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Baba – Please Forgive Me For My Ignorance

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Hello to all devotees. I would like to thank Hetalji for providing this platform to feel the presence of Sai Baba even though He is omnipresent; however we need the presence of this website to live in this material world.

I cannot call myself as a devotee of Sai Baba because I believe that being His devotee is a much more involved one. I can only say that I pray to Sai Baba daily and whenever I face any issue, out of nowhere I beg His presence to deal with the situation. He has always responded immediately and shown His bliss. However being in this material world and being a human being, at times I get distracted and for some reason I am unable to concentrate at Him, but He comes to my vision whenever I think of Him. I constantly feel that I am not doing enough and I start second guessing myself whether I am being His true follower. But subconsciously whenever I come across situations or challenges in life His figure comes to my mind and I feel smoothened. I am somehow getting embarrassed that Sai Baba is doing so much for me and I being stupid not able to concentrate even on His figure but instead dwelling on worldly problems. I request you all to perform prayer for me so that I can feel Him always.

Regarding my past, I am a divorcee and I am currently looking for a suitable match. My divorce was a very painful one. I was cheated by my spouse who had major health problems (psychiatric, impotent), in spite of all this I thought life had thrown a challenge at me and I tried being patient. However as days went, it was getting increasingly tougher as my spouse treated my life out of psychosis. That was the time I decided to divorce as my spouse was never ready for a marital life because of Psychosis and impotency. However situation went tough when I asked for divorce, my spouse did not agree and I had to go through 5 years of legal proceedings for getting divorce. With this background, my parents are really worried about my second marriage and we are looking for a suitable match. During this time, today suddenly I heard a voice from Baba asking me the qualities I desire in my life partner. I somehow got involved in the worldly matters and I gave Him the list of qualities and at the end I requested that my spouse must be Sai Baba’s devotee. However post reading today’s chapter in this blog, I realised that how egoistic I am to tell Him list of things I need. If I am His ideal devotee, I should have told Him that if I am at His feet with pure devotion, I need not have any desires. He knows what is best for me and He would signal whenever I come across my ideal spouse. Instead I went about giving him a list. I am feeling every embarrassed because I haven’t understood Him well in spite of all the miracles He does to me and my family and all His devotees. I leave my head at Your feet Baba; please give me what is good for me rather than what I want and You know what to give and when to give. Jai Sai Ram! May I always remember Your divya murthi and not get into worldly pleasures. Om Sai Ram! Dear devotees, I request you all to please forgive me for still continuing my ego being part of your Sai Baba family. Please pray that I continue to stay at His feet leaving all my worldly desires.

Udi Power

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Ramya Krishnan from India says: I am Ramya from Kerala India. Today am writing this post and it’s only by Baba’s blessing. Many times I tried to post my experience but due to network problem I couldn’t send my experience and I prayed Baba in mind saying this site should open the submission page automatically then only I consider its Sai’s blessings to write my experience. Today when I was reading my Sai devotees’ experiences it automatically went to submission page and its of course its Sai’s blessing. Dear all devotees kindly forgive me if I make any mistakes in writing.

