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Sai Never Leaves His Devotees

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Shirdi Sai Sister Ramya from India says: Jai Sai Ram. I am devotee of Sai since childhood. I am a cost accountant presently working in Finance in Bangalore. I came across the website of Sai miracles at the right time and my devotion becoming stronger day by day after reading all these miracles. Thank you Hetal ji. This is my second article on this beautiful website. The first one is yet to be published and I had promised Sai that I would write up my next miracle on my successful trip to Shirdi.

First of all thanks to Hetal ji and her wonderful team for helping all Sai devotees to get connected through this website. Coming to the miracles of our Sai, how can I describe. Starting with my first miracle, I have been suffering from severe gastric (GERD) issues for the past two months. I had so much of negative thoughts for two weeks with severe stomach pain and low energy because of which I was bedridden during which I was praying and scolding (I always do when I am low) our beloved Sai. I am taking homeopathic treatment and luckily our doctor is also a staunch Sai devotee who asked me to keep faith in Baba and trust his medicines.

To clarify my doubts, I even took my abdominal scan post for which I was sitting with my husband at the centre to collect the reports. I was very much afraid and was praying that nothing should be serious and was continuously chanting Sai’s name when I saw a Fakir, dressed exactly like our Sai, in white Kurta with green dhoti with a bag hanging on his left shoulder. The main door at the diagnostics centre was made of transparent glass and I could just see Him passing by very quickly. When I asked my husband, he said he did not see anyone like that. But within a fraction of second, He was not seen. I got goose bumps and realized that Sai is always with us. He told me by this incident not to worry when He is here to take care. By His grace, my report came out with no major findings.

Second miracle – while I am taking medication for my GERD, I was advised by doctor not to eat any outside food and to follow very strict diet. When I told him that I am going to Shirdi in two weeks time, he being a Sai devotee said not to worry and that Sai will take care but just ensure that I eat very very light food and carry home-made food. I was in a fix – as travel would take me two days and I did not know what to do as I cannot carry home-made food for four days and that too without any spice as my parents were also travelling with us. I prayed to Baba and asked His help, I said that, “I am coming to see You in Shirdi and so now You please take care”. I carried Udi and Satcharitra with me. We had initially booked in third AC and due to my weak health and to have a privacy, we tried to get second AC via Tatkal. Wonders – we got it in one shot for all four of us in the same coupe. Thus Sai made my onward journey comfortable. We reached Shirdi and started for temple.

Third Miracle – I had vowed to Shri Sai that I will do 11 Pradhakshan for 11 continuous weeks and I was thinking how to do that during my Shirdi trip week. While I went to Gurusthan there, He took my second week vow of 11 Pradhakshana in Gurusthan itself thus helping me not to break the second week. While doing rounds, I was just thinking how nice it would be if I get one Neem leaf from the tree. Before even I could complete my thinking, one leaf came flying and landed in my wallet which I was holding stating “I am there with you”. I could not control my emotions. Miracle continues – I read the Satcharitra in the meditation room there and randomly picked up one chapter which ended up being chapter 35, where Sai will mention a verse to Kaka Mahajani’s master about faith, which applies to me. That day, I got a very light dinner also made in the hotel to suit my needs. I was thinking in my mind about the dress colour that I wish Sai would wear for Shej Aarti and lo!! when I went to Aarti, He was wearing the same blue dress which I visualized. Sai, as promised, made my return journey also comfortable by making me travel in 1st AC with proper good sleep and also reduced my pain thereby He made this Shirdi trip a fantastic one. He made me realize that He is always there for devotees and the only thing He expects is complete surrender with complete faith on Him. Jai Sai Ram. Always please be there for us, Sai.

Baba Listens To You

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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from US says: I was looking for a job from ten months, attended almost 15 interviews. When I was losing hope, Baba fulfilled my wish. Hi all, I am a Sai devotee from my childhood but my devotion increases from last 13 years. This is my second post on this site and I read this blog everyday. Thanks Hetal ji for wonderful work and helping everyone to stick to their faith.

Coming to my experience now (today date: Nov 21st), I got my first job after a decade of waiting. That was a contract position and ended in July 2016. From then on I attended so many (Probably 15 overall, Here I will explain about only 5) interviews. That was November 2016 I started volunteering in kitchen at Baba’s temple every Thursday. For one particular company I attended four interviews, I thought Baba was giving me so many opportunities because this was the one where my future was, and parallel I got a call from a vendor with which I worked previously. I was so sure that my previous manager would take me again. But both opportunities didn’t materialize. I was so disappointed and frustrated and fought with Baba and didn’t talk to Him properly for few days.

