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Unbelievable Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Bahrain says: Om Sai Ram Hetalji and team. Thank you very much for your divine work. I am an Indian lady presently staying in Bahrain with my family.

Coming to my experience this is regarding my husband. Previously my husband was working in Dubai, in one of the biggest five star hotel in Finance department for more than 15 years. I was also working there in Banking Industry. So we were nicely settled. Financially and socially both. Basically we are from Mumbai, so we bought two flats in Mumbai with good bank balance. When everything is going well you will be surrounded with people. But you will come to know their true colour when you are poor. Our all near ones started telling us we should leave Dubai and come back to Mumbai for my son’s education purpose.

When we don’t have shortage of anything in life some type of ego or overconfidence comes to us. I think same happened with us. We thought better to go back to India and enjoy life with our blood relatives. Husband thought he has more than 20 years’ experience so he will get job easily. So without enquiring anything and finding new job in Mumbai we both resigned. Our management held our both resignation and asked us to think twice. But we didn’t listen. That was the biggest mistake in our life. We cleared all our credit cards dues before leaving. With clean cheat we left Dubai. This was in April 2013.

2nd May 2013 we landed in Mumbai. I thought I would not join as I want to give full time to my son. Husband thought he would take rest for some days and then start. Meantime he was contacting his friend circle in Mumbai and started forwarding CV to them. That time our house was always busy with our so called relatives. First five months he didn’t get any offer. In September 2013 he got an offer in Khandala and he joined there but daily travelling was really hectic so he left within a week. Because of tension he started getting stress. He decided to start a small veg restaurant in Mumbai and put our entire bank balance that was our second big mistake. I am a staunch devotee of Baba since childhood. So I kept restaurant name Om Sai Mauli. But after opening it, we faced lot of problems physically health related and financially. So we were stuck in middle.

Our all blood relatives stopped coming to us. Hardly they used to contact us. Same time in November 2013 my husband got a very good offer in Dubai so we thought he would go then and I would try to run hotel if it was running good then husband would come back. Otherwise we would close it and join him in April 2014 in next academic year of my son. By Baba’s grace he flew on 27th November 2014. Before leaving we had done all his medical report, all were clear. Doctor told he could go as there was no problem at all. I was in Mumbai with my son and trying to handle hotel. My husband was in Gulf more than 20 years before marriage also alone. So he is the person he will not get home sick. But November on 27th 2013 when he landed there he started getting palpation and uneasiness. Every day twice, thrice he used to call but never mentioned but from his voice I assumed there was some problem. I have a habit to ask Sai through Q & A. Always I used to get answer Sai is with you don’t worry.

On 7th December 2013 Saturday as usual my husband called around 9 a.m. We talked and he told me he was in the office. Approximately after 1 or 2 hours he called me back and started crying. My husband is very, very strong emotionally so I didn’t understand what happened. He told me something was happening with him he was not able to see on computer, his body was chilled and many more things. I got scared told him to inform in his office and go home. That time he was on visit visa, employment visa was not stamped; so his passport was with him and he used to share room with his very closed and old friend. He took taxi and went home. But his health problem was the same. I asked him to take BP medicine. He took but no relief. He told some severe things were happening in his body and was not able to explain. So he wanted to come back. I asked Baba. Sai told you will get your lost things back. I asked him if he could come alone? He told he would try as he was not able to breathe also properly. Ohh My God what to do? And on visit visa going to hospital in Dubai was not in our budget and new company would not take any responsibility.

We took our Baba’s name and his friend booked ticket and with Baba’s grace same night he came back to Mumbai. But he was totally shattered and quite. He didn’t speak with us for two days. It was like hell for me. My brother spoke with our doctor. He told let him relax and told us not to ask him anything and asked us to bring him to the hospital on 9th. We took him on 9th. The doctor asked us to repeat all reports. They were normal. According to medical my husband didn’t have any problem. Then what had happened to my husband? Slowly, slowly I encouraged him to go and sit in hotel but some question was there in my mind. Last 10 months we are facing series of health and financial problems. Medical reports were clear then what it was? I used to fight with Baba as he had given me wrong guidance. But foolish me because of Baba’s grace only my husband came back safely.

