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Thank You For Everything Sai

  Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hi, I am working as a software developer and i have been a devotee of Sai Baba from a very long time. Om Sri Sai Ram, Hello everyone, and thanks to Hetal ji and her team for this beautiful site. I reside in USA and this would be my second posting on this site. My first experience is yet to be posted, but I promised myself I would not stop positing about my experiences of Sai as long as I can. It is difficult to put down in words my experiences with Sai as there are so many, but I will try to put down whatever I can remember. I believe Sai has and is being with me every single second of my life and I know He listens to me whenever I think about Him. Every living moment of mine is by Sai’s grace and I just cannot of living without Him being in my life each single second. I am including some of my experiences below. Sorry if my post is too long but I cannot think of a way to shorten it without explaining in detail.

We purchased a nice queen bed frame for our guest room and we rented a U-Haul moving truck to move the bed frame from the seller’s home to our home. Everything was going well until we went to pick up the frame from the seller. Her apartment was not a traditional styled apartment complex as we find in US and we had to go to an underground parking area in order to pick up the frame from her. My husband by mistake hit the low ceiling of the underground parking area and the covering on the side of the truck scraped off (not fully but it was torn a little bit). We did not think the ceiling was too low for truck to pass through and we did not realize it until we hit it. We took the full insurance for the truck but I read online that it does not cover overhead damages. I was very much worried since we did not know how much we will be charged for the damage and thinking what’s going to happen we went to return the truck. I was praying to Sai all the way to please help us avoid huge damage fees since I read somewhere online that U-Haul would try to extract upwards of $5000 or more to cover for the repairs no matter how small the damage is. The U haul associate took a thorough walkthrough of the truck before returning and wonder of wonders he did not charge extra nor even mentioned about any damage. It seemed like he did not even notice it somehow. This was a truly a miracle of Baba that He saved us from a huge financial burden.

The second experience is regarding one of my pet’s health. One of my Pomeranians was feeling a bit down and was having diarrhea and vomiting. I was not sure what happened to him or what food he ate to cause this situation to him. Since it was a tiny pup (5 pounds), I was worried he might not make it through since he was in this situation from two days. My husband accidently gave him a full anti- motion tablet to reduce his diarrhea and his situation became worst. We had to rush him to an emergency clinic and that itself cost us a lot of money and the doctors were taking about having done so many tests that I started to cry in the clinic itself. Money is not important to me but seeing the suffering of the little one was heart drenching. Next day praying to Baba I put Vibhuti on his head and made him eat some and after few hours his situation started to stabilize and he became normal within a day. I do not know how to thank Baba enough for this miracle because He Himself cured my little pup.

My husband was preparing for his real estate state exam and he was studying very hard for it. He took the test for the first time and he could not make it through even though he prepared well for it. He missed the passing score by two points and he was very upset regarding this. He scheduled the test for the second time in a week’s gap and he was in between regarding his confidence level of passing the exam. However, I prayed to Sai to shower His blessings on my husband to pass his exam. He went to take the test, which is scheduled for 4 hours; he finished it in 1.5 hrs with a passing score. Now he can apply for his state license to be an agent all thanks to Sai.

I brought one of my cars in the year 2012 and at the time of registration my dad was also on the car title along with me. We did this to help me secure a good loan rate and to lessen the insurance premium since it was my first time buying a car. However, I switched over to another insurance company independently after 3 years and my premium, which is due in August, increased significantly higher with the present insurance company. I talked to my independent insurance agent to see if this can be reduced somehow and he searched for quotes with few other insurance companies, and finalized on one, which was offering a lower premium than the present one. However, in order for me to switch over to them they needed the car to be registered in my name or my husband’s name. My dad and I were searching for the original title and it was getting very difficult to find it. I prayed to Baba to please help me find the title as without it I would be paying close to $2000 and the next second my dad found the title in one of the cupboard drawers that too tucked away in an envelope, which was not found before when we made an initial search. Thank you so much Sai for this and You always listen to me every time I ask You for something. Numerous miracles keep happening in my life everyday thanks to Sai. I love You so much Baba and I hope to be near Your lotus feet until the day I die. Please be with my and every one of Your devotees during their happy and difficult times. Please bless everyone and keep everyone happy and healthy. I will be sure to post some more miracles in the coming post and I am very sorry if my experience is too long of a read. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai. Sai Ram to all.

Sai The Miracle Maker

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi devotees, I am an ardent devotee of Baba, missing Baba so much. I am back again with one more miracle. Today I have seen that my old experience got posted. I had a habit of reading devotees experience without leaving any. But from few days there is so much pressure in my work I am not able to make time to read these, to be frank I could not have tried to read. But suddenly yesterday I realised that it had been so many days I had wrote my second experience and it didn’t got posted, So, I want to read the past ones as soon as possible so I can see my experience. Usually, Hetal ji will send a mail beforehand if our experience going to post, I didn’t checked my mails this time, I thought Baba could give some indication if my experience is going to post soon, what happened is yesterday I had opened all the past experiences, I saw one experience in blue colour like a hyperlink, I just ignored it. Closed the blog and slept as it was already midnight. Today anyway I want to complete reading all the pending experiences, because some how I am feeling like ignoring Baba. I opened all the past ones in different tabs, I actually opened the first tab which should contain yesterday’s experiences but some how that experience (in blue one) opened. I am just reading and surprised it was mine, and felt very happy, He also gave me an indication previously which appeared differently compared to the other ones, I didn’t recognised it.

