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Sai Baba Experiences As A Protector And Guru

Sai Baba Experiences As A Protector And Guru

Sai Devotee Saritha devi Adusumilli from India says: I have some prominent experiences of Baba’s presence and support. I can narrate below some experiences of mine to show Baba’s presence and guidance in our life as saviour (protector) and guru:

I faced lot of tensions in my life and my nature being sensitive, the situation became more worse. So, as the days passed, my want for being peaceful also increased. I started attending Isckon classes and started increasing devotion towards lord Narayana and His Incarnations. After some days, as in one of Baba’s stories it was said praying supreme Gods, takes us to our guru, I found Sai Satcharithra book in my house and I started dedicatedly reading it. I also started seeing Sai Baba answers in book. One day I experienced below miracle: I was ill (cold, fever) and saw Baba’s answer book in morning and got answer “pray lord Shiva, your illness will decrease”. When I was travelling to office in a bus, I got lot of cough and was in bad situation of getting to vomit. I just remembered Baba’s words in His answer and chanted “Om Namah Shivaya” two three times and immediately cough stopped in seconds and coolness came in my throat and this coolness was there for some hours upto afternoon. This is my first experience of Baba and lord Shiva and felt they are closer to us.

Another day I experienced Sai Baba as a protector from Cobra snake: I was coming from Sai Baba’s temple after afternoon arati, and I saw vision of Sai Baba repeatedly twenty times showing His hands like snake. After few minutes I faced a big cobra snake crossing the road and which I was about to step on. Suddenly I downed by head and saw the snake and ran back. So Baba has saved me in this way. Till before these experiences I used to think God is far to us and we are very bad people so He does not come closer to us. My thinking changed after this. I have read on internet that Baba communicates with us through visions and dreams. Recently few months back I started chanting Om Sai Ram, felt good devotional feeling and was happy. But later on I got engrossed in my daily problems so much that I lost devotional feeling. One day I realized that due to my defects like anger my devotional feeling is lost. So, I started listing my defects which are hurdles for my devotion towards Baba. Then I slept later in night. In the night I got a dream of Baba, in which I saw Baba, he was asking me “You want to see your past lives then close your eyes”. Then I closed my eyes and I was impatient and opened my eyes immediately in the dream. When I got up and analysed the dream I understood that Baba was guiding me to list out one more big defect of mine. That is “increase patience – saburi”. One of my uncle has said me earlier that Saint who have taken Samadhi cannot guide as guru and I was little confused. With this dream Baba cleared my that doubt also. Everyone will agree that He is not a normal Saint. He is lord Dattatreya’s incarnation. So, He is present now also after Samadhi, guiding and protecting every one. Through below Baba’s and Lord Narayana’s experiences, I understand that God communicates through thoughts also.

One day I was worried that after chanting so many days, I am unable to get rid of my tensions. So, I prayed Sai Baba to show me some way. Immediately after few seconds, I got prominent thought or inspiration that I have to stop worrying about results of my work i.e. expecting others to praise my work. Once we went to Tirupathi, we stood in huge queue with our small children for three hours, at the end when we entered main temple complex, suddenly the queue was widened and every one were running and pushing each other, and I was worried what would happen to our children in pushing, so I got angry on TTD for mismanagement. When I had darshan of lord Balaji later that day, I felt that lord was giving thought that “he is innocent, he don’t have any connection with this mismanagement”. After scattering in the spiritual practices, diverting to different aspects like chakra, by Baba’s grace I was able to get some good institutes and arrived to below spiritual practice: This practice does not involve sacrifice of any personal responsibilities in these busy days. Just involves determination to carry out spiritual practice and efficient utilization of free or working time. • Chanting Sai Baba mantra (Om Sai Ram) while working • Hearing devotional Sai songs with involvement • Doing prayer to Baba (as many times as possible) while travelling to office or home whenever when mind and heart can concentrate • Opening a holy book by chanting Baba mantra and reading that para as God’s message for day. Can be done at different intervals in a day (Ex. while leaving to lunch or dinner). • When you get some negative thought or behaviour like anger just request Sai Baba or God to take it. You can see miracle, the negative feeling disappears immediately • When other persons troubles you, due to their defects just remember that the soul within them is pure, only outside mind, intellect, ego are impure, that is the reason they are troubling or just try to chant Baba’s name. • Try, not to think or discuss about other persons defects.

