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Who Am I

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam sisters and brothers who are reading this site. I am a women waiting, arguing and begging Baba to show me who am I? Why did He turne me on His path? Why is He giving failures even when I want to walk on His path, live for Him and die for Him? What is the purpose of my life? What does He want me to be?

I have many experiences after He pulled me into His fold. I stay in Hyderabad and here Sai people are doing wholehearted service. Last year they took devotees’ coconuts to Shirdi. Here I am, where Baba was calling me to Shirdi from last year beginning and has been giving coconuts continuously in Dwarkamaayi. I don’t ask Him but He Himself gives me. Last year 2 times and this year again. I don’t know what He wants to say me. This year in the month of July, Baba repeatedly called us to Shirdi. We went and had very, very spell bounding experience with Him in Dwarkamaayi. He was keeping us most of the time in Dwarkamaayi. Gave us His prasad. I never saw dhuni burning such ferociously and violently touching the roof. The whole heat of the dhuni was felt till the steps. All inside the Dwarkamaayi the floor of the masjid had become very, very hot. I could not understand what He was saying to me, but felt so much different and the heat projected His anger and the fierceness of His presence. He gave me 3 coconuts that I never asked; in fact this time I told Him I don’t know what to ask. I was tired and I was coming as a beaten one to Your feet. I am sorry. I could not understand what He was saying to me through the intense heat of the dhuni and 3 coconuts.

This month September, I knew the meaning of the fire raging in dhuni and extreme heat. My grandmother,93 years of age was very brutally murdered by her own 2 sons and daughter in laws. She was denied medical treatment, food, water and was horribly abused. She was thrown out in backyard of her son’s independent house where no one could see for 8 days. Bedsores, she was left to die in extreme rain and cold weather without shelter for 8 days in semi-conscious state near mori where servant washed clothes. We, my relatives and everyone tried to rescue her but they are demons in human form. I prayed and prayed, all my relatives tried maximum to bring pressure on them to make her admit in hospital. But they listened to no one. She was tortured very slowly and brutally because she had so much property in her name which they very cunningly transferred on their names. They threw her outside as they wanted to perform their daughter’s marriage and if she died it would be a bad omen to their newly constructed house. I tried maximum to save her but when the pressure built up from every side they had killed her early next morning. Her body had become stiff as she was made to sit in a normal chair in that rain and cold 24 hours for 8 days continuously with black foam from her mouth. We could not do anything. For no police or anyone would cooperate with us, as they were so much in money and power influenced they could go to any extent. She died on Friday and was taken to cremation ground in the heavy lashing rain in a trolley pathetically.

I request you all brothers and sisters reading this, never ever think to abandon or harm or kill your elders, as through them we will erase our karmas by serving them. They are our valuable property. We have to learn many things through them, the real wealth, prosperity, harmony they are. Remember, what goes around comes around. Don’t try to run after riches, properties, gadgets and artificial things for temporary happiness and pleasures. Our children will see and learn and the karmas we do automatically will haunt them and will eventually destroy them and their future generations. Instead of giving them wealth, riches, properties, give them good values, morals, ethics. Show them, by yourself serving your elders. Atleast they will try not to kill you or harass you in future if not serving you. I lost my grandmother permanently. 92 years is like 2nd infant age to a person. If children who are in 60s can kill their mother who served them and their families with utmost care and faithfulness, what will be the condition of people who are younger to them and running after worldly things, leaving everything behind just for position, wealth, luxuries and children? Remember we can give birth to children but not their sanskaras and their karmas. No one knows whom they are giving birth to killers or the saviours? Who will stand as lighthouses for their families and societies and country and religion? No religion tells to kill anyone but now children are conveniently killing their parents, in-laws as they are considered as burden to them. They want their services, bank balances, properties but when they become too weak to do their own work they are considered waste of their house. All want to give birth to children and will nurse them when they spoil their clothes and will feed them and protect with utmost care for them, then why do we hate them when they are in old age unable to do their own work? Is it not 2nd baby stage to them? Is it not our responsibility to care for them and protect them till they pass away? Why such a harsh inhuman treatments to them?

Always remember dear brothers and sisters that what we do so shall we reap. We think that our children can never betray us, we have given them everything they want extremely but what we did to our elders will surely repeat; for even our elders trusted us, lived for us, served for us only to be finally be cheated as end result for their faith. The same would be repeated. Leaving parents in old age homes, graveyards, or silently, slowly and painfully killing them when they are crying with hunger, thirst, extreme bodily sufferings and mental agony of deception and helplessness has countless force of curse on those who are doing it. They or their children or future generations cannot escape it. There is no remedy to dissolve it. No one can ever predict how it will affect the doers and their families and those who encourage and support it. It is true. Satcharitra is the best proof of it. Baba stressed that the sin of rivalry, debt, murder, deception has to be endured and suffered. There is no alternative to it. Sai Satcharitra always stresses on karma that what one sows, one has to reap in this life or many lives. Don’t take any chances to neglect this truth what Baba said. Please don’t neglect your elders and leave them to die miserably with pain. I lost my amma permanently. Those vultures had tortured her extremely and killed in violently. I tried and tried but failed. But I request you all never ignore your elders.

