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Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai, Anantkoti Leelas Of Baba, Is Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon, Sai Sai Sai Sai

Sai Brother Ritwik from India says: I am a tiny devotee of our most loving Shri Shirdi Waale Sai Baba. Staying right opposite to Shri Sai Baba’s Mandir at Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat with Baba’s grace provided at Shirdi. I am working as a corporate professional aspiring to earn a corpus and a sustainable and handsome work from home income so as to spend more time with Baba, self, family and friends. With Baba’s grace, believe this for sure that i am here to achieve something big spiritually. Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam Om Shri Sainathay Namha Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai : Baba fills all space, He moves in everything and Everything moves in Him as quoted by Baba Himself. Thanks a million-trillion-zillion to Hetal ji and her superbly blessed Baba’s team for allowing us the opportunity to feel closer to Baba by giving access to such a divine platform. Invoking Baba’s aid to create and share the following experiences out of our Bhole Baba’s innumerable Leelas to help us poor souls in His way: Apologies for posting it this late and for errors, if any: Jai Shri Sai!!

Paashi’s elbow saved: I have a person staying with me at my home, my wife. She fell down from a height, her elbow struck the floor first, it was terrible and then this happened late in the night. We applied Baba’s (the Doctor of the Doctors’) holy-magical Udi over the affected part and then gave her some with water and then vowed to Baba to perform Shri Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat for her well being. I kept the Faith Candle burning bright till the morning and then the evening as my wife too was not willing to visit a doctor and lo behold, By evening everything was fine. Jai Shri Sai, Jai Sai Ram!

Message on Whatsapp: I was talking to my family about something personal and then unknowingly I(Baba) pressed the voice recording on whatsapp and then the voice recording was sent to a Family Whatsapp group, prayed to Baba to abort that. There was nothing wrong in the voice recording but there were many elders in that whatsapp group so it could have been embarrassing. Baba saved ten to someone, he face when the message was simply ‘not delivered’ to the group, it was a huge sigh of relief, a miracle indeed. I had begged to promised with Baba to submit the experience henceforth which is the least one could do, i.e. to spread the faith around by sharing genuinely.

This experience is about as to how Baba carved a name for me in office. There was a big project which was taken away from me and was to be given to someone else. Meanwhile Baba gave me the strength and guidance to start Shri Sai Baba 5 days Pooja of which Baba has completed 10 cycles and the 11th one is going on as of now- Baba only give me flowers, fruits, time and opportunity to finish the Pooja’s with a devoted and dedicated heart, also making it an opportunity to bring the family members and friends closer. And then Baba gave me the opportunity to refine and further present the project to Top Management as I got them convinced. To add, the day I was to submit the final report one of previously submitted experiences got published here which was Baba’s way of giving me assurance saying I am always with you (Also reading the second book by the author of IAAWY : Ms. S Slorainne, the book name is You bring us joy Mere Khwaja ! Inshallah !) and thus “Why fear when I am here?” Today and tomorrow i.e. from 03-04 Sept. ’17(Sun-Mon), have to complete another such report for the month of August 2017 which Baba will successfully complete making me an instrument, with flying colours. Last but not the least, the last project of mine was appreciated by CEO and others too, pinning my hope on the August edition too. There was a similar project being done by another department from the Group’s office and my feedback to those editions was published for the last 2 consecutive months alongside the CEOs & Presidents of the organization, also received appreciation and recognition from Topmost office though the latter is still to approve and implement my ideas; group-wide-worldwide all because of Baba’s Varadhastha and His Charankamal’s Blessings.