Note: As per SSRF institute, when we are doing any spiritual practice, the negative thoughts from past lives surface. So they recommend some remedies. One is salt water treatment which can be done below way easily; Remedy: Immerse your feet (apart) in a bucket with three fourth water (having 2-3 spoons rock salt), just pray Baba to remove any negative energy or black energy within you, then for five times and stay like that for 15 minutes and then throw water in toilet and wash bucket. Preferable to do before going to sleep daily once.

Following below prayer: Dear Baba, •Please bless all livings to be happy, peaceful, blissful (welfare of others) •This life, soul, body and properties are Yours. (increase surrender) •I am small dot before you (reduce ego) •I am servant of servant of servant of You (reduce ego) •Thank You for giving this life and bringing me closer to You (gratitude) •Everything is done by You. I am just Your follower (reduce ego) •Whatever good work done by me, please take results of it (to reduce want on results) •You are my Guru and God (increase closeness to God) •Your love and kindness are immense and supreme (Increase devotion) •Let me surrender at Your lotus feet, be happy, with peace and patience (increase surrender) Few months I got below two ideas by inspiration of Sai Baba: •To keep a Sai Baba website, including all religions – we have started below website recently to share about Sai Baba and other information that will be prepared by us as part of below spiritual project:•Preparation of text books for God science (including major religions) for children – (idea is if they are inclined towards Baba or God, sinful tendency decreases and it is beneficial to society as crime rate decreases. As this project aligns with Sai Baba’s teaching, I have kept it as one my life’s goal. The text books for children shall contain: •Secular prayers •Chanting mantras for different religions •Stories from different holy books along with inferences •Spiritual basics with reference form holy books of different religions •Stories for children to analyse their personality defects. As being Sai devotees, If you are interested to help us and support/guide for our spiritual project, please contact us: [email protected]; [email protected] I request Sai devotee experiences website management, if possible to display our spiritual project details and help request on your website if possible, to get help from other Sai devotees.


Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am lucky and blessed to have some beautiful experiences of Baba where I could feel Baba’s blessings and presence. My mom is a great Sai bhakt and that’s how I got acquainted with Sai Baba. Sai Baba initially gave me some experiences which pulled me towards Him. Thank You Baba for this and please ever shower Your blessings on me and my family.

This one happened in 2003, after completion of my masters. I used to read Sai satcharitra and was fond of those stories, somehow I continued reading it. It was my mom’s book and I was thinking to buy one for myself too. After masters I desperately wanted to go for job and never wanted to study further. I was looking for jobs when all of my friends were going into PhD. One of my very good friend got into prestigious Bangalore institute for PhD and we were all there, me including my classmates on railway station to say goodbye to him. While we were waiting for the train an unknown person around 45 to 50 years age came to us and started talking to us (I would refer him uncle as he was a total stranger to me). I was not very interested as my good friend was leaving to Bangalore and I was speaking to him.

Uncle: “Hello it’s nice to see so many youngsters together.”
I: “We are giving send off to one of our good friend.”
 Uncle (with smile): “I like speaking to young people.”
I was telling my friends, why are you speaking to him. One of my friends just told me to stay calm. And I smiled. This uncle started speaking to all of us and seeing me least interested called me up and asked.
Uncle: “Do you find this boring? “
I: “no” (with a smile).
Uncle: “Do u believe in Him? (took out a photo from his pocket and asked me) it was Sai Baba photo and my eyes sparked and I said, “Yes I Believe Him”.
Uncle: “Do you read English or Telugu?”
I: “English”.
He also asked one of my friend who was beside me what book she reads and she answered telugu. the uncle went and bought two books and gave the English one to me and telugu to my friend.
Uncle: “Please read page no 155 first”
I: “I know this story.”
Uncle: “I know, you know it still read it.”

