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Baba In My Every Walk Of Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am currently working in an MNC in Chennai. This is my first experience on this blog. But I was a daily reader. Baba gave me a chance now to write the experience. I was a Baba’s devotee since I study my 8th standard. I’ve got introduced to Baba in my 6th standard when I went to Shirdi for the first time. Since my 8th standard I used to keep fasting on every Thursday.

Coming to my experience: As I said I used to do Puja to Baba and fast every Thursday. But after my 10th standard I discontinued His prayers. Later in the 12th standard Baba came back to me. It was the day of EAMCET exam. Usually after EAMCET exam we used to get an 8th month gap in between to join B.Tech. So I had planned a lot i.e to go to Java classes, Visit all tourist places in Hyderabad with my cousins. I was very excited than getting tensed about the exam. I had written the exam well and the same day evening I went to a nearby stores where my mom asked to bring some stuff for house. I bought the things required and while I was getting down from the stairs and had an hair crack in my leg. I cried like anything that day both due to pain and also for missing the fun with my cousins. That day after getting band aid tied I slept and as soon as I woke up; I saw some person sitting near my leg soothing it. I was dumbstruck to find that it was Baba. It happened in 2009. I couldn’t forget that incident till date. From that day I never stopped believing Him and doing His prayers.

Second experience is about my job. First of all I have to tell you all that during my B.Tech I had a serious relationship with a guy. But that guy just loved me for name and fame. And there are other people who doesn’t like me participating actively and organising all culturals. They used to torture me and my boyfriend so much that I have never slept without crying a day in my B.Tech. And one fine day after all these struggles I’ve realised everything and came out of the relationship.

So I became more serious about my career. As soon as placements started in my college I have started applying for outside ones along with the attending the companies in my college also as my college don’t bring any MNCs. Then I was placed in 3 companies but only 1 offer letter was given to me. I wasn’t given the other two company letters but I was receiving mails from them for joining. I realized that I was cheated but couldn’t do anything as the training and placement officer were very bad and I was scared to ask him. Later I found that those companies were fake. Baba saved me like that.

Finally I started attending outside but I used to go till the last round and used to fail. I was depressed. Finally by Baba’s grace I was placed in one among the top10 MNCs. After all the hardships I faced, Baba never made me look back in my job again. Coming to other experience my father was attacked with diabetes both in urine and blood that too the number was too high. His family has not had that background also. But due to mental tensions he was attacked. But doctor told that this was attacked all of a sudden, they would keep 1 month under pre-diabetic medication and check if the same persists. I prayed to Baba that if the diabetic doesn’t persist I’ll be posting my experience here. Now it has been one month by today and he has got the number reduced and it was just the traces he’s having, all because of Baba. Baba, please take care of my family, their health in all the ways. Now a days I’m losing trust in You, please don’t leave me in any way. Please keep increasing my trust. Thank You all the readers and Hetalji for creating an opportunity to write on this blog. Om Sai ram. Om Sairam. Om Sai Ram.

Got Job With Baba’s Blessing

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Divya from USA says: Before starting to write my experience, I request Satguru Sainath to guide me and help me in choosing the right words. I hope my experience improves devotee’s faith in Baba with leaps and bounds. I am a very small devotee of Baba who believes that all the good things that have ever happened in her life, are solely because of the grace of Sai Baba whom I love and adore the most.

Thank you Hetalji and team for this noble work. May Sai Baba bless you with best always. Now coming to my experience, I moved to USA with my husband, last year in September. We are located in California which is the hub for Silicon Valley and land of many jobs and opportunities. I applied for my work authorization and got it in Nov’16. I do not have any education or work experience from the USA. Hence it was really difficult for me to find a job in California where there is so much competition.

