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My Baba-Oxygen Of My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram I am a little daughter of our Deva. Deva how a ignorant human being like me can understand or explain Your unfathomable blessings. My Baba is Oxygen of my life, knowingly or unknowingly I am surviving because of You. Special thanks to Hetalji and team for creating this special Sai Satcharitra. I always wanted to read at least one page of Sai Satcharitra, so I started reading daily the experiences shared by our Sai brothers and sisters on this new Sai Satcharitra. Thanks from my heart. Baba, I Love You that is the only worship I do.

Baba, please help me in writing my feelings and gratitude towards Your Love. On 12th December, 2016, suddenly Baba encouraged me to buy new car as a gift to my husband on his birthday i.e. 19th December, 2016. I shared this thought with my husband and convinced him for finalizing a car of about 10 lakhs. But the whole week passed without any conclusion. On 17th and 18th Dec 2016 (weekend) we went to many brand showrooms but nowhere had I found any Deva’s indication in the form of pic or His name, so no result. My husband was confused between Sedan or Suv but Deva cleared his confusion. My husband liked Hyundai Creta (which was costly than our budget) and I liked Duster (within our budget due to year end discount). My husband was also convinced for Duster Petrol version but due to its less demand (petrol version), it was not available. I told him to see Maruti Ciaz (which was in our budget) if Duster was not available. I requested Deva to select the appropriate car because He knows everything better than us.

Our neighbour took us to Faridabad to check the availability of Duster in a very big showroom there but we got the reply that would not be available for next 4 months. On the way back to our home again my husband insisted to go in one big Hyundai showroom to see Creta. I told him that it was costly and there was no discount, so don’t waste time. But we went and for my surprise my Baba was there on the main gate of the showroom. I felt happy but the people there told us that there was waiting time of 1.5 months for Creta and zero discount. Also the car prices were going to increase for 2017 booking. So, we returned with heavy hearts. I felt that Baba was not interested in giving us car in December 2016. On 21st December, 2016 all of a sudden a person from showroom where I saw Baba called in the evening that they have one Creta, which was booked by someone else but cancelled due to some financial problem and the showroom has to sell the car in December only. The colour was also the same which I liked i.e. silver. My husband negotiated with them to offer some discount and they agreed to give Rs 35,000 discount and additional accessories with a condition that all payment must be done before 29th December, 2016.

After, that I processed the loan in my office and applied for another loan in bank ( I was not interested in taking loan from bank but applied due to higher cost of car and instant payment within 8 days) through my friend. Both loans were sanctioned on Friday i.e. 23rd December, 2016 and I was praying Sai for release on the same day, so that we could take the delivery on 25th i.e. Christmas. But none of the loan released and I felt Deva had some other better plan. Very casually one of my office friends told me that two loans can’t be taken for the same car. When I seriously enquired from my office and bank both confirmed the same. I was devastated and cried in front of Deva but after many confusions and discussions, Deva arranged money from other source instead of bank. We planned to take the delivery of car on 28th December, 2016, Wednesday as Thursday was Amawasya. I informed my boss for leave, he is a good astrologer, so advised me not to take on Amawasya. All payments were done on Tuesday but a cheque was not clear and Deva deferred the delivery from Wednesday. I came to office on Wednesday and told my boss the situation. I was upset but having full faith on Deva. My boss also felt bad for me but I told him that Deva always do good so nothing to worry. Next day my boss told that he felt bad as I was so much faithful towards Sai, why He did not fulfil my wish and last night at home he checked the Tithi and found that Amawasya started on Wednesday and ended on Thursday, that’s why Deva Sai postponed the delivery of my car. I again felt satisfied and thankful to Sai.

Now, we planned to take the delivery on 1st January, 2017 with the wish of Sai. Today 29th December 2016 Thursday, from morning I was having very happy feelings. When I switched on my desktop with Deva in background and I saw many shadows of Deva and thanked Him for His darshan and everything. I work in a PSU company. In the evening at 4 o’clock my boss secretary informed me that I was nominated for attending one international conference in Paris with a very senior colleague. I was completely surprised because post wise I was quite junior for attending this kind of conferences (but my boss always appreciates my performance and always says that you do the job of seniors). What else I can say about love, blessings and management skills of Sai. Apni Kripa hum sab par banaye rakhna Deva. Om Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.!

