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Omnipresence Of Sairam In My Life

 Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from UAE says: First of all, thanks for Hetalji for making this wonderful site, it really gives us hope and strength for our life. Dear devotees, here I am going to describe you a very big miracle of Baba in my life. In a nutshell I start my experience, I am from a middle class family, I had a desire to be wealthy since childhood, I studied hard, but up to my 10th grade only I could study. Because of some issues and mind change I left my school, even though I scored 11th place at SSLC all over state wise. Those usual teenage problems, imaginations and thoughts about love, I too got. My parents were innocent, they didn’t know what to do, because everything was up to me only. They could not compel me for anything, but my mind was fully occupied with imaginations and expecting help from others for my higher studies in a big school and also in big colleges like movies showing us, but later I found, nobody in this world would help for my imaginations not even my parents either. After that I had to take one year break, everybody laughed at me, humiliated me, my friends, relatives and all. But somehow I had a little hope about my future even though my parents lost it on me. Everybody laughed at me saying, what’s the use though you scored top? Now see you can’t study, you can go now only for daily wages work. I cried a lot for my situation that time.

After one year break, all advised me to study from 11th, but I did not want to study it, because all my friends would be by this time in 12th, then how could I study in 11th after scoring top in the state? So I didn’t want it. Later I found one option, tutorial for 12th even though it is not valuable. I had no other option, so I joined there into Maths group, there also I was the topper and got 80% . But if had gone to proper school, I could have got more than 95% but there was no way for that. Now I felt happy that though it were less marks for me, I was also equal to my friends and all, because I finished my 12th with my same badge. Later only my life’s struggles started, after that didn’t know what to do, all my friends joined engineering and medical and some other nice colleges but my family couldn’t afford anything, who would support me for my entire studies? I had no one and my family either, because my father wages were only enough to run my family and my brother was also studying. So they could not help me at any ways and I also did not ask them anything. I searched for job at my 17th age, I got somehow for small wages, but I only know how my heart cried a lot for working without going to college, I cried a lot like hell, but nobody knows. Whenever I saw the students going into schools and colleges I used to start crying, because God did not give me this opportunity, He gave me everything but He did not give this wealth which is very important for this life for everything, without wealth what can I do? So I felt even this 12th is more for me, but even very less scoring pupils going to college, but I was working for these wages. Then I searched other office jobs in Chennai, I got and moved to Chennai in 2009, there I worked in various offices and companies, but wherever I went, I would be safe, I don’t know I felt and still feel some power around me, you all know well, for a small 18years old girl, how is the struggle in this society. Of course I too had but not for safety but financially. In Chennai, I learned a lot, I joined some courses in college part-time while I was working. Now I was happy, because nobody knew what I was doing, all my friends and relatives thought I was studying in a big college, I also said the same, but only I and my parents knew that I was working. I got a stubborn desire to get success in my life and was also afraid about my safety but however I tried a chance. I applied for a passport and studied many, many courses whatever I wished to study. All my friends in Chennai laughed at me that I was wasting money, but I did not mind. I studied a lot of courses and completed double degree also in accounts. It was hard to study while working but somehow I did, no other way. I had worked in many offices and gained more experience about various fields. Now I could manage my expenses and help my family also, but I did not save anything and never expected anyone’s help for my life. Now completely I am on my own legs that is independent.

