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Shri Sai Baba Blessed Me With A Job

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: and am 23 years old. I live with my parents in Mumbai. Sai Baba blessed me with my dream job. Every day I read Sai Satcharitra and experiences posted on this website. I strongly wish to post my experience too. I hope it gets accepted. Om Sai Ram!

Om Sai Ram! This is my first experience that I am sharing. I started worshipping Baba just a few months back, it happened because my fiancée is an ardent devotee of Baba. Baba only brought us together. I must admit, am very blessed women to have Him in my life. I was working for a startup company, as we all know working in a startup not only gives you a good exposure but also you have to work too hard since the company demands a lot of things from the employees. The Boss was the very impractical person who made it obvious and difficult for people to work there. Also, the company had got relocated very far. It used to take 2 hours to reach there. Soon one by one people started resigning because of these issues. After working for a year even my patience got over and I decided to resign from the job in the month of July 2016, even though I didn’t have any backup job. While serving the two months notice period, I simultaneously started searching and applying for jobs. But I did not get any call while I was serving my notice period. I was really getting tensed and depressed about the whole situation. I wanted to visit Shirdi and get Baba’s blessings because I knew that is the only thing that will make me calm. Baba granted my wish to visit Shirdi in the month of August 2016, I prayed to Baba to give me a good opportunity which would help me grow in my career.

I started reading Sai Satcharitra on a daily basis, which made me feel optimistic and patient. 22nd August was my last day and thereafter I was jobless. During the Ganesh festival, due to Baba’s blessings, I got two interview calls which were scheduled on 12th September. Also, one of my batch-mate texted me that the company she was working with had a vacancy in another department. That company was a leading MNC and the one which I always dreamt to work with. Without having any second thoughts I applied and again the telephonic interview was scheduled on 12th. So I had 3 interviews scheduled on the same day. I was really tensed that how I was going to prepare for the interviews. Along with reading Sai Satcharitra, I also started watching Sai Baba serial and read experiences posted on this website. The day arrived (12th September), I went to the first company for the last round with the Director (I had already given first two rounds in this company which was also a start-up, before the Ganesh festival). It went really well and they offered me the job. Only they asked me to see if I was fine with travelling since the company was located on the outskirts. I was reluctant to travel that far since I had already faced the same problem in the previous organization. And moreover I was concentrating on that MNC interview, it seized my focus. Next was the telephonic round, luckily by Baba’s grace it was great and the interviewer gave a very positive feedback saying that they’ll let me know the coming week. After that, I went for the third interview, but I came to know that they were recruiting people for the project that would be starting next year. Hence I had to drop that option. Still I was to get a call from that MNC, meanwhile I thought of visiting the first company and to check whether I was comfortable with the travelling. It was too far and again took two hours to reach there. So I called them and politely rejected the offer.

I again visited Shirdi for two days and was blessed by Baba to attend Kakad Aarti. Baba allowed me to stand in such a place in the Darbar from where I could get complete darshan of Baba. The next week, I did get a call from the MNC that they have scheduled another telephonic round with the Senior Lead from Australia. I had never faced such an interview before, I was scared and didn’t feel the confidence to face the interview. The interview was scheduled in the last week of September. Till that time, I planned to prepare for the interview. It happened to be a Thursday; I could feel that it was all planned by Baba. I was continuously praying to help me perform well in the interview. Finally, the day arrived and the interview surprisingly went really good. And I felt very much relieved. They were going to let me know in the first week of October. I waited and I got a call from the manager that I have got selected and the HR would call me to discuss regarding the joining formalities. I felt overwhelmed and excited to work with my dream company.