My Visit To Shirdi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram! Firstly let me take this opportunity to thank Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform. I have been a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba for few years now and since the day Baba came into my life I have encountered numerous experiences. Baba has always been there for me and helping me in so many ways. Thank You Baba.

My dream was to visit Shirdi and have always prayed to Baba to give me a chance to go Shirdi to get Baba’s darshan. Every year I have been telling myself that I will go but it never happened. I realized that planning to visit Shirdi was not the right thing for me to do because my trip there was a last minute thing. My friend who never used to really pray to Baba, maybe only at times followed me to Mandir on Thursdays, after about 2 years suddenly she came up to me saying that she wants to get a picture of Baba and we went to purchase one. We went to the mandir to get it blessed, from then on; all she talks was about Baba. One day she said let’s make a trip to Shirdi; I really want to see Baba. At that time I told her maybe I can’t make it, she was a bit disappointed but said maybe we can plan at a later date. I prayed to Baba, if you really want me to make this trip it would happen with Your blessings.

After a few days without even thinking I told my friend lets go. We booked our flight and accommodation; it took us a bit of time because we needed to get someone trustworthy to take us from Mumbai to Shirdi, did a lot of searching and finally found a good and reliable driver. Within a few weeks we were off to Shirdi, my dream finally came true. We had a safe flight to Mumbai and safe car drive to Shirdi. We stayed Shirdi for 5 days and went to the Mandir every day for Baba’s darshan, we went for Kakad and Shej Aarti which was wonderful and seeing Baba I felt so good, like Baba was there right in front of me. The best thing about 2016 for me was my trip to Shirdi, felt so blessed. I wouldn’t change anything for that. We manage to get a Neem leaf each which was a blessing to us. We fed all the dogs there, everyday we would go around feeding the dogs and giving milk to the puppies. How can I explain how I felt when I was there, it was just awesome! I felt Baba’s presence, going to Samadhi Mandir, I felt so close to Baba and it bring tears to my eyes. As what is being said, Baba will call you at the right time and once you stepped Samadhi Mandir, all your worries and problems will slowly be taken away. Baba thank You so much for making this trip for me and my friend to visit Shirdi in 2016, we received the best darshan from our beloved Baba. You are so very much alive Baba. Love You. I’m hoping to visit Shirdi again in 2017, waiting for Your blessings Baba.

Mother’s Illness Cured

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: Hi I have been a Shirdi Sai devotee for a long time. I have known Baba since childhood but only off late have become devoted to Him and consider Him my as my Guru.

It was Memorial Day and my sister called me crying telling me that my mother was ill and she was having seizures and was being taken to Emergency by ambulance. I was worried and started praying to Baba. I took a copy of Baba’s Arati book and St. Jude prayer book with me everywhere I went. Things slowly were getting better but very, very slowly. I went to see my mother with my daughter. In the flight (in America) although it was a small flight there were personal TVs (miracle #1), and while sitting, I suddenly saw Baba’s idol same as what I have in my pooja room and many other Gods on my daughter’s screen (miracle #2). I was surprised and knew that Baba was travelling with me and telling me that everything would be OK. I was also doing a Saptah Parayan. It was free in flight program on Multi-Million dollar homes and was a film on an Indian persons Multi-Million Dollar home. There were showing the pooja room and they were Shirdi Sai followers too. I reached my Mother and found her at home and in much better condition than I imagined (MIRACLE #3). Next day she started walking and she went back with my sister. All tests done showed no problems and she is normal now (Miracle #4).

My sister was worried and wanted someone to stay with my mother when she was away. She found a Telugu student willing to stay and watch my mother. I am sure she is also a Shirdi Sai Baba bhakt that Baba had sent (Miracle #5).