Baba then introduced us one old person. Sai came in our life through that person. He has Goddess Spiritual power so he could tell us clearly exactly what the issue was? But again he also had the rule faith and patience. He will always tell Aaivar shraddha theva, aani dhir dhara. (Keep faith on mother and have patience). That time we came to know our suffering reason that was black magic done by my husband’s brother’s wife. Ohh My God we faced lots of problem but that uncle supported my husband morally. In meantime we closed our hotel because of financial problem. I sold around 200 grams gold to settle down. Now we were left with hardly money to settle down. That time my husband got offer in Abu Dhabi but his visa got rejected twice. But they didn’t mention the rejection reason.

We thought previous company might have put ban as he came back. But within 2 months he got an offer in Bahrain and now we are in Bahrain. Baba made us realize our mistake and came in our life through that uncle. As my husband was working in hotel industry, Bahrain in not a place for career growth so we always want to go back to Dubai. But we used to always think that my husband has been banned in UAE. Whenever I used to check with Baba He used to tell me old friend of other religion will help you.

I didn’t keep any contacts with my friend in Dubai because what they would think about me that I was a loser. But Baba’s words won’t be wrong. One of my old friends is of Muslim religion. She got my old mail in her inbox approx 5 years back. There my brother’s contact number was mentioned. She called my brother and asked about me and took my number from him. In November 2015 she called me and started shouting why I was not in her contacts. I came to know Baba’s instructions to discuss our problem with her. She told me not to worry as we had one of our friends in my ex office. She is Philipino married with a local and her husband was working in UAE Immigration very high position. So my friend forwarded my husband’s passport copy when he checked and that there was no ban. But we were not satisfied and so my friend’s husband suggested that we would hire an advocate, so legally we could enquire and if any ban then advocate would help us. We asked Baba. Answer was you will celebrate. So In December 2016 we sent advocate fees along with visa rejection copy. On 17th January 2017 Thursday, I got a missed call from my friend. My heart started beating faster. I called her back and came to know that just then advocate had called and informed them that there was no ban for my husband. In rejected visa also it was not mentioned as visa rejected. That visa rejected visa number was not showing in anywhere in Immigration or in CID. What a relief Sai!

Sai You gave us a new life. Sai send my friend and her husband as his doot (angel) in our life. Thank You very much Baba. Now question arose if that rejected visa details was not showing in any UAE Imigration and CID then how come it was rejected. Answer was simple, that time we were totally under black magic. So everything was going wrong. But my Baba, my Sai took us out safely from that and gave hope for leading life. Baba bless my friend also as she is also facing financial problem. By Baba’s permission my husband started looking job in UAE. His answer is always positive. So we are sure soon we will move to Dubai as per Baba’s grace. Sorry Baba for late posting. Baba You know my son’s problem. Please take him out from all these issues and make him concentrate on his studies. Sorry for long post. Om Sai Ram Om Shree Sai Nathay Namah.

Baba Is Omnipresent, Omniscient And Omnipotent

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram, I am a small devotee of our beloved Baba from Brisbane, Australia. First of all thank you Hetal ji for creating this wonderful blog and giving me opportunity to write here. I am not very good at language and writing, it’s our Baba Who is helping me to pen down my experiences. This is my second post. My first post is yet to be published.

