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It Is My Fabulous Baba Always

Sai Devotee Pooja Garg From India Says: Jai Sairam! Om Sairam to my Sai family! Thanks Hetalji for This modern Sai Satcharitra, a great platform you have provided where devotion actually meets reality. I am Pooja from Pune and my last post was . Again I would like to give special thanks to Hetalji for trusting me and providing me an opportunity to be a part of her team. Many, many thanks once again to Baba and Hetalji for choosing me for which I feel very fortunate and blessed. How I became a part of her team is another experience and which I have to share soon and when Baba wishes.

I had a Mont Blanc pen which I lost it, may be around February 2017. This I noticed only on 12th February night when I was going to Maldives. Hoping that I must have left it in office, I went for my holiday. When I returned I did not find it in my cabin also. I made a thorough search wherever I could that too multiple times thinking I may have overlooked it. Even prayed to Baba so many times, but His ways are His ways! I asked my receptionists as well as other staff if they saw my pen, describing its appearance. Everybody was curious what was so special in it? But I only said it was gifted and did not explain anything else. Later I asked in prashnavali and the reply I got was “Owner will get back the lost thing. Knowledge will be useful”. I was stunned and very happy to read the perfect answer. Later again I made a diligent search everywhere only to find it no where. My husband said forget it, may be Baba wants to teach you dispassion towards materialistic things. So I gave up but still in between even after many days, many times, sometimes I searched, prayed, questioned Baba but nothing worked.

Then yesterday (9th April 2017) early morning I was editing the batch of six experiences for 10th April’s post to give it to Hetalji. I came across an experience where a devotee had purchased a pink coloured dress and shirt for her boyfriend which they were going to wear for their Shirdi trip and it was stolen by her roommate. She was advised to forget it thinking she gifted it to her best friend etc. She had written that although she tried to forget all that her roommate had done but in some corner of her brain she said she could not forget that dress part and then rest was her experience how with Baba’s grace she was the only one who got her stolen things back through courier and not her other roommates. When I read it, I too said to Baba “Although it is just a pen but Similarly Baba, in some corner of my brain I am not able to forget that pen. So please help me find it today atleast”. While editing experiences I do come across some experiences where devotees say while reading a particular experience from this blog they found that it was matching their situation and after they prayed, Baba somehow answered their prayers. So I said Baba with me also You make it happen, as You have never made it happen this way for me yet. I also said Baba if You feel I am doing Your work of editing experiences properly, nicely and with responsibility and You are happy with my work then please get my pen today itself. Sorry to say as I have become used to reading where people say I promised Baba to write and then it happened, so I too said Baba that I too would share my experience and that too today night itself I would write. Then later I forgot about it.

When I was in office, the office boy said that my car had become very dirty from inside and he said he would clean it. I was surprised because never he said so. I denied him saying that I would get it cleaned from the one who cleans it at my home. But at his repeated requests I said ok and also said him to look for my pen and thought that may be Baba was helping me to get my pen, although I had searched previously in my car even below the seats etc and But I thought we never know His ways and was becoming sure that he would return with my pen thinking that Baba was showing His leela. I was anxiously waiting for him to come and when he came I asked him whether he found my pen? The answer was no and I gave up the thought forever, the hope to find it ever in my life and was feeling very, very sad.

Later in the evening I came home. My friend Arti had come to my place and we were going to visit my another friend Neha (She too is a Sai devotee) in our colony itself who had delivered a baby boy on a Thursday by Baba’s grace. So I kept my room keys in the small multipurpose basket that we have in our dining room and started heading towards the main door talking with my friend who was there with me and something struck me and I walked in reverse direction towards that basket. Yes my pen! There it was lying in that basket! I picked up that pen, could not believe that it was in my hands! I had got goose bumps all over, a big smile and exclaimed to my friend Arti that Baba is Fabulous!!! My mother-in-law was sitting outside with her friends and I showed her the pen and asked mom from where did it come? I said mom that was the only pen I was searching from so many months and never saw in that multipurpose basket which we come across multiple times every single day. She said it was in the car. I said how that was possible because today only it was cleaned. Then she said long back when the car was given for servicing my brother-in-law had put the things from the car in a bag. She had come across that bag today only and she had emptied it.

I was still getting goose bumps as Baba had answered my prayers and was happy that Baba was happy with my work of editing the experiences which I consider as Baba’s work and equal to worshipping Him through it and feel very, very blessed and fortunate enough to get the Holy opportunity and honour. I always wondered even before I came in contact with Hetalji personally that how lucky are Hemadpant and Hetalji for Baba chose them as His instruments for Sai Satcharitra and this modern Sai Satcharitra respectively! I always wished that I too get some opportunity to serve Him. Baba fulfilled my wish that too to serve Him for this modern Sai Satcharitra. So its equal to me as worshipping God. (I do sometimes skip worshipping God in morning (Daily Sagun Form Pooja) to make up for blog batches. I am sorry Baba for that Sagun worship but I feel Your Nirgun form through this worship of Your blog editing service). Thanks a lot Hetal Di once again! Can’t thank You enough, My Di -my Baba! I feel His presence in You when I talk to You on phone. Love You and Baba so much…!