Thanks You Baba, please be in my life and take care of us always. I and my husband did the 9 Guruvar vrat. My mother went for scans 2 times and now the lesions are magically gone. Thank You Baba for Your kindness. Please let her go back to India and settle her affairs and then come back and live here peacefully. Baba is very, very powerful and takes care of us unconditionally. Sai Ram. We had a similar experience with my mother-in-law, we got a phone call saying that she has Cancer. My husband and I did 9 Guruvar vrat and she is fine now. Baba’s miracles are infinite. May He remain in our lives and Bless us all with an abundance of happiness.

Lost And Found With Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: I live in USA with my family, I have been a Sai devotee from more than 15 years or may be more. My day starts with chanting Sai and ends with the same. I already read once Jaya Wahi’s book “Sai Baba Still Alive” and reading now for the second time. I have many experiences, few of which I have shared before on this blog. Reading experiences from devotees enhance my spirituality and also gives mental peace. I will share two of my recent experiences.

Few days ago, after I came from office, I left my eye glasses on the cabinet counter and started playing with kids. While playing, one of my kid unknowingly pushed the glasses, which fell behind the sofa. After few minutes we all decided to go out to buy some groceries. We all got ready and I was looking for glasses. My family was waiting outside in the car and I had been searching in all the rooms but couldn’t find them. Then I went close to Baba’s picture and prayed to Him, please help me and something struck in my brain to search behind sofa. I found glasses behind sofa, which were neither broken nor had any scratches. Baba is always with us. He fulfils even small wishes, so never lose hope on Sai. Chant His name all the time so that nothing bad can happen and all good things falls in right place.

My second experience is few days ago my mom and my brother were sick, who live far from me. I prayed to Baba and took Udi and mixed in glass of water and drank thinking about them. I also applied Udi on my forehead while imagining that I am applying Udi on their forehead and at the same time prayed Baba to cure them soon. Within a day they both started recovering. Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai Sai.

Sai Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a Sai Baba’s devotee since 2 years and thanks to Hetalji for running this blog. It strengthens my faith. I daily read these experiences before going to bed. Coming to my experience, suddenly my left hand had become numb and there was no sensation at that moment. I prayed to Baba that if my hand becomes normal, I would post the experience. And all of sudden my pain got vanished. So I am fulfilling my promise “why fear when I am here”. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Experience

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Rafiq Patwary from Canada says: Sairam Everyone! I am Rafiq Patwary from Yoronto Canada. I am a Sai Baba’s devotee. I think everything becomes easy for my life with Baba’s grace. I was watching Sai’s miracle and I cried a lot. Then Baba showered His grace and suddenly I got a call for business. Thank You so much Baba. Sairam.

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  1. Om Sai Ram Deva be with her alwaya bless her and fulfill all her wishes Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahm Shree Sachchidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai Om Shree Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai Om Sai Ram Shree Sai Ram

  2. Thank You O Deva for driving away our troubles and helping us attain peace and calm.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai ram to all!
    To all the Sai devotes. Make Sai happy by doing five day pooja. This is a simply and powerful pooja that every one can do to fullfill your wishes. Please follow the procedure as below:
    1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but thursday is preferable.
    2. One has to perform this pooja on the same time for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience.But time of doing this pooja should be same for all 5 days.
    3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
    4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
    5. Offer one fruit to baba and distribute it among family members as prasad.
    6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting sai sai sai or any other mantra that you like..
    7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray whole heartedly in the holy feet of Baba for his blessings.
    8. On completion of pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people.
    Thank you!
    Om Jai Sai ram blessings!

  4. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father forgive me Babaji for my foolishness Babaji and a BIG ThankYOU Babaji for being with me today at thesis submission and presentation

  5. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless everyone with good health and be with us deva and show us right path thandri and bless my children with success in their exams

  6. Tirupati balaji ki jai, om namaha shivaya, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, jai shree ram, baba ki palkhi aayi re, jai durga, jai murugan

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