Luckily, by Baba’s grace I still started getting some interview calls but it used to go on only through the first round with no feedback. I started Baba’s Nav Guruvar Vrat in Nov’16. I finished my 9 weeks vrat still my wish wasn’t fulfilled. I came to know about Sai Satcharitra through this website. During my last three vrat, I even did Saptah Prayan for three weeks but still I didn’t get a job. During this time, I reached till the final round for some company but later on was regretted. In December, I even started Baba’s Divya puja for 5 weeks but still my wish wasn’t fulfilled. I used to feel so bad, cry in front of Baba that what was the point of being so qualified if I have to still sit at home jobless.

In Feb’16 I started appearing for two companies’ process simultaneously. One of the company had 2 telephonic rounds with me followed by an online test. I cleared all these rounds and then they called for in person 2-3 rounds of interviews. All this was on Thursday. I was really hopeful. My interview went on really well and I was kind of sure that this will fructify. This office was very far from my place but still I wanted it so badly. After a month, I approached this company for the feedback and they told me that they were going ahead with other candidate. I was shattered but this time I didn’t cry. I told Baba that I will keep on doing Your saptah prayan till You give me a job. I left everything on Baba. Meanwhile the other company contacted me for further rounds. I had multiple telephonic interviews and then in March they called me in for personal interviews. I had two rounds of interviews. Before I left the place, they told me that they love my credentials and that they would love to have me aboard. I couldn’t believe their words. My husband and I were so happy and relieved. This workplace is just 5 minutes away from my home.

Baba knows the best for His kids. Anybody, who is aware of job scenario in US would know how difficult it is to find a management job in US without any prior US experience and qualification. I had left a very good job in India before coming to US just because I had faith in my Sai Ram. I knew He would never let me down. Thank You Sairam. I am everything because of You. I have completed two weeks in this job and I pray Sainath that I always perform here to the best of my capabilities. In those six months of unemployment I learnt that Baba wasn’t testing me. He just wanted to increase my faith in me. Even after getting the job, I’ve been doing my Saptah Prayan and by Baba’s grace I plan to keep on doing it forever. Baba my only humble request to You is keep me wrapped in Your bhakti for all times to come. May I see You everywhere. May with every heartbeat I utter Your name. Bless everyone Sai Ram. Thank You devotees for reading such a long post. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Rajdhiraj Yogiraj Sadguri Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Please Come For My Rescue Deva

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the devotees of my beloved Baba Sai and heartfelt regards to Hetal mam and the entire team of this wonderful blog. You guys have been chosen by Shree Baba Himself for spreading His divine Leelas to all His children.

This one is my second time that I am narrating my experience but before that I would like to take your attention towards my first experience where I told you about, how I got cheated by my NRI spouse who is in California. I told you about how he ditched me by lying to me that he is diagnosed with hepatitis and lever cancer with an intention of getting rid of me. It was Nov (2015) when he called me to tell all this nonsense stuff to make fool of me. Since then he blocked me from whatsapp and even from his contact list. I was in deep depression and so were my parents. You can very well imagine the trauma we people must have gone through where your spouse after getting legally married leaves you for no reason. We felt so helpless as per law we were not able to reach him by taking any legal action against him. My father did try to seek help from ministry of external affairs and other Govt. offices but nobody could help us in this matter as we only had the copy of my marriage certificate, whereas some other documents related to him were required. At last my father decided to take one sided divorce as this one was the only option left with us. Even I was not ready for this because somewhere because of me being emotional, could not detach myself from him but then taking into account my parent’s situation somehow I got ready for this, but deep inside my mind I was asking Baba to please to help me in all this and to be my strength because I knew only Baba’s hands can reach where we cannot.