Om Sairam. I have many experience out of them Sai gave me permission to post the Udi miracle. I was facing skin problem on my hand because of which I faced much problems when I washed my clothes due to washing soap or any soap if it touched my skin, it would get irritated and also my hand’s skin would tear due to which I would have problems in eating food also. I tried applying medicine but all in vain and once while reading Sai Satcharitra I used to burn incense stick beside me. Suddenly a thought came me in my mind that let me try by the Udi of this incense stick so I prayed Sai and applied its ashes on my affected part and prayed Baba to solve my skin problem and also prayed that I will also post my experience if my problem got solved. Because I used to read Sai devotees’ experiences that after getting their problem solved they post their experience by thanking Sai maa. Baba listened to my prayers also that day after applying ashes on my hand by praying. My irritation which I had from long time got instantly reduced and I was enjoying cooling effect on that applied part. I was really shocked because I never thought it will get cleared and next day my hand’s skin was changing to normal skin then again I doubted that if I touch soap it may come back again but I asked in chits to Sai whether I should I touch soap without wearing hand gloves. Sai again assured me don’t worry without gloves I could wash clothes and no problem would come to skin. And then too I was checking my hand often whether it was irritated and I may face the same problems again. Such a stupid person I am. After Sai’s assurance also I doubted little but Sai kindly forgive my mistake. It’s really a wonder dear devotees that now my hand’s skin problem is completely cleared by Sai’s blessings. So dear devotees kindly believe Sai because if we don’t have Sai’s Udi in home or with us kindly take any ashes and pray Sai with full faith. Sai will definitely solve our problem; such is my Sai’s love for devotion and faith. Om Sairam, thank you all devotees who read my experience, may Sai help all Sai devotees to solve their issues in their life. Om Sairam. Jai Sai Samarth.

Baba Is Indeed Everywhere

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai devotee from UK says: Thank you Hetalji and team for this life saving site. Whether the answer comes up here or not, you can also increase your faith by reading other people’s leelas. It is beautiful. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba for many years now, believing more and more of His reality as the years pass by. Miracles after miracles is strengthening my faith. Baba came into my life when I was a teenager, in the form of a black and white film about Sainath, on a video tape. My connection started the moment I saw Him and we have not separated since. I have had many miracles from my Baba but the one I will tell you about is my holiday abroad. The holiday did not start of well with lots of things going wrong. It got so bad that I wondered if Baba had forsaken me. We spent the first 3 days of our holidays inside the apartment due to not being able to leave an unwell loved one alone and then when we did manage to get out we got lost and couldn’t find our other party. I was walking up a narrow street ‘wondering if Baba had not come on this trip with me, when I looked to my left and saw through an open door, incense burning in front of a picture of Baba. I went in and said to the person that I believed in Baba. I was so happy that not only was Baba with me but that He answered my question. If this was a store in India, this would not seem like a miracle due to the vast number of people who have all sorts of pictures and murtis(idols) in their homes and shops but this was a little town in Spain. Whenever Baba answers our prayers, it brings such joy, not only because we are getting something that we have asked for but because He is letting us know that we are not alone. Baba has appeared in my dream as a murti(idol) only but He has spoken to me twice in my dreams. Each time relating a message that ‘all would be well’ and it was. Om Sai Ram. Dearest Baba never leave me or my loved ones. Look after this whole planet and bless us all with faith, goodness and courage. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Udi Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba who has experienced numerous miracles in her life once I have started believing in Baba. Om Sai Ram to my all fellow Baba’s devotees. May Baba bless all with peace and happiness. I would first like to thank Hetalji and her team who is doing such a divine work in this 21st century. Because of your website many people are gaining confidence and faith in Baba and following His teachings in their lives. He has also shown me this path of love and forgiveness which I am trying to adapt in my life too but still long way to go. Today I am going to talk about Baba’s Udi miracle. This is my third post here. One night my younger daughter was very sick with cold and cough and she was not able to breathe properly. I gave her all the medicines given by doctor and steam as well but nothing worked on her. I was really worried for her and then I prayed to Baba and applied Udi to her. I apologised for any mistake if I have done knowingly or unknowingly and requested Baba to please give relief to my little one do that she can sleep peacefully. Immediately after applying Baba’s Udi with in fraction of time my daughter stopped coughing and snoring and slept peacefully whole night without any trouble. Thank You so much Baba for listening to my prayers and taking care of my family. My life is nothing without You Baba. May Your every child be blessed with Your love and support. Keep Your hand always on our head Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Andhra Pradesh. I want to share my recent experience with you all. This is my third experience in this blog. Thank you Hetalji for giving me an opportunity to share this.

