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Faith Changes Fate

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I am Sai’s Daughter. Om Sairam. These 3 are the breathing words (Om Sai Ram) for my life. I would like to thank Hetalji and entire team working on this website by helping us read and share the experiences. May Baba bless you and your family with a health, wealth and prosperity in your lives. My experience is about how Faith Changes Fate… Project Team Change.

Sorry for long post but at the end you will understand, ‘GOD can turn any worst situation into the best’. My Husband stays in US, Me and my kid went for summer vacation to US by taking leave in my office. As I was on long leave and then re-joined back to my work, then difficulties started after my vacation. Believe me every day was not ended without tears in my eyes and this was due to one lady in the team. She was playing politics and she had very strong voice and Good communication and always says bla bla bala about me with strong voice and everybody believes that because am not such talkative and I don’t know how to protect myself. Initially I tried, because of my communication and their trust on her, my team manager and leader were not believing what I said. With all this, I felt more frustrated. Only myself and my kid stays at home, so all my frustration goes on my kid (7years old). I was feeling very bad and behaving madly but I was not able to tolerate situations in office. As soon as, I reached home one or other way my kid would again make me frustrated so all my anger would grow and show on him. After sometime I repent myself for doing like that, this went for 6 months.

Day-by-day I was becoming frustrated and losing hopes on myself because in office everybody blames me for one or the other reason. I don’t know how to convince them and was not aware of why this was happening? Because I have worked in the same project with other team around 2 years, within that time I got good name regarding my technical skills but they are blaming me now for everything. So I decided to change my team to my old manager with whom I worked before going for vacation. But before that, I asked Baba regarding this. He responded that ‘to be in current team’. So I thought may be in future, things will settle but instead of that it was unsettling i. e, My Team leader shared wrong feedback to my Manager stating that my work (technical skills) and other things are bad. By Baba’s Grace, My Manager understood the situation and called me to discuss about this. I told him everything happening in team. This was due to team politics and all because of that lady. Then I requested for team change but He tried to convince me stating, be in the same team and apart from that Baba’s order were also the same. So I decided to be in the same team. But day-by-day things are growing in such a way that I can’t tolerate.

Dear Readers don’t think that am a weak person because I am not able to handle things. But imagine 10 people always cornering you in each and every meeting and insulting you for whatever you are talking and whatever you are doing for around 5 months. Then automatically after some days you will get mentally depressed or feel low. So I decided for team change thought that whatever happens that will be by Baba’s Grace only. So Believing in Him, I requested again my manager about my team change and told him that due to all this, my personal life also getting affected. Then He finally agreed but not for the old team but for some other team and he is giving a chance and will see 3 more months about performance and if not satisfied then. My current team lead was telling that in new team, work will be very tough and no clear requirements and all, so not sure how will you handle and survive and some of my other colleagues also informed same to me but I decided that apart from this team any other team would be good, where I can show my performance.

In my project, 4 sub teams are present so I have shifted from team3 to team1, so am still part of same project. If you notice, compared to good, bad travels very fast. After I changed the team, lot of rumours and discussions about me in the team happened behind me. Some were telling that, ‘we heard that they only removed you due to lack of efficiency and others defining things in their own way and others cut relationship with me even though they are friends for me since last 2 years and would go for lunch altogether but after this. They were not calling me for lunch and some others stopped talking with me. So even am part of 50+ team members, I was alone.

I remembered Sai and remained silent but still some good people in team were encouraging and telling me that ‘Don’t bother about those words and don’t go down, so prove yourself again’. I only remembered Sai and other Gods and carried on my day-to-day tasks. Now Sai Miracles started, I have joined in team during mid of January2017, it was a support project and within a month I handled 30+ tickets and the way of understanding and dealing with customers was good and also becoming expertise in some of issues. So team started calling me as a ‘Support Queen’. Now I come to know why Sai did not agree to go to my old team, because the nature of work would be same in both the teams (my old team and team3) and there needs to include maximum efforts and lot of dependency on other colleagues and it would be a mess again. I got opportunity to work in team1(support team) because recently one of the team member left, so they invited me to join else I wouldn’t have got this chance, this and all Sai Leela. This is our Sai. He never lets us down. If He does not give what we want at a time, it means something more precious is awaiting us and He has something much better planned for us. This is the lesson I learnt.

