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Thank You For Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: I am simple girl from India now living in the USA. Parents have given me good values and educated me enough to be morally, culturally and financially strong. Husband brings out the best in me by always being supportive, loving, trusting. My child brings out the most neglected values in me of being forgiving, being patient, being true, and being simple. Over all I am someone who is surrounded by the most wonderful people from whom I learn everyday to be good and nice that I believe is the least I should do.

Hello Everyone, I would like to share a few of my instances. But before that I would want to share a few more words with all of you. I have always believed in one God, in one entity and believe me I call it by many names, Ganpati, Sai Baba, Jesus, Ram, Hanuman, Krishna, Parvati, Durga, Saraswati, Datta, Vishnu, Balaji, Laxmi, Allah…the name does not matter to me because for me they are all one. I have been a fortunate person because I have always had a wonderful family and the family I got married into is equally beautiful. So, there is nothing much to complain from God. However as a human being there is always something that I want and something I wish for and all my wishes are fulfilled by grace of this one God. However since my pregnancy (2 years back) my dad gave me photo of Sai Baba and since then I have been praying to Him and have started noticing that my daily life always revolved around miracles from Him. Let me now start.

1. I have never been picked up in any kind of lucky draws or random selections, but when there was a time of my career up-liftment I got selected in one of the most abrupt selection method and that was for my US Visa, something that does not happen easily.

2. I was placed in different state than my husband for job and I was carrying my baby those days/months, without any issue I was granted to work from the state of my husband.

3. I had a very important presentation to make and my laptop had an internet port issue and plugging the cable never worked. On the day of the presentation, I thought let me just try and it worked till the end of the whole session and post that day it never worked again.

4. My husband and I were buying a house for that we needed some visa documents. They were to come in 15 days however we needed it in 10 days. Believe me they came in. Something that was so shocking…!

5. There were issues in office which all got resolved automatically and there are countless more… not sure why they happened but I know they did and it is only because of Him. All I have to say is miracles keep happening around you all the time. I started noticing them now and suddenly I feel I am so lucky to be so close to Him that He is thinking of me and believe me…it is a great, great feeling. These are not because I have always been good, this is because there is this huge powerful entity looking upon us. I have made many mistakes/stupidities in life. Many which I have done deliberately, some which I have done unknowingly, but I am extremely sorry for those and will take care that they do not repeat again and I am trying to be good now, just because I know when HE is doing all this for me, He definitely deserves me to be good. Since some days I have started reading the Sai Satcharitra, some of the contents go above my head some I do understand but not sure how much I can grasp and inculcate in myself. I will probably have to read it a couple of times, but eventually I will all I say is THANK YOU every day. Sai Ram

Shirdi Sai Baba Is With Us Always

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Sai Devotee Vaishali from India says: I am a Sai devotee from past three years. A paediatrician working in government hospital in Mumbai. Sai namaskar to all my fellow devotees. I am Sai daughter Vaishali and this is my second experience on this website. I thank a lot dear Hetalji and her team for the divine work of boosting faith of all fellow devotees by posting these experiences and maintaining the blog. As everyone has to face the pain and sufferings of their past karmas, so am I. I belong to a God fearing middle class family and has sustained very nicely in this life by Baba’s grace and blessings. But since past 12 years there are few major issues which had made me and my family very fragile. Relatives and the others behaviour during this phase had only added more pain to our already suffering minds. This has really shattered me and my family. My dear Baba only knows what we are going through and we are alive just believing Baba’s blessings and miracles that will make all of us blessed and happy one day….very soon.

Now coming to my experience, I stay in Mumbai, my father stays in our second house in Mumbai suburb and my mother and sister stays in some other city. We are staying separate because of our job in different cities. But this separation has added more to our problems. But somehow things are not falling in place. I have started Nav guruvar vrat and today is the second Thursday of it. Today afternoon I called up my papa and he did not pick up his mobile phone even with multiple calls. I felt he must be busy so he is not picking the phone but even later in the evening he was not picking up the phone. I was really very tensed with all fearful thoughts coming to mind, as he stays alone. I felt may be he is unwell and I was very, very stressed. Still I prayed in front of Baba, said to Him that Baba You know that I have completely surrendered to You and I know that You will not make me and my family suffer more.

