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How Baba Gave Me My Most Special Birthday Gift

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Arti M Goyal from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone. I am Arti From India. Firstly thank You Baba for choosing me as Your devotee and showering Your immense Grace. Thank you Hetalji for this wonderful platform which is inspiring millions of people.

I am a very simple girl who worshipped all Gods. It was lucky day in month of April 2016 when first my mother-in -law got acquainted with whatsapp group Sai Darbaar by Pooja Garg. Till then I only knew there lived in Shirdi a saint named Sai Baba. But I was unaware of His leelas and miracles. My mother-in -law informed me of the group and then I don’t know what happened, I started reading daily messages and experiences from Hetalji’s blog that were shared in Sai Darbaar. Slowly my interest was developing. In that duration I also met Pooja Garg and heard from her personally, her real life experiences of Baba. I was speechless. I didn’t know how it was possible? Later I myself joined the group and awaited daily for devotees’ experience.

Now starts my experience. I was married in 2011 and I am very lucky to have a very loving partner and in-laws. In 2013 we decided to a plan for baby. A year passed only with negative results. We went to gynaecologist and did every possible thing to have a baby, but all in vain. Our desperation started growing each day. We shifted from doctors to doctors to mode of treatment from allopathy, homeopathy and even Ayurvedic but ended just with failure. My mother-in-law was supportive throughout but I started losing patience. That’s when Baba took me under His Lotus feet. I decided to start Nav guruvar vrat on the special day i.e my birthday and prayed Baba to please grant me my birthday gift as a cute baby. I want nothing else. Those were days which increased my faith and patience level. I also got acquainted with Magical powers of Udi, I applied daily on forehead and stomach and mixed little Udi in water and drank it daily. With Baba’s Grace I also completed 1 week Parayan of Sai Satcharitra. That was the time I actually knew the leelas of Baba and my faith doubled. I waited patiently each month for my birthday gift.

In month of September Pooja Garg visited Shirdi and with a dry coconut, performed all rituals as stated in Sai Satcharitra chapter no 36 (The coconut was offered to Baba and half was brought for me as Baba’s blessing and Prasad ). She also said she doesn’t know any astrology or anything but the inner voice says that I would conceive or deliver within 12 months from the day of eating the prasad. During her Shirdi visit Pooja had also prayed for me like when she goes for Darshan Baba should wear Pink or blue or combination to assure that my wish will be fulfilled for baby. In morning Baba wore pink. She did send the pic, but that was not an obvious shade of pink I felt (on phone in picture the shade appears sometimes different than in reality) and I had a doubt whether we get our answers based on the colour of the dress that Baba wears. So just to confirm I said if in evening if Baba wears pink again then I will get all my answers. And lo Baba wore a very exact shade of pink. I was surprised how Baba confirmed His Faith in me.

In meantime I started reading Stavan Manjiri on Ekadashi. In December a 9 days group parayan with minimum 9 or more people was done for me by Pooja and 9 members. Some of them were whom I never saw also. Our group Parayan was a success as Baba blessed it. Yes on the last day of our Parayan Baba came to my home in the form of Pink idol. Actually Pooja had brought a Pink idol from Shirdi for me long back but due to some nor the other reasons I wasn’t able to get it. But that evening my father-in-law finally got it. So this way our Parayan was trully successful and I expected a news in that month itself.

After our Parayan Baba continuously wore pink colour dress many a times a day that too till 1 week which had never happened before. I was very happy but higher expectations just brought me down to earth. I tested negative for the pregnancy test, but as said Baba has His own timings. I was very upset. In that I said there was nothing like miracles happens. But my mother-in-law explained me to be patient. I apologised Baba at that time itself. I am really sorry Baba for that day. In same time on 23rd December 2016, Pooja also asked in Prashanavali for me question for asking “Arti’s good news next month” ( because as per chapter 36 as we believed that I should get my pregnancy test positive by January atleast so that I deliver in a years time till September) So for this the reply came ” A boy will be born. Greeting letter or telegram will come. If the work is Mumbai, Thana sector. It will be completed” I was actually really stunned with the answer as we were seeing a doctor in Mumbai only. I never knew what was waiting for me in the new year and yes as said Baba’s timing is just perfect I got my birthday gift. Yes I tested positive for pregnancy in January 2017. The news of my positive result came through blood reports at my home. (it all happened as per the answer given by Baba) my happiness knew no limits. On the day of the test also Baba wore Pink colour dress. I thanked Baba at that very moment for granting me my birthday gift. True to Baba’s words ( Sai Satcharitra Chapter 36 ) after Pooja brought the dry coconut Prasad I conceived within 12 month’s time and I my gynac said that I will deliver by second week of September. Thank you Pooja for everything and showing me the right path.

