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Sai Baba’s Infinite Leelas

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. I am one of the innumerable devotees of our ever loving and lovely Baba. I got close to Baba some 10 years back and especially after coming in contact with this site about 3 years back. Koti Koti Pranam to Baba and Hetalji and each and every member of Hetalji’s team and the lovely followers of Baba. Om Sai Ram to all Sai Bandhus. By way of introduction, I am a Corporate professional working in the financial capital of India with Baba’s grace. Basically hail from Rajasthan, residing in Mumbai with my wife. I have earlier posted numerous experiences here and every experience when Published is like Baba giving me Live Darshan!! Today again with Baba’s grace I am going to share experiences with an objective of sharing how Baba helped me gain unshakable faith once again, gave me motivation and came to my rescue every time, to finally give me unflinching spirit of Shraddha and Saburi. I had promised Baba on 8th July 2016(the day my second wedding anniversary was getting celebrated, I had bartered Baba to give me dashing looks) ; that I’ll be sharing these experiences on 10 July 2016, the coming Sunday. Apologies Baba for being late, but this was again our super, most kind and forgiving Baba’s leela and this one week brought life full circle to me !

Sai Sai : I’ll be sharing 4-5 experiences. I invoke Baba’s aid to help me write these, as I am nothing but incompetent to have these published. The first experience is about dropping down your ego in front of your better half (fairer half ). The place I hail from doesn’t have any airport nearby; no direct trains either, though it’s a well developed town. I was travelling to my hometown after more than 8 months, My wife wanted 2AC travel reasoning that we don’t travel too frequently whereas I wasn’t too keen. She wanted it as she is carrying; I requested the same to our travel agent but didn’t push him much. As expected he got us seats in 3AC and not 2AC. My wife straightaway declined to travel and asked me to somehow explain it to my parents. I checked back with my agent for an upgrade and then he cited charges which my wife repaginated saying that such are not applicable (sounding more knowledgeable than the domain expert you see-as it occurred to me that point in time). Then I have a habit of seeking grace of Shri Sai Satcharitra and it turned out to be positive. So, I accepted my wife’s proposal to cancel the 3AC tickets and to make a new booking in 2 AC (please note that all these were generated in Tatkal quota and in no special category).

Like as Baba says, “See the divine in the human being. Let us be humble.” Dropping my ego with a calm mind I understood my wife’s concern and requested humbly with my friend agent (also a Sai Baba’s bhakt ). And lo behold! It all happened the way it was destined to be, the way it was advised by my Shilpa (my wife). I dropped her to my hometown and came back. Later next week, when I was supposed to travel to my hometown again, I was again faced with the joys of Mumbai traffic! The cab I had hired had the sum total of it’s number (plate) as 9. On the way I was stuck in traffic badly and I was just praying to Baba to make me reach station well in time. The taxi even halted (made to halt) near a local train station and I was even tempted to leave the taxi and travel via train which was just 2 stations away from my destination and even the kind cabbie offered help by even offering me loose cash for the sake of getting train tickets quickly but then I took a deep gasp and decided to stay back and then I saw the local train station receding. But Bingo ! I reached the destined station well in time, boarded the train and had a safe journey that too on a seat of my choice which made my travel agent too impressed once again with Baba’s grace.

The second experience has it’s crux in Baba’s saying, “I am your servant’s servant. And, If you can do something do some good onto others. “Also a bit of : “Be ashamed of your hatred. Give up hatred and be quiet.” It was 29th June 2016, one of the days I’ll ever remember in my life as my boss shook me to core and Baba’s faith brought me back from nothing and has now given me the unshakable faith in Himself. When in trouble, operate from faith not fear!!” It all started when I (the ego)in my mind; decided to do away with my domestic help as I (again the ego) wasn’t finding the help to be needed, as I was by myself (wife in hometown) and was thinking to manage the household chores by myself only ; which was motivated by my need to save money. And before I reached office, I got a call from my Boss and he started thrashing me for a loophole which was not intentional and wasn’t a big issue at all. He used every means (verbally possible) and I while writing this it’s occurring to me thinking that it was Baba Himself (like as Baba says,” Don’t think that I am always peaceful and quiet. I can be fiery and fierce. I use every means to transform you.” I was thinking to harm someone financially (intentional or not) who has her own responsibilities which Baba made me realise, as I also got a taste of my own medicine! And when I was going through these lashes, suddenly a positive thought entered me (of course Baba Himself) for the first time in professional carrier : “Why Fear When I Am Here ? Don’t worry, Be happy. Just chill!” And though I was getting grilled throughout the day, at the end of it, I was gifted with positivity that too from the same Boss! Baba taught me what faith is and the rewards of having Faith and Patience in Baba (whatever you want just ask Baba with faith and patience and no one else, and you’ll get it!”).

