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Baba Is The Healer

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Shanti from India says: We are a family based with Hyderabad, India. I am here to share my experience and blessings that Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi has showered upon us. Good morning all! First of all my respects to Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi and then to all those who are reading this article today. I am here today to share my experience with Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi.

My husband was suffering with serious skin ailment since years and had been visiting several doctors for treatment regarding the same. Nothing could help him. Meanwhile, last to last year i.e., in 2015 while his skin problem still existed, he took a regular medicine for headache that he bought from local medical store. This caused a drug reaction as the chemical composition wasn’t suitable for him which he was not aware of. He suffered for many days and the problem only aggravated and worsened with time so we had to rush him to a multi-speciality hospital on emergency basis. Post 3 days of treatment and observation, he was discharged. Due to all these issues, he had to quit his job and stay back at home. There were too many interventions from family and relatives and things went on top of my head with financial, social and health related sufferings. Meanwhile, as he recovered and things came back to normal we were still worried about the existing and continuing skin problem for which he was seeking continuous treatment from the same multi speciality hospital each time costing us thousands for single visit. This was taking great deal for us and was mounting pressure on my husband simultaneously fearing about kid’s future and our financial status if we continued the same.

During the end of the year in 2015 somehow I got this idea that why should I not read Sri Sai Satcharitra as one of my friends once told me that reading Satcharitra while wishing for something and completing it in a week and offering naivedyam to Sri Sai Baba will definitely make the wish come true. I was also reading stories of Baba’s miracles and blessings on this group. So that enhanced my thought. I started reading Satcharithra with only one wish that my husband should get cured. He should get well and get back to normal work and routine. If he is cured completely (which I was doubtful at that time based on several doctors reports that the problem is not curable but we can subside it) that I will read Satcharithra again and also write about the miracle on this group. I completed reading Satcharitra in a week and was waiting for Baba to do some miracle.

Although the problem was not cured, my husband was able to get back to his routine and attended job regularly. Last year again, during the same time he had another stroke of skin allergy which again shot back to same peak level as it had happened last to last year. He fell sick again and had to quit his job. He suffered a lot, not being able to walk or eat as whatever he used to have, even a sip of water, he used to vomit. The allopathic treatment at multispecialty clinic we used to visit quoted a price of 3 lakh rupees for course to be taken; having given no guarantee that it will cure the problem. We were in total state of dilemma whether to go ahead or not. During that time, from one of our relatives we came to know about an Ayurveda researcher who worked on this problem exclusively and we were suggested to consult. My husband had no hopes having tried all kinds of treatment already. But, it was important for him and for us to get out of this as soon as possible and we didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. The doctor was a very young lady who gave him many tailams and tablets along with some churnams to be taken. And for the first time ever, she was the one who said, if he can stick to diet plan and inculcate routine that she says, this problem can be cured in 6 months. I was astonished to hear something that I thought I will never hear. And, my husband followed what she said strictly for 3 months. We were shocked. There were no lesions or even marks of lesions on his skin. He was cured. He became normal. He did try Ayurveda before but hadn’t seen any results. But the same is cured now by the same treatment by a different doctor. Now there won’t be people staring at his marks or asking what is the problem with his skin. He need not hesitate to meet people or socialize. That was truly a miracle. God’s blessing I can say.

I had completed my Satcharitra in the first week of 2016 with almost an impossible wish in mind and asked for Baba’s miracle. And, by end of the same year He made the impossible possible. That’s God’s wish, His blessings that He showered on us. He stood with us, took time, resurfaced the problem to show us the path, made us walk through it and then helped us reach the goal. He did it. I had no words. By Baba’s blessing, we are now at a state where we have hope. Though the problem still exists inside his body and can resurface, we have a person, God sent human being as our doctor, who can guide us and is still assuring that to erase the problem from roots it may take 2-3 years but continuing of the medicine will definitely help. He gave us hope; now I can say he gave us life. He blessed our family by fulfilling my wish and curing my husband. Baba is great! He is the miracle doer and as I promised to Him I am now sharing my experience with you all. Thank you for reading with patience. But, there is one disappointment that I have. That I am not able to complete reading Sai Satcharitra as I wanted to. There is some or the other obstacle coming in between but I will try and complete that as well, as soon as possible with Baba’s grace. Jai Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki! Jai! May peace be to all.