Experience 1 : This is the most recent experience which happened last Thursday. My mobile phone internet data was not working properly for quite some time. It was unreliable for some time, then it stopped working. I initially thought there must be some problem with network. After a month I changed to a different network provider because I was getting a good deal and my new SIM arrived in couple of days. After inserting new SIM, I found out that the mobile data was still not working, so to double check I inserted that SIM in my wife’s phone and found out that mobile data was working perfectly. I also did internet speed test in her phone which was showing a higher speed of 40mb/ps in 4G network. That meant that the fault was in my mobile phone. I was bit upset because I had purchased this phone only 2 months ago. The phone was under warranty but I had purchased it from overseas and in order to get it repaired I’d have to send it there and it could take more than a month to be fixed and arrive here.

I decided to send it for a repair. I usually do abhishekam and puja of Shri Sai Baba every Thursday, so on last Thursday before doing puja a thought arose in my mind that I should put this phone at His feet and pray Him to fix it. I was sure that Baba made mobile data internet stop working because He didn’t want me to do UberEats deliveries any more (please see Experience no.2.). But next minute I thought that I am being childish and I should not do this silly prayer to Baba to fix my phone. After some moment I thought that Baba was like a loving mother to me and I could ask anything to my Sai Maa. So after abhishekam of Baba, I put my phone at His feet and put some Udi on the screen. The mobile data was on but it wasn’t working. I prayed to Baba “I know Baba that You interfered with the mobile data from some time and made it stop working so I could not do UberEats deliveries, but now I have asked You last week whether I should do that job or not by putting chits at Your holy feet, and You ordered me to stop doing it. So, I promise You I will never do that job again. So please make this internet work perfectly. If it is You that made it stop working then only You should fix it. Please Baba fix this issue, otherwise I’ll have to send it overseas in order to get it fixed. You gave me this mobile on Thursday only (I want to inform you here that we get deliveries of all the important purchases on Thursdays only by Baba’s grace). Please Baba fix this issue.” Believe it or not, as soon as the last sentence of the prayer finished, on the very next second the notification ringtone of a Whatsapp message rang. I was gobsmacked.

I instantly looked into the phone to confirm and also check whether I mistakenly left Wifi option on or not. But no it wasn’t Wifi. The mobile data was working perfectly. I looked at Baba’s idol and He was smiling at me. Tears rolled from my eyes. I did sashtaang namaskar and thanked Him million times. I was reminded of Baba’s one affirmation, “If you look at me, I will look after you”. Indeed He looks after us and innumerous Sai bhaktas all over the globe.

Experience 2 : I have shoulder and upper back pain from couple of years now and I have full faith that Baba will cure my back pain for sure as He had promised me. I was doing part time UberEats deliveries for few months from October’16. Delivery driver job is not good for me because of the back pain, but still I was doing it because we don’t have enough income to meet both ends. But it seems our Baba didn’t want me to continue that job. I used to do it for 3 hours in the evening. In the beginning, I was getting good income from this job, and whenever I start the job I used to pray Baba that please give me last delivery near my residence and almost 90% of the last deliveries (without selecting set destination feature as it wasn’t available for UberEats at that time) I would get within 2-3 kms of my home.

On one Sunday, I got a delivery to be sent within 1 km of my home, it was Baba’s indication to finish the shift for that day, but I continued as I just started the shift 1.5 hours ago. So I kept doing for another 1.5 hours and I got last delivery 12 kms away from home. From that evening I got acute episodes of back pain. Next day I didn’t receive much deliveries and neither I received last delivery near my home. I understood that I am facing this trouble only because I didn’t follow my Baba’s order to go home the other day. I apologised Baba that day and said that whenever You will give me order to deliver within 2 kms of my home I will stop shift for that day. From next day I observed that my internet data had become unreliable, and I wasn’t getting much deliveries. And if I got a delivery, to my utter surprise the address to be delivered came within 2 kms of the range from my residence, sometimes within 500 metres. So because of my promise to Baba, I had to finish my shifts very early everyday.

