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Sai Baba – My Love

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a female devotee from India. Om Sai Ram to all devotees and readers of this blog. I don’t know whether I can be called a devotee of Baba in true sense of the term. But I just love Baba. I love to stare at pictures of Baba where ever I get to see them. Even a glimpse of Baba’s photo / sketch / picture makes me emotional. I have lost count of the number of Baba’s grace / blessings on me and my family. Here I pen down a few of the innumerable experiences I had gone through in short.

First: one day I accidentally hit my then 5-year-old son on his chin. One of his teeth of the lower jaw fell off. His mouth got filled with blood and he started crying. I was scared. I just picked up the uprooted tooth, washed it and placed it back into the hollow socket of the jaw. Surfing through the internet I found that once a tooth is uprooted it cannot be planted back into the gum. The same thing was corroborated by the dentist whom I consulted that very day. I was repenting. I prayed to Sai Baba to fix the tooth. With passing time I forgot about it completely. After a few weeks I noticed that my son was biting biscuits normally with his front teeth. He could not do so as his front lower jaw tooth was wobbly because of the hitting incident. I checked his tooth. Wonder of wonders! That tooth was firmly fixed with his gum as if nothing had happened. I could not budge it even slightly. Baba’s blessings did the miracle. This was against the theories of dental science.

Second: About 6 months back our family was on a trip to Kerala. Before the journey, I seeked Baba’s blessings to make our trip pleasant and hassle free. But the very night we reached Kochi my son fell ill with severe food infection and went on vomiting. Whatever medications we tried were all in vain. Time to time he would throw up. We were upset. With our sick son we had to leave for our next destination as we were part of a touring group. The tour manager told us that there was a doctor in our team. But we were not jubilant because all my child needed was medical intervention by a paediatrician (child specialist). Our journey to Munnar via different sightseeing locations was long and son’s condition worsened with severe dehydration. No oral medicines could help him. I was praying to Baba to bail us out of this unnerving situation. Seeing my son’s condition the tour manager spoke to that very doctor. The doctor attended my son and gave him an intravenous injection to stop his vomiting. Dear devotees please note that the doctor was a paediatrician with a M.D. Degree from a renowned institute. As he was touring with his minor son he had brought all the emergency medicines along with him. He later told us that our son was on the verge of collapse, had he not timely intervened and injected him. It was nothing but divine intervention by Baba to save my son. All throughout the phase I kept the faith that somehow Baba will help us. I believe that Almighty and omniscient Baba knew that my son would fall ill and he had sent this qualified doctor to tour with us, that too with all medicines to take care of my son. My son recovered quickly and we enjoyed the trip.

Third: my son had scored 80% marks in his first term exam. I was hopeful that his final marks would be atleast 80% if he fared in the second term in the same way. But he fell ill and missed one paper of the second term exam. In another paper he could not write properly due to weakness related to illness. I was sad because surely his final marks would fall below 80%. I asked Baba about this in the Q & A site and the reply was that “you will succeed and children will benefit”. I was perplexed. When his results came out his final marks was indeed 80% though the marks in the second term was 77%.

Fourth: I was thinking of keeping a Sai Baba photo on my office desk just below the transparent glass sheet covering of the desk. I had even chosen a place for the same. But eventually I used to forget to bring the photo to my office. One day I was a little late for my office. When I reached my desk I found a Sai Baba photo just below the transparent glass sheet of the desk at the same location I had chosen to keep His photo. I was stunned and dumbfounded. Who had placed this? I didn’t tell anyone about my wish! Who did read my mind? So startled was I that I forgot to enquire. After a while one office peon came to meet me. What he said, left me shaken to the core. He told that he was a Sai Baba devotee (I was oblivious of the fact). He had a few pictures of Sai Baba with him. He had distributed all of them but one. Suddenly a thought to give that picture to me crossed his mind. But at the same time he was apprehensive about my reaction if he handed over the photo to me directly. So he placed that one on my desk in my absence. Just think dear devotee as I was forgetting to bring a Sai Baba picture to my office. Baba sent me a messenger in the form of my office peon. Unbelievable are the ways of our beloved Baba! There are many more experiences. Time and space will fall short if I narrate all of them and they are growing in numbers. In conclusion I would like to say that love Baba from the bottom of your heart. Remember Him, pray to Him with same fervour in your bad as well as good times. He will definitely reach out to you in the hour of crisis in His own inexplicable ways. Such is the love and grace of almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient lord Sai. Bow to Sai. Peace be to all. Thanks to all for patient reading. I post this on Thursday, 13th April, 2017.