.So I prayed Him a lot to give me justice. When the day arrived I rad Sai Satcharitra in the morning and got ready for the court, on my way to court I kept on thinking that how come a relation like marriage can come to an end before it was started. Same was happening with me. I was in tears and asked Baba to be with me and atleast show me that He is with me in form of idol or picture of Lord Shivji or Baba Himself. After 3-4 minutes I got to see Lord Shiva picture on an auto, I was a bit relaxed. But I wanted to see Baba as well so that I can feel His presence with me but could find Him anywhere. I was a little upset now and we reached in the court. I thought that there was no chance that I would get a glimpse of Baba there inside the premises. I was a little low by that time. We met the lawyer and did the formalities regarding divorce process. Lawyer asked his assistant to take my file to the concerned authority for further formalities. He took me along with him also. As I got entered in that room what I saw was totally unbelievable. The person whom we were supposed to meet was sitting there and right in front of him was an Almira with two post card sized pictures of Baba on it. I was awestruck and I got goose bumps what more could I ask for? He Himself was there to see everything under His supervision. Seeing this I got confident somewhere that He was there for me and I am sure all I need is justice and only Baba can give me that. Now tomorrow is the first date (10 Apr) of my hearing. I am sure Baba will see Himself how and what is to be done to give me justice. And I am sure He will be giving me that soon for sure. And will make me write the next miraculous experience soon. As I said Baba needs no vehicle or anything to reach to the sinner and of course to His beloved devotee who is in dire need of His shelter. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Miracle Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I’m a Sai devote from childhood. As my mom is a Sai devotee I used to go with my mom to Sai temple that’s how I was introduced to Sai. From then I prayed Sai for everything in life. Every day my day starts and ends with Baba’s name. I read the experiences in this site every day almost. Feels good and strengthens faith even more.

So here is the biggest experience of my life which is just because of Sai. I was in a relationship with a guy from past 3 years. He said he will marry me. Everything was good for one year. I was so addicted to him. We got really so close. Later after one year, things were not going good and there was so much of disturbance between us. I had a really painful life from then. He was giving more importance to his Friends and he left me.

Two years we were not good, we used to talk and sometimes break up and all used to happen. Two years I couldn’t live even a bit of happy life. I was totally out of my mind. I was so disturbed. I cried every single day. It was like hell. I only begged Baba to make things right between us. I couldn’t even leave him because I knew he was a good person. He was the one who was back of me saying he loves me and He changed a lot.

At a point of time I got thoughts of dying. Only Baba gave me strength to live a life. Today whatever I’m it’s just because of Baba. Things didn’t work at all, he was being very rude to me and he wasn’t treating me well at all and he just got carried away by the society. This phase of life was very tough. My parents were worried. I couldn’t work or concentrate on anything and all I had was depression. It was so tough for me. Then all I did was having true faith and patience on Sai Baba. You won’t believe I never gave up. Two years I only prayed to Baba wholeheartedly. I did 9 Thursdays vrat then I did candy pooja and five day Diya pooja then Sai Divya pooja and so on. All day I prayed Baba to set things all right. It wasn’t easy for two years with so much of ups and downs. Then finally with all the blessings of Baba only, my man is back in my life. Though little things have to change in him, his temper and all and I am always his last priority. I hope Baba will soon bless that and everything between us would be clear and he treats me good all my life and loves me truly.

I believe Baba will bless me with a good life ahead and I would only say to all the devotees never give up no matter what. Baba can full fill every wish of yours. It’s just that have patience and faith in Baba. Don’t thing negative. Just be positive and believe Him truly. And just see the miracles happen in front of your eyes. Just believe in Him. Life will be beautiful. Baba bless all His devotees with a good life. Om Sai Ram Babaji! Love You so much. All ways be with us. Without You life has no meaning. Om Sai Baba!

Baba Helped Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I’m currently working in an MNC in Chennai. First of all thank you Hetalji for creating this blog. It gives us immense faith while reading. I was a Baba devotee since my 8th standard. I’ve posted my experience here very recently but it has to get posted still.

Coming to my experience: As I said I’ve been currently working in an MNC. I’ve got an opportunity to work at client location in the same city but at about 21kms from the place I stay. Usually the place I stay was walk able to my previous office. But after getting into that project I kept travelling for 2.5hrs daily. And as soon as I joined the project I had food poisoning and didn’t eat or drink for 10 complete days. I used to have only Udi mixed water and kept drinking those days. Even if I drank water I couldn’t take inside. But still I used to go to office travelling in such condition only. I couldn’t take leave as it was a Client location. I got medicines from my hometown and somehow I became okay but not completely. This had happened in May 2016.

