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My Experiences With Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Hi Hetalji, thank you for this web-site, this is a saviour for many people like me. This would be my 3rd post on this site. Like all the devotees over here, even I had numerous experiences with Baba’s miracles (already shared few). First of all, thank you everyone for taking time to read the below experiences as the post would be a little lengthy one. Om Sri Sai Ram.

Om Sri Sai Ram Experience 1: This had happened three years back. I promised Baba that I would share this experience long back, sorry for the delay Baba. I had joined a MNC after my B Tech, and had to take training at Mysore. Before joining the training, I had prayed Baba, to give posting in the location whichever is correct for me. At the beginning of the training; we had an exam, which decides the stay period. I had got 2 marks less than the cut off, which means I had to stay 2 months more in training than fast track stream, but my best friend had got marks above cut off, so she was supposed to go into fast track. I was little upset regarding this because I and my friend would be in different streams. I was feeling bad like this for 3 months of our training and then one day my friend had finished her training and she received her posting which was Trivandrum (all Hyderabadis in her batch received posting in Trivandrum), then I realized that this might be the reason that Baba hasn’t given me fast track along with my friend because if we are posted in Trivandrum, the transfers would be very difficult. Later I finished my training and I was posted in Bangalore. I was not that sad about my posting, as Baba knew what was best for me. After couple of days, HR team had given options for the trainees to swap the posting locations, and there was one person who was ready to swap Hyderabad with Bangalore. Here I need to mention one more thing, I had another friend in my training, who was also from Hyderabad and she was very home sick during entire training and she was desperately waiting for Hyderabad location but her bad luck, even she had got Bangalore. As I told earlier, now we had only 1 person ready for swapping with Hyderabad, but here we are few of them who wanted the same place. I had thought that let it be my friend who opts for it, as she is in more need of the location than me. So at last she opted for it. I was happy for her. Later I joined in Bangalore and many of us were on bench for a month. Then our manager (a Baba devotee) asked us our next preferred locations apart from Bangalore, I immediately told Hyderabad. We were four of them, who gave Hyderabad as the preferred place. After this discussion, my manager started trying Hyderabad opportunity for us. Initially he confirmed for only one person. But after that, we asked him to give a try, and then later he could find opportunity for all four of us. My joy knew no bounds. That day I understood one thing, Baba plans everything in a perfect way. I was very happy. My transfer process had started and suddenly one day, there was some problem and my Hyderabad manager told that the process might be stopped. I didn’t know what to do, I was very upset and was praying Baba deep inside my heart, but later the problem was resolved and the process got completed. I went to Hyderabad on Dec 31st and celebrated the new year with my family. I felt the transfer was the New Year gift to me by Baba and my first day at Hyderabad office turned out to be a Thursday itself. Thank You Baba.

Experience 2: This had happened last year in the month of August. I went to Shirdi along with my cousins. We all had a very good darshan of Baba. We all were standing in the Dwarakamayi line and a person was distributing kalakand to everyone (even I got it). The kalakand was in my right hand and I was talking to my cousin turning backside. Then suddenly, an elderly lady came from opposite side (opposite to the line we were standing), she took some kalakand from my hand and left silently, she didn’t even stare at my face. We were little surprised and later we forgot about it. After some time, we came outside Dwarkamaayi and a family was distributing khichadi to the devotees. Initially I hesitated to take it but later on my cousin’s insistence, I took it and found it very tasty. We were all eating khichadi and I almost finished mine. Suddenly, the same elderly lady came from nowhere and even this time she came in opposite direction I was standing. She took some khichadi from my bowl and left silently, even this time she didn’t look at me. The thing is, if she was really hungry and wanted to eat khichadi, then already a family was distributing it to the devotees. I felt it was our lord Sai Baba who had come in her form, because it was twice she took from me and didn’t even look at me, she neither asked can I have some khichadi /kalakand. I felt very happy. On the same day, we started our return journey .Here I need to mention one more thing. My brother was going through a very tough phase in his married life. We thought we almost lost him (his wife was insisting him to come out of our house and stay with her family, she didn’t want my brother to have the relations with our family).During this time only, we visited Shirdi (though my brother didn’t come). The next day after returning from Shirdi, my brother gave us this news that he has said no to his wife about going and staying with her family. We felt very relieved and thanked Baba a lot, because this incident had happened immediately after we had returned from Shirdi (just next day he said no to her). Now they both are divorced and leading their own lives. I feel that Baba has just pulled him out from the problem, we all are happy for him (hope he will have a good future ahead)

Experience 3: One night I was sleeping and I got this dream. I was in a pit, trying very hard to come out of it but was always failing with my trials. Then suddenly I saw Baba, He was laying path/road in front of the pit. After it was completed, He came near the pit and gave His hand to me. I caught His hand and came out of the pit. I was holding His hand and we both were walking on that path/road (The path was very rough and narrow, and either sides was nothing but deep valley). We both walked for some time and came to a plain, smooth road where I felt like there was no end to it and the path was very bright. We came to that road and suddenly I got up from sleep. Thank You Sai for giving such a blissful dream.