I was not making much, so one Thursday I decided to put two chits at Baba’s feet to ask Him whether He wanted me to continue doing deliveries or not. As per my practice, I meditate and ask Baba for help, then I ask my 3 years old daughter to pick a chit first time, then again I pick one. If both times answer matches, then only I get that answer as Baba’s will. The answer we both picked was “NO”. I thanked Baba for guiding me but I was bit upset to lose that job because of our low income and I needed a flexible job. The very next morning, casually I opened my facebook page and first post appeared was from “Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba”. It was Part 1633 of 19 May 2017 and picture attached with that post had a following quote : “When God gives a “NO” for an answer, keep in mind that there is a much greater “YES” behind it. His “No” is not a “Rejection” but a “Redirection.” I was so shocked to see that. I immediately got up and went near to Baba’s big photograph in my hall and tear rolled from my eyes on its own. I was full of gratitude and kept thanking Baba a million times. He assured me that He has bigger plans for me and I don’t need to worry at all. Baba is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. All He needs from our part is complete surrender with full faith in Him. May Sai bless you all. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Sai Is Always With Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: First of all thanks to all Saimaa devotees who are taking so many efforts for all of us, God bless you all. Request you all to please do not disclose my personal identity including contact information. I am from India and this is my third post on this site (First was by me and second by my wife). In this third post I want to tell seven miracles which someone may feel small but for me and my family, it was substantial.

Miracle 1: My wife had severe back pain issue. She was hospitalized for the same 2 times and she was suffering from last 3 to 4 years. We went to many doctors, specialists, physiotherapist, and traditional healer etc. but her problem was not corrected. Over and above all medical reports and scan were normal. We prayed to Saimaa and visited Shirdi and from last 6 months, she is not having back pain problem. Thank You Saimaa for Your blessings.

Miracle 2: It is regarding my credit card bill. I had not paid the bill on time and there were chances that I would be charged late fees. I prayed to Saimaa for no late fee. When I received my monthly statement there were no charges for the late fee. Thanks Saimaa for this.

Miracle 3: I am pursuing my higher education and my relations with my supervisors was not so good. But in February 2017 I prayed Saimaa to do everything well in this respect. And then onwards my relation with my supervisor is improving daily and my academic growth is also progressing along with my salary. Thanks Saimaa for this.

Miracle 4: My mother and father went on a spiritual trip for 12 days in a group. I prayed Saimaa to be with them always and take them back home healthy and happy. The result was as expected; they completed their trip without any problems and issues. Thanks Saimaa for this.

Miracle 5: My wife’s mobile got down behind the bed and it was not possible to remove it. I made various efforts but no results. Then I left for office and prayed Saimaa for mobile on the way to my office. And within 15 minutes I got a call from my wife stating that she was able to remove the mobile from the back side of the bed. Thanks Saimaa for this.

Miracle 6: My daughter is 3.5 years old and she had teeth problems. Her almost all teeth were almost gone and she was experiencing pain in the remaining teeth as well. We consulted for the same to the 3-4 dentists and they suggested for operation with anaesthesia for removing the remaining teeth. We prayed Saimaa to avoid the operation and any treatment on the teeth at such a small age. We then went to Shirdi and prayed Saimaa again for the teeth and now almost 6 months have gone my daughter is not experiencing any pain in the teeth and also her other teeth are becoming normal. Thanks, Saimaa. During all these days my daughter along with her mother used say Sai mantra and used to drink Udi water.

Miracle 7: There was one conflict of mine with my main supervisor and I prayed Saimaa to resolve the same. With Saimaa’s blessing, it now got subsidized, but I pray Saimaa the reason for which this conflict happened at the end should get resolved positively and before July 2017 end.

Sai Helped For An Online Application And Verification

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees reading this blog. My heartfelt respects to Hetalji and team for running this divine platform for sharing our experiences. I am a humble devotee of Lord Sainath Maharaj and have become a regular reader of this blog since last few months. I had this experience over the last few days and had vowed to post this as soon as possible.

