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Baba Fulfilled All My Wishes Even In Difficult Time

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Sunil from India says: I introduce myself as Sunil Kumar leaving in Bangalore. Having family wife, mom, and son named Sacharith. Credit to the people behind the work, I was postponing to share my experience many times, couple of days back was logged in couldn’t write, tried again after some time internet slowdown. This is my second experience here; guess wanted me to write after my wish fulfilled.

I am a person always get things late as from birth where I haven’t seen the father’s love as he got separated when I was an year old. He married my mom’s elder sister then he promised my grand pa that he will take care of her also and cheated. Though he lives close to us, never asked us how we are leading our life and so on. Mom worked as a government teacher and she started accumulating the money and brought us up, thanks to Baba being with her, and you know how the treatment will be for a second wife’s child in the society. Days passed by and I somehow was able to do my MBA where my father just gave a couple of change and sent me though. I told the expense would be 2 lakhs plus, then my mother and my friends helped me to complete the course. Started doing job, carrying sales and marketing as it was my passion. I am even a graduate. Again days passed as every human crosses the life cycle, even I joined the line. Proposals were there somehow nothing got matched. Then the 8th proposal was superb and things went well, got engaged and the girl was a big devotee of Sai Baba. There started the journey.

We were actually wanted to buy a property in Bangalore as we had sold land near by Bangalore. Mother was suggesting let’s buy some house otherwise money would keep going as the expenses were more. Any ways we wanted to inform my father, we did so and started searching the house. Nothing was going well and finally we decided to buy a 3 floor house, but it was getting delayed. One fine day my fiancé said please pray to Sai Baba, He will definitely make your wish come true. Till then I used to see Baba’s statue everywhere and used to say what wishes He will make true and scolded Baba and I prayed as she said and He blessed us. We purchased the house and I apologised Baba. It all happened in the year 2011. And He blessed me 10 days before my marriage He looks at His devotees. Baba pulled me to His charan and the in laws are so good till date they treat me as their son. And a person who never thought that he will marry in his life since I am a second wife’s child where it’s hard to convince people and he is not staying with us. Somehow Baba gave me the strength to explain the same to girl’s father, he agreed and continued. I got married in a grand style. Baba also brought my father where he came blessed and went. With his Grace she started getting adjusted for the new environment and till date a very supportive, loving, caring and strong enough to live greatly in life. Thanks Baba for gifting me such a wonderful wife.

Coming back to new property, father suggested to lease the property and asked us to stay in rented house as the property was on loan. We forcefully agreed and started living in rented house along with my brother who also married an year back, things did not match, mom use to travel every weekend to Bangalore from her place and brother started troubling since he was addicted to drinking. My wife and we were working and our lifestyle and their life style was entirely different. Then after an year and half we took a call to get separated and mom got upset and did not speak to me for a month’s time. Shifted to new area where wife’s office was at walking distance and thanks to Baba for getting it.

After couple of months we decided to go for a child since it was 3 years we were married. She started carrying and post her 5th month, I lost my job where the manager was really cunning and things went really bad, it was Baba’s call to take care of my wife. Took a good care of her where she managed the whole house on her salary. She completely believes in Sairam and die heard devotee of Him. During her 5th month she faced an health issue but by Baba’s grace it was all ok and during her 9th months before the due date of delivery she gave birth to a baby boy where we went just for a general check-up but doctor said you have to take a call. She prayed Baba and He blessed. We actually planned of a male baby then we have to name Him as SACHARITH derived from a holy book SAI SACHARITH. I got a shock of life when I got selected to a very good MNC as a sales team lead as you know in every film there is a Villain. I faced many challenges and went through tough life and went in to depression. Baba actually blessed us a lot where my father in law also helped and we bought an apartment which is under housing loan. I was like what if my job costs me then from where will I repay loan as wife’s salary couldn’t match for loan and house expenses. Then Baba came for rescue and got a very nice manager and asked me to take care of a Karnataka market. As I promised Baba did Sai Divya Pooja, things were going smoothly there got a twist and national head whom I was reporting to, was only removed by company and again bad time started where forcibly new boss asked me to resign. Was praying Baba repeatedly and He will not leave His devotee as you all know, blessed me with double the salary and much more challenging role. I promised You Sairam and posted it. Forgive me for all my sins and please bless my family. My son is a big time devotee of You, always bless him. Give good health to my wife, my mother. Devotees I conclude by saying this believe in Him and put your efforts, He will definitely bless. Baba I have taken a challenge please make me grow and succeed in it. Please bless me and please pull me to Your feet always. Om Sai Ram. Thank you all for reading my experience and for your patience. Sorry it is too lengthy. Accept my apologies.