All going good and new team mates and lead are also very good compared to current team. I am very thankful to my Sai in the form of my manager who provided me a chance to prove myself, but one day I did a small mistake and my manger misunderstood me and I tried to prove it but it was in vain, so he sent a mail to my parent company manager stating ‘He is not happy with my performance’ but due to Sai’s Grace he didn’t take it seriously because I was working in the same company around 4 years and never heard anything like this. This was all because I was posting this experience very late after 3 months, sorry Baba for this because I wanted to wait for some time and then post it. Dear Sai Devotees, I am sure most of us go through times when everything seems hopeless and we feel as if we have no way out; however, Baba brings hope in even the darkest hours of life. He always walks alongside us. No matter how big the problem is or how tough the situation seems, Baba brings it under control and also helps me to keep calm and have patience to deal with it. I want to thank Baba from the bottom of my heart for always being with me, which is my biggest strength/Asset.

Shree Sai Showing He With Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Sai Devotee Danish from India says: Hi I am Danish From India I am in Shree Sai’s holy feet for 6 or more years. I have posted a couple of my experiences here before, still waiting for my post to get published. I have so many experiences but I am going to share a just three of them for now.

My first experience is related with Nav Guruvar Vrat. I started Nav Guruwar Vrat form 2nd March and in navaidhya in every fast always had bananas plus some sweet or homemade dish or dry fruits etc. But I always had banana in navaidhya but on ninth Thursday vrat I forgot to buy bananas a day before. I thought my sister or mom will buy as they know this but they too forgot. I thought it was as per Baba’s wish so it was okay. So next day (Thursday) I was thinking that I offer banana during every fast so I asked Baba to give me a sign if He wanted me to go and buy banana or wanted me to proceed. Then mom suddenly told me that I should have bought bananas like every Thursday and she repeated same and told me to buy bananas. I was preparing dish for navaidhya and I didn’t want to go to buy banana because I was feeling weak as I have chronic health issues and I also have major depression, anxiety etc. for years, so I prayed to Baba to help me with this. I thought if nothing happens before I complete this dish, I would go but suddenly my father went outside and bought bananas without even me asking him. Thing to note here is that my father kind of hates me a lot and he just won’t even listen whenever we tell him to do something. So it was a miracle that he did that without even we asking him.

One day I lost my wallet. I searched everywhere because I knew that Sai was with me and I’ll find it but I didn’t ask for His help. I thought I should find it myself as I should not bother Sai for little things. But at last I started chanting Om Sai Ram and yeah in a couple of minutes I found my wallet in my bag. Of course I had searched my bag before. Then I was confused should I share this experience or not because I didn’t pray Sai to help me find it. I just chanted and found, so did Sai help me or not this time. I asked Baba if I should share my experience or not? I on the same day, I saw similar experience where someone lost his wallet and found by Baba’s grace. So this was my Baba’s sign and I am sharing it here.

The third one’s today’s. On Adhyapan we gave Golden dress in Sai temple, priest told us that they will dress Sai Ram in that dress next Thursday (that was last Thursday) but they didn’t do so. I was a little disappointed. Today (Thursday) I was taking a nap, just a couple of hours before going to temple and I saw Sai of the same temple in yellow golden dress and I woke and I knew it was my Sai telling me that He was dressed in the same dress that I gifted. As I don’t think they have any yellow or golden dress other than the one I gifted. I thought if this dream comes true then surely I will have Baba’s blessings with me and yeah He was dressed in the same dress. If it was not the miracle then how could Sai show me that He was with me via dream?

Dear devotees please have faith as I am Sai’s devotee for years but didn’t have miracles cause I didn’t have much faith in Baba. But from December I started reading experiences on this site. My faith increased and now Baba is showing His presence. I have so many miracles but my post is already so long, sorry for that I just request you to have faith because only if you have faith you’ll see Baba’s presence in your life. Thank You Baba for making Hetalji do this glorious work. Hetalji please edit wherever you think it’s necessary. Baba, please help everyone. Please make every soul pure so that they can also get Your blessings. Please forgive for mistakes. Love You Sai Om Sai Ram.

