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In last two days you must have observed the above logo in all our blogs and in social media. Well as the title hints, we are now a network. From an individual to a team of 10 members the journey has been incredible. But how can we keep it to ourselves without sharing it with our devotee readers. You have been an important key to our success and we cannot celebrate this occasion without involving you all.

Why Network Word?

The old logo was created in April 2011 and since then it has been our identity. With revamping our blog’s theme, we thought to create a new identity as well so that it will commensurate with our celebrations. While we were thinking on this part, Lord Baba gave us an idea to form a network. Various dots (in the form of services) are connected and thus our service via blogs are carried. So i wished to have ‘network’ word in our logo. However this seemed unusual with regards to creating logo on spiritual theme. But somehow the word “Network” had deep rooted in me. I told Kriti that i was blank on its name, let alone Logo concept but i was sure Lord Baba was to help us in nick of time. A message was circulated in our team members’ group for suggestions regarding the name, but nothing came up satisfactory. Once while talking to Sai sister Pooja i heard her uttering “Sai Yug”. I dont remember what we were discussing, i liked word but it did not lodge in my mind or heart. Days passed, the hunt and thoughts were going on for an apt name. Well, as if Lord Baba had already decided the name, He skillfully made me remember this word and each one of us liked it. The next task was to work on a concept of logo which should be spiritual as well as modern. Kriti and i discussed on the word network and decided to put dots to show connection.

Connection here meant connection of Spirituality to Modernisation, Connection of Team Members, Connection of Lord Sai Baba with all of us, Connection of our blogs and readers, Connection of Readers and Lord Sai Baba. Directly or indirectly we all are connected to each other and Lord Baba.

Thus we were clear upon our vision of network. However we were did not have idea about what kind of logo Lord Baba wanted us come up with.

Merging Colors

Kriti at first instance came up with a logo showing merging colors and square rings with circular corners. I loved the concept of merging colors and this is how we all are, we all are in different countries, states, in different professions, still we are connected and merged in oneness of Lord Baba. There was a sketch of Lord Baba was well but due to copyright reasons we are not disclosing it.

We have already shared how we landed on perfect sketch of Lord Baba for our logo in our previous post “Interview With “Mere Sai” Fame Abeer Soofi – The Making

Not sure why i asked Kriti not to make white background inside the logo elements transparent. I wanted white color in it as well. So basically we had all the colors in our logo which reflects that we have emerged from one source of light and spread into many just as when white light passes through prism it emits rainbow colors. In our logo Source of Light is Lord Baba and Prism is His Blessings through which we are emitted as His devotees and spread in all directions. This is what we are witnessing today that devotees of Lord Baba are seen across the globe.

Why Lord Baba In Black Outline

Initially Kriti had used sketch of Lord Baba in the logo which had black outline and the sketch has been very famous one. So we wanted the same kind of sketch for our logo i.e. in black outline. However we were questioned on the black color but since the logo was made in such a hurry there was no supportive explanation for the same for our team members. I knew Lord Baba had some intent behind picking up black color and He will make me realise this soon.

Technical Meaning of White and Black Colors

As a designer, i have learnt that technically white and black shades are no colors. They are tints and shades, and when they are mixed with other primary colors i.e. Red, Green, Blue different shades of colours are formed. So technically in our logo white and black are no colors. In spiritual aspect we know that we come from infinity and merge in infinity and this concept is shown by the white and black colors of our logo. Though we came from infinity i.e. white, we have to merge in infinity i.e black which is none other than our Lord Baba. Thus our network got a logo with deep spiritual meaning and we are happy with choice of our Lord.

How Network Came Into Existence?

As you all know that we are writing not only this blog but other blogs as well. We have few more blogs in our blog roll which you can refer from the below creative

Thus we wanted all our blogs to be listed under one roof and so took birth and you can have a look at its final logo.

We are getting requests from our fellow blog owners to give them link coverage on our blog so that our readers can reach them as well. Also we had made announcement on our Facebook page and WhatsApp group that we would be promoting singer of Sai Baba Bhajans on internet via our “Download Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajans Blog” and authors who want to get their books reviewed can contact us. But since this blog “Devotees Experiences With Shirdi Sai Baba” is our most popular one we couldn’t mix any other content in it. So we required a platform which could give information of all our blogs and present associates and our visitors can find easier to contact us for future association. We can easily give them link back and get them included in our network for any kind of promotion, review or undertaking spiritual ventures.

Our Present Associates

Rana Gill –

Well our old readers know our association with Sai Brother Rana Gill who was The First Singer of Sai Baba Bhajans who had ever released his album Sai Tere Hazaaron Naam on our bhajans blog. Our association has been for about last 10 years and see what he says on it. New readers can visit his blog to see how we met and how his blog came into existence.

I have known Hetal and her logs from the year she had started blogging. She has been a consistent writer and her way of handling blog with long vision is commendable. She took responsibility of releasing my bhajans on her platform when internet was a kid. She took every pain to reach an audience at large. Later on she started my own blog and kept it live for long. She knows what next and her ideas are very clear for execution. I like creativity she puts in her writing and her blogs really look beautiful and user friendly. She has been keen person bearing responsibility of joining people in the name of Shirdi Sai Babaji and I am proud of being associated with her new network now. Seems this association is official now on release of Sai Yug Network while we are associated from last 10 years.

