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Om Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Thanks to Hetalji for doing such a noble service to mankind which brings together so many people from everywhere. This site is a lifeline for so many bhaktas like me who get strength and courage reading experience of other devotees. I came to the lotus feet of Baba about 4 years back when my sister in law asked me to pray to Baba for something that was disturbing me in my life. I prayed and lo my life changed! From then on, I became a small devotee of the lord and He guided me at each and every step of my life. I am sharing my latest experience where Baba is helping me to move on to my final goal.

I am a working IT professional, wife and a mother of 12 year old boy. We have moved to US about 4 years back. I was the primary visa holder and my partner was on dependent visa. About 2 months back due to some reasons unknown, I was asked to go back to India in just a short notice. My life turned around 360 degrees in a single day I was shocked as this was something even remotely unexpected. I gathered my courage and surrendered everything at the feet of Baba, and started my Nav Guruvar Vrat in US itself. I travelled to India and continued the vrat praying to Baba to guide me at every step.

Things were not good in my office and I started job hunting as soon as I landed India. I would visit Q/A site many times in the day and get responses for my dilemmas and always the answers were supportive and encouraging. Every week as I fasted I knew He was creating some way for me. I visited one of my family friends and they mentioned that I should visit one big Sai temple which was close to my house, and we never knew about the temple. I was fortunate to visit the temple on Baba’s Mahasamadhi day, and did 108 Namaskars at Baba’s feet. Every day I would talk to Him and knew that He was with me. I got an interview call with a top MNC and did very well. Meanwhile my vrats were nearing completion and as I completed my 9th week, I got my offer letter from the company.

All the events happening in my life are orchestrated by Him; I am in an autopilot mode today flowing where He takes me. I need to go back to my family as soon and I have taken up reading Sai Satcharitra daily one chapter lifelong. I know as I finish the book in next 40 days, I will be flying back. I will be back soon here then. Baba please bless us and help us to be a better person. Om Sai Ram, Sadhguru Maharaj Ki Jai!

Miracle Of Marriage By Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to my Sai family. Thanks Hetalji and team for such a lovely platform to share our feelings with other devotees. Jai Sairam my Babaji. This experience is for those Baba devotees who are waiting to get married to their choice. This is my fourth post on this website and this time the miracle of Baba which I have seen is out of this world and of course which changed my whole life. So it’s like this.

I had some gynac problems due to that my life was like hell and then I met Baba and prayed Him to get me married with my guy. But his mother was not ready for our relation so he was asking me to wait but my parents weren’t ready to wait. So at that time I kept on crying in front of Baba but never left Him. Kept on praying, did Nav Guruwar Vrat, did Satcharitra parayan and daily saw Baba in temple for 9 weeks. I was having firm faith in Baba. One day came when I lost all the hopes and stopped talking to that guy as I felt he wasn’t for me. On my 5th fast on Thursday when I woke up my mom gave me news which was unbelievable. She told me that my guy’s father called my dad to meet for our marriage. I was just shocked and started crying as Baba made this impossible thing possible. Oh my Baba. I just love You for this beautiful gift of life. Then we got engaged with parents’ and Baba’s blessings. Then I got chance to visit Baba and then again Baba called me to Shirdi (which was again full of miracles of Baba) to invite Him for His daughter’s wedding. And then with Baba’s blessings after 7 months we got married and my marriage was wonderful. I got a chance to fulfil my each and every dream with the help of my parents and siblings. Now it’s been one year and we are happily married and Baba blessed me with such a nice husband that he takes so much care of me and takes me to Baba’s temple every Thursday. Thanks a lot my Sai maa for blessing Your daughter in such a nice way.

We are trying for baby from last one year but due to my gynac problem it isn’t happening but I am sure very soon my Baba will bless me with that happiness too as my sister says that Baba is specialist in blessing His daughters with baby so you will also get blessed very soon. I am waiting for the day to come, then again I’ll share my experience with my Sai family. And yes Baba we have applied for Canada PR. So please Baba bless us soon to get our visa. Please Baba bless my both families and bless all Your devotees. Love You my Sai maa.

Shirdi Sai Is Always Available For His Devotees

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I’m a working woman with good education background and from a good family background. I worked both in overseas and at presently working in India. My family members are all great devotees of Sai. I was not that great devotee until I became pregnant. God had given me everything before I asked for in my life. A job before I completed my degree, marriage with good life partner before the start of my career. With God’s grace I became pregnant an year after my marriage. But I had a tough time that I had to travel more every day to my work place as our customs states that we shouldn’t shift our house during pregnancy. I also didn’t want a break in my career as it was the start of my career. I had morning sickness very badly. Every time when I didn’t feel the movement of my baby I did nothing other than writing Sairam. Believe me or not I will felt my baby movements before I completed 10 times. This didn’t happen one or two times but throughout my pregnancy. I never failed to read Sai Satcharitra every day. With His grace now I have 2 healthy daughters.

