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Baba Gave Me A Wonderful Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I have so many experiences with Baba. But this I have written to prove His omniscience. There are so many stories in Satcharithra to prove this. I felt that one such thing has happened in my life too. It still remains as a miracle to me. Om Sai Ram.

I consider Baba as my Guru and father. I was working for an IT firm and I didn’t have time to visit Baba temple everyday. So I made it a practice to visit the temple during weekends, I made it a routine to attend evening Aarthi. I would ask each and every person to sing the Aarthi in temple. When you attend it, your eyes will be flooded with tears. Everytime I attend it, it brings tears to my eyes out of joy. I once wished to Baba that I should attend this Aarthi in Shirdi. My mom didn’t have a successful marriage life because of my father’s behaviour. Everyday was a hell for us. I kept praying continuously to Baba for this and my mom was so keen that I should get married and my life should be good. She was so worried about my marriage and we didn’t have any savings. I always used to ask Baba two things, there should be peace in my family and I should get married soon, as this was my mom’s wish.

My aim was to wait till 26 to get married. Fortunately, I met a person in my life, we fell in love with each other and we decided to convey it to our family. I never thought that this would work as we faced much opposition. One day we both went to a Baba temple and I prayed that I would donate Rs. 100/- if our marriage succeeds. And few days later, everything went good and we got married. I wanted to get married a little late but still Baba made it to happen soon. Then we made a plan to visit Shirdi along with my in-laws. And in Shirdi two great things happened. We went around 3pm to the temple and we planned to return by 6pm. I totally forgot about the Aarthi. We finished our darshan around 5. 30 and we planned to sit in a place near Dwarakamayi. Suddenly the thought of evening Aarthi came to my mind and I was thinking that wish I could attend the aarthi. And I was so worried that we didn’t buy tickets for the Aarthi, also I never knew that Arthi can also be heard outside the Samadhi. We sat in a place where Baba side face was visible through a window. Around 6.15 to 6. 30 it all started “Shree Sashithanantha….” My joy knew no bounds and I was enjoying the Aarthi by seeing my Shirdi Sai Baba in Shirdi.

When we were about to leave, there was a small girl who was selling Baba’s photocards. 2-3 people never bought from her. Suddenly she came to me and she started crying that she needs Rs. 100/- to buy textbooks and that she couldn’t afford to buy. I asked her not to cry and I gave the amount. I was thinking that why she didn’t ask me to buy the photocards and why she just asked for the money. After getting Udi, I was searching for her but couldn’t find her anywhere. And then I realised that I promised to give Rs. 100/- as dakshina to Baba if my marriage succeeds and forgot it later. And thus my debt to Baba was cleared. Baba is everywhere. Baba is in each one of us. Even my dad became responsible and our life took a turn after visiting Shirdi. And I was also happy that I got married at the right time. I have got a caring husband and I consider him to be a gift of Baba. Seeing my devotion he has also become an ardent devotee of Baba.

I would ask each and every devotee to make Baba sit in our heart. You can always hear his voice. I have experienced this in my life and I am experiencing it always. I have placed Baba’s photo separately so that I can offer Him neivediyam of our wish always. Baba is ready to accept anything from us. It’s not necessary that you should have a shower to make food for Him or to stand before His photo. Before having coffee, please keep a glass of milk before His photo. Let it be breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, please make it a practice to offer Him before you eat. Make Him a person in Your family. I love the relationship of a daughter and father and I have longed to get my father’s love and affection. Baba is my father I always speak to Him. You can hear Him often. If something happens against your wish, never scold Baba. One day you will come to know why that wish wasn’t fulfilled. He will give you the answer for all your questions, not immediately but few days later. I have stopped believing in Astrology, I always have my hope and faith in Baba. He is everything. Baba’s satcharithra is an awesome book I bet that if you read it daily you can see a different self of yours. Each and every story will give you an answer and enlightenment. I wish and pray to Baba that each and every single person should get the fruit of happiness, joy and blessings from Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Does Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Priyanka from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. Thanks to Hetalji for maintaining this blog, reading this blog turns out to be a blessing for all devotees. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from Pune. I have been blessed with many miracles; every miracle has an entry in my notes. It just goes on filling with days, thanks to Sai Baba. Sorry Baba for posting this late. The experience will show how Baba fulfils all wishes of devotees. He is there throughout with them.

While reading Sai Satcharitra, I came across offering of Bakul flowers to Baba by a devotee. This remained in my mind for a long time and I wished I too could offer Bakul flowers to Sai Baba. We went to Shirdi, Baba blessed us but somehow I could not manage offering Bakul flower there. I later prayed that when I return home, I will look out for Bakul flowers and offer to Baba’s picture at home. One day I started from office at about 7:30 pm in search of Bakul flowers. All nearby flower sellers told me only at Mandai in Pune you will find it and no where else. In Pune there is place called Mandai where one usually gets all the grocery, flowers, Fruits and like everything. I went to the flower bazaar there. It was like an entire lane of flower sellers there or even more than that. I checked at every shop, despite hearing from all of them that this was not the season of Bakul and no where in Pune you will find it.