Today, I like to share a situation of mine where I am waiting for Baba’s blessings and answer. I was waiting for true love since many years. Today I have that with me, but if I go forward, I will not have a good family. I feel that even family is equally important along with life partner. Few days back, my parents came to know about my love matter, they are not happy with it, mainly with family. I told them that I won’t marry him but neither will I marry anybody. I also told that I won’t stop the relation with this person. I am waiting for Baba’s answer now. I am not understanding what to do. I can neither leave him nor do I want to go into his family. Baba I am feeling very helpless, Baba I know You are listening to my words please solve this problem, I don’t want to hurt anyone. The thing is if I leave this person and go forward, then there is no guarantee that I will find true love again and moreover he is a good person and he loves me very much. At the same time I cannot go and marry him. Baba has always promised me a good future (many times through dreams), but this is a very tricky situation, Baba I have trusted You blindly. Please show me a way. Baba sometimes I feel that I am playing with his life. Day by day he is getting more attached to me. I am just waiting for Your answer Baba. Hope I will get it someday.

Jai Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai devotee from India says: Thank You very much Baba for giving me the opportunity to realise Your miracles and feel blessed. Today 8th Sep being Thursday, I happened to donate Sai Baba’s money for annadaan in the temple. However today I had an emergency work at office and I could not attend the annadaan session in Sai Baba temple. So I requested my mother to attend the annadaan instead of me and also serve paayasam (porridge). Accordingly my mother agreed to go. However she was not sure of the route to the temple as often I used to take her and she was least bothered about the route sitting in the car. But now we have a new driver who does not know routes in my city. I guided my mother orally before going to office giving her directions. Meanwhile while sitting in the meeting I thought whether my mother would be able to locate the temple easily or not. Miraculously while I was in a meeting I got a call from her. I could not lift and I was wondering if she had called missing the route or so, however I did not receive the call again within the next 10 minutes. So I thought she might have figured it out. After half an hour, I suddenly got goose bumps and I could feel Sai Baba’s presence and something good is happening to me, at the same time my meeting got over and soon I called my mother. My mother told me that she could locate temple easily and currently she is coming out of aarthi where the annadaan food was served as prasad to Baba. Then I understood why I felt the bliss, Sai Baba made me feel His bliss even when I was not at the temple indicating that He is omnipresent and He lives in all souls.

The miracle did not end with this. In the evening, post my office hours, I happened to go to another Sai Baba temple near my house as I knew that they do palaki yatra every Thursday. I went to the temple however it was extremely difficult for me to park the car as the roads were full. I was anxious that I might miss the yatra. After struggling for 20 minutes, I thought why I am unnecessarily worrying? I should pray Sai Baba sincerely. I did so and I could immediately find a convenient place to park my car and attended the yatra just 2 minutes late. During the yatra I was bit shy to chant Baba’s name loudly but I was chanting His name slowly and I was walking behind it so that other devotees who have decorated the palaki could feel His bliss from front side. I thought I can only stand behind Sai Baba and enjoy the ride. I was mesmerised with the yatra as many household members came out, broke the naariyal and gave aarti throughout the way. In the meanwhile we came near park which also had a Sai mandir. There the devotees halted the yatra and one senior person came to me and asked me to stand aside. I thought some miracle was going to happen. Accordingly, that senior person gave me Baba’s padhukaas to catch and keep on my head. Dear devotees, is there anything else blissful than this? Sai Baba gave me this wonderful life and opportunity to carry His padhukaas. I felt so cool over my head and my feelings are unexplainable. I want to convey to all devotees that be patient and have confidence in Baba. Sai Baba knows everyone’s feeling and most importantly understands everyone’s seva as it is said in Sai Satcharitra. Never worry that you did not get any opportunity to serve Him. He will provide the opportunity when it’s the right time. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Blessed With A Good Life Partner

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Karthika from USA says: I don’t know how Baba came into my life. It is been almost 2 years I started worshiping Baba. Baba gave me a good life which I didn’t expect ever. Thank You for being with me always Baba.