The Moment I Realised That I am Also Extremely Fortunate

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Rajeswari from India says: Koti Saranam to Appa Sai, the God of this Universe. I am grateful to everyone for maintaining this site and sharing experiences as this site is my everyday healing room. This is my second post here. The first one is related to my marriage, how Baba united me with my love (My Appa Sai United Me With My Love And Solved All The Problems In Marriage#experience1). But below is the first most experience which I had with my Appa Sai. Baba has done lots of miracles in my life and showering His blessings all the times on loved ones every second. I will share the other experiences soon. Here is my first one.

Till 2011, I didn’t know much about our Appa Sai. I’ve seen His pictures on Car glasses, Bikes etc. But I didn’t know about Him at that time. I was working in an IT company – BPO Sector where my only friend had introduced Sai to me. I was facing lots of issues in my work place. I was simply running days without any aim and I was like use of nothing. Then, one day my friend/colleague called me to her desk and gave ‘Sai Vrata Katha’ book in Tamil, stating that she finished Sai Vratham and spoke about Sai Baba. I started reading book and I became very much enthusiastic to start Vratham. That time, I was thinking to move to IT sector but did not take any step on that. Since I was so excited, I started vratham without much wishes except one to guide me in career. I was working in night shift 9.30 pm to 6.30 am.

Every Thursday I used to consume milk, tea and sweets, fruits for 2 times and then sleep. Then evening I used to fresh up and go to Baba temple via public bus/share auto. After the evening arati, I would come home, finish the pooja at home and then having dinner and start to office. This was my routine. I believe that sacred week was a 4th one (4th Thursday), when I was sleeping, I got a dream in which I missed to wake up by time and woke up around 8 o clock (It was happening in dream). I felt bad by missing Baba’s temple, but finishing the pooja by offering flowers to Baba statue and then going office. When I woke from the sleep in reality, the time was just 4 o’clock. The dream was so much real for which I took few minutes to realize that was a dream. Then, I decided to buy one Sai Vikraham (Baba statue) and prayed Baba that I do not have any of Your statue at home but I want to have Your statue when I am entering Your temple. I got ready, thinking how to buy statue. Because of my ignorant, I thought stores will not have Baba statue and getting Sai Vikraham is difficult. When I reached the bus stop where I used to get down from bus, time was 5.45. By 6 o’ clock, arathi was to start and If we went late, we need to stand outside temple as it would be crowded heavily. Hence, I again told Baba that I want to have Your statue atleast before reaching home after arathi and walked towards temple. When I went near to the temple, a deep sadness arose in me and said Baba ‘I asked this for the first time to You; but it did not happen. My wish should be fulfilled at least before reaching home’. Baba’s temple has two entrances. I crossed first entrance, saying in my mind that I am crossing 1st entrance. A thought came to buy Sai Arathy book. I went to the counter and bought a book. In front of second entrance (actual entrance to go inside), a person was distributing some packed gifts. I also gave my hand to him and he handed that gift and it was the last one in his bag. It was heavy. I thought there were some big laddus were inside. I crossed 2nd entrance saying to Baba in my mind that I am crossing 2nd entrance. I sat down and was ready for the arathi. Suddenly, few words were falling in my ears like ‘Sai Vikraham’, ‘Sai Vikraham’. Then I immediately started unpacking that gift. I opened the box. You know Who was inside? It was Baba. Yes, a small white Baba statue. I got so much stunned and became speechless on seeing statue and tears were rolling down the cheeks like a river. Nobody had listened to me in my life. But, the God of universe listened to me. That moment, I became Punyashali in this birth/death cycle. Om Sai Devo Prabo. Your leela is amazing and endless. Thank You for being with us all the time Baba. This small word ‘Thank You’ is not enough. I love You Baba Appa. I love You. My constant wish is being devotee of You in all my births, till Athma is there. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Helped In Visa And Health Issues