In these 42 days, I experienced the presence and blessings of Baba. He made me feel really positive about my life, giving me such a marvellous experience with His blessings. It is truly said, one only needs to have the patience and faith in Baba. Baba truly guides us back by showing such miracles. Lastly, I would like to thank Hetalji and also all the people who are involved in providing a platform to share our experiences. This is also a blessing of Baba to all of us that we are getting a chance of sharing wonderful miracles of Baba. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba An Answer For Anything And Everything In Life

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Lots of love and prayers to Baba. Hi, am 26 years old and I am a dentist. As a child I always used to see my mausi (aunt) praying to Baba and there were days she used to weep holding Baba’s picture. All I understood was she is a great devotee but always had this thing in my mind what makes her believe Him so much? Might be I was too young to take God so seriously!

One day it so happened that I went along with my aunt to a nearby house where I could see many people coming out of that house. A little later my aunt started speaking to another woman; all the entire crowd there came to see her! Then she started speaking to my aunt saying after sending her husband to office and children to school she locked her house from inside and started dusting the sealing as festive season was nearby. Suddenly a voice calls out her name, and then she shouted back asking who it was? The voice then replied it was Baba and He had come to see her, she was so terrified that she fainted out of fear. And next three days where ever she sat Vibuthi and Kumkum started falling from her saree. She even showed Baba’s and Shiva’s imprints on the floor, which came on the same day when she heard the voice. When this conversation was going on, I was staring down without seeing her face but was listening to the conversation, all of a sudden I shouted saying “aunty, Vibhuti is falling from your saree” I still remember that scene of Vibhuti and Kumkum falling out of her saree continuously where she sat!! Since I have seen it with my very own eyes, I started believing Him very strongly. It just answered all my questions why my aunt was so crazy weeping to Baba asking Him questions etc…

I shared this experience for all of us who are going through hardships or happily living, Baba Is One Solution to anything that’s happening in our life. Pray to Him when you are sad or happy. Always speak your mind out to Him. And sharing with Him gets tears of joy or some unknown satisfaction when you are sad! He will answer no matter what the problem is. He will guide you what is to be done next. Just like a mother he nurtures you, takes care of you, and gets angry on you. Tells you where you went wrong. He is an ocean of love! I am 26 now, and walked me through the best path I can ever walk, I always had a dream of marrying someone from USA, but never opened up to my parents as they might be hurt sending me so far! After my graduation I asked Baba a question and have a habit of reading this book “Baba’s Answer To Your Questions”, where you can think of a question in your mind, think of Baba and a number and read the parable of that number you have in your mind. To my surprise it read as “time has come to change your house” I just laughed and thought that since I was done with my graduation and was going back home from hostel and Baba’s answer was really witty. But when my parents were not even searching a groom, suddenly I had seen a guy and in a month I got married! I was shocked to think of the parable, where Baba said its time for me to change house (illu mare samayam assanam ayindhi) is exactly what it read! So this was Baba’s plan for me when I asked Him a question about my post graduation since I was almost done with my graduation! It just proved again that Baba is with me, and what I saw as a child is real and not a wonder and can happen with any of us. Believe in Him, pray with all your heart and there He is already in front of you. Sairam Anusha…

Sai Prem

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: My first thought in the morning and the last thought at night is Sai. I always remember Him, offering all my actions to Him. I would like to share some of my experiences with my Sai sisters and brothers. This is my second post, the first it seems is not seen published. I thank all those who are behind this platform to bless us with the experiences of the devotees all over the world.

In February I was admitted to hospital with severe pain and I was diagnosed with stage 4 of breast cancer which had spread to my two ribs. I submitted myself to Sai and I thought that whatever the doctor prescribed would be His words. I under went all the tests with the energy showered by Sai Maa. My colleagues and other relatives were astonished to see me in good cheer after hearing this shocking news. Actually Sai is my strength and I had surrendered myself to Him as I was thankful to Him for helping me accomplish my duties to my daughters. Both are married and my elder daughter is blessed with a baby boy. I was discharged after one week and the advice was to take monthly hormone injection. The cost of the injection was high, but my office bears major portion of it. Any way I was relieved to hear that and I after one month I resumed office.