Baba also got me included in one of the department’s prestigious committees. Baba has also made me responsible for Visitor Management and thus takes care of all the VIP visits end to end and thus not just saving me but also making my name through Him. As the famous lines go: Aapki Krupa se Baba mera kaam ho raha hai, Karte aap hain, naam mera ho raha hai. Request Baba and all of you to give great health and devotion to my family including friends, in-laws, acquaintances and beyond, one of whom (Wife’s Mausa ji) has recently suffered an accident and is going to have his report whether or not to go for operation on the 09-09-2017, Baba has answered me right now itself, it’s going to be fine for him as we could see Baba’s blessings in the form of two 9s in the date. Baba is great. Jai ho Baba ki. Also, would like to add that innumerable blessings are coming my way every moment sent by our lovely and most loving Baba, i needed a refund from one of the top e-com companies and it was really complicated as the product was already shipped to me, maintained my integrity and honesty there, Baba tested and Baba only showed me the way to pass the test and then took me out with flying colours, also about to get my mobile and medical bills reimbursements through the company only with Baba’s grace.

I came through through this divine blog, read all the posts on the same day and also registered self, did this first before starting to prepare on the Top management report as aforementioned, it was real test in patience and faith by Baba. I was wanting to work on the report in the office but couldn’t, it took me time till 1:30 am in the midnight to have completed all the homely chores after having attended to and played with my daughter and then started working on the report, was not sleeping, was doing it sitting on a chair and then Baba finally did it for me in the morning by 9:45 am, was snoozing in between, but finally gave me that report duly completed by Him, today this Chenbasappa is begging Baba to have the next edition completed too which Baba has said that He will for sure in His most inscrutable ways, unimaginable. Baba, at times, You make me feel that want to earn at least INR 4-5 lacs/month working for 4-5 hours/as Baba decides-from home doing the work I love-know for sure that it will also come true in the coming times.

Today also, working on this experience since yesterday, would be working on the report only after submitting these experiences, also had finished my daily Pooja’s completely yesterday (Sunday at home, and did not get disturbed much as opposed to what was being thought), Baba’s ways are unfathomable. Coming back to Mahaparayan, have also got at 9 friends of mine who will contribute to the Mahaparayan this year starting from 30-09-2017, Dussehra. Sai Sai.

Power comes every time : As mentioned in the beginning, have been staying right opposite to Baba’s temple, at times, very few though, we face power cut, it also happens when I am at office sitting in an AC room whereas my family has no luxuries owing to power cut but whenever such things happen, Baba has given me the guidance to recite Sai : 9×9 times and then touch the ground with my middle finger with Udi on it, if Udi not being available, then to think of it, invoking Baba’s aid and the power gets back every time it is done. It’s been instantaneous many a times. At times even if I think of doing so, power comes back automatically. So whenever I chant Sai Sai – 81 times (9×9), it is followed by Sai Sai (9×9) times as a thanksgiving to Baba, to the almighty supreme!

In-laws visit postponed: Some of my in-laws were supposed to make a visit to my place as they wanted to visit Dwarka and Somnath too. Then my wife and my 11 months old daughter would have had been travelling along with, means away from me as I was not in a position to take leaves so prayed Baba to have their visit pushed so that it happens when all of us are willingly together and lo behold ! it happened, they had to postpone their visit due to bad weather and floods.

Solace at home: There was a money matter which had caused great trouble between some of close family members, it was an acid test for the respective relationships but it was again only with the grace of Baba thus the equanimity was restored and Baba united me too with my loved one fulfilling my desires. Also, have given up my favourite food Paneer to regain the money yet to be returned by my previous landlord which by Baba’s grace He will. Also, nowadays Piya Haji Ali is also visiting me a lot these days through television.

Mobile restarted : Though have seen a lot of miracles being published here, you realise it the most when it happens with you and the mobile which was not being used since ages owing to latest technology and other stuff, Baba restarted it without much ado. Baba’s faith also helped me sustain my faith when my office drawer keys were nowhere to found. I assured self to stay cool and conveyed the same to Baba and shortly after found them. I came across Baba’s saying : “Surrender to Baba. He will take care.” Listened to some banging the doors of my house late in the night, was anyway watching a lot of ‘Savdhaan India’ type serials at night so was really scared, once again this Chenbasappa called Baba for help and lo behold, I discovered that sound was simply doors thudding because of the wind and promised to post this experience too. Baba tests your faith, often tells to give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty and food to the naked, then God will be most pleased.