Recently I faced lot of problems in my working place. My boss was not only my boss but also a good friend of mine. Everything was smooth and my job was going on well and wherever I worked I gave my best and worked honestly. Of course this world consists of people with bad thoughts and jealousy and they created issues between me and my boss. Small issues turned big and I couldn’t tolerate his words in spite of being honest. I moved out of the concern but was in tears most of the times because without any official mistake I had to face this. But I had my full trust in Baba and followed vrat and read Sai Satcharitra everyday along with Hanuman Chalisa. Very recently it was a miracle to me that after about a year my boss called me and spoke with me very normally. Of course Baba showed me a different way in my career but I’m happy that He made my friend understand that I hadn’t done any mistake. He cleared the unnecessary blames thrown on me and gave justice for my pain and tears. Only thing is never lose your trust and confidence on Him. He is always there for His devotees. Baba, I always pray You one thing, please guide me throughout my life and always take me in the right direction. Please do whatever You feel is good for me. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Can Do Anything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Shri Sai Baba since last 6-8 years. I have known Him for a long time but He pulled me to His lotus feet back in 2010 when I had to face a big trouble at my workplace. I was saved from all the calamities by Sai Baba’s grace and since then He is my Guru. I would like to extend my sincere best wishes to the admin team of this website who is working hard to keep the show running, thereby giving us a platform to share our personal experiences where we have been blessed by our Guru Shri Sainath. I would like to share a recent experience which happened 2-3 weeks ago.

I am in a medical profession and worked hard to set up my private practice. I have worked very hard since I started the private clinic in 2012. I admit that I committed many mistakes and was always blessed by our Sai Baba. However, I had to face a huge obstacle in my life which could have finished my professional and personal life. I had no hope to come out of that trouble. My only hope was Sai Baba. So, I prayed Him sincerely. As expected, He came to my rescue and saved me from any negative impact on my life. Now I am very much settled and just waiting for some positive news which will help me to take some important decisions of my life. I am very thankful to our dear Sai Baba. I hope my experience can help all my fellow devotees to strengthen their faith in our Guru. Just keep Shraddha and Saburi and you will be taken care of by our lord. Jai Sai Ram.

I Got A Child Through The Blessings Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Sharmila from USA says: I am a home maker. My husband is working for a well reputed company. I am from Coimbatore. I am married since 8 years and am living in Coimbatore. I was not having child for the past eight years. I prayed to all Gods including Sai Baba. I used to go to Sai Baba’s temple every Thursday and I used to lit lamps in homes and do fasting on every Thursdays. In the beginning everything was going right and I didn’t get the blessings of any God. I was fed up with everything and I stopped praying Sai Baba and all Gods. I got angry with them as I was fed up. Later one day when I was not expecting my pregnancy and I got pregnant. Now I am five months pregnant. This is all through the blessing of Sai Baba only. What I want to say is we should pray Him with patience. He will do the right things at right time. Please pray for me that my delivery should be normal and I should deliver a healthy child. Thank you Hetalji for doing a wonderful job and maintaining a wonderful platform for us to share our experiences. Have Shraddha and Saburi

Miracle Of Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Srishaa Sathish kumar from USA says: This is Sai sister Srishaa from US and it’s my second post on this blog. I wish to share my experience which happened today. Last month I had some infection and had to go to doctor. Doctor analysed and told that it was common and prescribed two tests just to make sure it was not something serious. Week later I got my test results and it was negative. Three days back we got a mail stating that we had to pay $1421 as the insurance declined the claim stating the test was experimental. I was literally shattered and was praying to Baba to help us as we could not afford that much since we had many commitments to take care of. Today I got another mail that we need to pay $62 for the tests that had been done. We called the health care provider today and they confirmed that the amount we owed was $62. Such a great relief. Thank You Baba for helping us in each and every difficult situation. Peace to be all. Ananda Koti Brahmandanayak Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Sachidhananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai !

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  1. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless everyone with good health and be with us deva and guide my children in their studies and show us right path thandri.

  2. Om Sai Ram..I am having a tough phase in my relationship maybe due to my past karma but I know baba will soon do his miracle and give my love back to me so that we get married and stay forever under your blessings… Please baba forgive me for my sins and unite us as before..I know you are listening to me and will do the best very soon..bless everyone baba!

