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Sai Rescued Us Once Again

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Baba Sai! But He has always been benevolent towards me. This time again my Sai helped me and how!

After a quick vacation with mom dad I was back in office on Monday 15th May- relaxed I was and quite hopeful that the ongoing project I was working on, would wrap up peacefully. However, as they say, man proposes and God disposes, it was not meant to be so. It so happened that my workings for this client were to be shared with an outside party- someone who was supposed to base his opinion on our workings. Just as we were about to share our workings with them, my junior team member pointed out that there was an error in the workings such that our conclusion would not match the third party’s conclusion. This was so unsettling- I just didn’t know what to do next? Still I didn’t panic.

Again in the evening the third party person called me to say, that we will have to share our detailed workings with them in order for them to arrive at the final conclusion. That kind of put me off and I got scared- that entire evening and into the night I just couldn’t come to terms with how I would fix that error and worst was to still tell my partner that there was an error when we had been working on the project for more than a month then. I could not sleep all night. I was so tensed and up since 5 am thinking how would I break the news to my partner as he would get very upset considering that the work now had to be finalized and we were still struggling with numbers. Nevertheless I left the house, hoping for a ‘miracle’. Please note this word will find a meaning by the time I finish this experience story of mine. I prayed all way and was listening to my favourite bhajan when at one point I just closed my eyes and felt very light just thinking that I should leave everything at Sai’s feet and not worry- He is my Guru, my Pitah and He would take care of everything related to me. Just as I opened my eyes, I saw Sai’s photo at the back of a car and that too in the blessing pose and it was a different kind of an impression. Normally there are a few pictures one has seen before but I don’t remember seeing something like that before. I immediately felt so good and relaxed. I knew Sai would take care of me then.

After reaching office I sat down with my junior and tried to work around what best we could do to save ourselves and ensure that the final number doesn’t move too much. In the meantime my partner walked in and that day his son was with him- thanks to Sai because his son was sitting in the room with him, he didn’t lose his cool on us. Also, thanks to Sai after an hour or so, my junior and I (with the divine help of Sai) managed to get to the same number as what we had communicated to the client. It was such a relief.

Just like I had imagined, Saiji took me in His arms like a baby and carried me to the other end of the shore. Also, the next day we had the call with the third party that was supposed to review our workings and thanks to Sai again it went off smoothly and I was so happy and relieved. It’s like Sai rakes up a storm in the first place and then He’ll do something that will calm things automatically. It’s His way to make us feel special. Really have seen a lot many ups and downs, and believe me after having been a staunch devotee of Baba for so many years, and also understanding the Law of attraction, I believe that the key to attracting anything in our life is to “let go”. We just need to want something with all our heart and then completely surrender to the Universe. Sai Who is also the Karta Dharta of this Universe will then ensure that our faith in Him is answered and He will bring it to us in the most astonishing way such that we think a ‘miracle’ has happened! All we need is complete, boundless, and blind faith. Then let the wirepuller pull the right strings and things will come to us when we least expect them. Jai Sai! Om Sai! Shree Sai..!

Sai Cured Fever Before It Came

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Harish from US says: I am a simple devotee of Baba. Om Sairam Oh Sainatha, the wish fulfilling God of the entire universe. Please be with me while I try to describe this kind leela of Yours that shows Your infinite compassion and mercy towards Your children. I am Your son and always wish to chant Your name until my last breath. My heartfelt thanks to the entire staff members of this website for their phenomenal work that just can’t be described by mere words. This is the Shirdi that brings us all close to Sai and reading experiences here is as good as seeing Sai in person in Shirdi. Unless Sai wills how could one know this website and how could He arrange for an experience to be written here? It is all His leela and everything happens as per His command.

Yesterday, I developed symptoms of fever and was feeling feverish, developed body aches and just wasn’t feeling very good. I developed these symptoms in the morning at work. I drank several glasses of hot water throughout the day, added Baba’s Udi one time and was constantly praying Him to not make me fall sick. I have travel plans for this long weekend also. Also, yesterday I wished to go attend Pradosham at the local temple here and was able to go and watch the Shiva abishekam which was a complete bliss in itself. Only Sai’s grace helped me do so even though I didn’t feel well. I was meditating upon His feet taking His name whenever I could. These symptoms lasted pretty much the whole day yesterday. Finally after dinner, I did steaming in turmeric powder, took Baba’s Udi orally and also applied to my forehead and prayed to Him again. Then, I drank jeera water and was determined not to take any medicine thinking Sai will take care and went to bed.

At night when I was sleeping, I felt as though something was going away from my body and I felt good. I felt relaxed and relieved. Then I suddenly woke up, it was around 1 a.m in the morning. I am fully sure that it was Sai Who took away the fever that was coming to affect me. This morning I woke up healthy and thanked Sai from the bottom of my heart. My thanks to Him is nothing compared to His infinite and unfathomable grace. I request all devotees reading this experience to hold on to His feet tight and strong no matter what we are going through. As said in Sai Satcharitra, we are tested as though it is, but if we hold on to His feet ultimately we will be blessed and protected. Oh Deva! Please bless us all, give us all peace of mind, health, wealth for a decent living and improve our devotion and love towards You. Akilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadiraja Yogiraja Parabrahmha Sacchidanda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai Om Sairam.

Baba Gave Me Courage

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji, Thanks for posting my experience and appreciate your great work. Since my childhood I have been very coward, I can never stay alone at night. For this I faced so many problems; I couldn’t go anywhere alone, I couldn’t stay alone if my family members wanted to go to another place for some work or occasion. After marriage also because of this I faced so many problems. Infact I gave trouble to my husband many a times by not letting him go for his office work. To come out of this I am doing Sai Leelamrutham Parayanam daily and doing annadanam once I complete it and giving Rs 11 as dakshina to poor people.