It was the story of Tendulkar family. I read it all over again. After reading he told me you will further study. I was totally upset, I felt why he is telling like this. I was very rigid to go for job after my master. I did not mind his words as he was a total stranger to me and I would never meet him again. I told him I wish to do job and have no plans of studying further. He smiled at me and asked me to read page no 84. Mr. Cholkars sugarless tea story. I was about to tell him that I knew this story and then realised no point as this elderly man would anyway ask me to read again and silently read. He told me I would study and get a good job in future. For which I smiled. Though he was telling me all good things I was thinking who he is and why is he speaking to me and my friend, my head was full of doubts. I was thinking how nice it would be if this uncle gave this Sai satcharitra to me. Then he told me to read page no 192 the story of two gentlemen. After I read he said I would do very good in job as well in future. Then he closed the book and wrote his name and page numbers which he asked me to read and his phone number and told me that I could take that book. Tears rolled over and I couldn’t stop them. Then uncle smiled and told me you are happy aren’t you? I said yes and was very happy to have a book of mine. I felt Baba gifted me this book to confirm faith. I thanked him. My friend who was sitting beside me with her telugu version book was confused. She was trying to go to UK and her visa got rejected twice and looking blank, then that uncle went straight to her gave her book and told you will go abroad and do call me from there. I was spell bound. Dear readers …. this happened in 2003 and I was very young to understand the significance. But even now when I share this with anyone I get Goosebumps….yes, I did study further …I went to do another masters in IIT and my friend left to UK and works in London now.

Baba Proved Me That He Is Always Watching Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Manasa Ram from India Says: Jai Sai Ram to everyone. Thank You very much Baba for showing me this blog and making me to share my experiences with everyone. My name is Manasa, Baba’s child. In fact I don’t know Hetalji but after reading few people’s experiences I came to know He only started this blog, by His grace. Any way thank you very much Hetalji for giving us this platform to share our experience with everyone.

During my graduation Baba started to prove me that I am His child. I really want to share one of my experiences to tell how kind my Baba is. During my graduation I was staying in hostel. Even though I used to read Baba book “Sai Leelamrutham “which was given to me by Baba as a miracle, I will share that experience in my next post. I started to home on one Wednesday as we got holidays and I reached home on same day. Actually I was doing parayan of my lovely book ” Sai Leelamrutham “, so after going home I took bath and I completed parayan for that day. At the same day my mom also finished parayan of “Mathru Sai “. Evening we were about to go to Baba’s temple my mom was preparing prasadham, meanwhile my dad came to me and asked me to call my brother as he was very dull about something. Even though he completed his, he is doing garments business for my family sake. So when I called him, he told me that he lost a parcel of garments and he will lose more than 30,000 rupee because of that. He also told me not to tell my parents as they are not in a situation to bear that. I was about to cry but I can’t cry in front of my parents. So I was asking Baba like…Baba why this has happened? Even though he is doing hard work, he is losing money. I have read many things about You Baba, now You should tell me something about this issue. I and mom went to the temple; she took two coconuts, one for dhuni and one to honour Baba. While my mom was breaking that coconut near Baba we found that it was spoilt one. My mom got afraid by seeing that, but I told her that don’t worry ma it denotes some good thing will happen in our life and I also told her that spoilt coconut will be an elder and holy coconut, it will give us good results. We went for Baba’s darshan and by Baba’s grace I participated in palaki seva. After that we sang Baba’s shej arathi. Most of the people left homes. Me and my mom went to see Baba’s statue located up stairs. I was continuously asking Baba to show me or tell me anything to calm down my disturbed mind. My mom came to me and asked me that shall we ask for Baba’s garland to hang it in our home. Here Baba’s miracle started the very next minute she asked me, priest in that temple called my mom and offered her garland and he was saying to another lady who is asking for garland that no ma Baba told me to give it to her. How this can be possible? Who will give us anything without asking other than our Baba? Even while sharing this I am getting goose bumps. It’s not got over my mom was with full of tears praying to Baba, I sat far from my mom. Then that priest asked my mom by showing me who is that child. My mom answered him that she is my daughter he closed his eyes and he told us that don’t worry ma that child will get a job in June or first week of August and she will get married next year in March and he also told us that he never told anyone like this. Baba only saying these words to us through me. See how kind he is? Baba told me that don’t worry you will get a job to support your brother. Me and my mom were very happy for Baba’s grace. We returned home with tears in eyes. While we came across dhuni, mom told me that unnecessarily I have broken that second coconut. I should have kept it for dhuni. That very next second one priest called me and gave me two coconuts and told me to put those coconuts in dhuni. What a miracle? I was really speechless and I gave one coconut to my mom and I kept one coconut for dhuni. See how kind He is? And I got a job as a medical coder without any prior trail and my joining date was 24-jun-2015 and I successfully completed my training and came into live on 05-aug-2015. Everything happened as he told. But still I am not married but even though I am not feeling bad for that. Because I know Baba wants to give me one of His children as my partner. What we have to do is to faith in Him and wait for things to happen. Because good things will come to those who will wait. And I promised Baba that I will leave my worst anger and I won’t scold any one and won’t judge any one without knowing the truth. Now I am strongly believe that I became a good human being because of Baba. Thank You so much Baba for accepting me as Your child. Baba, please bless every one with complete belief on You. Sai Reham Najar Karna Bachom Ka Palan Karna…..Jai Sairam