As scheduled I went for my very 1st scan in February. Before the scheduled date I prayed Baba to be present during my scan before I reach. As said in Sai Satcharitra chapter 46. If Baba accepts a devotee, He follows him and stands by him day and night. Let the devotee go anywhere he likes, Baba is there ahead of him in some form. Little did I know that Baba is hearing me. As I stepped in Diagnostic centre I saw a huge frame of Sai Baba. I almost cried. My faith increased more and now I know Baba is protecting my baby. Baba please bless me throughout my pregnancy with healthy baby and safe delivery I request everyone please never lose faith and always be patient (I know it’s very difficult) Baba only gives us the Power for the same. Jai Sai Ram.

We would like to inform you all that as Baba had said so (screenshot attached) on 23/12/16 in prashnavali. Arti ji is blessed with a baby boy on this Thursday (7/9/2017). His words came true and for everything He has a perfect timing even for publishing the experience!

The Trustee-Our Deva

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Jai Sainath. Blessed to share this experience on Baba’s day. Sai…Sai to all the devotees of our merciful deva. It is very difficult to shape and express the love Baba bestows on us every single second of our lives. My experience here will state how Baba anticipated the worst situation and gave the solution for the same without disturbing anyone’s peace of mind as well as the family atmosphere. Sorry for the lengthy post. The experience goes on like this:

My father is retired and he has a partnership with my uncle (his younger brother). The partnership is existing from the last 30-32 years. In this tenure we all had seen our life turning topsy-turvy but we all never left each other’s hand. This includes my sister suffering from cancer and passing away, my uncle’s court case for divorce and losing his sons, my parents major car accident due to which my mother lost her knee bone. I hope you all Sai brothers and sisters can imagine what sort of life we used to lead in those days. The house was always dark with difficulties surrounding us all time. Time changed and a lot of things settled, only the pain we still bear of passing away of my sister.

Now continuing to my experience, as stated that my father and uncle were partners in business. The shop belonged to my father and godown (store room for goods) to my uncle, but when our entire family separated, the shop and godown were not in the name of my father and uncle. The shop was in the name of one of the eldest brother of my dad and the godown was in the name of my grandfather. Things were going on in this fashion since years and as me and my father had entire faith on my uncle we never thought anything wrong would happen. But on 22/3/2017 my uncle went to the landlord and got the shop registered in his name. I would like to add here that he was in no mood to do so, but due to some other influences he took this decision and as soon as he came back getting the shop registered in his name, he became restless and told me the entire incident but through someone else. As I am into a different business altogether I am not aware of the daily chores of the shop. But as soon as I heard the same I was in a shock and started scolding my uncle for this decision. He pleaded that he did the same because the landlord without asking for any monetary deposits transferred the shop and he totally forgot that he should inform me or my dad about this. But that day was very bad for me as I thought we trusted him blindly and he got away with our property.

I stopped talking to him for 5 days to see if his behaviour had changed. In those 5 days I never told the same to my father as it would be a huge shock to him. This was only known to my mother and wife and my uncle’s wife. (Second wife). He didn’t call me or meet me in those 5 days. I was anxious and met him on the 6th day. He was as usual with his behaviour and when I asked him why did not he call me in those 5 days and he told that he was very sorry for what happened and could not face me for the same. He told that what the world would say that his brother had given him the shop to take care of the two families and he swallowed the property without his consent. Due to this reason he could not face us and was going through sleepless nights.

Now here comes the leela of our Deva. I told him that if he feels so, then lets go to the landlord again and presenting me as your son transfer the shop in my name. He got ready in a second and we went to the landlord. The landlord told that you could do the same 7 days back when you came for the transfer in your name. We gave them some excuses and he was convinced. He gave us the date for 10/4/2017 for the transfer to be done in my name. To add here we had still 10 days to reach the date but I was not at all anxious now as because I came to know that my uncle was not a cheat, and secondly Baba has now taken control. Days passed and we met as usual. The final day came and we went there for the transfer. I am speechless to tell you all that without seeing any documents or without any cross check ups he transferred the shop in my name. I would also like to add here that the landlord did not ask for any money deposits nor the rent increase as it was increased before 7 days. The day we were going for the transfer process I requested Baba to be with me and make the process go smooth and he was there with me the entire time, protecting me as his son. Love You loads and loads Deva. This would not have been possible if You would not be there. Baba entered in the landlord, my uncle and made the situation possible from impossible. To add here my uncle is also a very devoted Sai bhakt. A true devotee of Baba would never do any harm to anyone in his lifetime. As these things were going on I asked Baba in question and answer site to which Baba replied: Baba says: “poor will be more helpful than rich. Wish will be fulfilled. Remember Sri Sai Baba”. Loads and loads of pranaam to You Baba for maturing this thing.