I reached home and had to do nav guruvar vrat katha reading and pooja. My mind said I believe in Baba and so I will not panic, I decided to finish my vrat pooja and then to call up my papa again. Meanwhile I had also decided that if Papa does not call back or does not pick up the phone I will go to the second house which is located at a distance of one and half hour by train. I was reading the katha and simultaneously papa’s thoughts in my mind were making me cry during reading. I finished katha, prayed Baba saying You are our only saviour. You are the only the hope of suffering souls and we do not have any strength left to face additional pain. I cried a lot, kneeling down in front of Baba. I had laptop and mobile besides as I was reading katha from soft copy in laptop and mobile awaiting papa’s call. Kneeling only I dialled papa’s number and see the miracle of Baba. Papa picked up the phone call in second ring itself, which doesn’t happen even during routine calls. I started talking to papa and was also looking at Baba’s idol and in my mind soon I realised that actually Baba was testing my faith. Because today morning when I had been to Sai temple and had said that Baba I have completely surrendered to You and You are my saviour as I have no strength left to face problems henceforth. Baba was testing my faith by this leela of His. As I finished talking to my papa, felt relaxed sat down on floor and promised that I will write this experience here and now only on the laptop. So I am writing this experience immediately after thanking to dear Baba. It may be a small insignificant experience for others but it means a lot for me. My heartfelt thanks to Baba, by this leela He has assured my faith that He is with me and my family and will bless us and end our sufferings. This also taught me that Baba tests our patience but will never make us suffer. His leelas enhances our faith and brings us more close to Him. He will always bless and make everyone happy after His test. Baba, please bless all of us and forgive our mistakes. Please give sadbuddhi to all and make this world a peaceful place. Om Sai Ram.

Thank You For Everything Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Hello I am an Indian, residing in United States currently. I belong to a Hindu family and basically I am from Delhi. I am a staunch devotee of Sri Sainath. My whole family is a very strong believer of Baba. There are a number of miracles Baba has done for all our family members. I would like to share one such experience on this website and want to thank Baba for everything He does for us and shows us His love always, Om Sai Ram! It feels immense pleasure and joy to share my experience with everyone. I am really thankful to the founder of this website, who let us share our experiences with Baba and increase the devotion towards Sai. This is the first time I am writing and sharing miracles I have experienced every step of my life with Baba. He is my Guru and I have known Him past 15 years now. In every stage of my life Baba has been my supporter, advisor my guide just like my Father. Whatever and wherever I have reached today it is solely and purely because of my Sai. Om Sai Ram.

It all started when I was a kid in my 7th grade when I used to write letters to my Sai Baba. That was a time when our financial condition was poor, as my father was building a house so all the expenses were going for the loan of house. We had to spend money very scarcely. I used to write and pray to Baba for improving our condition. After sometime everything changed, things got better and there came a time when we became so well off, we bought a luxurious car also and our house was also made. Our condition improved all because of Sai Baba. From there itself began the miracles in my life by Him. My college, my job is all because of Baba’s hand on me. Today I am married to the best man on earth that too my Baba found for me (I will share that experience too next time). I am even blessed with a baby boy (Because of my Sai’s Kripa). My father in law ( he is not a religious man). After my marriage, he became a big bhakt of Sai Baba and he always says, “It is Baba who united two families together and will keep blessing all of us forever” My Baba, Had You not been there in my life, I could not imagine where and what I would have been today. Thank You so much Baba for being by my side always and blessing me and my family in all walks of life. Love You a lot Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Thank You So Much For Being With Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Sai Devotee Janani from India says: Hello everyone, first I need to thank this site’s admin for their wonderful job. This increases our devotion towards Baba. I am a small devotee of Baba from Tamil Nadu. I am writing here for the fourth time but my bad luck, none of my experience is published. Am writing here every time with full confidence that this time my experience will be published which may increase other devotees confidence who are in vain like me and also to convey my thankfulness to Baba. Basically I am a lazy person and will get fear to write something but here the contents I am typing here like super fast.

Coming to my experience today, I got severe stomach ache suddenly and I couldn’t manage at all and then I prayed to Baba please give me immediate relief and I drank some water mixed with Udi and I promised if I sleep without any pain, I will post my experience and of course I got nice sleep. Thank You Baba for being with me. At times I became so anxious that why life is like this and blame Baba for that but after sometime l realise that Baba is with me and will be normal. Baba You know my problems and how my life is now. From my childhood I didn’t get anything easily. I had to struggle a lot for everything in my life. For a fatherless girl like me, life is very tough. There is none to support me and encourage me except You. I am not interested to get married immediately after completing studies. I have to stand on my own legs first. Please make my mother understand this and then my love. Please help me to get permission from my mother and make her understand that I love a good person. Please Baba be with me forever.