Shree Sai Baba Is Blissful Life Beyond Expectations

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Sai devotee Vishwanathan.M from Mauritius says: Our most adorable Shri Sainatha Deva loves us unconditionally. We just have to understand this unique priceless life under the constant care of our Sarva SatGuru Shridi Sai Maharaj! If not now, then when? If not here, then where? And if not you, then who else will experience this mesmerizing feeling of being loved like never before.

Last Sunday the 25th September 2016, it was truly a most memorable Sunday ever. We as a family went to the Grand basin sacred lake also called the Ganga Talao in the district of Savanne, Mauritius. We were indeed agreeably surprised upon arriving to the lake as there was a special prayer going on for our most adorable Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. There was also Vibuthi Abhishekam going on and the whole atmosphere at once smelled like Shirdi Samadhi Mandhir during the Noon Arati. Seeing the whole abhishekam was an amazingly divine experience and one can truly feel that our eyes have served their real purpose upon witnessing this blessing.

The person conducting the Ahishekam was very devout and serious in performing it. Also I noticed clearly (Baba made it happened), that while taking the kalasam with Vibhuti in it, he emptied it with help of 4 volunteers holding it at the back. Then again he placed his full right arm fully and kept chanting with concentration. Then all of a sudden, so much Vibuthi just came down like an avalanche and it was a continuous flow of Vibuthi. I thought I was the only one witnessing this but everyone else saw it too. I kept telling my parents, have you both seen this leela (divine happening)? Yes was the response from my mother and my dad was just speechless. Words cannot do justice in describing the whole blissful situation. Really I was awestruck but little did I know what was in store for me by our Emperor of Kindness, Shri Sai Samarth. Then without any prior indication, the very person (blessed soul) who conducted the Abhishekam, collected all the consecrated Vibhuti on Shri Sai’s motherly lap, even at His feet then just climbed down from the altar and distributed the sacred Ash to specific devotees with his own hands. Everyone put their palm forward to receive this blessing but he did not give it to all. Then the blessed soul came to the other corner where we were and handed over the sacred Vibhuti on my palms. He did not give to anyone else. All this happened so very fast for me to really grab the essence of such blessing.

When I look into my palms, there was something else other than the Vibhuti. It’s something inestimable. How can I ever describe this blessed feeing?! Yes Shri Sai brother and sisters, there was a small idol of Lord Krishna as a baby, putting His finger in His mouth. My mother was indeed very happy and for me, I was just full of admiration at the wonders of our most powerful Lord Sainatha Deva. I distributed the Vibhuti to all those around and kept the blessed heavenly gift safe till I reached home. After realizing the happening, I was drifted into another world. Then the Arati started and it was just real Heaven in the sacred lake. Normally there is always rain and mist at Grand Bassin, but that day it was a bright shining Sunday. After the prayer, naivadiam(consecrated food) was served which was very delicious. One lady devotee came straight to us and told how blessed we are to receive such a benediction. Then only she told that the person conducting the Abhisekam is a blessed soul indeed and is considered as a Guru for many people, guiding them through Satshang(devotional singing and teaching) towards our Lord Shree Sairam! I did not have any idea or any indicative thoughts that the person was such a hand-picked soul as an instrument of our Lord. The swami is very young in appearance, decent in outfit and dedicated in service. Little did I know that he was a Guru to others too. The lady even mentioned that a diamond chain was self-manifested during the Vibhuti Abhishekam and distributed by the swami to the devotees chosen by our Lord Sainatha Deva. However no one knows so far which devotee received it. It was indeed a Wow feeling to be chosen by our adorable mother Shree Baba Saimaa. I am extremely grateful to Samartha Satguru Sai for such a miraculous gift, a real blessing in disguise.