Baba Always Helps

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: My pranams at the lotus feet of my dearest Guru and God, Shirdi Sai Baba and also Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. For me, both these beautiful forms merge and I pray to them almost as if they were One which I believe they are. Thank you Hetalji for providing this wonderful platform to share our experiences and problems and be motivated and comforted in our darkest hours.

I have shared experiences here earlier and all of them relate to my younger son who is 22 years old and not completely emotionally independent yet. He is working from last year (he joined soon after graduating from college) in a high pressure job, with very tight deadlines and amongst people who are stressed themselves and do not have the time or the inclination to support a new, very young employee. For my son, at this time, I am the point person for advice and support and I am very happy to be that, except that I take on his stress and problems as if they were my own and fall apart behind the scenes sometimes! I look to my two Gurus for support and they have never let me down. Of course, they toss me in the high seas and test my patience, stamina, and faith very, very often! I have come to the conclusion that the path of spirituality will be full of thorns and you can walk on it only with the grace of your Gurus. On Tuesday of this week, my son made frantic calls to me which I did not notice immediately as I was in the classroom, being a teacher. In a few minutes, when I saw the missed calls, I called my son and he told me in utter panic that he had made a “grave” mistake in some data he had been working on, which he thought, meant that what their team had been presenting to the client for the last two weeks was all wrong. I was in equal shock but recovering quickly, I told him to say Sai Ram several times and put Vibhuti on himself. I did the same at my end and thus having calmed down, we began looking for solutions. In exactly 45 minutes, his manager was presenting to the client. He came up with a plan of action, which meant that Baba was now guiding his intellect, and taking him by the hand. My son first checked to see if the mistake (which turned out quite insignificant and could have been done by anyone dealing with huge amounts of data) impacted their numbers significantly. By Baba’s grace, he realized it did not. He made quick corrections to the data to be presented to the client in half an hour and then spoke to his manager. He acknowledged his mistake and told her about the corrections he had made. She was angry but at that point, it was justified. My son was quite devastated but he continued to make corrections in the data and the changes that happened were very small and in parts that were not yet presented to the client. Look at the immense grace of the Lord, of the Guru who stands by you when you call Him sincerely, fervently! Baba averted a potentially serious situation and moreover, He gave my son the courage to handle the problem with maturity and not run away from it and have a breakdown. This is what I am praying for, a transformation in my son, to give him the ability to deal with life’s ups and downs which will always be there. I am praying for him not to be so sensitive, or that competitive. Life is not a race, it’s a journey and one must savour it.

With Baba’s grace, this change which has begun will continue to happen. My son was extended on the project yesterday and will be on it till the end of the project. This is a huge gift from Baba. Also, Baba took care of another problem too. I am praying to Baba to see that my older son and his girlfriend sice 3 years get married soon. Baba, I know You are with us always but when I face serious problems, my faith still does get tested and I begin to wonder if You are listening. Of course, You are listening to me and to everyone else. Let me keep this faith strong and ever present. Sai Ram.

Sai Baba’s Udi Cured Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Firstly, thank you for this forum where we can read and share our experiences with Baba. This is my first post and I am very delighted to share this experience of Sai Baba’s Udi in curing us. I have gained a lot of strength through this blog and experiences of Sai bhaktas. It strengthens our faith. I am thankful to all the bhaktas who have shared their experiences and helped us stay strong with more faith. Sai Baba came in our life many years back and since then our life has changed for good. I want to share my experience of Baba’s Udi that cured my major tooth problem and my grandfather’s health.