Sai Is My Ganesh, Saraswathi And Laxmi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I am Sai’s Daughter. Thanks for giving us such a nice platform that directly connects everyone to Baba’s heart and spreading Sai love and His Leelas amongst all the devotees. Hetalji and team, you and your family are blessed by Baba endlessly. I have a habit a reading Sai Satcharitra but now I am reading this as Sai Satcharitra as it is having all Baba’s Leelas. I am sharing couple of Experiences and my Prayer request. Sai Is My Ganesh(Knowledge), Saraswathi(Certification) And Laxmi(H1B).

In my company, my manager recently informed me to complete certification exam. I was just informed 1 month before exam and with project challenges at office and handling kid alone at home, it was very difficult for me to clear the exam. Other thing was it was not related to my domain. So I thought Baba I will try my level best but Your grace only can help me to clear the exam. When I attended exam, the paper was very tough, all were confusing and that too it was a latest version. Hence, the model questions also were very less. So I thought, I may not clear it and submitted my exam. Surprisingly I Passed! My Heart Alive! I can only say this was due to Baba’s grace. He doesn’t want His children to go down.

There will be many situations which will come to test our patience. Please do not give up. If something makes us to suffer and cry, it is because of our karma. Even during those toughest times, our Sai will protect us with shelter. So that karma cannot do big harm to us. I would like to share my another experience here, my husband stays in US and am staying alone in India with my 6 years old kid. It is very difficult for me to manage my kid alone. By Baba’s grace, I have applied for H1b but it’s purely depends on lottery system and thinking only His Grace can help me. I prayed Him only if it will pick then will post the experience. By Baba’s Grace it was picked but initially it was RFE, we thought it would be clear and again now its denied by US people not sure why. I only believe in Baba that if He accepts my wish then definitely it will be approved again, am praying for that only because I have waited for 2 years to go with this type of Visa. If it’s not approved, then there is no use for my waiting and my kid also doesn’t get good education for last 2 years due to I am unable to manage all things alone.

Dear devotees kindly pray for me, it’s been very difficult to stay alone and managing all the things without anybody’s support and other thing is there are lot of family disputes. One thing I can say, if you are wealthy and happy enough, people will be around you to get benefits but if you are sad and in need, people will show their true colours. This happened with my family members. I am fed up with all these things; I am only waiting for Saimaa Approval. I have been going through a challenging phase of my life and Baba is only my strength and support. It’s true that others may forsake us but Baba will always stand by us, no matter what? Love You Baba, kindly understand my situation and help me. Also for all the people who are in need, help them too, because we are totally depended You Baba. Apart from Parents, Who else will help their children, You are my Saimaa, so kindly help me. Om Sri Satchidanandha Samartha Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!! Sarvejana Sukino Bavanthu. Om Sairam.

Baba Is Always With U

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Firstly I would like to thank Hetalji and team for doing such a great service to all devotees. I’ve posted 5 of my experiences before which are yet to be published. Whenever I feel sad or depressed Baba is the only hope and lifeline. He give me peace in no time.

Coming to my experience. . I’m running a business and everything was perfect. One day there was a clash between my manager and my person. Because of this my manager decided to leave the job and I was in a blank state. He is talented and he is the one who does all my accounting and my customers have got habituated to him and sales were really good. I tried to convince him to stay back but his decision was very firm and he wanted to leave. I was so much worried and very disturbed. In such times who else would be our saviour other than Sai Ma. I prayed Him that he should stay back and continue his work with us. But my manager’s decision was same again. Then I lost all the hope but I kept asking Baba to help me.

The next day my manager and that person talked to each other and sorted things out. My manager came and said that he’s not going anywhere out and staying with us to work. I felt so happy and shocked how this was possible. This was all because of Sai Ma and He wanted to warn me not to depend on anyone and to get all the things into my hands. From today I’ve decided to learn everything related to my business and not to live with fear that my manager will leave. Thank You Sai Ma. Your ways are unbelievable.