Like all other devotees I too asked Baba about some materialistic things and whenever i lost my things I asked Baba to help me find those like earrings etc. Now I want to tell what’s going on in my life with Baba. As told previously in my old post suddenly my project got completed, I got another one here. After coming to this project I was suffering so much. I am unable to mingle with the people, always feeling lonely. I am missing everyone. It had been three months I went home really feeling so much homesick these days. I came here, this place and selected the company by asking Baba only. But don’t know why everything is happening very badly to me. No close friends, unable to go home, manager behaved indecently with me one day, from then I am feeling like leaving the team, and also the work pressure is high, unable to sleep at nights I can’t sleep with light and sounds I need a peaceful place to sleep as I am living in a PG(hostel). It’s not possible to have all those, as my friends have different timings to work. No sleep, friends, food (Missing all my favourite foods)etc.

Last time when I went to home, my mother took me to astrologer I usually don’t believe those but things happening will drag us to those, what happened is he asked me what is my problem, then I told I don’t want to live in Bangalore I want to come to Hyderabad as all my friends, relatives are there and I can go home easily. Then he asked me to pray my favourite God then he will tell the solution. I just thought of Baba then he told that I will come to Hyderabad before July. Then when I went to home is March, So I thought my chances are there to come to Hyderabad. I just had a strong belief it would happen because, the thing was told by astrologer it may or may not happen. But whom I prayed in my mind is Baba. So, for sure it will happen. One day Baba also told that everything will be going to be good from July. So I am simply waiting for July. Still 12 days are there for July. Hope some change could happen which change my life. But what the thing is there is not even a single bit of chance for the change of my project or job or place, don’t know how it will happen. Only hope is Baba as He can make everything possible, In a split of second anything may happen.

Every time, after coming here, only question in my mind is why Baba make me come here and suffer, We should bear all these until all our past Karams completes. It had been nearly one year for July what I am going through, meanwhile I got a news that my grandmother is not feeling well by Baba’s grace she is feeling well now. I am glad that I didn’t lose faith in Baba though nothing happening in favour. Devotees what Baba says is don’t lose faith in Him. Have Shraddha and Saburi always. I don’t know whether I had that much patience, but had faith in Him that He will make me very much happy soon. Though my post now, contains all my suffering, worries. I am sure that I will write a post before one month which contain all my happiness, and how the things changed. Until then Om Sai Ram. Peace be to all.

Dream Come True

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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Since 2009, I have been working in oil and gas field. I was working in the Middle East. It was so hard to survive at the time of economic melt down in the gulf. But somehow with the help of God I did it. Ever since I started my career I was attracted to a particular company and a particular position in it. But as a beginner I was only able to dream of it. I used to pray for getting that job. Years passed and I was trying hard to get any chance to get a job in my dream company. In the year 2016, I got a call from a key personnel (with whom I have worked before) of my dream company. He was asking me that if I am interested to work in that company and they are expecting a vacancy but it will take six to seven months from that then. I was so happy. I began to wait for their call. During my prayer I even said to Baba that if I get that job before I turn 30, I will be at Shirdi before I turn 32. But unfortunately after all those six month that person who called me said that the vacancy isn’t available. Due to cost cutting they have filled that post with an internal position. But he promised me that when he get a next chance he will help me for sure. Again I was waiting at the same time praying for Baba to get my dream come true because if I get that chance I will be able to bring my wife with me.

After two months the same person from my dream company called me and said he has arranged an interview for the post I wanted in that company. From there itself I worked hard and attended the interview but that too didn’t go well. At the same time I saw a vacancy in that companies website. But that was to another location. When I lost the first interview I was hopeless. But after few days the company gave me a call out from the blue. They called me for an interview. It was a big challenge I had almost five level to pass. Fifth was the finale. After the final interview they said that the result will be arranged after a week. I was damn confident because I had performed so well. But after two weeks I got a message that they have selected another candidate and I got completely blank. The next day I didn’t even went for work. Even my family members were so sad. But later I thought everything happens for good. But I continue to pray Baba that if I get my job before thirty I will be there before I turn 32. I didn’t lost my hope in Baba.