I have had some tooth and gum problems from many months and I showed to doctor and tried everything that could stop bleeding from my gums. But I wasn’t getting any results. I was worried and ultimately I had to seek Baba’s help. I sat in front of Baba’s picture with the sacred Udi in my hand and prayed to Baba for helping me cure this prolonged bleeding of gums. I prayed to Him sincerely and calmly. I prayed that after everything that I have tried, I am going to apply Udi as I know it is the only way I have to be cured and I need His blessings. I asked forgiveness for anything that might have occurred from my end. I applied the Udi on my gums properly at night and I slept off. It’s been 4 to 5 days after applying Udi and my bleeding gradually stopped completely. I just saw a small part of blood on 2nd and 3rd day just once and now it’s all gone. I am relieved and thankful to Sai Baba.

He is my Baba, my father and that’s how I always pray to Him. I am His child but a sense of sincerity and devotion is required while applying Udi. It is very sacred. One more incident, my grandfather was suffering from an unidentified pain in his head with a buzzing sound in his ears and constant numbness in his feet. We tried every medicine possible with all kinds of tests and reports. Every kind of pathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, antibiotics etc. everything was tried but the results were none. So on a Thursday I sat in front of Baba’s picture with Udi and prayed with all my heart sincerely and calmly. I applied it to my grandfather’s forehead and feet gently and also gave him Udi water to drink. And every day since that night his health has been improving. What the medicines couldn’t give him; Sai Baba’s Udi had given him and is still helping him. We are very happy to see his health improving. This was prolonging from more than a year but this time he came to stay with us here and I was able to apply Udi to him. I am grateful to Sai Baba for whatever he has given us. He has been giving us strength to fight in crucial times. Sai Baba’s presence is felt everyday. His miracles are experienced in everyday life. I am thankful to Him and my family too bows down in front of Him with love and gratitude. I wish love, peace and happiness to all the Sai Devotees. May all of us identify His true voice that lives within us. I love You Sai. Without You our life cannot move even for 1 second. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Maa Helped Me In Every Step Of My Pregnancy

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Lakshmi from US says: I am currently residing in USA with my family by the grace of Sai Maa. May Sai Maa Bless Hetalji abundantly for this noble service and Sairam to all the Sai devotees. Sai maa came into my life during my school days and protecting me from all the directions then on. Previously, our family were devotees of Lord Venkateswara and after that came to know about Sai maa. I realized that both are same and Sai Baba is just another avatar of Lord Venkateswara.

I got married in 2009 and came to USA and gave birth to my princess in 2010. But we couldn’t plan the second baby soon due to my health problems and circumstances; finally by the end of 2015 we were able to plan by Sai maa’s grace. I got conceived in the month of Jan 2016 after receiving Sai maa prasad, idol from Shirdi through a friend. First trimester was terrible and couldn’t even manage cooking for the family but Sai maa helped me to gain some strength and complete the work every day. Being in USA we can’t get whatever we would like to eat like in India, so I started cooking whatever I wished to eat by taking Sai maa’s name. Sai maa cooked for me like our beloved mother and the dishes were coming very tasty compared to previous attempts. I was very surprised after tasting them. It happened throughout my pregnancy. During pregnancy I was ill with cold and cough for almost a month but it was there internally, didn’t bother me at all even the cough also very light, it doesn’t happen without Sai maa’s grace. I didn’t take any medicine just used to drink Sai maa’s Vibuthi with water and applied some on my stomach. And He saved me from gestational diabetes as well even though my sugar levels were little high. We booked ticket for my mom in the last month of pregnancy as nobody was there to help my father in India and that too only for 2 months. But Sai maa was there with me every second and gave some strength to take care of my family until my mom came. Finally I have a wish to deliver my second baby on Thursday and doctors have scheduled the c-section on the same day by the grace of Sai maa even though they were always saying that we do it on Friday. One more thing I wish to buy Sai Baba or Balaji ring for my second baby so I told my sister to send one through my mom, on the same night I got a dream that one lady was giving a ring with Sai Baba and Balaji on it and I took happily thinking that both are same. My sister bought Sai Baba ring and showed me the next day. Sai maa, we are indebted to You forever and don’t leave our hand ever. Thank You so much for everything and being with me in every second of my life. Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai !

Faith And Patience

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai devotee from USA says: Thanks to Hetalji for this amazing blog which brings all devotees together and also increases faith and patience while reading everyone’s story. There are countless number of miracles that happen due to Baba’s blessings. Sometimes it might not happen according to our wishes and it will make us feel sad at that moment, but if we wait with patience, we will understand Baba’s Leelas and plans. I try to read this blog every day, it is like Sai Satcharitra with many experiences and sometimes we can relate to ours. This experience of mine might be very simple for most of you, but at that moment I know in my heart and mind that it was Baba who saved me.

I had to take my son to sports and I wanted to be in time. I knew that I was low on gas for my car and thought will drop him and then fill up, but the light came and I know that I did not have enough to make it to the club. I asked the GPS for directions for the gas stations and it was all showing the opposite directions. If I turned around, I would be losing more gas. I had gas to drive for 5 miles and the gas station was 6 miles away. I was really scared as I did not want to get stuck in the middle of the road. I prayed Baba and asked Him to show me a gas station so that I can fill up the gas. Even though the GPS showed no signs of gas station, I knew that Baba will come to my rescue, lo and behold; I got one and filled up the gas. As said before this might seem simple for some, but for me this was a big deal and Baba was there watching for me.

The last few days have been rough, mentally with some mistrust issues, got angry with Baba and might have said few things in anger and fear that I should not have. Baba, I truly apologize and regret everything I said, but You know my state of mind. Baba says “Faith in God includes Faith in His Timings”. Sometimes even though we have faith and Patience, we doubt that and wish to have everything right away. But Baba is testing us and so please don’t make that mistake. He will show His Leelas in His ways and at His time. We need to be patience and leave everything to Him. Baba, please continue to shower Your blessings, help and guide my family and me on the right path. Please let us make no mistakes and or harm anyone. Please keep Your hand on our head always. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram!

Baba Bought Me Bike And Supported Financially

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Hi everyone, thanks admin for maintaining such a good and nice page for sharing all our Sai children’s experiences and miracles. First I’m here to express my true happiness because I promised that I will share once it is done. In our house there is no vehicle, I asked Sai Babaji for a Honda dio. Sai supported to arrange financially everything for that. I went and registered on Thursday Sep 1, and I went and put sign for RTO that too Thursday Sep 8. Finally Sep 9 I must get the vehicle due to some reason they delayed. Today Sep 15 (Thursday) they called me morning for the vehicle. With True happiness, with lots of love I said thanks to Baba for every blessing He had poured for me for this bike. This is truly a miracle. As I had promised Him that I would share this thing on this page I am sharing this and I’m done.

Coming to my next experience, my family was very down financially. We were in debt and our relations also left us. No one helped us except Baba. As true to His words, none of His devotees would be hunger. Sai arranged some help and He helped financially through my friends. Everyone helped because of Baba only, this I knew. Our family has suffered for last 3 years. Baba helped through everything. He made us to attain karma and He gave strength through these years. Finally we had a land we sold it with Baba’s blessings. Baba is everything to me. Whatever I do I am sure He is there for me I know. I want to say one thing to you all, Have faith Have faith on Baba. Show your true love to Him, He will show 1000% towards you. Thank You Baba for everything. I am happily sharing this. Om Sairam.

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  3. Om Sai Ram .. Deva I know you are with her .. waiting for right time which you have decided .. please bless her and fulfill all her wishes .. Om Sai Ram .. Shirdi Sai Ram .. Jai Jai Sai Ram .. Sadguru Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram .. Shree Sai Ram

  4. Om Sri Sairam
    Baba, Please bless my husband with good health, he is in hospital now, please bless my husband to get the best possible treatment to come out of his heart and kidney problems. Please Baba
    Om Sri Sairam

  5. @Devotee 1:
    Kindly ask your husband to take udi mixed with water daily. The skin problem will cure gradually and completely. Udi has power to cure any health issue.Just have faith in Sai.

    • @ Sai Devotee Shanti.
      Can you please give the Name & contact details for the ayurvedic doctor.
      somebody needs help with skin problems.
      thanks a lot

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