Until 2012, my life was normal and struggled a lot, no remarkable changes. Here at 2012, when I was staying in a hostel, one of my friends introduced Baba into my life, I don’t know how I got involved with Baba, but I started to believe him wholeheartedly, I felt there is something changing in my life. I prayed Him daily, I listened to all His stories I got addicted to Him, all the time thinking of Him. Visited Baba temples in Chennai and got peace. Then I set too many goals in my life, felt maturity, applied many courses, planned my life to take into best, whatever I thought good, blindly I was applying and doing everything. Later, one of my friend (actually he was not good) asked me to come to Dubai for work. I agreed but later he could not help me somehow and had more of his family issues, so he left Dubai. But now I didn’t know what to do, I believed him but situation turned like this, I cried a lot and went to Baba’s temple, in front of Him cried a lot and begged Him to give me a chance for my life. After that, I applied all jobs in Dubai, I don’t know anything about this country and people, but some blind hope was with me and someone replied me. I also sent all my documents, I don’t know he is good or not, who is he, why he is calling me, nothing I knew. But I blindly believed Baba and carried on everything, just four or five times only I talked to this man, he sent me tourist visa to Dubai, within a week I needed to go to Dubai. I was afraid but brave also, if I think now, I am afraid much but that time I was brave and believed Baba to face everything in life. I went to Baba’s temple, I said Him, If I go to Dubai by tourist visa, and I ask You three things, if You are in this world and with me, if that all Your stories are true and if You are still alive like everyone believes and prays You, please do these three things for me. First, when I go by tourist visa, I need to get a nice job there, whatever the issues I should not come back without job, because I am going to spend huge money which is not small for me. Second, I should get nice place to stay, foods and clothes as they are basic needs, third whatever the situation, should not be any problem for my safety, wherever I go, You have to come with me for my safety. I prayed Him like this and came to Dubai, in airport only I met this man for the first time, he also wondered about me and asked me how I believed him. I said simply my God sent me. Later he has arranged me a room, foods with other girls, then I got a job within a week and joined, really even my brother would not do such things like this man did. I felt Baba sent him to take care of me. But I said you that friend first who was supposed to give me visa, he was not good really, later I found it from his talking, he thought to abuse me but greatly Baba saved me and made me reach in a good place. Now I am working in UAE, in a big company with a high pay that none of my friends getting like this at my age, now I feel very proud and my family is also proud about me. I built a new house, made a business to my father, developing my family still; I feel this is because of Baba only. He only gave me this life, I was in the down of a pit and He gave me His hand and pulled me up from the pit, and now aiming to go long and happy to think about who I am now. All my relatives and friends now wonder about me and my bravery as I am the first girl who is working abroad in our circle of people. Now my family is searching a groom for me for marriage, probably in a year. I have enough money, earned respect amongst people and my family also. All now wonder about my family, everyone respecting more, want to talk to me, especially my friends wonder a lot about my position now. That the very important point is, none in my relatives or friends is in my position and earning like me, I am the first one. Now I help people, friends and relatives also as much I can. The struggles I crossed, how I got humiliated, how much effort I took to come to this position, how much I cried in front of Baba, everything only two persons know in this world. One is myself and another one is Baba. Even my family don’t know anything about me and I also don’t want to tell them, because they may feel that they could not support me. But now somehow I made my life straight and living with better life, helping others also, changed my poverty, studied well, working in a big company, everybody in my family takes me as a role model to achieve something. I am proud about it and my family also, now I am 26 years old girl, waiting for my marriage and to start my second half life with husband.

Now everybody ask me in my company and surroundings that where I studied and had experience about work to have this much knowledge, handle the things etc. All think that my family is very, very rich and I come from an excellent background and studied in a convent school and top universities. So that’s why I have much knowledge and working in a high position. But everything I and Baba only knows, nobody else in the world.
If Baba had not come into my life, none of these things would have been possible. I clearly felt that He pulled me towards Him, even though I did many things blindly. I felt Him with me, He helped me to cross all my struggles, a lot of problems, a lot of bad situations etc., He gave me the hope, now I don’t have any feelings that I did not study like my friends and I did not go to college etc., because now I am doing much better than all my friends who completed engineering, medicine. They all are working less than me and earning less than me, and I also recruited more and more people engineers and workers for my company. Now I am planning to start my own business with Baba’s grace. If I turn back now, I feel like laughing about my struggles and the bad people I crossed, everything was like passing clouds. Sairam has made me a queen in my circle, now I don’t remember any bad phases of my life. Dear devotees, really if you surrender yourself to Baba, you can feel Him to be with you. It’s not a story, it’s my life, have already told you how I got changed, how I believed a stranger, blindly I did many things, but I had Baba only with me. I advise you all, please don’t worry about your struggles, If you feel and do good for others, definitely Baba will be with you, He will change your life at any moment. Sai Baba, please take care of all Your devotees and fulfil their wishes, wipe their tears as You did for me. Jaya Jaya Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Jaya Jaya Sai Ram.