My family planned a trip to Shirdi in June 24th, when I was not sure what my condition would be. But Sai planned the trip and we could complete our trip to Shirdi and Puttaparthy guided by hand by Him. There was no problem anywhere and we had a very blessed experience. I bought two copies of Sai Satcharitra and gave to my daughters. I have been reading the book daily for so many years. My younger one started reading it with devotion and after completing it she saw a dream and in the dream she was advised by Sai Maa to read the book during pooja. Also when she went to a Sai temple nearby her house, the poojari asked her to do abhishekam to Him and offered her a garland. I was very happy to hear that. Now, after scan reports were taken last month, the doctor asked me to take another medicine, which is being launched in India for the first time, as the hormone treatment seems to be not very effective to me. I am a bit concerned as the cost of the medicine is very high and I am not sure whether this much amount will be reimbursed by my office. I leave everything to Him. Be with all Your devotees, Swami, as we have no other hand to hold on, other than You. You know what is best for us, more than what we ourselves do not know. Om Sri Sai Ram.

One Humble Prayer

Anonymous Sai devotee from India says: It has only been few months since I came to know about Baba. Though we had a murthi of Baba in our home we used to treat Baba like every other God. But, my perceptions changed suddenly. I’m pursuing my B.Tech right now and have been facing some problems lately which were removed from my life by Baba. All it took was unconditional love towards Baba. They say that it is Sai Baba Who comes to you, unless there is Baba’s will He will not come to you. Baba timely manifests Him as a help to the needy.

My mother has been a staunch Hindu devotee. She is the pillar of our family and has been through lot of difficulties starting right from her childhood. My mother is a single parent taking care of me and my brother, who is elder to me. My mother has lot of health problems and my brother has epilepsy though he is doing his B.Tech he finds it hard to concentrate on one thing. He started failing in many subjects while he was in his 3rd and 4th semester. He had to write the supplementary exam and it was crucial because unless you pass in minimum 5 subjects in a year they would ask to repeat the year and then there was this one crucial exam which would decide if he would go into the next semester. I prayed to Baba to help my brother pass the exam. A humble prayer with love and devotion is all it takes and miracle happened that exam happened to be on a Thursday. He wrote the exam and after finishing it he informed me with much happiness that he would surely pass the exam. And he did pass the exam. Over the short span of 8-9 months of my experience with Baba I have learnt that Baba is a true God. Baba helps you when you least expect it. No words can describe the feeling. I forgot to mention that I have been a staunch Hindu devotee and I came to Baba’s sharan as a last resort and have been blessed with experiences which my mother, my brother and I thought would never happen in our lives. Baba has taught me to love animals. Baba has shown me that sharing things we have gives immense pleasure to the one who donates. Baba has filled every portion of my heart with love to others be it human or animals. Baba has been taking care of me like my mother. I hope Baba takes care of my mother and my brother throughout their lives. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam.

Baba’s Miracle

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram to all the devotees. Thank You Baba for giving me this opportunity to pen down Your miracle. Also thanks to Hetalji for providing us with this wonderful platform. Every day is a blessing of our beloved Baba. I don’t call myself as a great devotee of Baba but I am just a small creature who is surviving only by the divine grace of Baba.

This is one of the experience which I would like to share with all of you. I am currently working in US. I am new to this corporate sector. I think this job as a gift by Baba. So, when I was worried about the tasks in the job, I just prayed Baba and told Him that it’s You Who gave me this job so I wish You would be with me all along and help me. I was stuck at some point while designing my logic. I worked for it even on holidays but couldn’t. I asked Baba what would happen with this task. I got an answer from His book saying that by taking Baba’s name you will finish the work in an unexpected manner and will be appreciated by everyone. I was surprised. Though I got this response I was not able to solve the logic. After a couple of days the person who assigned me task itself gave me a small hint through which I was able to proceed further. I completed the task successfully by the blessings of Baba. But then like a fool I was doubting whether the response would be true or not because only one part of it was done. Now on the day of presentation, it so happened that I was not given a chance to present my logic but yet the person who explained it told that I was a part of it and to my surprise everyone appreciated me which was totally unexpected. Sorry Baba for doubting You. And thank You very, very much for being with me in tough times and kindly do not leave my hand. Jai Sai Ram.