Sai Baba Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Mauritius Says: Om Sai Ram ,I am a devotee of Sai Baba and I love Sai a lot. Everyday I read the experiences of devotees and I feel really blessed. I have post many experiences before and this is my another experience with Baba. Thank You Sai and Hetalji for doing this great job. I am going to tell you my experience now.

It was the second term of the year and I had mid-year exams. I have done small tests before the exams and because of Baba I got good marks. Then it was the mid-year exams and I took part in it. I was scared and I surrendered everything to Sai and I prayed to Sai to make my exam paper easy and me and all the children write our exams well and get good results. I had full faith in Baba. With Baba’s blessings, I completed my exams well and Sai also gave me His Darshan and I was very happy. Then I was waiting for my result. During my exams I did Sai Divya Pooja for seven weeks and I also read Sai Satcharitra and I completed my vrat and reading of Sai Satcharitra on Thursday 28th July 2016 and I prayed to Sai to make me pass my exams and get good results. Then on Tuesday 2nd August It was the day of my result and I prayed to Sai, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati and Maa Kali, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ to make me get me and all the children good results. Then I went to take my result with father after taking God’s blessings and my parents blessings. When I got my result, my happiness knew no bounds. Sai made write my exams well and made me get a very good result and for which I had prayed to Him. It was truly a miracle. Sai Baba is truly great. Thank You a lot Sai, parents and my teachers, sister and all Gods and Goddesses and Ganesha ji, Saraswati Maa, Maa Kali, Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Sai Baba is great, I had promised Sai that I will post that experience if I got a very good result and by Sai blessings, I got very good grades and Sai helped me to post this experience. I Owe My Life To You Sai. I Will Always Be Indebted To My Parents, Teachers, and Grandparents And To Sai Forever. Sai please make us continue to study hard and become good children, cure all the sick people and help the poor and make us get rid of our sorrows and sufferings. Always shower Your blessings on my parents and on us. Always be with us, guide us ,help us and protect us. Always have Faith and Patience and Baba will be with all His devotees. THANKS SAI AND I LOVE YOU A LOT AND I SURRENDER TO YOU COMPLETELY. OM SAI RAM.

Relieved From Ear Pain By Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Thanks a ton to this wonderful blog. I read atleast 2 miracles per day from this blog that increases our faith towards our Shirdi Sai Baba. I am a small devotee of our Sai Baba. I came to know about Shirdi Sai Baba and His miracles only through my aunt. I started praying Baba only because of my aunt due to my health issues from June 2010. I thank a lot to my aunt. Please Baba bless her with good health and happiness.

This is my second post. This is my recent experience. I have a daughter aged 4. I sent her to school and at that time she was okay. But when I went to pick her from school, I came to know that she had an ear pain due to cold congestion. She started crying when she saw me. I took her home and didn’t know what to do except our Sai Baba’s Udi. So I took Baba’s Udi applied surrounding her ear and gave Udi water to drink. Within 2 minutes her pain disappeared. After which no pain was there until now. But still took her to the doctor. Doctor said it was due to cold congestion and gave ear drops but used only one time. Thank You so much Baba and I love You so much Baba. I want to tell that my daughter suffered for about 4 hours in school. She had not informed of her pain to the teacher and was lying on the table. It’s only because of our Baba’s Udi, pain was gone. Please have faith and patience. My day starts with Baba’s name, ancestor’s goddess’s name and ends with Baba’s name. Baba, please bless all with good health, long life, happiness and peaceful life. Om Sai Ram