Here I must mention that we are currently in the Tamil month of Purattasi(16Sep -17Oct) which is exclusively dedicated to the celebration of Lord Krishna and the fasting lasts for the full month including 5 Saturdays this year which is even more auspicious. My ancestors maintained this Govindan tradition of celebrating this sacred month in all its faithfulness and it is being passed on to the generations. Receiving the very Lord Krishna in this sacred month as a blessing confirms that our Lord is pleased with genuine love only and nothing else. Thank You immensely my Adorable lord SaiKrishna! Thanking Shree Baba Sainatha interminably. There is no me and You, there is only one identity. Shri Sai Samarth is Ultimate God! For the devotees, this is definitive truth. Baba Saimaa, You are the Emperor of simplicity and Greatest among Gurus, this soul humbly finds repose at Your treasurable Feet. Annexed is the blessed picture of our Shree Sai Baba at Ganga Talao, Grand-Bassin, Mauritius after the Maha Abhishekam and Arathi on Sunday 28th September 2016. Sharing this blessing with Shri Sai devotees. Everything happens by His divine Will only. With such a phenomenal Satguru, everyday is a Birthday celebration only and life is just blissful! Jai Shri Sai Ram. Anbe Shree Sai Baba.!

Helping Me On Every Step Of The Way

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says I’m a young Sai Baba devotee from the United States. Sai Baba has always been present in my life but my devotion and love for Him has increased tremendously in the past year.

I was very blessed to have earned admission into a very competitive program at a young age. I was never the best student but had many passions and interests that set me apart from others. Sai Baba recognized this and gave me this wonderful opportunity. The conditions were simple enough -get a certain GPA and a certain score on my medical school admission test during my undergraduate years and I would be guaranteed a place in the very prestigious medical school after four years. However, I struggled throughout the journey and came close to losing the program completely so many times. I was extremely depressed my second year of the program and my grades suffered as a result. I didn’t meet the minimum GPA requirement and I didn’t realize how much I had faltered initially.

I had to meet with the program directors and they told me that if I did not meet the requirements the next semester, they would kick me out of the program. I cried for hours that day. The next year I performed much better, even earning the highest GPA possible. I was delighted because I was able to save myself from the hopeless hole I was in. But I still had not achieved the score I needed on my admission test. This test is a very difficult test that required months of preparation and is 8 hours long. There was a minimum score I had to meet but I missed that score by 1 single question. This put my entire acceptance into jeopardy and I took the test again. With my bad luck even on the second try, I got 1 point below my requirement again. I was devastated. I didn’t understand why I had to go through so many troubles when everyone else in my program had done it so easily. I took the test for the 3rd time. This was my very last chance to take it and if I did not make the score this time, I would not become a doctor. I was so worried because the circumstances were very scary. I spent the entire day before my test in temples praying and put all of my faith in Sai Baba. I asked Him to give me confidence and strength and asked Him to help me become a doctor.

The test was difficult as always but I hoped that Sai Baba would save me. It takes a month for the results to be processed. This past month has been one of the most stressful times in my life as I waited for the results. This test would determine if I would be a doctor or be kicked out of the program. I would cry and worry every single day. I would cry driving. I would cry in bathrooms and before I went to sleep. The only thing that gave me strength was reading the Baba’s Satcharitra and visiting Baba’s temple. One day by complete accident, I found this blog and reading His miracles has given me so much comfort. I knew He was the one Who gave me this amazing opportunity and He saved me so many times. He would not take it away from me now. But I would worry constantly about losing everything. Today, I got my results. I got the score I needed. I am going to become the doctor which I have always dreamed of becoming. Sai Baba saved me. He tested me and made me stronger and ready to face any challenges I will have later in my life. He got me through some of the worst years of my life emotionally and I know He would always be there for me in the future.

Sai Ma Is My Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Sai Devotee Manasa Ram from India says: Jai Sai Ram. Thanks to Hetalji and team for maintaining this blog and making everyone to know about our Sai ma and thanks to everyone who are all following this blog. I can say myself as a lovable child of Sai ma. My Sai ma is there for me to take care of me in all circumstances. I strongly believe that Sai ma is always with me and watching me by sitting in Dwarkamaayi (My heart). Baba, bless everyone with all love and peace. I Love You Sai ma.

Coming to my experience I got a job in MNC by Baba’s grace and I did nothing to get this job except believing that Baba will help me. Now I am going to complete my one year in this company. Recently I got one error mail from client side which was a critical error. But somehow Baba helped me to predict it. But my Team leader was not satisfied with my reply even though it won’t be an error. I said Baba that I am happy Baba because of You, as You are there for me and at least I reverted my error back. After one week my TL called me and told me that I got the same error again and she asked me some details and cut the call. I was talking to my Sai ma that it was a critical error and this time I would get nicely from my TL, So Baba please make it as some technical issue that it won’t come under my error. Next day morning while praying Baba, I again asked Baba to make it as a technical issue and after I slept for some time before cab came. I got a wonderful dream in which my Baba was looking very happy and blessed me placing His powerful hand on my head and Baba told me that we should do only good things to get rid of going to one more janma(life). Baba gave me everything and making me happy in all situations. So it was my dream to see Baba smiling happily and my dream came true. I was very happy and my happiness found no bounds. I went office happily and saw a mail which came from my TL that it may be a technical issue. I knew my Sai ma would do this for me, even it was an error for me also. I won’t bother why because my Baba was there for me to take care of throughout my life. After one and half hour we came to know that it was a complete technical issue and Baba pulled me out of that.