I went to India in December and came back in January. In Feb 2017, it was my friend’s anniversary. She is also a Baba devotee. I was thinking if someone could get Prasad from Shirdi. That night, I was talking to one of my friends who had visa issues and suddenly went to India. She said, she would go to Shirdi in next few days. Then I asked her to get Shirdi Prasad for my friend. I decided that until Feb 8’th if she gets visa and she sends Prasad to me to give to my friend for her anniversary, as visa, blessings to anniversary and my job in so less time would be a definitely a miracle. She got visa before 8’th and she didn’t come to US but gave Prasad to my mom in India. My mom send Prasad with my neighbour (my cousin also) who went to India for 5 days. I got Prasad on Feb 7’th night and I gave that Prasad on 8’th Feb which was her anniversary. Two miracles happened.

About 3’rd one which is my job, I attended Interview in Feb 1’st week and vendor gave mixed feedback and said we still might get that. So I read Satcharitra Parayanam in four days and made some sweets and took to temple. That one also failed. Another opportunity was, job description was very easy and interview was on my 9’th Thursday of Nav Guruvar Vrat. That was also not finalized. Last one very close to my home and that was the best opportunity I could get, but again I failed. I gave up hope almost and I asked my mom to ask priest about my astrology, the priest said, I was going through bad phase and that I will get job between August and October. I was praying Baba, “please prove him wrong by showing Your presence and by fulfilling my wish. I got job on May 24’th and joined immediately. It’s been 6 months since I joined in this job. The drive is so long from my home but people and work is very comfortable for me. It’s completely Baba’s blessing. Whatever I have now, its Baba’s blessing. I have so many everyday blessings from Baba. Whenever I feel stressed or worried, I pray Baba whether it is a minute issue or the biggest issue. Thank You so much Baba for being there for me always. “Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Thank You Baba

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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from Botswana says: This is my very first experience to share on a blog. I promised Baba that I would post my experience on this site due to a bad incident which I faced a year ago. But I forgot to do so, Baba reminded me almost exactly after a year to fulfill the promise that I had made to Him. I went to Sri Lanka to attend a temple festival as well as to visit my family in August 2016. Suddenly my brother got a wedding proposal and planned the wedding on 27th November and I extended my stay at Sri Lanka. On 9-9-2016, I started to do Raagu Pooja which I planned to do continuously for 9 weeks. On the same day evening, I lost my brother’s money SLR 50,000 which I had withdrawn to pay his credit card. Due to that I was very upset and I used to type on Shirdi Baba answers site to seek some solution whenever I feel upset. There I found the answer as similar to the following “There will be death threat to one of your family member and you should be awake on this full night. Baba is with you”. Then I was awake on the full night and I convinced my mind that Baba would be with me and was back to my routine work.

On 4-11-2016 I completed my last day of Raagu Pooja and at night suddenly my mother got bleeding. Soon we consulted a doctor and did D&C. On 10-11-2016 a Thursday, Doctor removed my mother’s uterus due to the cancer cells present in it and sent it for the biopsy for further analysis. After the surgery we needed to wait some weeks to get the results where my brother’s wedding arrangement also were going on that period. I was very tensed and fully upset due to mother’s situations and started praying Baba day and night and skipped all my entertainments due to worries and was begging Him that the report should say type 1 cancer and the sickness should not have spread out of uterus and my mother should be fully rescued from it. Also I informed my husband that to cancel my return to Botswana if further treatments needed. By Baba’s grace before the report came the Doctor confirmed me as nothing to worry and asked me to go back to Botswana on the scheduled date but 100% guarantee would be given upon the report received.

On 26-11-2016 the night (7pm) before my brother’s wedding, we received the report as it was type 1. Therefore following day we happily enjoyed brother’s wedding and I returned to Botswana on 30-11-2017. Further tests were taken and with Baba’s grace sickness did not spread to other areas. Thank You so much Baba. Also I wanted to say, that a month before my Sri Lanka visit I requested Baba for a good partner for my brother. He has chosen the best girl for my brother and our family who is a great Baba’s devotee and became very close to me as my own younger sister. Thank You so much Baba for always being with me. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Grace

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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Om Sai Ram, This is my recent experience which happened between today and yesterday. I recently lost my USB drive which had lots of important and confidential data in it. I was not able to find it anywhere and only remembered that I used it last time in office and kept in my bag. There was a pair of kids shoes in my bag which I had to return so I thought maybe when I returned those shoes, the USB drive must have slipped that time. I rang the store customer service to check but they could not find. I searched each and every corner of the house and office. Also rang police to report as it had lots of personal and confidential data but they refused to log the complaint. I emailed the bus company through which I travel to work everyday, about the lost USB drive. I tried all my best till the evening and then gave up and left it onto Baba to help me to find it. I could not sleep and got very tensed that someone might misuse that data. I kept on praying to Baba that if anyone finds it, it has documents which has my address and number and he/she should return it without any misuse.