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Prakash from India says: This is my second blog post and once again thanks to the Team for running this wonderful blog which increases the faith in all Sai Babaji devotees. In this blog, I would like to explain how Babaji saved my mother and wife from their health issues and made me to come back from Onsite during the Dec’2015. Please forgive me Baba for my delayed post.

I am from Bangalore working in IT industry and was looking for Onsite opportunity. With great difficulty, company processed my Canada Visa and I had to travel in the end of Oct’2015 to Canada. Though I got negative signs since my Travel arrangements to Canada, I ignored/neglected them and flew to Canada on 30th Oct’2015. Since the 2nd day of my landing in Canada, situation started becoming bad and then to worst in next six weeks of time. On 2nd day of my landing in Canada, I got a news that my Mom fell down and her hip ball got hair line crack for which she has to undergo surgery. As my Parents live in my Home town Andhra and no one was there to take care of them in this situation (my sister’s family was on Singapore trip during that time), I became helpless. Then by Baba’s grace one of my cousin helped in all the necessary ways by taking to hospital and serving her a lot. Finally my Sister’s family returned from Singapore trip and took the decision to go for surgery and surgery was successful and my mother recovered with Baba’s grace. This whole situation went on for 4 weeks i.e till end of Nov’15. As everything went well with my mother, I started concentrating on my work in Canada.

Then started one more trauma in Bangalore where my wife and son were only staying. My wife started developing depression symptoms from 3rd week of Nov’2015 which no one noticed (my Son is 12 years old) including me. She used to speak over phone regularly whenever I was away from home, but this time she refused to speak over phone saying that she was busy with doing something. I thought she was really busy as she only takes care of family maintenance alone, so did not pay much attention. My son only used to talk with me over phone always and he also did not notice her behaviour. Gradually, she started not opening the doors and not allowing my son to outside and school as well saying that somebody will take you away if you go out, something like that.

One day when I inquired about my wife with my son, then he explained the situation at home. Immediately I requested my family friends and neighbours to go and see the situation. They immediately called me back and told me that, she was mentally not in our world and did not open the doors even for them also. Then I took a decision to come back immediately and told my son to take care of his mother till I come (for 2 days) and in the mean time I spoke to my brother-in-law to start immediately for Bangalore. In this period my Wife’s situation became too critical and my son started crying whenever I called him and consoled him. My brother-in-law reached Bangalore next day and tried to bring my wife into our world by saying all the things, but no luck. Finally I reached Bangalore on 12 Dec’2015 and I did not see any happy expression on my wife’s face and she was still in her own world. Then took her to Doctor and she did not even respond to Doctor’s questions. Doctor prescribed two types of medicines and told if she did not show any improvement in her condition, need to admit her in hospital. After hearing this, I was completely devastated and prayed Sai Baba and left everything onto Baba’s lotus feet. As soon as she started taking the medicine, by Baba’s grace she started recovering in a quick manner. Went to Doctor for review in 2 weeks, Doctor himself was surprised that he too was not expecting this much fast recovery (again Pranam to Baba ji). Now she is completely recovered, though she needs to continue her medication for a long time. Now coming to my work, since returned from Canada, I did not get any good projects and looking for onsite opportunity again. I am not in a position to decide what to do? I completely surrender to Baba ji’s lotus feet and accept whatever He gives for me. I will keep having faith and patience with Baba’s grace. Sai Baba, once again please forgive me for my mistakes and posting this late. Sairam, Sairam, Sairam.