Sainath, You Are My Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Sai children, I take this opportunity to share my experiences during my recent visit to Shirdi (holy abode). I had come to know about Sai Baba some 17 years back, however completely attached to Him since last 1 year when I actually started realizing His miracles and Leelas. Thanks to the blog team for publishing my experience. After going through this blog for past 8 months, I have started changing positively, realizing that it is all His leela and we are just working as per His commands. I am so happy to have come under His Holy Feet and experience bliss each and every moment.

I had been to Shirdi, 2 weeks ago and had planned that I have to spend more days this time and as per His wish, it did happen. He provided me an opportunity to complete Sai Satcharitha Saptah Parayanam at Shirdi itself and believe it, this was the best trip of my life. I had started feeling the same depth as though Sai was with me throughout. I had no expectations this time, and only thing in my mind was I need to spend more time with Him in His Holy place (though He is always there, everywhere). I and my mom went to Dwarakamai and as usual the queue was long. As we reached the Dhuni and were moving towards Baba’s photo, the poojari there called me and gave me a Coconut placed at Baba’s feet. I was just dumbstruck for a while and was not believing, seriously am I receiving a coconut?? (I have read in Satcharitra and in this blog, how people say that receiving coconut from Dwarakamai is so auspicious). I received it and believe me I was feeling very proud (sorry Baba, I put my pride at Your feet). The pride was due to the feeling that Baba has accepted me as His special child. I realized He had accepted me and all I can do now is just believe in Him BLINDLY. I just wanted to jump and tell everyone that I had received a Coconut. I hope you all understand the bliss I was in. This happened on Monday, of the week when we were at Shirdi. Same day, during the Samadhi darshan in the morning, we got a wonderful opportunity to have the feel of Baba’s Samadhi. I was on Moon and started feeling, this Monday is becoming auspicious for me (my Shiva’s day ).

After this, I got the Sriphal coconut from Baba. Then somehow I convinced my dad, that we can try to attend Shej aarthi, as till then I had not got a chance to visit any of Baba’s Aarthi. So while we were sitting at the Mukh darshan place, we just asked the security guard and he mentioned to go to Queue #2. None of us knew the actual process, we just went there and asked one more guard and he said come at 9:30p.m. So we came out and saw crowd of people waiting near the entrance of Queue #2. We just stood with them. After few minutes, they sent us to Aarti queue and we saw there was another queue for paid Aarti as well. However still I was happy, I am attending Baba’s aarti for the first time. As we went near Samadhi Mandir, I saw that my parents and me, both were in the Samadhi Mandir for Aarti. I was so happy to have said Good Night to Baba, so happily. I was just enjoying my time being around Him. As I am writing this also, that feel makes me so happy. The same day we had got a chance to visit Sakori temple of Upasani Maharaj and Godavari Thai. Everything happened so well on that Monday, I was feeling like everything was planned by Baba Himself. No doubt at all. After this all the remaining days also, our darshan went on so well. My dad has knee pain and cannot stand for long in the queue. So I was not feeling like forcing him to come with us. Somehow on Wednesday, he came with us and to our surprise we finished the Darshan in 15 minutes. Baba Himself helped my dad that day.

