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Baba’s Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal ji, Thanks Hetal ji for such an wonderful blog. If i go through devotees experience, it gives me so much of peace. When i am down and depressed people experiences make me stand and make me feel that Baba is there with me to take of me and my family. I told in my previous experience that i would be posting all my experiences from that day as my husband is out of station for 2 weeks. But i thought would i be able to share that many experiences? But now it is 8th day i am sharing my experience. Now i feel 14 days won’t be enough for me to share all miracles Baba showed to me. I sometimes feel that if someone who types fast is there i would be able to share at least half of all miracles i experienced. That many miracles Baba will do if we truly believe in Him. I never say i am great because i am facing these many miracles. It is Baba who is Great God who will be with His devotees if they just trust Him.

Coming to my experience, Pooja ji after i had read your Neem leaf experience, i remembered my experience which i had experienced at Gurusthan. That day when i called you i just said told little of it. In March 2017 i went to Shirdi (In next experience i will tell how Baba pulled us to Shirdi and why He pulled). After Darshan i was waiting at Gurusthan for my family friend who came along with us. That time i was talking to the security just for time pass. I asked him, Did you face any miracle as you are working here? He said no but i always feel happy and proud because i got work here. When i see so many people coming from all over world to see Baba here, i feel blessed to be and here and seeing Him daily. He asked me about my whereabouts and he offered me his chair to sit till our friend comes. Though there was crowd he spoke to me nicely (Baba blessing). Then i saw one guy running for Neem leaf (till that time i didn’t know about that Gurusthan Neem leaf Importance). I asked the security Why he is running after that Leef? He asks you are not aware of it? I said no. Then he said wait and he got one leaf from one Security who is having a bunch of Neem leaves and gave it to me. Taste it “It won’t be sweet but won’t be bitter”. I tasted it then i remember in Satcharitra it was there that is the speciality of that Neem leaf.

Later i observed so many people roaming there for at least one leaf . I felt so blessed Baba gave me that Prasad so easily. Later even i tried to get some leaves in 2 days i got 5 leaves one had fallen on me, which i felt a great blessing of Baba. After that when i went to Gurusthan and putting Namasakar, Security over there threw one rose garland which is already there on Shivling. I took one rose from it immediately, Felt so blessed. This all happened in evening Darshan. Morning we went to Darshan i forgot to give flowers and Prasad as it was very crowded and my son was irritating me with his questions. When i came out from Samadhi Mandir i realised i was little disappointed. That moment i remembered one thing i remembered which i read in one Baba book (Not Satcharitra). In that in one chapter on devotee comes to have Baba Darshan but Baba will not be there in Dwarkamai then someone tells him that He is near Gurusthan then he goes there and have Baba Darshan there. It was given in that book that if Anyone have Darshan of Baba, when he is in Gurusthan It is a great blessing. I gave roses there at Gurusthan and offered Prasad to Baba there itself and i got Rose (from garland) and Neem leaf Prasad in return from Baba. Pooja ji i didn’t share all this when i called you that day. Always His ways are His ways. Love You Baba so much. I am a small dust under Your Feet. Love You always, I’ll be always at Your feet. I’ll never leave it Baba You never leave my hand. I am holding my husband hand and my son holding my husband’s hand. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

In my previous post i said how i got baby boy with topic headline. “Do we have to believe horoscope if we believe in Baba, No”. I used to read Sai 1 day Parayan book (Same by Dhabhollar) but that was precise one. In that book, they gave few chapters for few problems. In that 33 chapter for normal delivery. When i was pregnant i used to read chapter 33 daily. In my 9th month scanning Doctor said baby has two loops for his neck. You might have C-section. I was little scared but forgot about it leaving on Baba. I didn’t get natural pains, they induced pain. I read the chapter the day when i was admitted and was given injection and after 12 midnight i read 1 time for the next day too. The day when i was admitted my maternal uncle came to give Tirupati Prasad to hospital and when we were talking something about he remembered that he has Shirdi Udi in his purse and gave it to me. I felt so blessed. I remembered Minathayi story, how Baba sends Udi to her. Early morning pains started for me and i totally forgot about loops around baby neck. Even the Doctor forgot about it and pulled my baby when the baby was about to come and the baby came out. Later she realised about that scanning. It would have been very difficult if baby sticks inside with loops. It is Baba who helped me and saved me. Thank You so much Baba for everything You gave in my life.

Safe Journey With Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. Thanks to the team of Hetal ji for this wonderful site. I had few experiences with Baba and all were posted here by His grace. This is related to my moms’ journey to Australia for the first time with the help of our beloved Baba. As I am pregnant, my mom came to Australia to help me out. It’s her first visit to Australia and she hasn’t been anywhere other than India. I was very much worried about her journey and we even asked for airline assistance. Everything went well with her visa and medicals. Mom had no issues by the grace of Lord Sai Baba. The day arrived finally and mom boarded flight in Hyderabad with heavy heart leaving my siblings and papa, with the help of my cousin. She had to go to Malaysia and take another flight. Mom was asked if she needed any help in flight before getting off the plane in Malaysia. She said yes but no one responded later on and she didn’t know where to go and how to get into another plane. But luckily mom found a lady who accompanied her throughout her journey to her final destination. I believe that lady is Baba itself in disguise. Even after reaching Australia, in airport no one came for assistance and this lady helped mom. Also we got the missing luggage the next day in another flight by grace of Baba. It’s my belief that when no one comes to help you, Baba will always be there for us to save or help. Thanks a lot Baba for Your great help and bringing my mom safely.

