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Divorce Makes You Strong And Baba Is Always With You Don’t Fear

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi, My sincere prayers to Sairam and I surrender to almighty Sai. I just want to share my experiences of how Baba guided me all through my separation time to final divorce from my ex-husband. I live in US, where the state I live laws are 50/50 share of assets/debts if you are separating and child custody is not always fully to mother. Little details about myself, I have been Baba’s devotee right from my 7th or 8th grade. I don’t miss a Thursday not going to Baba’s temple. I prayed to Baba to find me right guy who would love me for who I am and really is honest, fair and caring. I just got the opposite character guy who was very rude, abusive physical and verbal, controlling and demanding nature.

After my marriage, within 3 months I saw other side of my husband. It slowly started with angry moods, then scolding, then physical abuse, then he would ask for forgiveness and for some time he was calm and then again the abusing and all would start. I lived in a shocked state for a long time as I couldn’t believe someone could have two faces, one good face to public and one face to wife. I was ashamed to come out of the marriage as any typical Indian girl thinking about parents and society. He had a tactic that at the end of the fight that he makes sure to blame it all on me and made me guilty of something I didn’t even think or do. I have to admit I am such an educated fool to fall for his tactics. I don’t know I was so helpless and something about me that I want to make things work. I was angry with Baba on and off, but Baba always won my trust and gave me hope.

Being in abroad is even worst that you can’t share it with any friends around. I was so lonely and prayed to Baba always. I was married for 10 years, had 2 kids which the best thing out of this marriage and during the 10th year the matters got worst, and I had to call cops and finally I got separated. He had been planning before the incident of calling the cops on divorcing me. He threatened to kill me, so I had to called cops which ex didn’t expect from me. Since he had been planning he emptied saving account, opened credit cards on my name, my whole pay check he was taking the amount, and finally when my attorney looked at the statements he showed more than 40K debt. The court battle and attorney visits were all worst experiences. And I didn’t take a penny or any assets from him, so he agreed to wait for final divorce until I get Green card. To my worst karma, getting Green card took 4 years from the time of separation. God, during this separation time ex troubled me so much, so much of blackmailing me that he would divorce and I have to file my own GC, which was not easy in my case due to education background. I cried to Baba not to separate me from my kids. Out of all these experiences I became so strong that now anyone tries to take advantage of me, I don’t leave them easily. Forget about neighbours, friends here, nobody even came to court for my protection order. All these people you entertain in your house are there only to eat and when these kind of situations are there Indian community keeps away, at least the Telugu community I was in. They see women have to adjust always, if out of way then you are not good. God knows what rumours they spread, but who cares about them.

At the same time I have not become a rude person, I became more loving, open minded and can take on anything attitude. I fought with attorneys and with ex, all these four years to not do final divorce and finally got my Green card and final divorce. I will say to all women out there going through rough divorce in US to not lose hope on dharma in the universe. If you are a good person, no matter if your enemy is strong and circumstances are on his side, still dharma will win. You won’t know if it is for your good the results, but totally trust that Baba knows what He is giving you. It is for your good only, you will understand it slowly. You might question why Baba didn’t give good husband at first, but without this marriage the beautiful children I have would not have been possible. It is karma to go through all this and sure Baba is there to look after you. During my hardship I lost my cases in court, child custody was not on my terms, in between I lost jobs, no money to pay rent, heavy attorney fees and in spite of all this I am standing strong today with a senior manager position and kept on going to higher positions in this past 4 years.