For last couple of days I was trying to apply ‘online’ for police verification for my ward for a particular training. This application for verification had to be done online on the police department site and was ‘linked’ to the aadhaar card details of the applicant. My address was not appropriately entered on the aadhaar site and hence my application was not going through online. The option of ‘offline’ or ‘manual’ application had been taken off completely. Hence I was left with no other option but to apply for updating my address details on the official aadhaar site and wait for the updation. This meant waiting for a few days and delay in the process of verification.

After a couple of days I received a SMS that my application for updation of address was rejected due to ‘invalid documents’. All this time was wasted and I had to reapply with another address proof. The stipulated time for the training was approaching and there was no update from the aadhaar site. I had been praying incessantly to Lord Sainath Maharaj all along. An indication was given to me by my wife that kindly ask the person from the internet centre from where I was applying, if he could help in any way. Amazingly, I had not noticed that the centre where I was doing all this process was named – Sai-Kripa Internet centre. I again approached this centre and there I noticed a large portrait and idol of Lord Sainath Maharaj. I just told the gentleman there about my problem and the approaching date for the training in relation to this verification. He said that he had not been able to apply online without the adhaar link, anyway, it was not going to work but let him ‘try’ another mode of applying. He did the same while all the time maintaining that it may not work. This was on a Wednesday. He pressed the submit button on the computer and lo it showed that the application had been submitted. The overjoyed gentleman literally jumped when he saw this. It was simply a miracle effected by our Lord Sainath Maharaj.

Next moment he gave me the ‘acknowledgement’ and I submitted the same at the concerned police station. The in charge at the police station told me he would call me after he gets a go-ahead from the concerned section. Again Lord Sainath Maharaj got the thing done on the very next day which was a Thursday. The whole thing was done by the grace of our Lord within 24 hours. May the Lord shower His choicest blessings upon all His devotees and forgive our mistakes. Om Sai Ram to all.

Sai Baba’s Answers And Miracles Of Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a very old devotee of Sai Baba, have experienced a lot from my Sai Maa. I had already shared many of my experiences. I would like to share my incidents again here on the blog. I love You Sai maa.

Experience-1: I’m doing my engineering final year. I had a backlog in a subject and had to re-write it. After writing the exam again, I was not satisfied as I was sure of the failure. I was very upset after my exam. As usual I opened the link called “Sai Baba answers”. I follow each and every instruction of Baba. On that day, it had come as, “you will clear the exam”. Exactly in the same way and yes it happened! Many of my friends who did better than me failed. But I passed in the exam. I know very well it was the miracle of Sai Baba. Thank You so much Sai Maa.

Experience-2: Once I met with an accident and broke my ankle bone and got slipped. It took more than 10 days to cure. But still after so many days, I couldn’t walk properly or climb the stairs. Doctors said it would take 3-4 weeks but then my exams were approaching. I was really tensed. Those days, there was financial and authority problem in the University board. So, they had planned to start the exam soon. I was very much worried and totally confused what to do since we had our projects pending too. Again I went to the link “Sai Baba answers”. It said “don’t worry, the weather will change”. I didn’t understand the meaning completely. I accepted Baba’s instructions and remained calm. I completed my project and I had planned to prepare for exams from that day itself. But then a miracle happened! My mobile was off due to low battery and didn’t have anyone’s contact after my project submission. I reached home and switched on the mobile. The message came from the board “Exams Are Postponed”. I jumped with joy! Crores of thanks to Sainath!

Experience-3: (Udi): As I mentioned in the above experience, I had met with an accident and couldn’t walk. I had a slight idea to apply Udi to my ankle. I applied with complete faith. And here it goes, I was able to walk right from the next day! You saved me in every situation. Thank You Baba! Sai Nath Ki Jai.