Baba Sometimes Gives Us What’s Best Not What We Want

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: I am a devotee of Baba who currently lives and works in the US. I’d like to thank the site’s admin and team for putting together and maintaining such a substantial collection of Baba’s Leelas (miracles).

This is an experience that my family went through, beginning in the year 2010. My parents had been running a small business in Africa for over 15 years. Both my parents worked in the business and they had been living in Africa for over 22 years. The country they lived in had slowly seen an increase in the amount of violent crime and especially armed robberies. However, in all the years that they had lived there, they had never been robbed or harmed in any way. However, in late November 2010, that was to change. Late one night in November, 3 armed thieves broke into my parents’ bedroom. My parents who were fast asleep when they broke in, were terrified by this intrusion. They immediately tied my father up and threatened to kill him. My mother who was afraid, screamed and they slashed her face with a knife. My mother, despite her injuries, requested the thieves not to harm them any further. She asked them to take away whatever they wanted and not to harm both of them. The thieves ransacked the place and took what they could. When they couldn’t find anything substantial, they hit my mother again with a steel rod and injured her arm and threatened to hurt her even more. She constantly requested them to take whatever they needed and requested them not to hurt both of them. All through this horrific episode, both my parents called out to Baba and prayed to Him for help. Due to Baba’s divine intervention, the thieves finally decided to leave 45 minutes after they broke in. Though my parents were not severely injured, they were psychologically shaken.

I learnt about this painful episode later in the day and was heartbroken. I thought to myself, “Baba, You say that You will save us even from the Jaws of death. Yet, where were You when this happened? Why should such a terrible thing happen to two God-fearing elderly people, who pray to You every day? Are You not listening to their prayers?” After this incident, my parents decided that Africa was not safe enough for them. They sold the business over the next few months and left the country. Since then, the situation in that country has worsened even more. Crime is soaring and attacks against Indians continue. The economy is in turmoil and the country faces shortages of things from food supplies to electricity. Unemployment is soaring and the citizens of that country have a great deal of hatred towards foreigners.

So while it seemed at that time to be a horrible experience, Baba in fact saved my family from even worse experiences and even more dangerous situations, if they had continued to live there. It was Baba’s way of saying, “I want you to leave now!” Sometimes Baba gives us the right decisions and not what we want. As Baba Himself once said: “You see, mysterious is the path of action; Though I do nothing, they hold Me responsible for the actions which take place on account of Adrista (destiny); I am merely its witness. The Lord is the sole Actor and Inspiration.” Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram…!

Three Wishes Fulfilled By Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam my love, my Babaji. Today it’s 12 April and my experience got published today itself. Thanks a lot Deva for blessing me to submit 3 more experiences on the same day. These 3 experiences are proof that the fruit of wait is always sweetest with the blessings of Sai Baba.

First experience: I joined my dream job with Baba’s blessings only but due to some bad people and their conspiracies I had to leave my job. I was so sad and felt bad as I was performing my duties positively but some people did not like it. Then I begged Baba that please let my employer feel my sincerity towards work and he should call me back at my position with full respect and dignity. So I asked in Q&A site. Baba told me to donate 17 rupees in the name of Sai that I did on Thursday and to my surprise after 6 months my employer called me to join back which was just unbelievable. But due to some health problems I couldn’t join back. Thanks Sai Maa for Your great care.

Second experience: my sister and brother-in-law are in Australia and due to one or other reasons their PR process was getting delayed (one hurdle was IELTS bands) hence my sister was in so much stress. As she is also Sai Maa devotee she got to see Baba dream and Baba told her to have patience and ask her husband to study well else He will see. In so many attempts Jiju did not get bands then I also prayed to Sai that I’ll do Your 108 parikarma in mandir once they will get PR. To our surprise this time he got desired bands and now they could process for their permanent residency. Thanks a lot my love, my Baba.