I can’t tell you how many miracles I saw, all interviews came on Thursdays, my GC and final divorce also came on Thursday. It is so amazing. I thank Baba for all of these experiences and made me a person that I never dreamt myself. I love myself which was hard to accept myself before. I am comfortable where I am and now I totally trust the path I am in and I totally surrender to the universe flow. I won’t say I don’t have troubles now, but I have so much confidence in me that I know I will reach the shore and not sink. So women don’t be scared of divorce, you will only come out as a better person and you will have better life. If you are going through abuse, feel it is not fair in the relationship speak up and don’t stay for 10 years like me. If it is not right make a decision soon. Ask Baba before you do anything. Important thing is how much ever bad day it is for you, don’t forget to pray to Baba. Baba is my mother, father, brother and family. I have so much gratitude to His love and blessings!! Raja Ram, Raja Ram, Raja Ram, Sai Ram!

Sai Dream

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Rajesh Dubey from India says: I am Rajesh Dubey from New Delhi and am great believer of Sai’s leela. I read atleast one chapter of Shree Sai Satcharitra daily. Through this experience I wish to convey message to all the Sai bhakts that Sai is omnipresent and He keeps guiding us. It is our duty to comprehend His guidance in positive way and with due endurance and patience we must stick to His guidance.

Thanks a lot for offering this platform for sharing the experience. I was introduced to miracles of Sai Baba by my colleagues and families in the year 2002. That was also the year when I got married and along with my wife, we became regular visitor to Sai Temple. The blessings of Sai started pouring thereafter, I was working as a Sales executive earning a meagre salary of 7K. Sai only knows His miracles and in the year 2005 from where this offer from US came. Though I was not a technical person or commuter literate still for a non professional an offer for H1B came and due to family conditions and love for the country we decided not to accept the same. Also because I was too nervous to take up this assignment due to my capabilities and lack of fluency in English. But the company owner was candid enough and offered me to head his organisation in Delhi. I saw multi fold jump in hierarchy and salary. Sales Executive to General Manager and from salary of 7k to 35 K. I again went back to the owner and made him realise that as per Indian standards I should be promoted as Assistant Manager and salary shouldn’t be more than 15K. But he insisted and I took up the challenge.

I performed beyond mine and his expectations and my career and financial conditions started taking multi fold jump year on year. My English and confidence also showed remarkable improvement. In the year 2006 I joined one of the leading Ecommerce Company and in an year reached a salary of 36L/PA. My faith grew very intense and I used to travel to Shirdi at least twice in a year and in spite of resources never took VIP route for darshan. As mentioned in Shree Sai Satcharitra , Sai gives dream visions to guide us. Thrice Sai gave me dream visions and in all visions He had been guiding me which I failed to comprehend and follow. I betrayed the route shown by Sai and as mentioned Shree Sai Satcharitra if one doesn’t adhere to the commands of Sai He has to bear the brunt too. Sai showed His mercy and also showed me way to follow His command. I was reduced to nothing gradually. After recession in the year 2008-09 I started losing my job frequently and once the most renowned worker in trade became least desired employee. But Sai mercy continued intermittently and I am hopeful soon He will absolve me of my sins and take me to the pinnacle. I request all the devotes to always follow the guidelines and preaching of Sai . He is omnipresent and keeps guiding us but we shouldn’t ignore His commands. Om Sai Ram. May all be blessed!

Sai Appa My Saviour

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram. I am a Hindu female, working mom with 3 kids from Singapore. This is my fourth experience which I am sharing on this blog. I have been Sai devotee since Feb 2015. First and foremost I would like to thank the admin for such a wonderful job. I am the only one in my family who prays to Sai Appa and have read Sai Sarithram twice and whenever I feel down I read a chapter from the Sai Saritharam. I would like to share this experience which occurred a week ago.