Coming back to the experience part, later I told my friends, my mother-in-law and her friends, the story of my pen and all were dumbstruck how and why mom had to come across that bag today only and how it had to be emptied today itself (after so many months of servicing). Can it always be a coincidence? Because not once, twice, thrice but infinite times I have must have experienced this that after praying the things have actually worked out and so its not a coincidence always but It Is My Baba Always! As Hetalji always says they are Sai-Incidences and not co-incidences! I am sure all Sai Bhakts would have experienced and would agree.

Now My joy knew no bounds not only for my pen that was found but for the Baba’s leela that I had experienced. Believe me I was happier to feel the bliss through Baba’s leela than for my pen that was found, as it was just a pen (although Mont Blanc pen but still materialistic…). Joy was more for feeling Baba’s presence and the way He shows that He is Still Alive even after so many years and can hear our every little thought .

I had promised Baba that yesterday itself I would post it but since it was very late at night, I am writing early morning after getting up (10th April 2017). Sorry for it Baba as I trouble You when I need You irrespective of what time it is, even if it’s very late night but when it came to writing the experience late night I did not write it the same night. I never knew this way You would answer my prayers, so again You giving Your message of Shraddha And Saburi. Thank You so much Baba. Really Your Ways Are Your Ways…! How Great And Infinite Are Your Leelas…!!!

Although We are experiencing every moment Your infinite leelas through Mahaparayan and its making, Please help all Your children to experience it on global level by registering for it. (Readers and Sai Devotees please don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity. For many devotees write they want to do something for Baba. One way where you can thank Him by paying tribute to Him for 100th Anniversary of Baba’s Mahasamadhi by registering for Mahaparayan now!)

Baba Always Helps In Time

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Leela from India says: Thank you Hetalji for providing us a platform to share our experiences and making one more modern Sai Satcharitra.

Baba helped me many times in many ways. Once I was in need of a huge amount. I requested one of my friends who was staying in abroad. I didn’t want to ask him for help but as I had no other option I asked him. Initially I tried with my best friend and asked her to check with her parents as I know them very well from past 8 years. But even as they had very huge expenses recently for building a temple they couldn’t help me. Then I asked the abroad friend and he told ok. He told he would be providing the money once he got the salary. Then I waited for 10 days and then I asked him to transfer the money. But he told he bought a mobile with that money and he used the amount and he couldn’t help me. I didn’t understand what to do as I had already had a commitment of arranging the money. This happened on Thursday. After coming from temple I heard this news and felt very bad. I couldn’t ask anyone and of course it would be less time for anyone to prepare 1 lakh amount immediately.

I went out of office as I had work in a bank and while travelling in bus I saw Baba’s photo and I cried very badly saying why He did this to me that on a Thursday. I told Him that He likes to make me cry on Thursday and He will be happy doing this and I cried continuously. I couldn’t even tell this to my parents as they would also get nervous of arranging money. I reached the bank and I was with my work. Suddenly my best friend called me. I did not even call her after asking money as she might think that I called again to ask money. Suddenly she called me and asked whether money got arranged or not. I told I was not able to arrange. Then she asked to give 10 minutes time and then she called her colleague and then he told that he could arrange. All this happened within 20mins time I cried and scolded Baba. I couldn’t control my tears how to express gratitude to Baba. I told my mom what and all happened. Even she felt happy. Baba didn’t want me to take help from that person and that was the reason He denied for help. But Baba helped in time to me in other form. Thanks Baba. Sorry for posting it late. Be always close to Baba and leave everything on Him. He will take care of the rest. Thanks for being with me Baba.

I had a wish that one of my friend Jayashree should get conceived. From long time she was facing this problem of getting pregnant. Dear devotees please pray that her wish should come true. A single prayer can change impossible to possible. Thank you. Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

How Baba Brought Us Home Before Bad Time

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks Hetalji for creating such a nice platform for sharing all Sai Baba devotees’ experiences. Hello to all Sai devotees. I wanted to share Baba’s miracle happened to me 2 days back, how He showered His blessings on His devotees.

2 days back I had to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore with so much of luggage, I thought I could go alone with my kid and I booked it 2 days before my journey, for myself and my kid. And on the journey day, in morning my son started complaining of stomach ache and I thought it would be difficult if he fell sick in the journey and I asked Baba should I take my father too along with me? By putting chits in front of Him He said “yes”. Then I called travellers and asked if there were any seats available to book for more seat. First she said that no seats were available, I was praying Baba to please give me 1 seat for my dad so that I can go easily. Then again she asked me the bus timing and said yes and that I could book it then as 1 seat was available. I said thanks to Baba.

