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My Merciful Sai Deva

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am small daughter of Deva, whose existence is all because of Baba. Thank you very much Hetalji and your entire team for helping us in sharing our gratitude towards our only support Sai.

Om Sai Ram Deva please help me and everyone. Today help me in writing Your 18th leela on this blog. You are omnipresent. You know everything and I need You in each and everything of my life. I am nothing without You. Don’t leave me, my family and all Devotees. Many of the Devotees must know about Jagtap Babaji, who is a very big and specially blessed Sai Devotee. Sai Deva blessed him with the power to healing all kind of illness (mental, physical etc.) and to bless their other devotees through Touch therapy.

Sai Deva blessed my Husband through Jagtap Babaji in Chennai: In the end of 2011 we were very much worried about my husband’s transfer to the place where I was living with our kids. I was continuously praying to Sai Deva for His help. I was reading a Devotee experience on this blog and got to know about Jagtap Babaji. I searched about him on internet and emailed him. Jagtap Babaji gave me his schedule. All of a sudden my husband went to Chennai on official tour in the end of November 2011. I called Jagtap Babaji and he informed that he was reaching Chennai on 29.11.2011. My husband did not believe in saints, so I was not sure whether he would go to meet him. I called my husband and told him to meet Jagtap Babji. He got angry that he had come for office work and not to meet someone. I felt very sad but sent him Jagtap Babji’s Chennai address.

From 28.11.2011 night heavy rain started in Chennai and the office site, which was in the outskirts of Chennai got flooded. My husband informed me that he couldn’t go to office site, so he would rest in hotel. I requested him to try to meet Jagtap Babaji. With no interest he went to his hotel reception and enquired about Jagtap Babaji’s address from receptionist. The receptionist knew about Jagtap Babaji very well and she motivated my husband to meet him. Finally with the blessings of Sai, my husband went to Jagtap Babji’s house in Chennai. He felt very positive after entering Jagtap Babaji’s house “Sai Nivas” and completely impressed with the positive aura of Jagtap Babaji. Jagtap babaji touched my husband’s forehead with Udi and assured him that with the blessings of Sai, he would be transferred to desired place within 5 months. One need not say that my husband got his transfer letter on 27.3.2012 and joined the new office 15 days before the end of fifth month i.e. 14.5.2017. During this period in February 2012, I was feeling very sick and disappointed. On 13.2.2012 Sai Deva gave me darshan in my office bus. I felt the presence of Deva, so I called Jagtap Babaji and he informed that he would be in Delhi on 17.2.2012.

On 16.2.2012 due to bad health, I decided to take leave but with the support of Deva I went to office within half an hour. In office again I started feeling very low. Then Deva inspired me to call the concerned person for appointment of Jagtap Babaji for next day. Oh Deva, none can take care of us more than You. When I called that person he told me that I could also come the same day at 3:00 p.m because Jagtap Babaji was coming today. With the kind grace of Sai, I was able to take His direct blessings through Jagtap Babaji when I needed the most. When I analysed the whole incident, I observed that it was much more difficult for me to come alone from home to the place where Jagtap Bababji was staying and I very comfortably came to the place from office with my three colleagues, who were also Sai Devotees. Thanks Deva for planning so minutely for a small devotee like me.

During this period one of my colleagues gave me Sai Kashtnivaran Mantra book, which she found while cleaning her house. Suddenly she gave me the book and told me that she was having that book from many years but she never read that book. I was completely overwhelmed with the kindness of our beloved Deva for His on time guidance. I started reading this real Kasht Nivaran Mantra and now chanting this is my daily routine.

Meeting with Jagtap Babaji on 18th March.2017 in Delhi: My son who is 10 years old has Kaalsharp Yog in his Kundali. My mother called me on 16th March 2017 and insisted to go to Trimbakeshwar Shiv Temple to worship for removal of this Yog in August 2017 on Naagpanchami. She told me the side effect of this Yog. But as we had to go to hometown in June 2017 for 10 days to attend one marriage in my in-laws side, I couldn’t take leave again in August 2017. I was feeling bad and told Deva that You know my condition very well, so please plan accordingly. Next day in my office, I was checking FB and saw a message from Jagtap Babaji that he was coming to Delhi for healing touch camp on 18th & 19th March, 2017. I got the reply from my Deva. I felt very much relaxed and obliged. Last time I met Jagtap Babaji in 2013 in Delhi only and after 4 years I was again getting the chance to meet him as a very timely help of our Deva.