Saved From Burglars’ Attack

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Latha from UK says: Om Sai Ram. This is Latha from UK. I am very strong believer of Sai Baba. He is my greatest strength. My Experience – on March 29th 2017, we had gone to visit Laxminarayana Swamy temple for my daughter’s Vidhyaarambam event. By Baba’s grace everything went very well. We were on our way back home and suddenly there were missed calls from our landline to our cell phones. It was a burglar alarm! We were very scared and all I did was I prayed to Sai Baba that nothing wrong should happen and I will share the entire experience on this blog. After that I left everything on Baba and I stopped worrying. Belief is the most important thing in my life. And when I came back home, nothing had happened, no burglary what so ever! (As expected). I’m grateful to Sai Baba. Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

Prayers for Today: Baba Please Forgive Me And Accept Me As Your Child – Sai Devotee Sai Rajesh

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  1. Beautiful and Full Of Hope Experiences but I get no clarity on the Answers from Sai Baba Question and Answers site, For instance:-
    (1)I ask for job and reply is – A baby boy will be born. Now I already have a 17 yrs old son and my wife already has her menopause.
    (2) Some other day I ask the same question on Job and reply is – Death is averted. Remember Shri Sai.
    (3) Then sometimes 4 people will help u. Righteousness will win. you will get what is lost etc etc…… Remain awake for whole night, Remember shri Sai…..

    Totally confused with no proper direction from our Dear Sai. All messages seem to be mis-leading as its not getting related to my question from any angle. Very Frustrating, Depressing ……

  2. Dear Sai Devotees,
    Om Sai Ram!
    I wish to share here about my life and yr prayers for family reunion.
    Baba blessed me with a very good husband, he is so humble spirtual,loving and caring me, and i got Jewel like in-laws who treated me like princess,they took care of me like their own child. Any girl would dream to get married to this kind of lovable family.
    All of my bad time,my bad fate,my bad karma joined together and made me to think in negative way,lot of misunderstanding and ego clashes arised between our two families,which made me to took wrong decision of divorce.i am legally seperated and living alone for 5 yrs,i am fully responsible for all my wrong doings,i dont blame anyone.
    I love my husband and will always.i miss my inlaws v much.
    I hurted them v badly.i lost their love.
    one simple word sorry is not enough for all the troubles i gave to my husband.
    I take this portal to beg for their forgiveness.
    I pray Babas mercy to give me one last chance to live for them.
    Sai Ram.

    • Why don't you apologize to your husband and in-laws? Show them your remorse. Maybe they will accept you and take you back. There is no harm in trying. Pray to Baba. We all make mistakes. You have realized your mistake. That's all that matters. You have paid the price for 5 years. You deserve to be happy now.

  3. om sai ram.

    baba please help me. om sai ram. baba please be with me. My mind was very upset because of few issues but after sharing with my mom today I am feeling better. she is my saimaa. Om sai ram.
    Baba please help me . Give me peace of mind. I wanna give my hubby my all love. I want that love back for him. Please help me so that I can take care of my baby. Baba i want to forget that person who hurt me. Baba but i want that person to realize my importance please do that and from my mind remove him. Baba thanks for helping me in so many things. You have always taken care of my desires sai baba. I love you for that. I know you are the only one who loves me in this world. Sai baba please please be with me and give me peace of mind sai nath.

  4. Dear sai devotees,as written in sai satcharitra saibaba is incarnation of lord dattatreya…there are other incarnations of lord dattatreya also of them is swami samarth from akkalkot whose mention is also there in sai satcharitra…i just want to request all the devotees to read "POTHI OF AKKALKOT MAHARAJ"its beauty is beyond words…It is available online as application named"SWAMI SAMARTH CHARITRA"u ll feel v delighted by reading this…
    If anybody is going to read or download the application please do comment..i ll feel glad that i have done a little gud work by baba's sai ram

    • Sai Ram,
      Oh yes I ordered the pothi of swamy,and read like satcharithra parayan.I too wish all baba devotees should read it once.Divine experiences.
      Sai ram


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