  3. Om Sai ram to all!
    To all the Sai devotes. Make Sai happy by doing five day pooja. This is a simply and powerful pooja that every one can do to fullfill your wishes. Please follow the procedure as below:
    1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but thursday is preferable.
    2. One has to perform this pooja on the same time for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience.But time of doing this pooja should be same for all 5 days.
    3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
    4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
    5. Offer one fruit to baba and distribute it among family members as prasad.
    6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting sai sai sai or any other mantra that you like..
    7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray whole heartedly in the holy feet of Baba for his blessings.
    8. On completion of pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people.
    Thank you!
    Om Jai Sai ram blessings!

  4. Om SAIRAM..Until only once ai have Studied Sai Satcharitra but I keep buying Different publishers books of Satcharitra ..But when I think of reading I am unable to do ..Please be with me and I wish I read everything for lifetime

  5. Om sairam… Thank you baba for taking care of our parents safe arrival… please be with us every minute and make this trip an enjoyable one.. Thank you so much baba. Help all those who are in need of you.. Om sairam.

  6. Om sairam… Thank you baba for taking care of our parents safe arrival… please be with us every minute and make this trip an enjoyable one.. Thank you so much baba. Help all those who are in need of you.. Om sairam.



  9. O Deva, be with us, wherever we go, whoever we meet and help us bring joy and happiness to everyone who cross our path.

    Jai Sairam

  10. Baba bleeding thaggela cheyara please Sai nadha etuvanti health issues lekund chudara​ please Sai nadha

  11. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father ThankYOU Babaji for blessing me and forgive my foolishness Babaji

  12. Om Sai Ram, devotees I am in big confusion. Please help me. I am in love with one guy. At present we Both are not in contact due to parents not giving permission for our marriage. I got one new alliance. My parents are eager to do my marriage with him. Two days back I asked Sai maa through chit whether I have to accept this alliance. 3 times I put the chit and all the 3 times I got the answer as I have to accept. As said Earlier I am in love with one guy, I am still waiting for Him. So today morning I asked Sai maa through chit whether me and my guy will be united. And All the 3 times Sai Maa told I will get back my love (my guy). Seeing 2 different answers I am confused a lot. I asked regarding getting back my love many times in past few months. All the time I got +ve answer. So Devotees Please help me understand these two different answers. Sai Maa bless you all.

    • Om sairam. Dear devotee, somewhere you are wrong. You are confusing the readers also. It looks like you dont have firm mind. You must fully surrender to baba and ask him. He will defenetly give clues.

    • Do not ask baba for any such question.. just do 9 Thursday vrat with full faith in him.. he will do what you want.. if you can't wait for 9 weeks start reading satcharithra, he will show you what is right and what is wrong.. if u love your guy sooo much then never let any negative thoughts come in your mind, never think of any other guy, prove sai MAA that you love him truly and he will help you.. have faith in him..Pray him that your marriage with you guy should happen with his blessings and ask him to keep you both happy life long..

  13. Om sainath deva please kripa karo deva raksha karo deva apke bina aur koi ny h hamare malik aphi toh h sainath
    Sainath mahraj ki jay

  14. Om Sairam. Today my birthday baba please bless me. Be with me always baba. Om Sai Sri Sai jaya jaya Sai

  15. Om Sairam. Thank you very much deva. We all had an excellent darshan and a safe trip during our tirupathi trip without any troubles. thanks once again

  16. I really want to thank Hetalji for doing such a noble service to help sai devotees all over the world..Baba has always blessed me and granted whatever i wished..Thank You Baba for helping me and my family in each and every difficult situation.. His leelas are unlimited.. Baba please bless me and also my brother with brother is feeling very low these days and i am sure you will surely bless him with baby..! Please Baba bless my both families and bless all Your devotees.. Jai Ho Sai Maharaj ki

  17. Dear Baba, If am going back today its not as a failure because You feel I need to cleanse myself more. I have faith in Your ways because things happening now have reasons beyond me. You know it clearly. I promise to do nava Guruvar vrat again. Please guide me to do it properly and correctly and please help me be patient enough. Om Sai Ram

  18. Om sai RAM baba mre pas shabad nh h apka shukriya m kin shabdo m kru thanku so much baba love u u save me and protect me baba m jb b disturb hui hu apne hmsa kisi kisi roop m MRI help ki h baba pls ap hmesah mre sth rehna apki bht jrurat plz thnku baba blessed me and my fmly love u baba jai sai ram

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