The Jagtap Babaji camp was 40 km from my house. When I informed my mother she told me to take my brother and sister-in-law also for Sai Deva’s blessings through Jagtap Babaji. My husband has faith in Jagtap Babaji, so he applied for leave to meet on 18th March, which was a Saturday. We went and met comfortably with Babaji. He told me to go Sai Temple 9 Thursdays without break and take 9 parikrama of Sai Deva idol. I was in confusion how to complete this vow. But why to worry, when Deva is our guide? Suddenly, Sai gave me a thought to visit Sai Temple near my office during lunch break as it was difficult to go to Deva’s Temple in morning or evening from home. With full faith on Deva, on 1st Thursday, I with my friend took auto and went to the Temple. I entered in the main temple and offered Red rose and coconut as per Deva’s wish to Him but I didn’t find the path for parikrama around the main idol. With some confusion I came out and found a small idol of DEVA and took 9 parikrama in very less time. I felt very satisfied.

After coming out of the temple my friend told me that she took one parikrama of main idol. I was amazed with Deva’s plan that He had hidden the main idol parikrama path and inspired me to take the parikrama of small idol to save my time, so that I can return back office in time. The climate was hot and the temperature was expected to increase in coming weeks, so a thought came in my mind that it would be difficult to travel by auto but I was determined to complete my vow. I read many times that if anyone plans to meet Deva, Deva makes all arrangements. All of us must have experienced this many times. In my case also, one of my colleague called me to tell that she wanted to come with me to Deva’s temple every time with her car. With the blessings of Deva remaining 8 Thursday visit was comfortably managed and without any break I completed my 9 Thursday meeting with Deva and 5 vrat on 18th May 2017. Thank You Deva for loving a petty daughter like me. It is a very small matter but for me it is very important that’s why I am sharing here.

For any special occasion, I took help of Deva in deciding my dress. It may be my dependency on Deva but I am completely helpless. Some of my friends and family make fun of this habit but Deva is my only dress designer. Once on 4th Dec. 2012, on the occasion of my wedding anniversary, the farewell party of my on office boss (whom I respect very much), I was totally confused what to wear. At last, without any plan I remembered Deva and wore a new kurta- legging in no time and that day I got the maximum compliments. Even my boss complimented me, which was really a great experience.

Now, my very recent experience. In June only I had to attend a marriage ceremony in my in-law’s side. I was confused about my dress. I again asked Deva for help. But as per Deva, as I was having not a good thought in my mind that I should look better than everyone, the dress fitting went weird and completely uncomfortable. I accepted my mistake and prayed Deva for His help and after my proper class (purification of my thoughts) finally yesterday night, I got my dress in good shape after 1 month effort. This incident taught me that our Deva never encourages smallest to smallest mean thoughts. I promised Deva that I will share this experience as a teaching for all of us. Om Anantkoti Brhmand Nayak Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.!

Sai Listens And Responds

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: My humble pranams at the lotus feet of my Gurus, Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba. My sincere thanks to Hetalji for managing this wonderful platform that brings Baba’s devotees together. I have submitted several experiences here and they have been published. Sai is always with me and everything happens is because of Him. Every moment is a gift from Him, so how is it even humanly possible to narrate experiences connected with Baba? We would have to write our life stories! With Baba’s blessings, I am choosing an experience to relate here.

Life has thrown several challenges at us in the last few years and I am completely dependent on our Baba to get through each day. Last week, I was praying continuously for an event-free week, for some calm and peace, and with Baba’s grace, we had a good week, without the usual drama. Also, we heard the good news that my younger son, who is just 23 years old, got his first promotion in his job. Baba created circumstances in the background that made this promotion possible and I offer my complete gratitude at His lotus feet.