I am An Apple Of Baba’s Eye

 Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India Says: I am an Apple of Baba’s Eye. I am a blessed child of Baba. Dear Sai Devotees and Hetalji, A BIG THANKS from me and my husband and from our daughter( Pari ), who is no more in this world. A big thank you because I don’t feel lonely anymore as you all are there by my side. This is my 5th or 6th experience which I am going to share here. Baba please bless me to write. I want to share how Baba helped during my test and how He called me and my husband to Shirdi. Baba I can’t thank You enough for giving me so much of love and taking care of me like Your own eye.

Dear Devotees, I don’t know how to write my feelings here but I will try my best. We lost our Baby Girl when I was 6 months pregnant and since then I wanted to conceive again but due to severe health issues I was not able to focus on conception part as my body has not still recovered the loss. First Experience: Few days back my doctor gave me some medicines to help me in conceiving and I had to go through some ultrasounds. When I went for an ultrasound I got to know that I have one of my tube blocked but the doctors were not sure about it so they asked me to go for a test called HSG which helps to detect the issue. I was afraid as I already have PCOD and also an Endometrial Cyst and now this tube block thing. I came back home and requested Baba to keep everything normal and also asked Him to protect me from pain during that procedure. Next day we went for that test and they gave me anaesthesia and I asked the doctor if they have Sai Photo in OT Room. But they didn’t have. But due to Sai Kripa everything went well and reports were normal and doctor said that there was a small blockage in my tube which was corrected during that procedure only. So that’s how Baba helped me.

Second Experience : I got married in February, 2014 and after that we both went to Shirdi for Darshan and since that day I always wanted Baba to call me again with my husband as our married life was hell. It took us loads of time to settle down and infact still our relationship is not going that well but as Baba always says that we should keep looking for good things, we still are doing that. Meanwhile we lost our Kid (Pari ) and I was deeply hurt and shaken as she was my first child and was my only hope to solve my married life. But nobody can control the fate. Few days back Baba called us again to Shirdi and this time He made my husband His ardent devotee. Thank You Baba, I am sure You will make us realise our mistakes and will bless our relationship. Thank You for calling us Shirdi in the time of our need. We always want Your blessings.

My prayers to Sri Sai Samarth Sadguru: Dear Devotees, please pray for me and my husband. My husband lost his job few months back and he is the bread earner of the family and we live in a rented accommodation. Though Baba has taken good care of us these months and He did not let us down and made our Shirdi yatra possible but still we feel very disappointed and helpless. He has been trying everything for his job but not getting success and he is losing hope. I request you all to please pray for us, as we have already suffered a lot by; losing our daughter. Please Baba, help my hubby to get a very nice job abroad and help us settle. You know it wasn’t his mistake; he was cheated in his workplace. Please help him. I know You have big plans for us, may be that is why You are taking this much time. Please give him strength and love. Please make him Yours, like You made me Yours when I needed You. Devotees, I also want to share that we are trying for a baby again and we have been getting negatives every time but this month after visiting Shirdi I don’t know how my faith is not letting me lose the hope. I have irregular periods and its 15 days over also. I tried home pregnancy test twice but it was negative and yesterday I gave blood sample for test and results are still negative but I don’t know why I still have that ray of hope inside me that I still could be pregnant. Please pray for me. His miracles are far beyond our imagination. May be He is testing me. I don’t know why still my heart says that no one can come empty handed from Sai’s Dwarkamaai. Baba please fill colours in our dreams and please bless us. I will definitely share my story here if my wish gets fulfilled. All the pandit’s and everybody else said I may conceive in November but my heart says that the moment I went to Shirdi, Your Grandson / Granddaughter was already in my womb. Show Your Miracle Deva and Keep Your Words Alive. Jo Shirdi Me Aye Wo Kabhi Khali Hath Nahi Laut Sakta. Jai Sri Sai Samarth.