Sai Deva Helped Us And Fulfilled Our Wish

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: This blog is like reading the modern Sai Satcharitra daily, I love to read experiences of devotees daily, it boosts our faith and also make us feel closer to Sai paa. This is my second experience on this blog. Sai paa have done many miracles in my life, this experience is just one of the leelas of Sai paa in my life. I am posting this experience as I promised Sai paa to publish this experience if my wish gets fulfilled. We (me and my husband) had taken 5 lackhs rupees from someone for our business expansion for six months. When the day came for giving the amount back, we were not able to arrange the money. We had applied for CC limit, but somehow that also kept on getting delayed for around 2 months, and we were not able to give back the money, it was such a burden for us. Due to our bad karmas all our work kept on getting delayed. The person told us to give back the amount at once on 5 August, I prayed to Sai paa to help us come out of this situation and get that CC limit sanctioned. Then, we got the idea and we applied our loan against gold and repaid the amount to that person on 3rd August itself and on the same day our CC limit also got sanctioned. Now, we will repay loan against gold and get free from this burden too. Always keep faith on our Sai paa, He always hears our prayers and helps us in some way or the other. Om Sairam.. Shree Sachinand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..Sai Samarth Sai Samarth Sai Samarth Sai Samarth Sai Samarth Sai Samarth Sai Samarth

Sai Baba Is In Every Part Of Our Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Hi everyone! Jai Sairam. This is my third post. Sai Baba shows His presence in our Day to day life. With Baba’s blessing I delivered a baby girl. She is 7 months old now. I actually had a normal delivery where I was in Labour for just 2 hours and this was all because of Baba’s blessing. But after delivery my baby had high bilirubin level (Jaundice in babies), though it is common in all born babies these days, I was very afraid since my baby’s bilirubin level was little high. She was kept in phototherapy box for two long days, those two nights I was totally praying Babaji to cure my daughter, and that in next blood test result should be normal. Those two nights I used to read this blog about people’s experiences. One thing I experienced during that night was an image of Baba in my room window. It may be my imagination also but I felt Baba was with me and by God’s grace blood result was normal and I was discharged on the same day. Faith and patience will always answer. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai…thank You Baba.

Experience Story

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Post related to my job. Om Sai Ram. I have experienced Sai pa’s miracles numerous times. Here I am sharing my new experience. One day some of my co-employee asked me about some report as it was filled wrong. I had filled randomly from my side so I was praying inside that please Sai pa save me as he will point out that it is not filled properly but somehow it got sorted out and then cooled and no issue was created. Sai pa always saves me and is always with me when I need Him. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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  1. I am pouring my heart out to u Baba..aur kitni pareeksha lega? Sai tu sabki sunta hai..i used to be ur every prayer of mine is falling on deaf ears..i beg u Baba i beg u..please do this for me, for us, i will forever be indebted to u. Baba please i beg u..please don't put me through more tests. Please don't let me down Sai please please i beg u. Please Saima please please listen to this one prayer of mine. U have blessed everyone else then how come u have forgotten me. I never forget u, u are in every breath i take…please ur daughter is begging u. Rehem nazar kar Baba. Om Sai Ram.

  2. Baba bless me tata hexa car and a camera and few lakhs for travel expenses so i can travel all over India. Love you pa. Om sai ram.

  3. Baba I'm sorry.. I wish I cud get back everything.. My love.. But I left everything to u baba.. I scare my life without him.. But I'm helpless to do anything… Its all left to u baba.. Pls I wish him to get back n we get married.. Still I love him to core baba.. Im addicted to him.. But helpless.. My parents their parents everything is out of hands.. I do expect miracle baba.. Pls understand my pain its killing me baba…