My son had an injury while playing soccer and he had a major reconstructive surgery. He thought he would be on disability for a couple of months. Two weeks into his surgery, he was asked by his manager to come back on the project that got miraculously extended. He had the option of working from home till the time he could travel. He worked really hard even though very often he was in a lot of pain. Once he could, he started travelling to his project site which was three hours by flight. Among the junior staff, he was the only one to be further extended on the project. This made it possible for him to get “on next level” reviews for six continuous months, which was a prerequisite for the promotion. Baba arranged everything so beautifully at every step to give my son the promotion, which he also deserved. He is extremely hard working and very sincere. Very often, he paid no heed to his knee and the inconvenience it caused. This attitude also, I credit to Baba and His enormous grace. Thank You Sai.

On my part, I pray to Baba all the time. I don’t believe in rituals and regimen but only in taking our beloved Sai’s name all the time. Today’s is our marriage anniversary and I pray to Baba for my husband’s health and for him to find work that gratifies him intellectually, since he has now retired from the United Nations. I pray for my older son to be married soon and my younger son to find a good graduate program. I pray for my husband and me to be released from these duties, so we can focus on our other responsibilities and do voluntary work while we are still able to. Please bless us Sai and keep us ever in Your path. There are so many thorns right now but I’m sure You will guide us always. Sai Ram. Samastha loka sukhino bhavanthu!

Sai Satcharitra’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.orgSai Devotee Praveena from India says: Hi all Sai Baba devotees, I’m Praveena from India. I belong to a middle class family and this is my first experience that I am posting here on this blog. I started praying to Baba recently, no one insisted me. It was like Baba Himself grabbed me into His Sai kingdom. Please don’t disclose my email id. So let me describe my experience here and I would like to thank Hetal ma’am for creating this wonderful blog. Kindly make changes if any edits has to be done.

So this is what happened, I used to pray Baba Swami sincerely, at times I even cry while praying I don’t know why. My sister is married and she lives in US and it has been 3 years since I saw her. I used to cry at times that I miss my akka (sister) a lot. Then later I went to Sai Baba temple at Mylapore. I touched His lotus feet and prayed to Him. It was truly a bliss and then I got Sai Satcharitra book there, kept that book on Baba’s lap and then I touched His lotus feet and I prayed. So I decided to read that book, it has been just two days since I started reading it. Yesterday I started reading it (Thursday) just finished 2 and half chapters, suddenly I got a call from sister when I was reading it. I lighted lamps and took arthi and I started reading it whole heartedly. All off a sudden My akka called me and told me to come on video call. I called her she told me what would I do if she came within ten days to India? I was so happy on hearing that, my joy knew no bounds!

We didn’t even expect that my sister will come this month, I used to crave to see my akka, I used to miss her a lot. Now by Baba’s grace my wishes are slowly coming true. I would even like to describe another experience, when I was travelling to temple with my dad, I was thinking myself if Baba really loved me then He had to wear the same colour dress that I was wearing. I was wearing a kind of green and pink chudi and to my surprise when I stepped into the temple I saw Baba was wrapped on that pink color shawl. I was so happy on seeing that. Likewise whenever I stay alone at home I could feel Baba Swami’s presence. Love You a lot Sai Baba Swami, be with us and bless us all throughout! Shri Satchinada Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay!! Om Sai Ram!

Saima My Soul

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Hetal ji, I want to be anonymous. So please don’t disclose my details. My experience got posted because of Saima’s grace on 05/26. Thanks so much Hetalji for considering my post. I felt very happy after seeing my experience got posted at the right time. When I was looking for His presence I was fortunate to read my own post on that day, all this because of Saima’s kindness.

As I promised in my earlier post I am sharing my experience here. I was diagnosed with cancer in Jan 2016 and till now my treatment is going on. At the same time, same year my mom’s health also went down due to same reason and entire family was in a bad shape and we were crying almost everyday as we both me and my mom were going through this. Due to Saima ‘s grace we are still alive. He lent His helping hand at each and every step. Still we are going through a lot and not sure when we will be able to come out of this and live a healthy and happy life. My dad used to tell when health is gone then there is no point in having any other thing in life; like money, job.