My Brother in law, was searching for a job for past 9 months and believe me, everything started working out so well while we were at Shirdi and once we were back, he had received an offer. Whatelse can you ask for? Sai knows when and how to give us what, all we can do is, just trust Him. Baba, I have no words to say. As everybody says, Thank You is very small and it makes me more formal with You. Be our everything till our end. Om Shri Shirdi Vasaya Vidmahee, Sachchidanandaya Deemahi, Tanno Sayee Prachodayath.. Love You Baba J

My Journey With Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am a devotee of Baba from the time I got married to my husband as he was a devotee of Baba from his childhood. I am blessed with a daughter and a son and live a happy life all because of Baba’s grace. When I read devotees experiences of Baba in this blog, I too wish to see Baba in my dreams. I saw Baba in my dreams only a few times that too in the form of photos. Whereas when I come across people talking about their dreams of Baba and Baba doing things like talking to them or walking towards them, blessing them etc, I feel disappointed why I can’t get such dreams. But I should admit that Baba has always been there for me, protecting and taking good care of me and my family. Baba blessed me with a great husband, a beautiful daughter, career progression, good food and clothing, a son and jobs when we came overseas and a beautiful new house. He gave me everything that I wanted in life. But the journey was not so smooth, it had difficult and very hard times and all throughout this time, I had Baba standing next to me and guiding me in every single moment. I am very happy to share this divine miracle that happened recently.

We moved to a different city in Australia and I was struggling to settle down in this new place with two kids. My husband could not come with me as he did not get a job transfer within the same company in the city that we were moving to. So I had no choice but to leave to the new place without my husband. It was really hard for me as I never handled things independently like I did this time. I had to look for a job for myself, get a school admission for my daughter and at the same time look after my 10 months old son. Also we had to move to a new house which was daunting as we know how hard it is when shifting houses that too when it’s interstate and with two little kids and no jobs. I decided to do Nav Guruvar vrat to get help from Baba. I was desperately waiting for my husband to join me to do the vrat in the new house. We kept praying to get a job transfer for my husband to join us. With great difficulty two months passed and finally Baba blessed us with a job transfer but a temporary part time position. We were happy though it was not enough for us financially but because my husband can join back the family and we could enjoy those exciting moments of moving to a brand new house. We did the house warming puja and we moved into the new house and immediately on the first Thursday in this house we started the 9 weeks vrat. We felt so divine and got closely connected with Baba during each week’s vrat. Every week we experienced things falling into place, we started getting organized with full faith and power from Baba. My daughter got admission in good school, got good neighbours who are supportive; my children have friends in neighbourhood to play with. In no time my husband got a job which was very hard to get in normal circumstances. This was his dream job and he got it when he least expected it and that too without any formal interview. I can clearly, loudly and confidently say that this was purely Baba’s arrangements and blessings. During this period even my brother who attended the vrat prayers for just 2 weeks got a better job with good pay. All I want to say is that Baba is a really divine God, there are no words that can describe His greatness. May Baba bless everyone with His love. Om Sai Ram.

Miracle Of Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Asha from US says: Hi, I am Sai Baba’s devotee who has been blessed many times. I have experienced His presence and miracles many times. I would like to share one of my very first experiences which made me believe in Him more. I didn’t even know who Sai Baba was until 2011. In fact before that one of my family members had given me His picture and asked me to worship Him along with my other God pictures every day. But I didn’t give too much thought to it and kept it inside for a very long time. We human beings tend to remember God only during difficult times. So, it was my time and Baba wanted me to become His devotee.