When I was worrying about my life I prayed to Baba that If I get a good life partner as per my wish I will post my experience here. I hadn’t got married till the age of 27. I hadn’t thought how my life would be after marriage. My Parents and family members felt a lot because of my marriage. They had searched in many places for groom. I didn’t like anyone. I didn’t want to go ahead, as my parents wished even if I didn’t liked the guy. Then Sai Baba entered my life. I surrendered myself at Baba’s feet. I did fasting for 9 Thursdays to get a groom of my choice. I avoided eating sugar in my daily routines for 40 days. At the 41st day I met my life Partner in Matrimony who was born for me. At that time I didn’t know he is the one I am going to marry. We talked to each other and we are comfortable with each other. It’s a Baba’s Blessings that I got him. At 9th Thursday our engagement got fixed. Thanks a lot for Sai Baba to bring him in my life. He is such a wonderful and caring person. I am very lucky to marry him. He loves me a lot. And for me he is my world and everything. Thanks a lot Sai Baba for being there with me in my hard days. Now we got married and Sai Baba blessed us with a Baby Boy. We are happy with our new kid. Always be there with us Sai Baba. Without You we are nothing. I want You to be in our life forever. Now I am trying for a good Job. Please help me to seek a good job for me Baba. It should not affect my baby too. I want a good job and I have to take care of my Baby as well. Please help me Sai Baba. You are my only hope Baba. Please be with me Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Baba booked his flight himself

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Sai Damodar from USA says: Baba is my family’s everything. Without Baba, I would have got perished by now. Baba Sharanam. I visited India to visit my parents in Bangalore and to visit my Baba’s Shirdi on my birthday (Sep 3rd). For a long time, I have been planning to construct a house, but things did not align. Now I decided, Baba is going to help and going to start it. Went to Shirdi with two of my friends, my cousin and my brother, had a very good darshan on my birthday and purchased a Baba’s idol meant to be placed and worshipped in my home that is going to be built. The idol was pretty heavy and by any means, exceeds flight’s cabin baggage allowed weight. I went straight to the security screen and placed the box that had Baba inside. No questions asked and proceeded to board the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. Air hostess suggested that, flight is full and I may have to keep it on the floor and I told I am not comfortable placing at my feet, and I will keep on my lap. Minutes passed and here is my Baba’s miracle. Of all the passengers, two passengers booked to seat right in front of our row, did not show up and the other hostess told me, my cousin (next seat to me) may occupy the vacant seat in the front row and can place the box (Baba) in the seat next to me. Baba flew with me without causing even the slightest of any discomfort/trouble to me. My Baba will be there for me no matter where I am. All glory, success, happiness to my Baba. Baba Sharanam. Dust at Baba’s feet (me).

Faith And Patience

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Ammu from India says: Hello everyone. I am small devotee of my Lord Sai. My name is Ammu from Jalandhar, this is my first post. Thank you so much Hetalji for this wonderful site. I always read this blog whenever I feel sad and depressed. Hetalji you are doing a very good job. I have lot of experiences. I always feel Baba’s presence around me whenever I feel sad. I don’t have any words how much I love Sai Baba, sometimes I fight with Baba but He never leaves me alone in any situation ( bad or good). I passed my supply exam just because of Him, my Lord, my Sai. I cleared my all tests just because of Him. He saved my mother from major operation. I have a lot of faith in Baba. He has fulfilled my all wishes, sometimes late; sometimes early. He taught me that everything happens for a reason. I have no words to express my feelings and love for Baba. My mother is suffering from cancer ( stage 4th ). I request all the Baba’s devotees to please pray for my mother, time is really so hard but I have faith in Sai. I know He will cure my mother definitely. Please Hetalji you are a pure and positive soul. Please pray for my mother. I really need my mother in every step of my life. I cannot see her pain anymore. Please Baba heal my mother as soon as possible and I know You will heal my mother. Sorry my brothers and sisters if I wrote anything wrong. Jai Sairam to everyone. God bless you all.

Baba Cured Me From Mouth Ulcers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: I am a 30 year old male from India but presently living in the US. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to the proprietors of this website and this divine team who are Baba’s children. Thank you so much Hetalji and the entire team. I pray to Sai Baba to have this divine service keep going until the end of Kaliyuga. Coming to my experience, Baba cured me of mouth ulcers and saved me from something major. A week back I developed some ulcers in the mouth to the extent that I couldn’t even talk or eat properly, let alone chanting shlokas. Last Thursday during Baba’s aarti I prayed to Him at the temple to cure me of this ailment before the next Thursday which was today. By His grace alone, mouth ulcers subsided and I was fully cured by Monday itself. Sai’s grace is infinite and His way of taking care of His children is unfathomable. Surrendering to His lotus feet in this janma has been the greatest gift of my life this far. Baba, please protect all Your children and all beings in this world. Please shower Your kind grace and please be with Your children always. Ananta Koti Brhamanda Nayak Rajadiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sacchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jay Om Sairam.

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