Sai ma now I wrote my experience as I promised You. I can’t just say thanks for this Baba but I can say I love You so much with tears in my eyes. I am begging You Sai ma to make my life meaningful, by making use of me expand Your leelas all over the world. Love You Sai ma. Jai Sai Ram. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu. Guys try to make Sai ma happy by doing good things like feeding poor and animals, giving clothes to poor and books to poor children. This will make our Sai ma happy which is happiness for us too. Jai Sairam. Sai ma when You are calling me to Shirdi? I am waiting for Your call ma!


Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Sai Devotee Uma from India says: Om Sairam. I am from India working as a secretary in Chennai. If I start telling about Baba, I have lot of miracles met day by day. I can feel that He is with me. Pages will not be there to write one or two. I am now writing regarding my job. I did many jobs but there was always so much tension. There was no peace but always struggle. Resigning I sat in my home. Every Thursday I go to Baba’s temple and on that day I felt something different. He told me to do dhuni pooja and I did it. He said don’t worry I am there with you. Now I got a job, with not tension and all. All was with my Baba’s blessings. When I, my daughter and my sister’s daughter were discussing she said now she was in tenth and was scared. I said don’t worry Baba is there. While I was cooking opposite to my window wall there I saw Baba’s face on that wall. It’s my brama(imagination/illusion). I thought and again could see Baba’s face and told to my children to come and see. They also saw. I said Baba if it’s You come and tell me in some other way and then at that time from the window one butterfly came and sat on my Baba’s idol. We all were happy. Day by day miracles are happening in my life. So trust Him with Shraddha and Saburi, He will bless us all.

Baba’s Help During Travel

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: I would like to thank the entire team of this website for such an unexplainable and noble attempt that cannot be compared to anything in this world and beyond. Sai, please help me to write this experience. Anyways, regarding my experience, my sister was traveling by air to India with her toddler kid. I was getting little worried about her long flight and was praying Sai to help them travel safe and be with the mother and kid. Sai, the ever merciful made sure that they had a good journey and helped them reach safely. Today after speaking with her I came to know that she had headache the whole time. But, with His grace she was still able to manage and reach home safely. As you all can probably imagine how stressful international travel can sometimes be, but with our Deva besides us He makes it easy. Oh Deva! Please shower Your grace like this to all Your children all around the world. Help them, be with them and protect all of us and let us not forget to remember Your feet even for a moment in our lives. Om Sairam.

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  1. Om Sai Ram .. Deva shardha toh tum main puri hai par chhuttan ko ab yeh saburi hai .. Baba sab kaam time se hote chale jaye .. Prabhu be with her always and bless her always .. Om Sai Ram Shree Sai Ram

  2. To the first devotee: this is kalyug. Anything can happen. Your Amma died due to the negligence of your relatives. May be in the past she must have done bad to them.Money can make so many people blind.

    In this case baba cannot do anything. Baba cannot help all, he helps only few.

    I prayed to baba to give sadbudhhi to my in laws but he didn't listen to my prayers. Now am separated and
    Fighting in court.

    Baba didn't help me at I stopped praying to him. Now I think may be I have done bad with my in laws that's why they are doing the same to me in this birth. Hisaab barabar.

    This life is all about lena-dena.

    • I to believed that this life was only about give and take, to be punished but Baba corrected me and said it was about learning. This human body that we were fortunate to be born into, is the only way to enlightenment. I was very upset reading about that poor 93 year old lady. Such cruelty in this world. I pray that in her next life she is surrounded with love. To devotee who is separated from spouse, Baba has heard your prayers but knows something that you do not and has acted accordingly. Pls do not worry or be upset Baba is taking care of you. Om Sai Ram.

    • Thankyou for wishing and blessing my ammamma that may she be surrounded with more love. These prayers are needed very badly. I still get haunting dreams of what she might have undergone, no one should get such suffering, its too much unbearable to digest. only baba has to give answer and justice to her

  3. Baba y baba y even my bestfriends are playing with me during this phase of my life y baba y did u doing this to me there is no ray of hope everyone are insulting me y can't u come to rescue me nana y.

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless our family with good health and be with us deva and guide my children and show them right path thandri.

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