We were travelling in train with our 10 months old daughter, it was new for her, also to get accustomed in the trains – she was crying inconsolably, was trying to lullaby her but to no avail. Then promised Baba that I’d post this experience if she calms down, then with Baba’s grace only, was able to play her favourite song, “Tamma Tamma” in the train as well, especially given the kind of phone and the network in the train, it was a complete miracle. Koti Koti Pranam to Baba, May Baba bless all the infants and kids in the world have safe and comfortably cheerful journeys all the times. We are also going to have train journeys next week along with our daughter on the occasion of her 1st birthday on 14 September, also seek Baba’s blessings for that and future ones too. As Baba says that all saints are my form, came across a Saint through this blog, interacting with Him gave me much relief. Also as Baba says in Shri Dnyaneshwari that serving saints is the best way to serve and reach God and realize Brahma. May Baba keep blessing me and keep me on track even after reaching the destination. I got to see a FB post from Ms. Jaya Wahi ji too recently which was again an assurance from Baba that He is with me, also now Baba has made me felt that He is still alive in flesh and blood and can feel Him living like a human being the temple right opposite to my place, which we just saw while typing this and lo behold, the laptop screen moved!! Also, got in touch with an ardent Baba devotee in the Mundra Shri Sai Baba temple, who skin disease got completely cured only with the application of Udi, not just that his son got him 2 homes built, please note that his younger son is not a high earning MBA/or of the kind and is less than 30 years of age, Koti Koti pranam to his faith.

These 11 points have come up as 11 sayings of Baba though had wanted to keep them to 9 being Baba’s favourite but Baba’s plan are way beyond ours. Deepest hearted apologies to Baba and all His lovingly devoted souls for posting these experiences so late but believe this is the right time as per Baba’s will. Concluding with Baba’s words from the book by Ms. S Slorainne : You bring us joy mere khwaja, have had also read her version of Shri Sai Satcharitra in English as that was an e-book, so handy during office hours and even beyond. Her experiences gives me motivation and keep me inspired just like Hetal ji’s, Jaya ji’s and above all, all of yours another authors like Sh. B. Umamaheshwara Rao, the author of ‘ Communications from the spirit of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’, am realizing that any kind of work is eventually worship only. The Baba’s words from You bring us joy mere Khwaja : The body is just my house. My Guru has long ago taken me away from it.- We must also surrender ourselves completely to Baba and then life will be Baba and Baba only. With joy in our voice and tears in our eyes, let hail: “Shri Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj, Parvati Pattye, Har Har Mahadev ki Jai, Bolo Shri SaiGaneshnath Maharaj ki Jai, Bolo Shri Shri Swami Samarth ki Jai.

Baba Is Always With Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sri Sai Ram to Hetal ji & team and to all my Sai brothers and sisters. May our beloved Sai bless us all with this ever flowing Amrith of Sai Leela through this on line platform and destroy all our sins and miseries. I have shared some of my experiences of His blessings in this website earlier and I would like to share some more of His Leelas. During February 2015, we planned for a trip to Srisailam, Ahobilam and Mahanandi with my sister & brother in law as they have not visited these holy towns. I prayed to our beloved Baba to be with us. We took a car from Hyderabad for the journey and the entire trip was very pleasant and memorable. We did Abhishek to Srisailanathar and could touch the Holy Linga and spend some time with Him! We also had a great Darshan in Ahobilam and Mahanandi and my sister and brother in law were very happy about the trip. I could feel the oneness with Him during the Darshan and thus Baba showed His presence with us!

During May 2015, my husband planned for a trip to Kedarnath and Bhadrinath for 10 days. I was not confident due to my health issues. In fact I had already reconciled to the fact that I cannot visit Chardhams in my life time due to my poor health. But my husband encouraged me and wanted me to join in the trip. I did not want to disappoint him and prayed to Baba to make the trip comfortable for us. I was very much scared about the landslides and uncertain weather conditions of Utharakand which suffered a great loss during the recent past. I left everything to Baba’s Lotus feet and requested Him to be with us throughout the trip. Believe me, I could feel His presence all through our pilgrimage and had a wonder Darshan in Bhadrinath, Kedarnath and all other holy places on the way. We went till Mana, the last village in Indian border and there also I could see Baba in His blessing posture. I was really overwhelmed to see Him in Mana. Normally whenever I travel, I fall sick after one or two days due to the food/water problems. But I was hale & hearty all through the journey and even after arriving here I was quite energetic.