Sai, I am very blessed to be your daughter. Sai showed many miracles in my life. I and my husband both were working in same organization. Because of no admissions his branch was closed. With Sai’s blessings only he had got his job. But at the time of joining he was doing PhD full time in one university and informed management that there was a possibility to convert full time to part time. Management agreed and we joined the organization with Sai’s blessings. But the university is not agreeing now to convert full time to part time. I have done Sai Satcharitra parayan and prayed Sai. Now management gave permission to apply for another university. He attended interview. I wanted to share this experience when permission would be given to apply for another university. With Sai’s blessings it was done. Now we are happy. I will share another experience when he gets admission. May Sai bless all of us.

Thank​ ​You​ ​Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Sirisha from USA says: Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing for the Baba’s devotees. I am a regular reader of this site. It increases our faith by reading the devotees’ experiences. I am so glad that I found this site. Once again thank you so much Hetalji and the team Om Sairam, I am a devotee of Sai Baba from my childhood. I am so glad that am a child of Baba. Whatever I am today is by the grace of Baba. I have too many wonderful experiences with Baba. I got to know a lot of new things about our Baba through this page. Through this medium got to know about the book “Sai Baba Is Still Alive ” By Jaya Wahi. It’s a wonderful and magical book that everybody should read. Ananta Koti Brahamda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sachidanda Samrda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Baba bless you all.

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  1. Sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram

  2. Sai please guide me, make me work hard, help me set an example for him, please help me be an achiever for once. Sai tune hamesha mera saath diya hai, mujhe meri hesiyat se kahin zyada badhkar diya hai..Baba this chance won't come again, this time won't come again. Please give me guidance and the strength to be sincere so that i can deserve before i desire. Keep Papa safe. Baba one last thing..please give me clarity on that one thing…don't make me have false hopes Baba please..i don't want to be led on and eye something that doesn't belong to me…waiting for ur reply Baba, love you always! Jai Sai Ram!




  6. Baba i am also in a same situation like deevotee 1 and i dnt have parents by my side.Also i dnt have strength to leave my husband like this but i am not at all happy and struggling to get peace. my health is bad bcz of this negativity. Baba my husband is not bad but he never gave me trust love and support. i am living in an empty marraige. Baba please show me the way. I am not financially strong also dnt hv family to help me further. i dnt want to take wrong decision.Being a girl it will be difficult to survive alone.Please help Sai.Help me

  7. On said ram,
    I would like to get guidance from you all devotees. Did sai baba has opposed what we asjed and later did he given what we asked? Please share your words . I am in need of your words. Thanks in advance

  8. Om sairam please save me and my parents and brothers and niece from all evil.keep us good minded. Keep us away from selfish evil who make us scapegoat. Saima please.
    Om Sairam

  9. Do not have thousand doubts for small matters. Remember Sri SaiBaba. How can you afford to forget SaiBaba.

    this is what Baba said today when I asked for my kids condition, I don't understand what he wants for me. I have completed Sai Satcharit in a week, I am not sure what is going with me. Please baba help me my family . We need to survive Baba. Please baba please

    Om Sai Ram

  10. Baba just like to say thank you for everything. I have full faith on you that everything will be ok soon. Love u baba. Om Sai Ram

  11. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam

    pls help me to choose right person saimaa…i left on u

  12. Am sorry from my heart BABA …I have told many times I will not repeat.but when heart fluctuates unknowingly realization occurs only after undergoing that feel Swami. Am sorry sorry infinite sorry. Please bless me forever so that I don't get negative thoughts anymore BABA. Please don't punish me. Give me pl one chance. forgive me. I totally surrender from my conscious.I shall not go against it anymore.Pl bless me with positivities forever from now on BABA .Om sai Ram

  13. Sairam you are reassuring me every time about my mom's health but circumstances make me weak.but i don't doubt you saibaba but pls forgive my ignorance

  14. Baba you assured me about my amma's health.but situations are always for time being against.i believe you from the depth of my heart.i know you are in the driver's seat of my me safely sairam

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