My eldest child suddenly had severe stomach cramp and was admitted in hospital. She stayed there for 3 days and later was discharged with all tests negative due to Sai Appa’s blessings. During her stay I kept the Sai Saritharm book at her bedside and also read a chapter. Sai Appa cured her pain in 3 days and we went back home the third day. Thank You so much Sai Appa as my youngest son was having very high fever which we didn’t know about till we reached home. It was all Sai Appa’s plan that we got back home in time as my 7 year old was down with high fever and bad headache. I was really very sad that why my kids keep falling sick as I am a working mother. I asked Sai Appa in question and answer website and felt happy when I got the answer not to worry everything would be alright. My son’s fever was fluctuating for 4 days and didn’t settle down completely but I had faith in Sai that He would completely cure my son soon. Meanwhile I read Sai Saritharam 1 chapter each day till he got better and also Sai Namavali. On the fifth day I gave him Udi water before bedtime and the next day the fever vanished. I firmly believe that Sai Appa is always guarding us and listening to our prayers. May Sai Appa bless everyone who calls out to Him. Thank you devotees for patiently reading my experience. Om Sai Ram!

Baba Gave us the Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a house wife. Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetalji Greetings, My heartiest wishes to you and your team for creating and maintaining this divine site – when I read your site it gives me lot of confidence and positive energy. My husband lost his job and was given 3 months notice period to look for another job . We were not getting even a single interview call and out of frustration paid money to consultants which proved to be useless except losing money. Though it is common in IT but losing job at the middle age is more painful and mental stress for the middle class families. I was browsing through web for peace of mind and came across your site and use to read that Baba will have His blessings on us. I read from one of the devotees in your site that after doing Thursday Nav Guruvar Vrat they got the job. I also started and starting from first Thursday there was an improvement and by the time it was 7th Thursday he had three offers. It was miracle and looked like Baba had planned perfectly. My husband had to move to another location for the job and I had to stay with my kid for his education in different location . I am sure one day Baba will resolve the other challenges which we are going through. Om Sai Ram I know the pain which we are going through is for the soul transformation which is implicit ultimate objective of each individual to move a step towards the divine. Baba give me the patience and positive energy to face the challenges and I do complete Samarpan to You .Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba, My Guru

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: I am happy to post Baba’s miraculous experience in this blog. Sai Baba, my Guru Thanks to Hetalji and the team for maintaining this blog. I am almost a regular follower of this blog. That gives me immense positivity and mental strength. Baba please forgives me for posting this experience late. I couldn’t keep my promise to post this on time. Coming to experience, my son participated in one chess tournament last weekend. I prayed to our saviour Baba to stay with my son and to bless him so he can play well. Baba listened to my prayer. My son did overall good and he was kind of happy as his rating was increased by few points. By Baba’s grace my mom has reached at my home in USA safely. Baba, I am praying to You whole heartedly to resolve my job issue. I am very much scared to lose my job in few months. I believe You are the one who is always there with His devotees whenever they are in trouble. You know what mental tension I am having now. Please bless me with a good and secure job. You are my saviour Baba, You are my guardian. Please fulfil my wish in finding a good job. Today night my mom got hurt in her teeth. She is having little pain at teeth. I am praying to You whole heartedly that she gets alright by tomorrow. Nothing serious should be happened. In this country any kind of medical concern especially for my mom makes me scared. Please bless my mom a healthy life. Also, please forgive my all minor and major mistakes. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram. Anantakoti Pranam to You.!

Sai Maa’s Never Ending Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetalji, thank you so much for maintaining such a wonderful platform where devotees can share never ending leelas of beloved Baba. I have been a sincere devotee of Baba for 15 years and experienced His guidance in many difficult situations

Sometimes I feel why do I have to go through all these tough phases, but in a moment I realise it was due to past karma and Sai is always with me to overcome these hurdles. I have a 7 year old daughter and she always wants to have a sibling, we have been planning to have a baby for 3 years but was not possible because of some gynaecological problems and the only option left was to go through IVF. I have started the procedure and hopefully by Baba’s grace would have a baby in 9 months time. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

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  1. Om sai ram…I immense faith in u..being gone through 3 miscarriage n 10 yrs of marriage ..still have hop that u will definitely show sum miracle..I promise u sai I will post my experience in this group when my desire is fulfilled..Om sai ram