After my transfer to the city head quarters we shifted our residence to the area which is equal distance to our office (My self & my husband). The strain of changing one or two buses to & fro daily and heavy traffic tired me out and I was in tears. Baba yielded to my sincere prayers and with His blessings I am able to get direct bus in the mornings & evenings. Baba helps me to recite His Satvan Manjari and Vishnu Sahasranaam in the mornings and read this website in the evenings while I travel in the bus. Imagine getting seat in the buses loaded fully with passengers! Who can provide me seat that too daily except Him? He always encourages and support good thoughts & deeds for the uplift of His beloved devotees.

During last summer, all of a sudden our fridge was not giving cooling effect and I was frantically searing for technical support for repair. In the meanwhile our TV screen also was going blank due to colour tube problem. Our computer also was hanging frequently and needed up gradation of hardware urgently. Sony service centre said that the tube has to be replaced or we should go for new one as this is more than 15 years old. We cannot purchase fridge either as it is also more than 15 years old. Imagine my plight! We cannot go for new TV and fridge as we have a lot of other commitments. I prayed fervently to Baba to save us from this crisis. Believe me! our family friend helped in getting our TV repaired for a mere Rs 1000/- and the mechanic who tested the fridge told us that ii is absolute in fine condition and took only Rs 500/- and the computer was upgraded for Rs 1000/- There is no end to His Leelas. Only we should have eyes to see Him, ears to listen to Him and heart to love Him. Sorry Sai Maa for the delay in sharing Your love.

Udi Miracles In My Life, Power Of Baba Udi

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have posted many miracles up to now. This time, i would like to share Udi Miracle or power i experienced in my life. Since my childhood, i was very weak. I used to get tensed for small things also. But i always apply Udi and go out. I always take Udi water. Baba never let me down even when i was very weak also i gave my exams very nicely and passed all my exams from schooling to college with 70 and more percentage only. Few days back one of my friend told me that when she was doing one big Haldi Kumkum Pooja, someone told her to sprinkle Udi water on all Pooja items and start the Pooja. The Pooja went so nicely with in time and so grandly. To me Varalakshmi Vrat and Ganeshchaturthi are very big Pooja’s as we have to do decoration more.

This year before starting both the Pooja’s, i too sprinkled Udi water on all Pooja items and did my Pooja. Believe me, i did so nicely than i ever did it. That Is The Power Of Udi. I daily keep Udi water in front of Baba. Daily three times a day, we all take Udi water and apply Udi like a medicine. There were many times when i was very worried and felt lonely. Whenever i feel like that i just apply Udi and take Udi water it worked like a pain killer and i came out of it. I never go out without applying Udi. Applying Udi, i travelled to U.S alone. You will definitely see the miracle of Udi if you have faith What i observed is that. These days for the past 6 months when i started reading Sainath Satvan Manjari. I just keep Agarbhatti in front of Baba and saying “Baba please forgive my mistakes and wash my sins and remove my karma and burn it to ashes like Agarbhatti how it is leaving ashes” and applying the same ash on my fore head. After few days i found Sai Baba face in my door stand which is a wooden horizontal one. I will share the picture of it. To me now those ashes are like Shirdi Udi only. Believe in Baba, He can do wonders in your life. He can change impossible to Possible. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Sai Baba Is My Strength

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. I whole heartedly thank the members of this blog for creating a platform to share our experiences. I read many of the experiences on this blog and felt that this is the Satcharitra of this age. Sai Baba is my strength. He has been helping me in every hurdle I face. In the recent times I have been through a very tough situation which totally brought me down. I felt very low and lonely. I prayed to Sai daily and cried in front of Him to help me. One day while reading the experiences on this blog I read that Satcharitra Parayanam will help us a lot. I started Satcharitra Parayanam and felt better day by day. It brought me the courage to face the situation. I have learnt that we have to be patient for the right time and Sai knows when to give us. I have asked Sai Baba a question in” Sai Baba answers your question and I received a answer that “Your problems will be solved slowly, you will get the help, be patient”.