Sai Vishhal Das – Facebook Connect

Sai Vishhal Das has also been associated with us since 2009 and yeah it has been again a long journey. Let’s see what he wants to say.

It was sheer blessings of Sai Baba ji that i met Hetal Behan. I was performing in Delhi on May 15, 2009. A devotee requested me to sing a bhajan. I was stunned as how could he know about that bhajan when i was performing for the first time there. He said he downloaded bhajan from internet, i was again shocked as i had not done any such thing, then how can my own bhajan be on internet and someone has downloaded it and requesting in my live performance. However this led me to search and i landed upon a nickname (which i came to know later that it was nickname of Hetal Patil Rawat) “Sai Ki Deewani”. I did not pay more attention to the point because i did not know her and no way to reach her. May 29 i was in Ahmedabad for Sai Bhajan Sandhya and there she met me. In fact she came to and introduced herself. I asked her if she was “Sai Ki Deewani” She nodded and then there was no looking back. Almost all my bhajan albums are on her blog and i am lucky to have such an associate who is so dedicated to her work and she has been in service of humanity since a decade. She has been a source of inspiration to many to serve consistently without any personal motive. She is the one has launched me first time on internet and now i have so many followers online as well. This has been a great assistance to me for reaching out to many devotees and sing Malik’s glory. I wish her very good luck for her new venture Sai Yug Network and i wish it goes on till eternity.

Pooja Garg – MahaParayan Experiences

Pooja Garg apart from being an editor of this blog, is founder of so many spiritual ventures that whole world of Sai devotees is grateful to her. She has been blessed immensely and thus she could undertake such ventures on global level. It’s matter of pride to have her as editor and also as our associate.

I feel extremely proud to be associated with Sai Yug Network. I had never ever thought in deepest of my thoughts to have my own blogs and websites dedicated to Baba. It was all the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba and My living Sai from Baroda (Hetal Di) that these things took shape. The journey of Mahaparayan would have been very difficult if it had not been for Hetal Di’s blog association. I never knew that whom I always admired so much; I would get associated with her one day. Mahaparayan was started at a local level with just 48 people. But slowly Baba made me dare to think it on a global level just because of Hetal Di’s platform where so many readers visit from different parts of the world. So this association has resulted in serving Baba with nearly 1200 volunteers and 20000 participants approximately with spiritual ventures like Naamjaap for adults as well as kids, Vishnu Sahatranamavali Parayan, Stavan Manjari Parayan, 365 Days Sai Parayan, Khichadi parayan, Hanuman Chalisa The Longest Garland and few more in upcoming list along with Mahaprayan.

When Mahaparayan was about to begin globally, numerous leelas and experiences were bound to be received. So Hetal Di inspired me to have my own blogs for it. It was surprising to me and i also learnt that there is nothing competition as such for her but the goal is to serve Baba collectively and she has so humble and patient to train me for blogging as well.

There are many websites and blogs in blogosphere dedicated to Sai. Each one of them definitely has something good and something special, yet not all are known to all. But what if all of them come under one roof just as in library we have the books together it will be so much beneficial to all of us.

All of us have heard the story of mangoes during our childhood where we were taught to be in company of good friends just as one bad mango can spoil all the good mangoes. Also all must have heard the story of sticks where the moral of the story was in Unity lies strength where one stick could be easily broken and all ten together couldn’t be. Even in Sai Satcharitra we have seen that neem tree although with many good medicinal properties tasted bitter became sweet as it got Baba’s association or company. So shall be our state when we get associated with each other, after all we all are Baba’s children and a mother will always like her children together under one roof growing and serving one another.

Thank You Hetal Di for all your efforts towards the depth of my relationship with Baba. Blessed to know you and merrier to be called by you as your soul sister, mirror image or right hand although I don’t know whether I deserve it also or not? Hetal Di You are modern Hemadpant of this Modern Online Sai Satcharitra who had the vision ten years back to enter blogosphere for serving Sai. To know her is itself a blessing and then what to speak of association with her? Let’s Grow and Help Grow One Another!

How To Become Associate of

It’s very simple. Kindly fill up the form below. Specify your requirement and we shall get back to you.


How Will Visitors Come To Know Of Association With

Our associates (present and future ones) will have above badge in their blog or website linking back to and this would indicate our association. But before that any one who wants to be our associate should follow following procedure

  • Contact us via contact form above
  • Provide your valid email id
  • Provide your blog/website URL or details of any spiritual venture
  • Allow us to scrutinize your venture
  • If approved we will contact you and provide you with badge code to be placed on your page such as we have on our sidebar

Our Present Associate Blogs

Singer Rana Gill

Singer Sai Vishal Das

Mahaparayan Experiences

Hope to be associated soon 🙂

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  2. I m devotee ofmaha paryan group.since sai charitra baba has mentioned that for salvation path we must have living guru….does any one know sai living guru??

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