  4. Om sai ram.i had seen on this blog girls r crying to return there love from similary boys are crying to baba to return there love baba why these things happened in front of you why one honest soul meets wi someone which is not good? Why baba people do these things since the life is short know one knows what tommorrow brings still such type of activities took place where only secs require to convert from body to dead body.Earlier when my mother goes to shirdi i asked her to bring double every thing like locket calender dairy etc one for me and for muma but this time only one thing yes i miss this alot.i am missing these things alot when we use to go donate food blanket sleeper to poor ones now when i do these things or pass from those roads i miss her thing always strike in my mind since she is ardent devotee of baba then why she not believe on him when she is taking this step.why she ignore those signs which baba shows her during her visit to shirdi which i told her earlier during her visit.i dont know why she dont believe on baba at that tym that he will do everything fine between us.why she spoke lie and left me when i was suffring with heart pain like hell.we both did the mistakes hurted each other because we are human not god but at the same time i love her alot still after long time i am missing her not able to forget her i know she move on in her life she already forget everything but i am not and my baba knows the reason of each and everything which i did knowingly or unknowingly.i dont know how she forget those card which she prepare by her hand to invite baba to give blessing to our sceret type of marriage.i wish that tym she realize her all the things as i realized after my visit to shirdi.but thank you baba for being with me from childhood helping me in each and every sitution loving me my sai ram

  5. Dear Baba, you know my entire situation. Definitely u have shown ur presence,blessed me,saved me, showered miracles on me,etc,.Words fail to express how much u care for your child.It is only u have taken care of me.sometimes with frustation,anger towards u i was trying to avoid u, a very very very big sorry for that and also for my harsh type behaviour during the past.Please forgive your child.Please help me with me projects.More importantly please be with me till my end.Please SAI.

  6. My 3nd Trip to Shirdi was planned when I got answer from Q&A site to “come to Shirdi”. I planned it for 11th January and was to take my parents along. But due to my mother’s health and Dad too not being very healthy, I dropped the plan and told Baba “I cant come”. Next thing I know is I get very restless. Then told Him, since You have called, now u plan it for me. One thing led to another and I finally managed to convince my parents to allow me to go with a friend who has been with my parents when I was away. It so happened in the middle of all this, that though there were tickets available for just that particular day, I somehow was scared to book fearing my parents wont allow. But finally, an agent got me tatkal tickets booked, both ways. In the meantime, my sweetheart had joined Baba’s palki Yatra and that was endng in Shirdi on 13th Jan, which falls exactly the day when I would be there. My happiness knew no bounds because, when I went to Shirdi with parents, I had prayed to Baba, I would love to come to Shirdi with him the next time. And Baba planned it exactly the way I wished for, though we both weren’t in temple together. I wanted to see him and Baba ensured we met not once but 2 times. This is the first miracle and blessing.
    The 2nd miracle I had done a written vrat 2 times and I wanted to give it in Shirdi the last time, though I missed it. I had taken 4 coconuts as offering for Baba. The boy who came with me, also bought 2 coconuts with him. When we entered the Samadhi mandir complex, he was asked to keep it there in a container and was not allowed to take it in. Both of us felt bad. The security guy dint even check my back pack. I managed to take it till Samadhi mandir. I wanted Baba to keep it but I was returned both the coconuts and the books. I felt very bad and was wondering what I should do. I thought of chits and immediately get answer “No, don’t. Go visit Dwarakamayi”. It was a huge line but then I decided, come what may I will go inside. After more than one hour, we were to step in when at the entrance, the security asked me what was in bag, I said some coconuts for Baba. He pointed to a container and said, put it there as offering “pray nicely and put it”. My eyes swell up. And across the road I saw a pic of Baba smiling at me and saying “Happy beta?” I asked for forgiveness for being such a hurry-worry. And then I asked the security guard about the 2 books if they can be given to be put in dhuni. He and a lady guard both nodded “haan, kyu nahi. Andar de dijiye.” I couldnt stop tears. Meanwhile, the boy took 2 coconuts from me to reduce the weight I was carrying. So he got the chance to offer 2 coconuts too. He was happy!
    I was thinking about Baba’s aarti while standing in that queue. Here comes next miracle. I step into Dwarakamayi, and aarati started. All sat down to sing and few were allowed to move. I moved to dhuni and gave the books. All time I was crying. I saw direct telecast of it. I reached Shirdi on Thursday, so my friend in Dilli wanted me to see His Palki, and even that I saw though I had forgotten about it. I asked Baba, you love me so much and what on planet was I looking at all the time! I am humbled. In the compartment that I travelled back, only our seat had a sticker of Baba.
    Also this time I got to see my Baba 3 times, place my requests (though when I stood in front of Him, I had no desires) and also get flower. One cannot call it miracle, its immense love and blessing from Baba. Each time I stood there, I felt I was a toddler and He would scoop me up into His arms. Then u don’t see the crowd, you forget what you want to ask; but only THANK YOU that comes in mind. Now am more confident. I am now much closer to Him than I was yesterday. In the compartment that I travelled back, only our seat had a sticker of Baba. Only thing needed to do is that I need to wait with patience. Thank you Baba, for loving me so much. Please bless us all to follow the right path. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Hi all.. Im a small devotee of baba.. I pray him from the time I dont know anything regarding him properly.. I love a guy n from more than one year I'm trying to convince my parents.. But from very recent time when I felt every thing is over then I got sudden thought of doing parayan which I did twice by wishing the same.. N I pray baba beg baba to let my parents get convinced n after all things he is ready to get married with some other girl.. As their parents were waiting from long time for my parents to accept.. N now I feel like all doors got closed.. I'm very addicted to him from 3-4 yrs..
    I started Navi guruvar vrat for him to get married with me.. But now I'm shattered n feeling like nothing can help me now..
    Can I stop the vrat in the middle and continue it later. Bcz I trust baba a lot but I c there is no other way.. I'm trusting baba.. But this trust creating a lot of Prob..I will get ans like everything desired one will b done.. Donate something like that i did everything.. Pls can anyone suggest..