I was always healthy until that point, but I suddenly started experiencing weird symptoms and I generally did not feel well. I always felt anxiety and used to be depressed most of the time. I did not know what was wrong and could not explain what was happening to me properly to anybody. I had so many questions in my mind for which I wanted to know the answers. So, I called my very good friend who is a doctor and explained her how I was feeling. She as doctor did not know answers to my questions, but as a friend she opened my eyes to see Baba. She asked me to pray Sai Baba and that I would definitely see results. Inspired by her words, I started reading about Sai Baba, watched His movies and tried to learn as much as I could about Him. I started doing 9 Thursdays Vrat. I read so much about Udi’s power and its ability to cure any kind of diseases, that I felt the need for Udi so badly and started praying to Baba about my wish for Udi. I believed that if I could find Baba’s Udi somewhere, most of my problems will be resolved. But I was not in a situation to go to Shirdi personally. I just left everything to Baba and continued to pray Him. At that time I and my friend used to share a house. We used to work at the same place as well. However, my friend used to come back home early, while I used to come little late. When I came back home one day, there was still daylight and my friend was already home in her room. As was about to enter, I found a packet of Udi in a small clear plastic bag on the entry door step. I was so amazed and mesmerized looking at that. I still kept thinking who could have kept that and why I found it first, while my roommate past through it just before me even while unlocking the door. Who knew that I wanted Udi so badly? I always worshipped real Gods but never Gurus or any incarnation of God in a human form. I somehow did not believe that much. But I cannot stop thinking how can a person like Sai Baba who used to look like just one of us has immense power to protect and help us. That really amazes me every day and my faith in Him increases to a greater extent. Not to mention that I came out of my depression after this incident. I have experienced many more miracles after this. To everyone who has a bit of doubt in their minds about Sai Baba, I just say that just leave everything to Baba’s feet and He will surely take care of it and you. Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba!

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  1. Sai mata i am your lowest devotee who has done lot of paap before becoming you devotee. Forgive for that and bless me sai mata. Jai jai jai sainatha jai jai.

  2. Om sai ram…Happy pongal Dear Baba and to all Baba's children….Baba, I really wish,pray and hope that you are going to turn my life for better,good…from this pongal.I am eagerly waiting for a new beginning,fresh start,new ray of hope…I really want to forget my past bad memories and have a fresh start with your blessings….please Baba,kindly don't delay any further to shower your blessings….it's already so late.But,I don't want to give up…Nothing is impossible with Baba in my life…You are my only HOPE..Koti Koti Pranams Guru Deva…om sai ram

  3. Om Sai Ram Om Shree Sai Swami Samarth

    Today by Babas grace I am updating my experience which I promised yesterday night to my Sai.

    Actually my husband was suffering from nose block since last two days. Yesterday night its increase so he was not able to sleep. He was countiniously blowing his nose very harshly if he get any relief. But in vain. I was scared whenever he blows his nose hardly he gets nose bleeding sometimes without that also. Don't know the reason. I have promised for thay also Baba we dont know the reason of nose bleeding i am getting very scared whenever I sees it please totally stop this problem. I will update this in this blog. I am a waiting for Babas confirmation.
    Now come back to yesterday night miracle my husband was feeling frustrated because he was not able to lie down. He tried to change his position. But nothing was working.

    Then I prayed my beloved Baba if my husband will get relief and if he sleeps soundly i will update tomorrow morning and blood should not come from mose.
    within 10 minutes my husband got sound sleep. So as per promise I am updating this miracle.

    Thank you Baba

  4. Om sai ram..happy makarsankrati to all.Earlier when my mother goes to shirdi i asked her to bring double every thing like locket calender dairy etc one for me and for muma but this time only one thing yes i miss this alot.i am missing these things alot when we use to go donate food blanket sleeper to poor ones now when i do these things or pass from those roads i miss her thing always strike in my mind since she is ardent devotee of baba then why she not believe on him when she is taking this step.why she ignore those signs which baba shows her during her visit to shirdi which i told her earlier during her visit.i dont know why she dont believe on baba at that tym that he will do everything fine between us.why she spoke lie and left me when i was suffring with heart pain like hell.we both did the mistakes hurted each other because we are human not god but at the same time i love her alot still after long time i am missing her not able to forget her i know she move on in her life she already forget everything but i am not and my baba knows the reason of each and everything which i did knowingly or unknowingly.i dont know how she forget those card which she prepare by her hand to invite baba to give blessing to our sceret type of marriage.i wish that tym she realize her all the things as i realized after my visit to shirdi.but thank you baba for being with me from childhood helping me in each and every sitution loving me my sai ram

  5. Happy Makara Sankhranthi and Pongal to all. May His Grace and Blessings be on us all.

    Wonderful experiences and kudos to the first devotee for taking up such a noble initiative.