Today morning when I walked into my office, I checked with my work colleagues too if they had seen any black USB drive but no one did. I thought then to check my bag again, I had checked my bag yesterday about 4-5 times and my husband had also checked it once. Today when I was checking my bag, I felt some coins inside the inner cloth of my bag and then tried to feel through if there was any USB. Luckily by Baba’s grace, I felt something like pen drive. I tore off my bag inner lining cloth and thankfully that USB drive was there. Not sure how it slipped in as there was no hole in the bag anywhere. Thanks to Baba for finding my precious USB. Thanks for being with me. Please always shower Your blessing on my family. Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam Deva.

Baba’s Timely Help

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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: I am a simple devotee of Baba. Sai Baba is the only Saviour in my life. When no one understands only He comes to rescue me from the difficult situations. I have a lot of experiences with Sai Baba and this is my second post here on this forum. Sai Baba has always helped with my problems, both career and personal difficulties. Sometimes I tend to lose my patience, however then Sai Baba Himself reminds the importance of it in our life. I am making a career change in my life, so a bit stressed and happy at the same time. It’s Baba Who keeps my faith alive. I have a lot of expectations from me, which makes me anxious at times. I know it’s not the best thing, however, that’s how I am. I always pray Baba to keep me happy and free of anxiety. Baba has been always there for me. Please, Baba, help my brother too and make him Your devotee. He is a good soul, but not a very spiritual person. I always press him to pray to Sai Baba for His problems, but it’s not possible until Baba pull the wires and make him His devotee.

Coming to my recent experience, My mom was really sick because of some unknown issues. I got very worried and didn’t know what to do. I prayed to our Sai Baba to help my mom and please cure her illness. Within two days of taking medicines, my mom is feeling better now. As promised, I am posting my experience here Baba. Please keep both my parents healthy and happy. Thank You, Sai Baba, please be with me always and never leave me. I thank all the Sai devotees to read my experience. May Sai bless us all. Om Sai Ram.

Got An Internship Interview Call By Baba’s Grace

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Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello Sai devotees. I have been our Baba’s devotee since childhood. I have written two of my experiences on this site previously. First one got posted on a Thursday by Sai’s grace! I was so happy to see it that too on my Baba’s day. Thank you very much Hetal ji and team for posting it on a Thursday. I really congratulate you for the great work you are doing. Sai’s blessings are with you. I wrote my second experience just few days back and is yet to be posted. Here goes Baba’s miracle! After I wrote my first miracle, I started the second one and wrote couple of lines and saved it in my laptop thinking to complete it later and submit. I always kept thinking I will do it tomorrow, later and all because of lack of time, I couldn’t post it for almost 5 months. It was just saved in my laptop without being worked upon.

One day, I decided, I have to post the experience now at any cost and I will not close the laptop or do anything else till I finish and I posted my experience in the website. The moment I pressed the submit button, I got a call for a company for an internship interview.I wouldn’t think even in my wildest dreams to get a call from that company. It is a very very big MNC that too in the location of my choice. Devotees, I must tell you, I was really worried about getting an internship from couple of months because it is easier to get converted into full time from intern compared to getting a full time job directly. Probably intern was the only thing in my mind, 24 hours of everyday. Baba made me get a call as soon as I finished the long delayed work. Om Sri Sai Ram.

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    Jai Sairam

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  4. Omsairam..baba today someone called me after long time it was nice talking to him…but my attitude has changed…thankyou so much baba …after 2 years i amnot as before flowing with emotions..i have got some control..its all coz of you….what is past is always past….true baba..we should always live in the present..change in my mind and attitude is only coz of you thank you baba…bless my father and brother tc of them there are my two eyes….cure my dad..with help of udi cough and cold has reduced…
    You know what is best for everyone … omsairam..🙂

  5. Sai Ram, Baba please, please stop these people from cheating us, taking our hardearned money and mistreating us after utilising our help in all ways. We are helpless against so many bad and evil people. Please be with us and help us Sai. Please. Thank you.
    Aum Sri Sai Ram.

  6. Sai ram. You know everything and the root cause of many tensions, misunderstanding and arguments in our family baba. Please clear and sort out all the worries and keep us blessed under your shelter always Sai. We have no support except you Sai. I am tierd and worried about all this baba. Beg you to please be with my parents and family always. Thank you, Sai. Aum Sri Sai Ram.

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