My another experience is: I have a puppy. He’s a toy breed and very sensitive. Because of summer he got sick and he was suffering from stomach pain. Whenever he gets stomach pain he suffers completely for 2days and he won’t eat anything. He keeps screaming. It feels unbearable to see him that way. All I did is I rubbed his stomach saying Om Sai Ram and made him sleep for sometime. After waking up he was behaving very normal and playful. I was amazed because before it used to be very severe even after taking rest. Only Sai Ma can do these kind of miracles. He takes care of His children. Only thing we have to do is to trust Him and leave everything at His lotus feet. I want to marry my boyfriend but his parents aren’t accepting. I used to get depressed for my problem and cry daily. But my faith in Sai Ma made me strong that we both will get married by the grace of Baba. He knows what’s best for me and when to give me. I’ll come back to share my experience after getting married to my love. Sai Ma please bless all Your devotees with health, wealth and happiness. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Love Is Unconditional

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you Hetalji and her team for giving us such a wonderful platform to share Baba’s leela. I am Archana from India and want to share the recent miracles which happened in my family by the grace of my Baba, please forgive me if there is any spelling mistake as I am not so good in writing.

Experience 1: My family was really worried about my sister’s marriage as her age is 28 and we were not getting the right match for her. So my parents were very worried due to society and relative’s pressure. So we all were praying hard to Baba to bless my sister with very nice family and dream life partner. By Baba’s grace I got a chance to visit Shirdi in April 2017. After my visit to Shirdi on next Thursday we got a very good proposal for her and by the grace of Baba everything got fixed and everyone in my family is so happy for her as it seems like Baba Himself planned this proposal.

Experience 2: As my father is a government employee and you know how hard it is to have promotions and transfer as per your wish, as my father was having promotion exam and on that basis only his transfer was decided and as I have shared because of my sister’s wedding plans and all we didn’t want any transfer to happen. So we prayed to Baba to make my father clear the promotion exam and that he should not be transferred to other city. By Baba’s blessings my father got promotion and was not transferred as this was his last promotion as only few years are left for his retirement. After this incident my father also started believing in Sai Baba. Thank You so much Baba.

Experience 3:My mother’s age is in fifty’s. She was suffering from severe knee pain, at times she was not able to walk. I prayed to Baba to please cure her as I can’t see my mother in pain and told my mother to take Udi mixed with water and apply some on her knee and daily worship Baba. Now she too is amazed that her pain has vanished completely and she is far better now. It’s all because of Baba, due to the blessings of Baba my whole family started believing Him. Thank You so much Baba for everything. May Baba bless everyone with good health and lots of happiness. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Relieved The Pain

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces | http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sri Sai Nathayanamaha. I am a small devotee of our beloved Sai. I live in Hyderabad, I have two sons 5years and 2years old.

15days back my mother-in-law was admitted in a hospital due to high fever and got discharged on the same day with Baba’s grace. It would have been very difficult to stay in hospital along with my son night time if she was not discharged on the same day. Next day fever was not there but she suffered with pain in left side from head, shoulders to chest. Pain was there for two days and she could not sleep. I had given her a pain killer tablet at night. So she slept. In the morning again she said pain was there. I was preparing breakfast, took oil in spoon and I closed my eyes and prayed to Baba that I don’t have Udi with me to give her, please relieve her pain. I have applied that oil on dosa and given her. What a miracle, slowly she got relieved by afternoon. Thank You Sairam for Your love.

Coming to next experience after four days my 5years old son vaccine due date was ahead, he has lot of fear with injections. I prayed Baba to make it done, with Baba’s grace it was done without any problem. But for 2nd injection given on left thigh he cried and moved rapidly like anything. Pain was very high at night, given him pain killer tablet. But next day in the morning he was unable to walk due to pain. Again I prayed to Baba to make him to walk and play normally and had given him tablet. He was able to walk and run by evening. Thank You Sairam. Om Sai Ram. Please be with me and my family always. Please bless me to get my dream job and make me a successful woman. It is not so easy, but I have faith in You, please be with me in preparation for exam, writing exam and make me clear written exam as well as interview to get that job. Please be behind me in all situations to get success in all the ways. My husband is facing financial crisis due to his friend given up hands after taking lot of money (they are only our savings). Now we are surrounded by all debts, please show Your mercy to get back all the money soon, so that we can join my son in good school. I have now kept everything at Your lotus feet. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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