    O Deva, Thank You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Baba I desperately need u baba.. I don't understand where to go whom to ask… U know I trusted u that ul give me him and followed u.. But now he is getting marg fixed with another girl baba… How can u leave me like this… Its paining a lot baba.. U know my situation baba . u can't leave me like this… I'm feeling to talk to u directly baba pls give me my love back.. I did everything I can do.. But still y this baba.. Its killing me baba.. Where are u pls come to me baba 🙁

    • Dear Devotee, if your love is after some one else that means he didn't truly love you, you better forget him and on with your life, you don't need this kind of life partner in your life, your praying now what if he comes back, is there a grantee that he will stay with you for life time, when he leave you once there is no grantee that he will stick with you for life, baba is with you I usually don't comment here, but today I feel baba is telling me to tell you this, forget about him and get back to your life, I know its hard but I feel this is better for your life.

  7. I badly miss him baba.. I can't imagine my life without him.. I tried alot baba.. Still some where I'll b getting down.. Pls baba I trust u so much but every time I get hurt… Pls baba bring him back baba.. I ask you q in q and ans site.. Everything will b positive n what ever it say I will follow… But still my pain doesn't leave me baba.. Am I so bad that I won't get what I ask you.. Pls baba give me strength I beg u baba… I expect miracles pls baba done leave me like this its like hell baba..

  8. If u leave like this baba I loose hope on u finally.. Bcz I had feeling that what ever hapens baba is there for me he will make my wish come true… Even now everyone is saying that baba can't do anything .. But I hope n I believe that u do baba… I have patience n I can wait but my situation is not like others can wait baba.. No one is waiting here… I tried to stop them but now use I'm only one who is suffering.. I need my love baba… Pls being him back for me…I love him a lot baba.. Madly.. Everybody around me is getting married to their loved once baba even it is hurting me that I trust u n nothing happening.. They tried themselves n they did married.. Y baba am I only one suffering.. Y don't u listen to my prayer baba.. I creid alot baba even if I remember I will get shiver but y baba y ur not coming for my rescue… U promised ul b there for people who pray u.. I did parayan twice I come to u every Thursday I remember u pray u beg u I feel whatever n who ever comes to me is u.. Dats y I give them what ever they ask. But now I can't bare pain baba… I tried everything.. I spoke to my parents his parents everyone.. But I feel like time is not in my hands.. But u can do na baba.. Pls baba bring back my love…

  9. Baba from many years I know u.. From many months I'm following u for this marriage thing baba. But y can't u see my tears n pain baba.. I see post in this site I feel pain baba.. U care for all but y not me.. Y only me baba… Am I not ur devotee.. My patience and all getting worsened baba… Its ur time baba.. Pls come.. Treat me as ur child.. I want to show that my baba is true.. Astrology caste n every thing is wrong.. Pls baba I want to live happy baba.. I can't bare this pain baba..

  10. ;-( please baba give me strength.. I can't see his marriage with another girl.. We visited to u many times baba.. U wud have stopped us from these years.. But now situation has crossed baba.. I can't imagine life without him baba.. Pls give me back my love baba.. I do vrat for my marg with him baba.. But I'm scared that his parents are fixing dates for his marg.. Its not good baba.. I'm suffering a lot when ever I hope something from u.. I tried my self a lot I moved a lot of steps forward baba.. Pls come down for me with one step baba.. Without ur decision nothing can happen then y this baba.. Pls baba I beg u.. Atleast care me as ur worst devotee but pls care me na baba.. I'm seriously helpless baba..


    Jai Sai Ram,
    Pranaams to My SAI Acchan.



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