Sai Saved Me From My Illness

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: Sai Ram is my strength, my energy, my life. I would like to narrate the recent experience that I had experienced in US. I moved to US in January 2015 after my marriage. I faced a lot of health problems here because of allergy. I had got 6 abscesses when I was in India. I had taken treatment there and I had recovered by the time I moved to US. First 2 months after moving here I had lot of health issues like mouth ulcers repeatedly. It was very severe. I had to take so many medicines. All of a sudden my husband was attacked by an abscess. Since it is contagious the problem started for me again. It is hell lot of pain. I had 3 abscess repeatedly here. Doctors here are very expensive and could not treat me properly. And I was alone also with no one to take care of me. That was the most painful period. That is when Sai came to my rescue. I prayed to Him that there is no doctor to save me from this pain other than You and took Udi water, immediately He saved me from my pain and that was the last abscess I got. This proves no matter where we are Sai will always come to our rescue if we truly pray Him. Sai Ram bless us all.

My second experience: On a Thursday I had cooked a dish with chillies. The chillies in US are too spicy, because of that my hands were burning like fire since morning and I could not lift hand because of the burn. I tried a lot of home remedies but nothing could reduce the burn. Since it was a Thursday, I visited Sai Mandir here. The moment I stepped Sai sannidhi to take His darshan the burn vanished on its own. I could not believe myself. It’s all because of Sai. Sai You are my only saviour. Om Sai Ram.

Trust God

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces   |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Basically I am a devotee of Sai Baba from my childhood. I use to go temple on every Thursday but due to some issues I never trusted Baba from that time. After my sister’s marriage, I saw honey and Udi falling from Sai Baba’s head that too I have seen live in her aunt’s house. From that time I again started trusting Baba. Literally I became a very big devotee of Baba. Without offering first to Baba I will not have anything, even chocolates too. Recently my 3-2 results are released I am very scared of results because I wrote my exams very badly. I thought I will have 3 backlogs. I did pooja, went to temple and did 108 rounds but though I did all these I am scared about my results because unless and until He accepts our prayers we may not have success. So, I was in dilemma whether Sai Baba has accepted my prayers or not? But really He accepted me and my prayers and blessed me with good results; all clear. As I am very scared of my results because I should not have any backlogs in 4-1 for placements but now I am very happy with my results. Never and never one should doubt our Baba but always we should trust Sai Baba. He will always protect us, that’s for sure. May Sai Baba bless all of us. Om Sri Sai Baba ki jai. Om Sairam.

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  1. Happy new year sai maa.
    Thank you sai maa I asked for wonderful life partner and u gave me. My marriage is fixed by ur grace.
    Now the only thing is left is give my good health and clear skin.I'm still struggling for that.
    Om sai ram
    Gurudev datta 😊

  2. Om Sri Sai Ram
    Baba please bless me with a job soon and please give me happiness, sending this empty life. I dont know how n when things will happen. I pray that you will give me all that I desire soon. Protect me from the wrongs I did n please forgive me. I am tired of suffering. Please Baba,please forgive me n lift me up.
    Om Sri Sai Ram.

  3. Baba,
    Thank you for saving from the biggest prob. Baba you are the saviour to me. I cried to resolve my prob. as soon as possible and baba u did it. Baba as I promised, i am posting this experience and I will also donate food to five people. Thank you soo soo much baba. Please forget me for all those mistakes that i done knowingly or unknowingy. Please be with me baba and with all your devotees who believe tht who are the only saviour.

  4. Thank u for reading my mind and wearing same colour thrice a day for my satisfaction i love you sooooo much :)) om sai ram

  5. Om Sai Ram … Deva I surrender to your lotus feet .. please forgive me if I have done any mistake knowingly or unknowingly .. Prabhu be with my daughter always and bless her with good life partner and fulfill all her wishes .. Om Sai Ram, Shirdi Sai Ram, Jai Jai Sai Ram, Sadguru Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram, Shree Sai Ram

  6. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father ThankYOU Babaji for blessing me and my family and help my friends who are not able to get project

  7. Om sai ram
    Baba,as you know my husband has to travel to other city for work, I am scared to be alone in this time with 36 weeks pregnant, please be with me every second and take care of me baba.
    Om sai ram

  8. Thank you Baba for doing my wok successful today. It is only because of you.

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.


  10. Om Sai RAm
    Baba Please bless our family with good health and be with us deva for ever and guide my children to reach their destinations thandri.

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