In December 2016 I was coming from office and felt very giddy and walked as soon as possible in a fear of falling on the road. That day I realised that I wasn’t cured still and it was Pongal vacation for me and I was down again. I was asked to stay back in hospital and put saline as my salt levels were very low. I went very normally got the saline injected daily. This was all due to Baba’s grace as I was very sensitive for even small fever. I still don’t know how strong I was at that time. Still I was not feeling well only. Baba, please help me, if You leave my hand who will be there with me? Please help me. Don’t go away from me. I was a sincere devotee of You. But I’m losing trust these days. Without You never a day goes for me. Please help me. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam.

Miraculous Baba And His Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Rahul Garg from India says: Sairam. I had been suffering from Hand pain for past 3 days and had been applying iodex and warm strap to it for two nights but my pain was as it was. Then my wife Pooja applied Udi to my hand singing Udi mantra and by next morning my pain had gone. She requested me to post my experience on our whats app group Sai Darbaar but I said no. She again said to post me the story I said no, she offered she would type it you just post it. I again said no, thinking what was the need? And then after 10 minutes pain was again as it was earlier.

Then the day passed away and in the night Pooja again offered me that she would apply Udi and said it will get healed, you will have to post the story because it will help many like you to strengthen the faith. But this time I was so confident that Udi won’t work I said I will not only post but will write it myself If my pain goes away the next morning.

Because the pain was too much and me still being ignorant about Baba’s Udi’s power, I knew Udi won’t work. But the next morning there was no sign of any pain. I couldn’t believe it. But it was real.

Udi can do anything which I had forgotten although it had recently worked wonders in the month of January 2016 with me and cured me from food poisoning without any medicine in a single day! Extremely Sorry Baba. So as per my promise to Baba and Pooja, I am posting my experience. Thanks for reading.

Prayers for Today: As Of Now Only Miracles Can Help -Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. Om sai samarth
    Thanks a lot Sainath deva to give a chance to participate in mahaparayan
    Bolo sri satchidanand samarth sathguru Sainath maharaj ki jai


  3. Jai sai ram, Dear friend ( who has written 3rd experience) your case is similar to mine. i got married on 23rd april 2017 like arranged marriage but from july 2017 my husband avoiding me for no reason.Even he don't receive my call. i love him a lot & don't want to separate with him,my parents also don't want me to separate from him,They loved him like son.I trust saibaba,He is the only person who can save our marriage.i pray for for you & me too for our problems. may sai bless all the devoteees & other people who do not get time to worship also.

  4. Dear Deva. Thank you so much for making her pass through the revaluation process. your leelas are endless. Please shower your love and grace on all of us. Thank you Deva.

  5. Sorry baba for posting late
    I am a small devotee of baba
    Last 4 months back I had sevire stomach pain I was not able to tolerate I was not able to eat r do any thing I was diagnosed with gallbladder polypse I was suggested surgery . Surgery went well with babas grace then after surgery we all hope that my pain I'll be vanished but nooo I had terrible pain ,vomits n back pain even after surgery I suffered a lot with sleep less nights due to pain then I started 5 lamps Pooja asking him to cure my back pain within dis 5 days believe me it was very difficult for me to do Pooja with pain but I kept faith n did Pooja on the 3rd day of the Pooja my mother's friend came home for some reason seeing my condition she asked me what happened we told her I have vomits n back pain she told she knew some technique where she I'll apply some udi on my back bone n pull it so dat vomits and pain will vanish but it should be done for 3 times once in morning evening and night we requested her to do it she applied babas udi which we bought it from temple previously and did it she came from very long distance to dis to me so kind of her as baba oly sent her then after dat I suddenly realised dat may be baba oly sent her to my house to do dis ,at dat movement suddenly her phone ringed n her ring tone was Sai Baba song this proves dat baba oly sent her then after dis my back pain reduced but not completely but better then my previous state then as days passed I was recovered completely by babas grace n blessings

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