I Always Need My Sai Maa

Sai Devotee Jyotsna from India says: Om Sairam to all Sai Baba’s devotees. Namaskar to all my brothers, sister and elders. Thank you so much Hetalji for this wonderful blog which increases our faith toward Sai Baba. Hetalji you are such a blessed soul! You are doing a very good job. I am doing bachelor of dental surgery from Punjab by Baba’s grace.

Om Sairam. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from last 7 years. There are a lot of experiences which I want to share with you all. 3 years ago I had failed in my first year. It was very stressing and painful period of my life. I was crying all the time but I had full faith on Sai. I knew Baba punished me because I did so many mistakes in first year that is why Baba had punished me. But by Baba’s grace I cleared my exams (second attempt) I did work hard and I succeeded. I know I am going very well in studies by Baba’s Grace. I surrender myself to Baba. He always cares for me ( with teary eyes) sometimes I think why Baba loves me so much I did so many mistake but He never hates me. Oh! Baba I love You so much, please do not leave me.

I am preparing for my third year final exam. I am sure He is with me, He is my strength. I am going in correct path and I know it’s by Baba’s grace. My mother was diagnosed with cancer last year (4th stage very dangerous stage (malignant) ). She is still fighting but I have a lot of faith in Baba that He will cure my mother. He will definitely recover my mother from this deadly disease. Please pray for my mother (huge request with teary eyes). I want to say many things but will share next time. Om Sairam.

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  1. Om Sairam.
    Dear jyotsna,i read ur experience.Small suggestion for u…Please give little udi mixed with water to ur mother daily and also read Sai baba stavana manjari if u can.they are really powerful and does miracles when done with full faith.dont worry. Ur mother will recover soon. may baba bless ur mother with good health.Om Sairam

  2. we all believe that baba will definetly cure your mother…. baba please look into her mother and cure her

  3. O Deva, forgive us for not controlling our ego and emotions and help us overcome these obstacles please.

    Jai Sairam

  4. To the Dear lady who has cancer, your faith in Baba and strength will get you and your family through this trying time. May Baba continue to hold your hand and for this difficult time to pass quickly. God bless you Dear lady. Om Sai Ram.

  5. Dearest Jyotsna pls continue to have faith. Dearest Baba pls remove this malignant disease and let normality return to this family. Peace. Om Sai Ram.

  6. OmSaiRam
    He Sai Baba. Thank You so much. Babaji Thank You so much for relieving me of the side pain. Babaji Thank You so much. I am sorry Baba. Baba I am so happy and grateful I am free of the pain and I feel happy and cheerful. Thank You so much Baba. Thank You so much Baba for making me healthy and happy again. Thank You Thank You Thank You so much Baba. Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam Omsairam

  7. He Babaji Omsairam. He Babaji Thank You so much Baba for making my mobile phone alright again. Thank You Babaji. I am deeply grateful. I did not want to buy a new phone and Babaji With Your Kind Grace Only my mobile phone got repaired easily and I got it safe and sound so happily. Thank You so much Baba. I am deeply grateful. Om

  8. Dear last Devotee, Baba will definitely cure your mother. Please keep patience.

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  9. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless my family with good health and be with us deva forever and guide my children in right path thandri.

  10. Dear deva,
    Thank you for helping me my 9 Guruvar Vrat, sorry yesterday I was studying for the final, so I was not able to post it earlier. It is a miracle baba I never even had thought that one of the top Agency would approach, but with your blessings they did. It is all because of you deva, what would I have done without you deva. Thank you my only support and breath of life. We love you deva.

    Take Care Deva, I will talk to you latter!


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