    • Baba baba and baba..keep chanting his name.. he can heal anything… He can solve anything… Hail sai ram

  2. Dear Hetalji,
    Need your advice. Few weeks ago i had a dream. I saw myself chasing a person on road. When i reached near him, touched his shoulder and he turned back from right side it was Shirdi Said Baba wid his bag on his shoulder. That's all i saw neither he nor me said a single word.
    Another dream which i had was of Ganeshji. I saw a big idol of Ganeshji in a blessing posture. May be it was a temple.
    I am going through tough situations in every field since a long time. But hope very soon Said Baba will make give me lots of happiness in every field despite of mistakes.
    Request u to advice on the meaning of both these dreams. Though i am happy for both the dreams but want to know d meaning.
    Thanks & regards
    Om Said Ram Om 🙂

    • Sai comes in ones dream to tell you that all that you are suffering will come to an end. He meant he is gonna help you with what you want.. Ganesh ji is the important god to worship before you do anything.. might be sai baba meant with his blessings everything is possible but to avoid hurdles you need to pray Ganesh ji as well.. I do the same thing before starting Baba vrath I pray Ganesh ji that my Baba vrath should be successful..Hail Sai Raam

  3. Dear 1st devotee, u fought so bravely that u have tasted success whatever u wished for. Hats off to u.Take care

  4. Om Sai Ram… again one of the nice experience. I have recently visit Shirdi from Mumbai with EO Cabs.

  5. Om Sai ram to all!
    To all the Sai devotes. Make Sai happy by doing five day pooja. This is a simply and powerful pooja that every one can do to fullfill your wishes. Please follow the procedure as below:
    1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but thursday is preferable.
    2. One has to perform this pooja on the same time for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience.But time of doing this pooja should be same for all 5 days.
    3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
    4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
    5. Offer one fruit to baba and distribute it among family members as prasad.
    6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting sai sai sai or any other mantra that you like..
    7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray whole heartedly in the holy feet of Baba for his blessings.
    8. On completion of pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people.
    Thank you!
    Om Jai Sai ram blessings!

  6. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father ThankYOU Babaji for making me realize my mistake Jai SaiNath



  9. Om Sairam. Baba i want to take my niece along with me for her holidays. Please make everyone agree to travel with me. Last year also she wants to come but she couldn't come. This time she really wants to come with me. So please baba help us to take visa & tickets and all expenses in affordable price. Om Sai sri Sai jaya jaya Sai

  10. Om Sairam. Pranams to Sai baba iam feeling tension about my health & my husband too. Iam not able to do all my kids works due to back pain. Baba send me very good maid to takecare of my kids works & home too in our budget. Please baba please. Om Sai Sri Sai jaya jaya Sai

  11. Om Sairam,
    Baba I most humbly bow at Your Holy Feet. Baba please forgive us for all our sins and mistakes that we may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Baba please bless us and shower us with grace and always keep Your Hands on our heads. Baba please keep us at Your Lotus Feet. Baba thank you for helping me in starting the app sorry for the late posting. Also, thank you Baba for taking care of the Naivedyam. Baba please bless my parents, sisters their families, us both and his family with health, happiness and long life. Baba please help us unite and make our families agree for this marriage. Baba only with Your grace and blessings this impossible thing will be possible. Baba we both have been waiting in faith, please Baba bless us with a long healthy married life with each other. Baba only You are our hope and protector. Baba please forgive us for all our sins, durbudhi and mistakes we most humbly bow at Your Holy Feet. Baba please bless us and all Your children with your grace. Baba please shower Your grace and blessings on us all.

  12. Dearest wonderful strong devotee who divorced after 10 years WOW. I feel my problems are nothing next to yours. You are an inspiration to us all, regardless of what our problems might be. Baba bless you and your family for the rest of your lives. May your children have everything in their married lives that you didn't. I hope you have peace and happiness now. God bless you. Om Sai Ram.

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