After completing 40 times one day when I was doing pooja, Baba’s face appeared in my ekaarathi. Before appearing that day me and my friend had planned to go to Baba’s temple and it was cancelled because my friend couldn’t finish her work and I was continuing my Satcharitra parayanam. While I was reading I observed my ekaarthi and I found Sai Baba face in it, I was in confusion whether it was my imagination or it was really Baba? Then I called my friend and informed her about it and sent a picture of it too on her phone. She couldn’t understand what I said and picture also I had taken standing straight, but one could clearly see if we stand in particular angle to ekarthi spoon. She said she would come home and see it. Later she came and observed it and was into tears and said why to go to temple dear, Baba is here itself! It was a great feeling. Coming back to my cowardness, after this happened I realised that no one is needed if Baba is with you. After this incident I could stay alone if someone had to go out for somework. I just feel that Baba is there with me. I suggest all Baba devotees if you believe in Him just think that He is there with you and just leave everything to Him and just watch His miracle. He will be always with us. I am attaching the Baba picture appeared in my ekaarthi spoon. Thanks a lot Hetalji for sharing, Thanks a ton Baba for helping me to share this to all.

Got Most Desirable Job By Sai’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai Devotees. I’m small devotee of Sai residing in India. My family is Sai’s believers since childhood.

Today I want to share my experience and express my inner feelings about Sai Deva. I whole heartedly thank admin for such beautiful platform which gives so much hope and increases faith in Sai Baba. This is a small story and wonderful miracle about my husband’s career; he works in an software company in India. We wanted to find job abroad and settle there. The struggle was going since past one year, but no success was there.

One day I strongly wanted to go Shirdi for Sai darshan and say all my worries but my husband was busy in work and he said that he couldn’t plan a sudden trip. Then I opened question and answer website and asked Sai to answer my disturbed mind. To my surprise I got answer as” You will come to Shirdi and all your worries will come to an end and have success” I was so happy to see this message and soon planned to Shirdi with husband, maybe I visited Shirdi after 10-12 years. It was the most happiest trip ever. After coming back within a month we got an onsite offer, we had no bounds to our happiness. And within 3-4 months my husband found a new job in abroad with decent salary package. We are so happy and can’t thank enough Sai for this to happen. Thank You Baba for everything and being always with me. Now we are having some issues with regarding visa I hope this will be solved soon by Baba’s grace. Have faith and patience. Om Sai, Shri Sai, jaya Jaya Sai.

Baba Helped Me In Repairing My PC

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram devotees. I regularly read this blog which gives me immense positivity and increases our faith in our Sai.

My experience is regarding my PC. One day due to virus, my PC got stuck and hence I was not able to do any work. I called a PC repairing service guy. He came, checked the PC and told me that entire hard disk needed to be formatted and before that backup needs to be taken and for this he would take the PC to his shop as it couldn’t be done at my place and it would take 12 hours. I was hesitant because it had our personal data. I said him that I would call him back. I prayed to Sai that I did not want to handover my PC to any one and He should help me in this matter and I will share this experience on the site. Meanwhile I searched for another PC repairing service and explained them the situation. They told me that entire hard disk need not be formatted and only C drive would be formatted and they would send their technician. The technician came and repaired the PC. I felt relieved. Thank You Baba.

Sai Baba Solved Fight Between Me And My Husband

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I have already shared few of my experience on this blog. I am very thankful for Hetal madam, as I came know more about Baba through this blog.

Coming to my experience, my husband is a short tempered person, he gets angry even for small things on me and our two children. One day for silly reason, he started to fight with me and used very bad words to me, that day was Ekadashi. I was fasting. My mind was very disturbed due to this. When I informed to my in-laws about this, they did not try to solve this fight but tried to create more misunderstandings between me and my husband. They are more jealous on us and I also guess they have done black magic on us. It continued for 2 days. All this time I was chanting Sai Baba’s name and told Baba to solve the problem and 3rd day problem was solved on its own and I got relief. Thank You Baba. Om Sairam…!

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  1. Om Sri Sai Ram
    Dear Baba, please shower your blessings on me. You know my problems, my worries. You know my hopes and desires. I feel so lonely and lost, stuck in a deep black hole. Baba, I have been desperately waiting for a job for the last one year. I recently applied for a job at MSF and I pray and ask you to please please give me this job. I like the job profile very much and I feel that this job will give me the boost required for my career. I will work very hard at this job and I feel that I can be successful and prosper in this role. Baba, you know my dreams and my ambitions. You know my capabilities. I need your blessings baba. Please give me this job at MSF.
    Om Sri Sai Ram.

  2. Baba you know very well which is good for us…just do what you want to do instead what we seek you..I am waiting for your decision

  3. Om sai ram.beautiful experiences.I could appreciate babas face in ekarthi spoon…its awesome. I am having this problem too of being alone,I have chest pain and breathting problem when I fear In night time.

  4. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai I felt that I was driving next to you on road muma my heart is saying that was you that's why today I change my route.may be that was my stupid thinking but yr I am not able to forget you I still miss you please pray to Baba that i will forget you soon if you remember Sai ram


  7. Sairam I m also devotee of Sai in this post all are enjoying miracles of Sai Baba but I m struggling and Baba giving more trouble to me.He left me without Baba how I will live in this world Baba knows all about me .oh sainatha pls help me otherwise kill me

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