You do a lot for us but it is impossible for us to repay Your obligations. I have surrendered my entire life to You, please use me as a mere instrument and get things done as pleased to You. I have taken the responsibility for the settlement of the godown too. I request Baba to please intercede and make this also a pleasant memory for all of us. Shower Your blessings on all of us and keep our family united till the last time. Give me the strength to look after my family and my uncle’s family as he is dependent on me. I promise Baba that I will treat him as my father and take care of him when needed. Lots of more experiences to be shared, but will do the same in a different post. Sai…Sai…Sarva Loka Sukhi Bhavantu.

Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: Hi this is my second experience. I live in US. My day begins and ends with Baba’s live darshan. I am nothing without Baba. After the darshan it’s become a habit to read devotees experiences. It gives me immense peace and happiness by going through all the experiences. It is increasing my faith day by day. Sometimes I feel that Baba is talking to me or answering to my problems through these experiences. Thank you Hetal for this wonderful platform. May Baba keep showering His blessings on all His devotees. Through this site you (Hetal and your wonderful team) are bringing so many Sai devotees together and increasing our faith and Saburi with each passing day.

Though my life is full of numerous miracles. This one is very recent one. Few days back my son who is in college was experiencing some pain in his stomach. He went for just a regular check-up. After the check-up doctor asked him for CT scan as she was suspecting appendicitis. The reports came and they found two stones in his appendix. She suggested immediate surgery. Since it was a Friday we took him to urgent care. All the things were so unexpected. I was praying to Baba throughout to save him for surgery. Different doctors were coming and checking him and started performing all kinds of different tests. They told us the final decision will be taken by the surgeon.

Meanwhile I kept praying to my Baba to do another miracle in my life, to save him from surgery. Finally the surgeon came and examined him went through his reports and asked for his CD. He told us after watching the CD, he will tell what needs to be done. After about an hour he came back and told us that after reading his reports he definitely needed surgery. But after watching his CD they are just calcium deposits so there was no need for surgery. What a relief it was! Baba saved us again. I have no words to thank Baba. I think Baba came in surgeon’s disguise to save my son. Thank You Baba for all Your blessings.

As suggested by surgeon we took him to gastaeroentologist after two weeks. Except for one day he had no pain. We went there two days back. After listening to my son and reading his reports he asked us to go to another surgeon. He told us that he needed surgery. We were in the same position which we were two weeks back. I was asking Baba why this was happening again. They told us that his surgery would be done the next day. I was in tears and started praying Baba to save him one more time and kept asking why again when one doctor said no. Whole night I was praying Baba and was scared. Suddenly I came to this site and started reading Baba’s miracles. Got attracted to one of devotee’s miracle in which it was written You are in God’s hand, don’t worry. Don’t know what happened to me started reading that experience. What a surprise I was reading my own experience which I had written few months back. What a coincidence it’s being posted on the day when I needed Baba the most. From that very moment all my worries went away and my mind became so calm. I had no fear about what would happen the next day. As Baba’s word kept coming to my mind don’t worry. I left everything to Baba. Again after a very bad day with so many ups and downs Baba again saved my son from surgery. This was really another miracle in just two weeks.

So at the end I would like to say if you have faith in Baba He will definitely come for your rescue. So please don’t lose faith. Our Baba is always there to help His devotees. Please Baba, please help my son. He should not have that pain again in his life. Please cure him fully. I know our demands are never ending and till we are alive we will keep coming to You for all our difficulties and You will also keep blessings us always. Baba, thank You once again for all Your blessings and for the blessings which are on our way. Baba please keep showering Your blessings on all Your devotees. Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Ma Comes To Rescue

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Sai devotees, I have been writing about Baba’s miracles in my life since last 3 posts and here I am again describing my Sai Maa’s leelas. Sai miracles are beyond human imagination; let me tell you all that every time I think of Sai the great and He appears in front of My eyes in some form or the other. As soon as I think of things and call Him, I find a Sai picture or poster or Sai written in some form or the other.

I’ve a boyfriend who lives in another city, we’re planning to get married but his parents aren’t accepting. Since then both of us are facing lot of problems and misunderstandings. Out of frustration, I’ve sent some hurting messages to him in the night but he was sleeping. Then in the morning I’ve started regretting and was praying Baba to do something and to get me along with big quarrel that’s going to happen between us. I was so much worried that those messages would hurt him badly and what if he breaks up with me. I continuously prayed Sai Ma. Somehow he didn’t see those messages till night as I had sent them to his another phone which he usually leaves at home while going to office.