After this, my problems started solving slowly and now I could clear most of them. I hope Sai Baba will hold my hand take me further in my life. I have to still solve few more issues and I really hope those will resolve with Sai’s grace. I would like to thank my parents and Sai Baba for giving this life. I would request everyone to help the people in need with the resources we have. I think we are in a better place than lot of them and we should be really thankful to Sai for that. Om Sai Ram, Thank You.

Baba Fulfilled My Wishes

Anonymous Devotee from India says: One day, i normally asked question from Sai Baba question and answer website and the answer was remember Sai Samarth Bhagwan and your wish will be fulfilled in 21 days. But at that time, i was so disturbed and so alone nobody was there to support me and i thought that this answers is right or not and then i said to Baba if this answer is yours word then my dog will start bark and after sometime my dog started barking. I was shocked because generally she don’t bark so much and without any reason, she never bark but at that time it happened and then somewhere i believe that it was Baba'(My Sai Maa’s answer). Within 21 days, my wish fulfilled and i am happy i know that Sai’s words are world’s biggest truth. It will happen, just have faith and patience. I love You Baba and truly and blindly trust You really Baba please be with me always. Sai Maa and thank You a lot Baba for everything. Thanks Sai Samarth Bhagwan. Miss You Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Saved My Mobile

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Sai devotee from past 1 year. In this 1 year, i have learnt many things about Sai Baba. All we need is faith and patience. Now coming to my experience, My dad bought a new mobile but i could not restore my old mobile’s data, photos, files. But then i prayed Baba to resolve it and soon after an hour or something the new one got all the backups automatically without any hurdles. I am so so so thankful to my beloved Baba for doing such miracle, i know for some people its common but for me it means so much! Guys please don’t lose faith on Baba. We don’t know how and when He is going to survive us just say Sai Sai, He will take you over 7 seas. Love You Baba.

Prayers for Today: Waiting For Baba’s Grace – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Om sai ram. Thank you baba fot saving our dog from sergery. Our dad swolled ball while playing. It was my mistake too. I'm sorry baba for this. Our dog had to go through this because of me. I prayed baba that please make him vomit naturally without going to vets and baba heard my prayers . Our dog vomited after 3days. Within three days he was eating fine and playing fine and i had trust on baba that he look after him and make him vomit. I was really worried and i had dream that he took the ball out and that's what happened. Thank you baba. Thank you soo much. I love you baba

  2. Baba,I am feeling low.You are there only to help me.koti koti pranam.I want to be with my family. I know you are there and I don't have to be worry.O

  3. Hi jai sai ram…sai will bless ..i toobelieve sai completely….
    I need small help from anyone…..could you please inform me what color of shal today 25.02.2018 baba wore in shirdi ….please it will give my life time answer from baba……please help me anyone ….

  4. provoking words only heart is feeling the same.things of.the past .there is no even one minute without any fear fear fear.Even if i feel happy for sometime something happens.
    even if u give anything baba,i am not able to justify it,hating myself all the time.
    Please help my parents with good health.
    And all.with happiness

  5. Om sairam. I m not going to expect anything saima. I surrender myself completely to you. Guide me lead me which path is correct. M not under any responsibility or control. I can't make others do for me. I surrender myself completely to you pa. Om Sairam.

  6. Last night I was not feeling well and got scared and started praying sai to make me feel better and kept his udi. I slept soon enough. I am still not in a great shape but I feel better than last night. Baba please make me healthy. I have two small kids. I want to be healthy and feel confident. Please Baba.

  7. O Deva, forgive us our emotions, our outbursts, our helplessness when it comes to stability in our faith and please be with us.

    Jai Sairam

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