Also I believe that everything goes well with my pregnancy and delivery. Baba is there at every moment of our lives. We sometimes being ignorant don’t recognise Him. I also left everything including my career at the lotus feet of Baba. He will surely take care of everything if we surrender completely. Thanks a million Sai for giving a wonderful partner to my sister and please take care of my brother, papa, husband and Your wonderful gift of my baby boy. Baba I searched and liked a name for my baby and You know what it is. Please make the priest select that name for baby. I believe that You will be the priest talking to my in-laws at that time. Please remove my in-laws cunning nature and let them not trouble my mom and me Baba. Please forgive my sins. Thanks for everything in our lives. Om Sai Ram.

Whatever Baba Do Is For A Purpose

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sri Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Thanks a lot Hetal ji and the team for this wonderful job. I am very happy to say before 4 of my experiences has been published in this blog, thank you very much Hetal ji. This is my 5th experience. I have experienced many Sai miracles, here I will tell you few of them.

My visit to Shiridi: Recently in August we went to Shiridi. We bought two tickets one for Darshan and one for Aarti. There is no much time difference. Darshan at 5:00 pm and Aarti ticket they have given 7:00 pm but it started at 6:30 pm, we missed the opportunity to stand in front of Baba and see the Aarti, but whatever Baba did is for a purpose. When I went to 5:00 Darshan I didn’t touched Samadhi, even I have Aarti Darshan that time they separate ladies and gents, so from ladies side I can’t touch Samadhi I felt little depressed. But everyone of us know Baba never disappoints His children. Actually I went late for Aarti so I watched in TV standing outside, here the miracle happened after Aarti I went in general queue and now I touched Samadhi and prayed. Thank you so much Baba, that time tears rolled from my eyes.

Yesterday my laptop got hanged when I was working many times system asked me to update, I felt like it disturbing me and I just clicked on OK, system got restarted suddenly I realised I should have put backup of my code if any problem comes after updating what about my code! Updating went for 3 hours inside am worrying and prayed to Baba, please help nothing should happen to my code. My system started working and everything is as it is said many thanks to Sai in my heart and I promise to Baba if everything is ok I will post my experience. Thank You so much Baba and Hetal ji for giving me this opportunity. Sorry for the long post and Baba please always bless every one and make their wishes fulfil.

Baba Saved My Dad’s Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sreelekha from India says: Without Baba, I am nothing. The only reason why I am here today alive is all because of Baba. If any one asks me what is the meaning of your life, my answer would be Baba. From day one of my birth He is with me. All I can Say is Baba controls every second of my life. Coming to my experience. My dad is suffering from viral fever from 2 days. He used homeopathy for one day, then suddenly the fever rose up to 103°C. We took him to Allopathic hospital. Doctor gave a injection and some tablets. After conning home he fainted. Body has become cold. Breathing stopped. His eyes were wide open. He was not responding to us. My mom shouted “Baba help Me” 3 times loudly. We poured water in his mouth. Water was coming out. I was dumbstruck. My mom called “Baba help Me” for 4th time. Then suddenly my dad came into senses. It is really 2nd birth to my Dad. What to say I am in tears. Baba says that He will be with His devotee when they call Him. Yes, It’s very true. He responded to my mom’s call. Baba kept His promise. Just call Him out in need He will respond to every call of His devotees. Thank You will be a short word for this. My dad is toady alive just because of Baba. Baba I owe You my life. Thank You Baba, You are my life.

Baba’s Grace-Love Shown On Mouse

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: l am from Malaysia and my day starts by reading this blog. It is such an inspiration and make me realise the love of Baba for His children. May Baba bless Hetal ji and team for the wonderful Seva they are doing. Thank you. For the past few days there was a mouse trying to mess up our kitchen and my children were up in arms. They were setting up traps to catch the mouse. l told them to just chase it away but the mouse was in the kitchen daily. l turned to our beloved Baba and requested Him that the mouse should be spared and sought His blessings to save the mouse. That very night l prayed the mouse was not seen in our house and my kitchen was spared the mess. l saw the disappointment of my children who were eager to catch the mouse. Baba saved the mouse. lt may be a small thing but to me His love for even small creatures reminded me of what Baba says to see Him in all beings, animals animate and inanimate things. Thank You Baba for all the grace and blessings You are showering on all Your children. Om Sai Ram.

Baba My Travel Companion

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I usually hate travelling. I have travel phobia. I usually get tensed before night of travelling. So, due to this I used to vomit, Could not take food and cannot even sleep the night before my travel. One day in the Morning I got up and prayed Baba to please be with me in travelling as this my first time to travel alone and took Udi. Then I started for railway station in bus. I used to get commuting sensation in bus, But this time I did not. I kept chanting Baba’s Name. I boarded the train and had a safe and peaceful journey. Baba’s if I always does miracles. Thank You Baba. You are my everything.

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  4. Om Sairam 🕉. I am a working woman in banking sector. This is my today experience with my beloved baba. I need one day leave for attend my grand father ritual ceremony. Last week manager told no leaves sanctioned to in March because of financial year ending. But it is very important to me attend ceremony. I pray to baba and ask my manager for leave. Manager sanctioned leave without any argument. This is full of baba blessings. Thank you so much baba for being with me in all situations. Om Sairam. Baba please help to your baby. Anantha koti Brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogiraja parabrahma Sri satchidananda samardha sadguru sainath Maharaj ki jaiiii

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