Till night I was worried about it and asked Sai Ma to help me. At night he came and saw those messages and he got really hurt, by seeing him that way even I got hurt and was crying. He cried and told me not to talk to him. He wasn’t even lifting my calls. I started praying to Sai Baba. Here comes our Sai Ma to the rescue. A second after I prayed I had got the message from him and I called him immediately. This time he had lifted the call and told me that he got hurt. He asked me to forget about messages, not to raise that topic and he talked to me sweetly as usual. I was so much relieved and thought how miraculous is our Sai Ma.

Baba You know what we’re going through and my boyfriend is very soft and scared that he can’t talk against his parents. Please Baba without your miracle it’s impossible for us to get married due to caste, state and language issues. Please shower Your blessings on us and You are the only One who can change his parents’ mind and make them accept me. Finally I’m leaving everything on Your lotus feet to take care of Your child. Do whatever You think is right for me. Everyone please pray for me to get married to the one I love and I shall come again to share that miracle of my life with all Sai children. Baba Take care of each and every devotee of Yours and give them peace in life. Show Your love and grace on everyone Baba because there are devotees who are living with hope and waiting for You to rescue from past life karmas. Please erase our sins and karmas which we all have done knowingly or unknowingly. Om Sairam.

Sai Babaji Kripa

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Meenakshi from India says: I am a small Babaji devotee. Babaji’s blessings are infinite that I cannot thank Him enough. May His blessings shower on Hetalji and other members of this blog as well as all devotees reading this.

I would like to share a Sai miracle which further strengthened my faith in Him. I had to go on two weddings back to back on long distances and I was coming close to my monthly cycle. I requested Babaji to please help me pass the two days as well as next day as it was a Thursday and I wanted to do Babaji’s puja. By Babaji’s kripa I was able to attend both weddings, as well do His pooja on Thursday. I can feel it was Babaji’s grace that helped. As I said I had to attend wedding and had to drive at night. Unfortunately I met with an accident, as a biker all of sudden hit my car. By Babaji’s kripa he did not get much hurt and my car had minor damages. Before starting I had gone to Babaji’s temple and asked for His blessing. It was because of Babaji that a major accident was diverted. Anand Koti Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Udi Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks to Hetalji for running this wonderful blog. Om Sai Ram I was suffering with severe cold and slight headache due to which I couldn’t sleep properly the whole night. There were instincts to take Udi water. In the morning after I completed pooja I was feeling restless so I prayed to God and I put Udi on my forehead and took Udi mixed water. As soon as I took, I was feeling relieved. This is only because of Baba’s blessings. I had promised to Baba that I will share my experience. Thanks to Babaji, I love You as Baba says “Why Fear When I Am Here”.

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  1. Congratulations artiji for the newborn…so blessed to read your experience… And also to poojaji,for helping and praying for artiji….om sai ram….

  2. Om sri sairam
    Thanks a lot for everything Sainath
    Please protect us Sainath bless us Sainath deva
    Bolo sri satchidanand samarth sathguru Sainath maharaj ki jai



  5. Om Sairam. Today my daughter suffering with stomuch pain with digestion problem. She is days old baby. We consult doctor for test. Doctor said my daughter had jandies starting state admit in hospital for three days for light therapy. When we start light therapy my daughter not support us and continuesly crying. I pray baba and lord Balaji stop her crying and support for lighting. Immediately my daughter stop crying and went in sleep smoothly for support light theophylline. Thank you so much baba. Anantha koti Brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogiraja parabrahma Sri satchidananda samardha sadguru sainath Maharaj ki jaiiii

  6. Om sai Ram
    Very blessed experience of first devotee…baba ji bless your this daughter too with the same experience as I am also waiting for miracle of coconut got by you and I believe that I too will have baby with in 12 months…om sai Rakshark sharnam 🙏

  7. OM SAI RAM,to all devotees make SAI happy by performing this miracle 5 day DIVYA POOJA,This is a simple & powerful pooja that everyone can follow to fullfil your wishes. Please follow the procedures given below.

    1) This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis.You can start this pooja on any day but Thursday is preferable.
    2)One has to perform this pooja at the same time for all 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience but time of doing this POOJA should be the same all 5 days.
    3)Light 5 lamps in front of SAI BABA.
    4)Offer 1 flower at the the feet of our dear BABA.
    5)Offer 1 fruit to BABA & distribute it among the family members as prashad.
    6)You can read 108names of SAIBABA along with chanting SAI SAI SAI or any other mantrs that you like.
    7)In the end sing SAI AARTI & pray whole heartedly at the feet of BABA for his blessings
    8) On completion of your POOJA on the 5th day you need to tell 5 people about this miracle POOJA.


  8. Om Sairam.baba please cure my baby from jandies. Last week doctor said jandies levels are low . not to worry. I forgot to thank baba. But yesterday doctor said admit in hospital. Baba please cure your child without any side effects. Anantha koti Brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogiraja parabrahma Sri satchidananda samardha sadguru sainath Maharaj ki jaiii.

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