My dad and my husband is suffering a lot because of us. Atleast for their sake Saima should help us to come out of this. Nobody in this world should go through our situation. We still holding Saima’s feet hoping that everything will be okay. I have few more cycle of therapy left and hope the blood count should be normal and all the cancer cells should get destroyed and should never come again. I hope that Saima will help me to achieve this. Without His grace I couldn’t have survived. My mom is also suffering a lot. Still her health didn’t improve. Every week she is getting admitted in the hospital. We don’t have more energy to withstand this anymore. Hope our sufferings will get over soon due to His grace. I beg him To forgive all our mistakes in this birth or the past birth and I believe that He has the power to destroy our past bad karma if we are not going to repeat our mistakes again. I beg Saima to be with us and help us to come out of this. I request Sai devotees to spent one minute of their time to pray for us. Sai please bless everyone in this world. Om Sai Shri Sai Ja Jai Sai. Sai Sai Sai Sai.

Just Believe Him

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Hi friends, I am from Chennai, This is my third post. I used to believe that “whatever happening has a reason behind that”. So whenever something happens I tend to believe that everything has a reason and my Sai Appa and my Mom are guiding me through this. Thank You Sai Baba for Your blessings. Whenever I am in a trouble, You are with me, I can feel Your presence all the time. You are also guiding me in my dream as You told me in “Question and Answer app” The following incident happened for my husband.

My husband was working for a company for more than 3 years but with the same salary (which was below 20 thousand). He did not get good salary or appraisal and recognition even though he put his effort and he was so upset, that he started searching for a job. That was his tough period, he had pressure from his parent’s side also because they wanted him to go for Government job but he had his own interest in his field. He attended interviews, he got selected but for less salary (which was less than the previous organization). These things made him upset but then he did not stop his search for job. Finally with the blessings of Baba he got an interview call from a organization and the interview was scheduled on Thursday. He attended the interview and the followings rounds everything happened on Thursdays (My Sai Baba Day). Finally he joined the company. He has got good exposure in the current company. Thank You Sai Baba for the blessings. Surely he will get good opportunities further. He started feeling that since he is not earning much, nobody in his family was respecting him. So He started looking for job out of Chennai and we wanted to stay away from the people there. Baba, You know what is happening here. Please be with us to face it. People are selfish. I know he will have a bright future in his career. Sai Baba blessings are with us. Om Shridi Vasaya Vidhmahe Sachidhananthaya Dhee Mahee Dhano Sai Prachodhayath. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Samarth !

Baba Knows

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: We do not to say it to Baba. He knows what is required.

My friend is married with 2 young children. Her maid suddenly decided to stop. She was very worried. Her husband told her to take 1 month no pay leave. But with this she would be financially affected and she was worried that boss wouldn’t approve the leave. She was sharing with me and I told her don’t worry at night I would go to Baba’s mandir and I would pray for her. After 5 minutes I hung up the call and she called me again and told me that the new agent messaged her that there was a new maid available.

Prayers for Today: Prayer Request – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Thanks for curing uti baba, love you so much.Also please help me with my health issues and give me peace of mind baba. Om sai nathaya namaha!

  2. Om sai ram..dear devotee we all will surely pray you to win your battle against cancer,and also gud health for your mom…please take babas udi mixed with water daily,and also ask your mom to do the same(because I read udi miracles on this blog,curing deadly diseases like cancer)…if your already doing it,please continue…om sai ram

  3. i am small devottee of sairam i have two younger sisters my family waiting for my marrage please saibaba send me the perfect life partner within this year end because i am in very bad critical situation my health is also not ok and even my finacial condition also bad daily crying and praying you and waiting for our blessings saibaba please help me

  4. O Deva, Thank You for pulling us to You. Thank You O Sadguru for being with us, protecting and blessing us. Bless us with Your Grace, forever, O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam



  7. Om Sairam, Om sairam, Om sairam, Om sairam,
    Om sairam, Om sairam, Om sairam, Om sairam,
    Om sairam.

    Please bless me saimaa with good and healthy life. Please bless me with nice job and good husband. Please bless my parents and tc of their health. jai sairam.

  8. SAI RAM. 1ST devotee please share Jagtap Babaji's address, i'm also keen to meet him please, BABA please help me to get the contact address. SAI RAM.

  9. i prayed to baba g I went to shirdi but m not happy I don't know may be I have to wait more or my heart is not pure

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