After ten days I suddenly got a message from the company whose interview went wrong that the candidate they selected failed in medical and they were asking me if I can join. I was so happy and called my old friend who helped me to get the job in that company earlier for a reference. My family was so happy. With in a month I got all papers cleared and tomorrow I will be flying to my new destination. As I prayed I will be going to Shirdi as soon as possible. I do know that that impossible task has happened only because of Baba. I want to say more about the Leelas of Baba may be in my next experience I will make more detailed note about Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat

  Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hi all, thanks a lot to the team for maintaining such a wonderful website and once again thanks to the devotees for sharing their own experiences. Baba please be with all the devotees. Give them faith and patience. Today i am sharing my Nav Guruvar Vrat. Baba today I completed my Vrat successfully. Thank You so much Baba. But Baba this is the first time You tested me to the most. There were so many endeavours during my Vrat. Initially it was my hubby saying that I might spoil my health. During my 3rd week completion, there was a death in my family and I was not supposed to do any of the religious rituals for a month. Later I was able to do it continuously Baba and completed the same. Baba I would like to say few things here I get very little time for Pooja with my kid, I did not Even get proper flowers or Prasad for Your Pooja but I do my Pooja full heartedly knowing You will accept it. I’m really sorry about that. There were circumstance were I did Pooja in a hurry. Please Baba don’t mind these things since they prick my heart like anything.

In between my Vrat, I started my Sai Satcharitra Parayan. Within a day, I unexpectedly got my periods. But I really wanted to complete in 7 days from the day I started, even though we can take time for these unexpected situations. With the help of Baba, I was able to complete it in 2 days. This is nothing but a miracle I can say. As this is my last day of Nav Guruvar Vrat, we went to Baba temple. My son was not in a mood to sit the temple but wanted to play in the temple park. With no other go I went with him. Once he started playing and got settled I thought of saying a bye to Baba. Luckily I was able to see the Aarti which I really didn’t expect at that time. I was really very happy because I think these are the ways in which Baba talk to us. Thank You so much Baba. Baba, My son is from Your blessing only. We love him so much. Please be with him always and protect him. One request Baba this small kid is becoming very adamant and tantrums are increasing day by day. I know he is very small and it’s a phase. But Baba please be with him to cross this phase properly. I always wanted him to be a good human being. Love You Baba. I want to attend the guru Purnima celebration, Baba please allow me to do that Baba and today in anger I told a word I’m extremely sorry about that Baba. I always love to come to Your Temple. Please bless all.

Never Think Bad About Others

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Sai Sister Gayathri from US says: I had to leave my job in India and had to come to USA after marriage. I was not completely happy with this as i was expecting that i would work here but luckily my husband (Who himself is a Sai devotee from a very young age) is sponsoring me for my education and hence i am studying and i am happy about it. Since i have completed my 6 courses i thought i would start working and get the money back by earning. I am still unemployed. I have been applying for jobs, editing my resume. But no luck. One day I wanted to go to Baba temple which is located near my house. I was so frustrated and started thinking about my friends back in India. How much they are earning, how happy they are, etc. I was a college topper, but i don’t have good communication skills. I can converse in English, but there is a certain way we have to talk to our bosses back in India which I am not skilled at. I am honest and would want everything to be transparent. But my friends are up to date and are very skilled at communication. I have zero confidence in myself and I still cry daily and sitting at home is making me think bad things about my friends.

The day when we were planning to go to the temple, I really thought something bad should happen to my friends and they should suffer more than I suffer. I have never Ever thought anything bad about anyone!! Honestly I was so frustrated that I could not come out of it. That day during the evening we headed to the temple and my husband started doing 108 Pradhatshinas. I was sitting there idle and was cleaning the ground and was thinking that Baba is not there with me. To be honest i was not interested. Then after sometime, an uncle called me and gave me a Photo of Shiridi Sai Baba framed and put his hand on my head and said God Bless you! I was so amazed! I went to the Dhyan room where there is a life size Photo of Sai Baba and started crying and apologizing. Even though this experience may look very small, it is a significant experience for me. Even though I don’t have a job with me right now and don’t know what my future is, I completely believe in Baba.

Baba Is My Everything

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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I came to know about Baba and had been to Shiridi for the very first time when I was in my fourth grade. Baba has been my Mentor, Guide, Friend since then. How many experiences can I share here, because the experiences I had with Baba are not just 1 or 2. Despite of many financial issues, I was able to finish my Masters in USA, get a job and am able to support my family back in India only because of Baba’s blessings. Baba blessed me with a wonderful person as my life partner. Mine was a love marriage, by Baba’s grace my parents and in laws accepted and agreed to our marriage. Baba was with me always during my tough times. Me and my husband used to work in the same company and they laid off all the contractors because of some budget issues. Both of us were laid off from our jobs on the same day. We were completely shocked and depressed because of this. It is totally unexpected. By Baba’s grace, within 2 weeks my husband got a Full time offer from the same company which we used to work before. I was so desperately waiting for a job. I started doing my 9 weeks Vrat. Immediately after 2nd week, I got a full time offer from a good company. Even my sister who was looking for jobs got an offer after I started doing the 9 weeks Vrat. I was so happy and was very grateful to Sai. My financial issues are also subsiding now. Baba also blessed me with a wonderful gift. I’m expecting a baby soon. Baba, Please keep blessing me and my family. Also please bless everyone with peace of mind and health. Om Sai Ram!

Prayers for Today: Baba De Do Thoda Pyar – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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