Sai Baba Helped Me In Getting Medical Certificate And PCC

 Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am living in Singapore with my husband. First of all I would like to thank Hetalji and Team for maintaining this site, which gives us strength and increases our belief in Sai Baba. I am a devotee of Sai Baba since my childhood. After one year of my marriage I had a really bad phase of my life due to some health issue. My belief in Sai Baba turned into anger and I used to think why Baba didn’t save me from that situation. But since last year Baba came back into my life through one of my colleague and I don’t know how I started praying to Baba like never before. I started reading Sai Satcharitra book which I never read before in my life. After trying to conceive since so many years I and my husband have finally decided to go for adoption, as I think this is what Baba wants us to do. For the initial stage I and my husband had to go for medical tests and police clearance. We did both medical test and applied for the police clearance same day. But next day I got call from clinic that they found my urine reports are not normal and RBC level is high so I have to go again for the test on Monday. I received a call on Saturday, me and my husband got really tensed as why the result came abnormal and I was specially very worried as I have very bad experiences in my past due to my health and last month only I failed my IUI. I prayed to Baba and cried in front of Him as why I am facing this situation in my life. I was really tensed as what if I don’t get normal results and what if I cannot go for adoption (as for adoption normal medical test reports are very important). I thought I will not be able to go for adoption also. So finally on Monday I went for retest and again the tests came out to be abnormal. This time I was really scared as getting abnormal urine reports may be due to some problem in kidney. Again I had to meet the doctor on Wednesday.

I went to clinic praying to Baba all the time. This time I was referred to some other doctor. Normally I am very afraid of doctors and hospitals since my childhood. Now Baba was about to show me that He is there with me. The doctor whom I consulted made me feel comfortable and I felt as If Baba is there talking to me and making me feel like don’t worry everything will be fine. That doctor suggested me to go for retest again ( 3rd time), and this time to drink more water and take time to give the samples and same time he suggested me to go for blood test to know the function of kidney. After doing all the tests, the waiting game started. I was tensed and worried what if again my reports come out abnormal and what if I have some kidney issue? Then on Thursday Baba showed me the miracle. I called the clinic for my reports and the staff told that the reports are ready since yesterday and I can come to collect the reports. I asked her about the report’s results. She told just to come at reception, if anything abnormal would be there then the receptionist would tell me to refer to a doctor, if not then I just can collect my reports and go. I was in office that time, I immediately ran to collect my reports and on my way called my husband to inform him. Same time he told me that his PCC is also cleared which was also due for last 2 weeks and he is also on his way to collect our PCC. When I reached clinic I saw all my reports were normal and my RBC count which was abnormal was zero and my blood test reports were also normal. I was so happy and thankful to Baba, because of Him only I cleared my medical test and my husband’s PCC was also cleared. Now we are in the procedure of adoption and I want all devotees to pray for us. Baba always keep Your blessings on us, so that we can succeed in this. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Is Unbelievable Faith

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from Australia says: Sai Ram dear devotees, I am just a small devotee of our Sai pa. Thanks to all the team members who are doing this great service for dearest Sai and helping people in building strong faith in our Sai pa. I am from Australia and having many problems in my life but not losing my faith in Sai pa. The experience, below which I am narrating, was a promise to my Sai pa to share ASAP. Saiji helping me to write this, thanks for Your guidance and always ensure that I have Your blessing in my life.

I had missed my periods and was really worried about whether I am pregnant. Just note I have already two kids 11 years boy and 5 years daughter. So I had informed my friend as well and they were saying it’s good. But I knew at any cost I didn’t want to be pregnant as my married life not stable. So I prayed Baba and said You know my situation nothing is hidden from You, please bring me out of this. I have booked an appointment on Saturday 13th August and doctor said the test was negative. I got relief but then suddenly doctor said in early stages its show negative. We have to do blood test for clarity. My B.P was going up and couldn’t wait longer. Suddenly she said we have pathologist open today until 11:30, quickly go and give blood and will receive results by tomorrow, and I did the same. After coming home, I was worried so much whole night. Then praying Sai went to see doctor. My heart was beating very badly. Went inside and doctor said my blood reports are also negative. Thanks to Baba. It may be a small miracle for others but for me it was so big! I can’t express my feelings how much relief I have got, all because of His blessings. Thanks Baba, please bless my both kids with good health and education and all Your kids in the world. Thanks Hetalji for sharing this experience. Om Sairam.