I saw few flower shops had Sai Baba’s picture and then I knew today whatever it is, Baba is there with me. He has given me sign that He is there with me, I will definitely get Bakul flowers. I kept on checking at all vendors with this faith in my mind. At one of the shops I met a very kind lady who helped me, she said you will not find these flowers in any shop now but there is a Murlidhar temple inside which is a big Bakul tree. Go check that out. Yes, it seems like Baba came in her form and directed me. I thought of checking a nearby temple before going to the Muralidhar temple. No luck there. Then I followed the lady’s words and started towards the Muralidhar temple. I did not know the way, but again Baba was there with me. At every point I met all kind people. Thanks to them, they showed me the way. On the way I kept on seeing a vehicle having Baba’s picture. Yes signs of Baba being with me throughout again. I finally found the temple.

There was a group of ladies sitting in the temple. I asked them, where was the Bakul tree in the temple. I had seen the Bakul Flowers, before but not the tree. They said there it stands. They told me it’s not the flowering season yet so the tree does not bear many flowers yet. Still with these words I did not get low, I knew Baba was there with me and today I will take home Bakul flowers. And yes thinking so I told ladies I would check if I see some flowers under the tree or on it. They said try out, its 8:15 and dark you might not be able to see. I went towards the tree and there it was the Bakul flower. It was very tiny and delicate. I found exactly 5 of them. They had fallen below the tree. I came home and offered them to Baba. My faith in Baba increased multifold. How an impossible happening turned out to be so simple. A complete miracle! Thanks was a very small word for Baba and all Those who supported me to get these flowers. If you have complete faith in Baba then nothing is impossible, miracle will definitely happen. Om Sai Ram to all Devotees.

Baba’s Miracle With My Husband Heart’s Health

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi everyone I am one of our Baba’s children. I would like to thank Hetalji and team for this site. This is my second post in a month as I am still waiting for the first to be published. Baba helped me again. He always proved He is with me all the time. But recently when I read the devotees’ experiences I asked Baba why don’t You give me darshan or do some big miracle just to show You are with me, then Baba scolded me saying why do You need proof, You are already in my lap. I am taking care of everything. I was dumb struck to see this reply from Baba. Yes I am very confident today only because of Baba knowing He is with me and he is taking care of my life and he showed it once again in the following incident that I am about to write.

Recently my husband was complaining a lot about stomach bloating, indigestion and pain in the left arm, I started getting worried thinking is it something related to heart and asked my husband to go to gym, he ran for 30 minutes on tread mil and said he didn’t feel shortness of breath but was feeling tired. Usually he runs 3. 5 miles and still be active. I was relieved a little because he could run so it might not be heart attack. It didn’t get better even after 5 days. so I asked him to go to urgent care as we don’t have a primary care physician. With all his symptoms doctor suggested ECG which showed abnormality. He immediately asked him to go to the emergency, he came home and on the way he called an ambulance. I don’t have a driver’s licence so I couldn’t drive, my husband was not in a state to drive to hospital. I didn’t want to wait for ambulance so I went to my neighbour who is an Indian doing his residency in the same hospital. I requested him to drop us. He immediately agreed and came to drop us. All the while I was crying and praying Baba everything should be fine and to please make sure that my hubby was fine.

When I got into his car I saw Baba’s picture with blessing pose. I was then relieved that everything would be fine, even though echo showed a heart attack. I have a small Baba kerchief which I got from Baba Samadhi when I went to Shirdi back in 2007. I gave that to my husband to keep it with him when he was admitted, which he refused and I got scared again but couldn’t say anything to him as he was already tensed. Then I came back home with the same person as my husband was admitted and I have 2 kids 4 years and 2 months old. When I came home I checked my bag and couldn’t find the Baba cloth. I got panicked and called my husband, he said it was with him, my daughter gave it to him so he kept it. This time I got strong feeling he will be fine. After all the tests next day they said everything was good with heart hand pain must be some sprain, but got positive for hypothyroid. I thanked Baba so much for saving him from such a huge problem and it came out as some minor issue. Thank You Baba Thank You so much for everything, for my daughter’s health as well as for her normal results regarding some health issue. Thank You so much Baba, please take care of my family and all Your devotees who depend on You Baba. Please shower Your blessings Baba. I surrender to Your lotus feet, please take care of me.

My Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Sairam everyone, I am a long time devotee of Sai and regular reader of this site and would like to share my recent experience.