    • Please donot stop the vrat continue it ..sometimes baba tests ur faith..have a brave heart ..if he is really meant to be your husband he will come to you..donot forget that baba can turn any situation to positive in fraction of seconds…if ur man gets married to other girl that means baba has a better person for you…i know forgetting the loved one is very painful because i am going through the same situation as yours but mine is even worse than u…so keep up ur faith ..if possible visit shirdi once and ask baba in gurusthan by doing pradashanas he will surely answer you…remember time and baba heals everything..

    • Om Sai Ram. I agree. Do not stop. Continue with total faith. You never know things just turn around in your favour. No devotee is big or small for our Baba. All are equal but its our faith and patience that matters here the most. I am sure He will find a way out of your situation.

  8. Om Sai Ram… Love you Baba.. I can't imagine my life without you Sai Baba..I believe you completely Baba.. Each and every second am in need of you Baba.. Guide me during my difficult times and make my dreams and wishes come true Baba.. Love you Baba

  9. OM Sri Sairam

    Please baba, take care of my husband and my health. My husband has been admitted to hospital Today, Please bless him to get good treatment and he should be discharged with both heart and kidney functioning properly.

    OM Sri Sairam

  10. Om sai ram baba please solve our financial issues and everything should go smoothly baba and help me to save more money baba I love u a lot


  12. Sai Baba you know my mind situation. Please pull my son towards you and please help him and calm his mind.

    One looser mother and your Beti

  13. Sai my Baba you knowy tension and fear about my husband health. Please I beg you for his good health. And make him understand your presence in your life

    Sai ki Beti

  14. Om Sai Ram. Sainath thank you for passing me in an exam. I am so happy baba and i know without you it wasn't possible. Thank you so much baba. I love you. I completely surrender to you. Om Sai Ram

  15. Thank you Baba for all your blessings. Please keep my parents safe and healthy, free from the day to day turmoils. Om Sai Ram

  16. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless my family with good health and guide my children to reach their destinations thandri.

  17. Om Sai ram give my family good health and co operation …make us live long we are responsible for this family Om sai ram

  18. Baba why always i get some or the other problem in my life? why there is no peace in my life? Help me baba i am getting into depression.

  19. Om Sri Sai Ram
    Dear Baba, please bless me with a job soon. I really want the job at MSF. I like the career profile and I feel that I can do the work well and progress in my career. If MSF is not the right choice for me, then please show me the right job. Please baba, I would like a job soon. I dream of going home and celebrating the joy of getting a good job with my family. Om Sai Ram.

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