Due To Baba’s Blessings I Passed The Exam

 Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Shri Satchidhanandha Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai! Shri Samartha Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba is unconditional love incarnate. I strongly feel blessed to be able to read the experiences of all Shri Sai Baba’s devotees across the world. Thanking sister Hetalji and team for their continuous love and hard work though this platform towards all devotees. Please feel free to correct any mistakes. Coming to my experience I am a dentist and I came to US after my marriage. To continue in my career I have to clear the steps. As everyone know how tough it is to clear the exams. I appeared first in 2014 September but I didn’t clear it (Baba somehow telling me I couldn’t). I felt dejected and told Baba whenever You will permit me to give exam I will give, if not I leave my career. Suddenly one day I thought of giving my exam and asked Baba through chits (its Baba who changed my mind) it said yes and I told Baba if You really want me to be a dentist then pass me. He showed lot of signs and I cleared my exams in 2015 September. Now I have to prepare for my second exam. I was really scared because anything in my life, I haven’t got at the first chance. So I asked Baba through chits and it was yes. I booked the exam in March and I got scared and postponed it to May and then again to July. I was asking Baba in between, He showed lot of signs. On the day of exam I was asking Baba I should get 3,6,or 9 numbers as my seating but I got 13 means 4 . I felt bad and I told myself 3 is there. I was busy with my exam and suddenly I turned right side I saw 12 numbers in my cube, I was shocked because it means 3. I saw everyone’s cube they have only one number attached in cubes but in my cube they attached both. It’s purely Baba’s miracle. Next day I got 15 means 6. And you know I passed the exam. Now I am waiting for my admission in school. I am sure Baba will fulfil my wish. I will share soon that one too. Om Sairam.

Baba Answered

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Hyderabad. Here is one of my experiences. It was mid-January 2016, I went to Shirdi. I went there to keep my house registration papers at the holy feet of my Sai. As soon I reached the Samadhi I gave papers to the priest sitting near Samadhi, he just touched the papers and gave me back, I wasn’t fully satisfied so I immediately gave to the priest standing near Baba’s statue. He touched it to Baba’s feet and returned it to me with a rose. I was about to leave, the security guard smiled and was pointing towards Baba’s statue. So I turned back then I saw the priest had taken a garland from the Samadhi and kept it on my papers. I just saw the garland, not the priest. On the very next moment I felt a hand on my head and the words “Teri mann ki icha puri hogayi na”. (Wish in your mind got fulfilled, didn’t it?) I didn’t understand and just walked out. After about two steps I remembered, I was asking Sai (in my mind) “how do I know that You speak from Samadhi?” I have no words, what to tell now.

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  1. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless our family with good health and be with us deva and guide my children in theri education deva.

  2. The last experience was really something special!

    O Deva, forgive us our negative thoughts and help us only spread good 🙂

    Jai Sairam


  4. May baba bless us all always like he does every time have faith and patience be strong as we are baba children jai sai Ram

  5. Mumma Sai, i hope ki is baar apne sacch bola hai through ur chits..please i sincerely place my entire faith in ur words once again al though u have let me down repeatedly these past 2 years. Baba please i need ur love and guidance so much right now because i've lost my way. Only u can put me back on the right track. Sai i beg u, rehem nazar karna is baar…i was the biggest believer in ur miracles..please dil mat todna Baba is baar. I love you always Baba, Om Sai Ram.

  6. Today as my dad is giving a small treat to his frnds i had to cook food for them ..i usually cook good but today i have tried a new recipe and it turned out to be bad..but as i have no choice i packed that and sent it to the treat ..i prayed baba mentally that plss make the guests like my dish..and if that happens so i said him that i will post it in this site…yes the guests liked it so much…thank u baba ..🙇

  7. Om sai ram please arrange medicines to reach me on time.please help me.I trust sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  8. Om sai ram please arrange medicines to reach me on time.please help me.I trust sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  9. Om sai ram, baba protect me from my grand father and his family, he is vivious person and also his family members, save me pa.


  11. SaiRam ,

    Always knew Baba can do anything. But feels great and very proud of you to go through so many hardships and be so successful today. May Baba continue to keep his grace on you and starts the wonderful phase of married life soon .

    Thank you for sharing your experience
    Sai Ram.

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