cause of many tensions, misunderstanding and arguments in our family baba. These are created by unwanted people. Please clear and sort out all the worries and keep us blessed under your shelter always Sai. We have no support except you Sai. I am tired and worried about all this baba. These arguments are causing rift in our family and there is no peace of mind for us. Please do not let these happen with us, baba. Please Beg you to be with my parents and family always. Thank you, Sai. Aum Sri Sai Ram

  6. Sai Ram, Baba please, please stop these people from cheating us, taking our hardearned money and mistreating us after utilising our help in all ways. We are helpless against so many bad and evil people. Please be with us and help us Sai. Why are you still not clearing this problem baba, knowing everything. Please Sai help. Thank you.
    Aum Sri Sai Nathaya Namaha.

  7. Baba please pull me into ur shelter u know about my situation please forgive my mistakes sai ur the only one can save me from calamity please sai don't leave my hand.

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