When I booked I didn’t check that I had booked pickup bus, because I didn’t book for my father. Baba made me book for my father by giving stomach pain to my son. When we reached Bangalore too He showed that I would have faced difficulty, if I would not have booked for my father. After I got down the bus, it was 7:30 a. m. I wanted to go before 8:10 a. m to my house. I took one auto it had Sai Baba picture in it. I asked the driver if he could take me within 8a.m because after 8a.m the time was not good. He said he would take but normally it takes 1hr to reach my place from the bus stop. I said when I got into the auto that Baba it is You Who is taking us to our house and not the auto driver. You should take us safely. You won’t believe he brought us before 8 itself. To all Baba devotees I just wanted to say only one thing if you are going out for whatever work you are going for, just say Baba that ” Baba I am going out for this work or I am doing, please be with me ” that particular work will definitely be successful with the help of Baba. Ananthakoti Brahmandanayaka Rajadiraja Yogiraja Parabrahmw Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Sai Saved Me From Getting Mouth Ulcers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Harish from India says: Om Sairam! My humble pranams to Hetalji and her entire team in maintaining this holy and pious website which to me is the greatest thing that has happened to me and has taken me close to my Sai. With this, I always feel and think He is besides me. I am a small devotee of Sai and wish to be thinking of Him more often.

Coming to my experience, 2-3 days back I started getting sensations in my mouth that I was going to get mouth ulcers. I have been through that phase before and really prayed to Sai to protect me from that. He certainly hears to the smallest prayers from His devotees and there is nothing to doubt about it. I also prayed to Him that I will post His kind leela today (Monday) if I don’t get it. I didn’t get it. I am sure He will bless me to not get it in the future also. His compassion cannot be described in this small experience I am writing. We all are truly children of His Dwarkamai and nothing else as He says so for He who steps in the Dwarkamai, was true then when Baba was in flesh and even now when He is immortal and ever living and blessing His children. Sai Reham Nazar Karna Bachoon Ka Palan Karna. Om Shirdi vasaya vidmahe Sacchidanda Dimahi Thanno Sai Prochadyaath Om Sai Ram!

Baba Helped My Husband Clear His Exam

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small Sai devotee for whom every breath is Sai. He is the one and only saviour of my life. Sai bless us always. My husband had taken up a certification exam and had failed in the first attempt. He was very devastated after this. I had trust in Sai and encouraged him to work hard and leave the rest to Him. He again took the exam and passed it. I know it was all because of Sai who blessed us. During his entire exam time I kept on praying to Baba. Om Sai Ram. Please always shower Your blessings on us Baba.

Sai You know what I am going through now in my personal life. Kindly bless me and my husband a happy and a peaceful family life and professional life. Please bless my husband with a good job soon. All Sai devotees please always hold in all your thoughts at His lotus feet. Never divert your mind. He is our true protector.

Baba’s Love

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Shivani from India says: Namaste Hetalji, team and devotees. I am a housewife. I have a 3 year old daughter. One day my daughter’s scooter charger (toy) was missing. She was very upset because of that. I searched everywhere but all my efforts were in vain. Next day she was again crying for that. I asked for Baba’s help as I didn’t want to see her crying. I took a pledge that if I got that charger I will post it here. Just after two minutes of this, I opened drawer(I searched there for many times but every time I closed it thinking there were only books) but this time I searched under books and lo! there it was! Sai Baba helped me for my daughter. I am late in posting this. I am sorry for that Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Prayers for Today: Awaiting For Visa – Anonymous Sai Devotee From UK

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  1. SAI RAM, BABA, once again I will be doing 5 DIVYA POOJA, starting from to-morrow Thursday, please please be kind & be present at the POOJA & bless the POOJA, BABA please fulfil our desire. I have no clue why you are silent. Please give us your BLESSINGS, I am begging you. SAI RAM.Thank you.

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  4. Dear 1st devotee Puja you are very lucky .. I am also from pune and want to know about any group of Sai devotees in magar patta city .. may Baba bless all

  5. Sai ram… Just a question about black magic .. Is it possible to be effected by it if you believe in Sai Baba as Baba is the most powerful one surely he will protect us ?
    Just feel a lot of negative and bad luck at the moment like ill health, falling over and arguing with daughter too much which I was very close too .. What do all think as I am too much in doubt

  6. Hetal ji, I respect you and love you for your noble work. Thank you for posting his leelas. I have found an thirdparty advertisement in our page for which is charging USD 100 for asking any three questions in sai prashnavalli. I am shocked to see how people are using others faith in baba for money. Baba's prashnavalii is very powerful and it is available for free in many resources. but these people are cheating many who might not be awre that it is available for free. Baba please let them realise their mistake and save people from frauds like this in your name. om sairam

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