Third experience: We applied my mother and brother’s tourist visa for Australia. Usually they give decision in one or two weeks but this time it was delaying. So we were so much worried as they would grant visa for my brother or not because they hardly give visa to unmarried siblings. So I started praying to Baba and my brother also started reading Satcharitra with full devotion. Today visa officer granted visa to my mother and called up my brother for interview. He got scared so we started chanting Baba’s name after 10 minutes of interview. He also got his visa grant notification that too for one year. My brother was on cloud nine. Thanks a lot Sai Maa for keeping Your hand on our head, as we are nothing without You.

My another Dee Jeej are also well settled in Canada with Baba’s blessings only and I am sure Baba will cure me soon and bless us with baby and Canada visa so that again I can submit those experiences on this site. My Baba please bless my both families and please bless us all so that can stay near Your lotus feet. Recently Baba blessed me in my dream by putting His hand on my head on the day of my exam. I am 101% sure Baba that something good will happen to me soon after getting desired bands. I shall again submit my experience. Love You my Sai Maa You are everything for us. Please forgive for our mistakes.

Thank You Deva For Your Enormous Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a Baba devotee since my childhood. Our family and house is completely filled with Baba chantings. I reside in USA. Om Sairam to all and big applause to this blog administrator and team for their lovely dedicated work. Below is my experience (I can say it’s an unbelievable miracle) by Baba.

I am currently living in USA. My driving license was going to expire on Dec 27, 2016. So I went to license office on Dec 22, 2016 for renewal. But they said without SSN (like Aadhar card) in my current state, they don’t issue license (I don’t have SSN but in other states they issued) and if I want license without SSN I need to apply for interview and need to show around 5 to 10 residence proofs on my name. So I applied for interview application and I got a call for an interview after a long time and scheduled it on April 6th, 2017. Entire process I was chanting Baba only. So I attended it and got approval to get license without SSN. But they said my license had expired so I need to write test and give road test again. As I stayed in India for long time (took long vacation) I didn’t drive much these days and here road tests are also very tough and with two kids again I need to go through this entire process meant a lot of effort to me now. By listening these words earth got shattered under my feet once. Even though I disappointed I didn’t speak anything to Baba and said “even its negative or positive, You need to give strength and it’s Your effort to get done by me all these things, You can’t escape from me”. I thought this and I remained silent.

We went to private party office to know the written test details etc and we explained her my situation. So she said, it’s their mistake of calling you for interview lately. Nearby one more license office branch was there, why don’t you explain your situation and try your luck. Without hope, we went to that office and explained my situation. They accepted their mistake of giving delayed interview appointment and simply they gave me driving license for 6 years. My God, I couldn’t believe it and immediately I called that private party lady and thanked for her valuable suggestion. She said even though she had no hope she suggested just like that but I know my Baba only made her to suggest me.

Just in one session, Baba showed all phases like suppressed me into the earth and raised me above the sky with wonderful outcome. He tested my patience and belief in Him. Entire process took around 6 hours but all this time, I was stable with no negative or positive thoughts. Friends, either we get or lose, it’s Baba’s duty to make arrangements for our next step. So why we need to worry about it? He will give strength for any kind of situation. Never leave His feet and loose our words. Happy Baba blessings to all.

Prayers for Today: Stay With Us – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Babaji please remove hatred from my heart. Please help me to accept people as they are without getting hurt with their actions, whether they are being mean or good to me help me Babaji to remain unaffected by people's behaviour i don't know Baba why i feel so much i feel so much bad when people ignore me why dont people respect someone's boundary i never mean bad for anyone then why i have to deal with such double faced people i too must have been wrong somewhere in my approach Babaji but please Baba help me to become a person with good thoughts and help me to remain unaffected by other people's actions Om SaiRam

  2. Babaji ThankYOU for giving me the opportunity in form of that call it had really given me the strength to wait for the right time

  3. Om sai samarth
    Thank you very much Sainath for everything
    Bolo sri satchidanand samarth sathguru Sainath maharaj ki jai


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