I lost my Key chain since couple of days which had home, car, mailbox and backyard keys and was searching on and off, since I had a duplicate key for emergency purposes. After 3 days I was concerned of what if the key goes into wrong hands, I wasn’t sure if I lost at home or outside the home. I was doing Sai smaran on the 3rd day and searched the entire house for couple of hours and couldn’t find the key chain. But in my mind, I knew Baba was testing me and He will help me find the keys(I had misplaced many things in the past from jewellery to wallet to phone and Baba always helped me find the items).

It was almost evening after searching for almost the whole day, I took shower and went and prayed in our puja room to help me find the key and I was really tired trying to find it. I came to another room and was blaming my husband saying he might have misplaced it, thinking he might have used it last. Suddenly a thought occurred to me and I asked him to check in his car and lo the key was found, in fact I dropped it in his car when we went out last time. But the thought never occurred to me while I spent hours searching for it.

When I read some of the experiences in this site, I used to think why people reach out to Baba for very small things, but when I experienced such a small thing of losing key in spite of having duplicates, I very badly wanted to find it and I prayed to Baba to help me find it and said I would post the experience on this site. In a way Baba taught me a lesson, not to judge others of their experiences.

Baba had saved me many times from very serious troubles(once almost pulled me from death from a accident on freeway) and has given me everything I wanted in life and always is there for me during tough times either guiding me through Sat Satcharitra or questions/Answers website. Baba, Thank You for always being there in my life and never let me stray away from You. As promised, I am posting today’s experience.

Baba Gave Us Hope And Confirmed Our Tickets

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Tushi Deb from India says: Our beloved Baba is all pervading. He who loves Baba actually can see Him everywhere. Baba knows the problems of His children and comes to help them as soon as we cry for His help, however big or small the problem may be.

Baba’s love and blessings are unfathomable especially for His children who have nobody else in this world. Baba came to help us during a very testing time and saved us from tensions. All of us know that getting a confirmed berth at the Rajdhani Express these days is a matter of sheer luck and chance. All our fellow children of Baba who travel by train know the harassment that one has to go through if one needs to have a confirmed berth especially lower berths when one is travelling with a senior citizen and a four year old child. We had to travel to New Delhi from Kolkata at a very short notice. The Rajdhani Express seemed the safest train for us. Now getting a berth at the first class compartment of this train was very, very tough as this class remains booked most of the time as VVIPS, bureaucrats and political leaders travel through this class. As I purchased the wait listed tickets of first AC, I was very jittery as I knew these would never be confirmed. But Baba assured me every time that He would get the tickets confirmed and that I should not worry about it. The day dawned. We had packed our bags and my mother who is a senior citizen was very jittery as Baba had got her ticket confirmed and my ticket was yet to be confirmed! At around 11:30 am, Baba told me, “Maa, your tickets are confirmed. You and your family will travel happily and safely. Don’t worry. “That’s the miracle, when you start believing in our most beloved Baba. And around 11:45am, a message from the railway authorities beeped in my phone confirming our tickets at the first class coach of the Rajdhani Express that too without having any VIP connections, quota concessions etc! When Baba intervenes it’s surely going to be a super success! Just trust Baba blindly and He will do the rest! Love You Baba. Love You so much. Om Sai Parabrahmana Namah.

Sai Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Senthil from India says: I would like thank the team for maintaining this blog. I wanted share to one of experience in this blog, I was praying Sai Baba along with other God. My daughter was suffering from a skin condition. I was very much worried and cried praying to make my daughter 1000% alright.

One day with heavy heart I purchased a Sai Baba’s photo from market and hung in front of my daughter where she sleeps. That day night I was not able to sleep. I was praying that my daughter should become alright, happy, live happily her whole life. After long time I slept and I got dream, in which Sai Baba came. I was astonished in dream by seeing Him, all devotees nearby were telling Baba won’t come out of Samadhi for all, you and your daughter are so blessed. Then He gave me and my daughter porridge like thing and He asked us to take, initially I was reluctant, then me and my daughter took. I asked Him was it amirtham? He said do not worry, your daughter will be 100% alright, all skin conditions will go of in 2 or 3 months, doctor would be surprised, she will live her whole life happily. He also told that I came out to help you just because of your mother’s punniyam comparable to mother Teresa. From that day I started praying Sai Baba for my daughter, we went Shirdi in that week, we had very good darshan with my 5 months old son, mother, daughter, wife. Then skin condition has gone and doctor got astonished by the recovery, he stopped all the medications except cream and nutrition supplements. All skin conditions have gone completely and now she is very hale, healthy, and happy. Thank You is very, very small to this, but I want thank Baba for this miracle happened in my life. Me and my wife are in guru vrat for my children’s health, happiness, prosperity and all. I also want all devotees’ blessings to us along with our father Sai Baba.

Prayers for Today: Baba Please Listen – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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