My faith had started growing. My third experience is again about Baba’s infinite leela and registered my faith in Baba like never before. I was on leave for the aforesaid functions in my family. While on leave, I was asking my colleagues to do some work related to my Boss’s travel. In the process, we discovered a huge discrepancy, the source of which wasn’t known and could have levied a heavy penalty on the responsible one if found out. I was under extreme pressure, so were others but this time I had huge faith on Baba that everything will be alright and no one can harm Baba’s devotee once s/he takes Baba’s refuge. I was to go office on Monday, I had reached Mumbai on Sunday, had a backlog of 5 days’ experiences to read as I intend to read the experiences of this site every day. I vowed to start Nav Guruvar Vrat, distributed 5 Dosas to 5 women (the Kanjoos me!) ,vowed to do Nava Guruvar vrat from coming Thursday ,remembered Sai Sai, Trusted Sai so as to get prayer answered, vowed to conduct Sai Satsang at my home, vowed to distribute 1000 copies of Sai Vrat Katha to 1000 different people, do Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan, Annadaan in Shirdi and Bowed(always do) at His lotus feet and then prayed to have the prayer answered, all basis- the inspirations given by Baba from the devotees’ experiences in those 5 days(6-10 August). Bow down to all those devotees from the bottom of my heart and then I went to office, still a lot to do from the above but Baba pulled me out of this ,unscathed. I am submitting these experiences from a cyber cafe full of Shri Sai Swami Samartha pics and the persons entering here are mostly wearing yellow and have their name as Sai! Hair standing on end. Similarly, like the above experience, I was told to do a job on certain criteria , one of the parameters which I forgot to crosscheck, I then prayed to Baba, took the sharan of Bhole Sainath and today when I verified all the parameters were well in place. Again ,Baba saved this idiot!

My last experience is as old as of last Friday passed (today is Sunday, 17 July 2016). My boss was to travel and there were 5 meetings slot still to be filled, he gave me his preferences. I started calling people, wasn’t getting any accomplishment. Then I went to Baba’s live darshan, surrendered myself to Baba, detached myself from the outcome (laurels-as Baba says if any idea of joy or sorrow comes to you, don’t give room to it) of the calls and prayed deep heartedly as it was my job to be done (though I am not directly responsible) but still I prayed Baba for the welfare of my Boss and for that of my organisation and lo Behold! I got all 5/5 meeting with very senior executives successfully for coming Monday at such a short notice. Faith and Trust in Baba can get us anything when imbibed with pure heart. And then there are innumerable blessings of Baba which are still taking place with me and will continue to. With this I’d like to wrap up. Thanks a zillion Baba for making me write these experiences and making me to share Your unfathomable leelas. Om Sai Ram. Bolo “Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!”.

Our Most Caring Deva

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the cute children of Shri Sai. I would like to share a beautiful leela of our Deva with everyone. I was praying from a very long time to visit Shirdi but nothing was finalising. But Baba called me to Shirdi when I never expected. There was an instant plan to leave for Shirdi and finally it worked. I don’t need to mention that how wonderful trip it was. I would like to share few magical moments of the trip.

Firstly I have a strange problem that I cannot sleep in a new place for at least one day and it makes me very dull and weak whenever I go out for a stay. I was praying to Saima to give me a sound sleep in Shirdi and you know what, I slept like never before. Such beautiful sleep as if I was sleeping on Sai mumma’s lap. All three days I got such nice sleep. Thanks to Saima. I wished to attend Aarti in Mandir and get a red rose from Baba as a reply to my I Love You. We did darshan 3 times but I was not able to get the red rose nor could I attend the Aarti. I was so sad. I kept praying and saying Sorry to Baba. Last day of our Shirdi stay arrived. It was the auspicious day of Thursday. As we entered, the temple was fully packed. We entered at 10 am and it was about 12 when noon Aarti started and we sat in the Mandir hall and sang Aarti for our Saima. It was so beautiful. Then after 2 hours we reached our Babajaan. I told Saima that I want a rose from You. As I handed over my roses to pujariji and spread my hand in front of Him, he smiled sweetly and asked you want? For which I nodded my head. We both smiled and I could see Baba in him. He gave me a red rose and peda from Samadhi of Baba. I was jumping with happiness that Baba loves me and crying as it was the time to say bye to Saima. I ate peda after coming out of Mandir and had lunch approximately at 4pm. After all this I realised the leela of our Lord. I always keep fast on Thursday, visit the Mandir, worship Baba with roses, sing Aarti at home and then eat Baba’s Prasad laddu after which I take food. Baba made me follow the same procedure there in His own unique ways. How can I thank You Baba. Thank You for making my sister recover from disease and safely completing our journey. Your love is the purest. Sorry Saima. Thank You for everything. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Is Beyond Words

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all my fellow devotees. While writing this experience I’m in the seventh heaven of happiness. Thank you Hetal mam for having this site where we can inspire and get inspired by innumerable miracles of our Sai Baba shared by the devotees. Coming over to my experience.

I’m a B.Com 2nd year student staying at Odisha. My boy friend rather I’d call him my life partner went to Kolkata for pursuing his dream of becoming a CA just last year after our board exams. However I couldn’t join him. He had to clear the CPT exam in order to start his CA course but was unable to clear it in 2 attempts which had shaken his confidence badly. This time after his 3rd attempt, he was back in town for about 2 weeks. I gave him our beloved Baba’s miraculous Sai Satcharitra book (though he is hardly close with Baba and doesn’t even know about him much). I gave him the book with the hope and firm faith that this time during his results my Baba will be with him and set things right. Though the test was the most difficult of all this time, he passed the test miraculously. Although I had known all along that this time Sai would not let us down, I still can’t thank Him enough for this blessing. Seeing that happiness and smile back on the face of my life partner is a huge relief for me. Don’t have words to express my happiness and gratitude towards our Baba. Love You my Sai Baba. Just be always there with my love during his entire CA course. That’s all I wish for now. Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah

Sai Baba Blessed My Brother With Job

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: My relationship with Sai Baba began in 2009, when life had seemed to be over for me. I had to go through a lot of agony because of my marital problems but with Baba’s grace and blessings I came out and today I live a more peaceful life. Although I follow Baba, at times my patience takes a toll, however Baba makes me realize my mistake and gets me back to Him. I had promised that once Baba blesses me with my needs, I will post my experience in the blog. However I forget and I ask Baba’s forgiveness for my mistake. There were three wishes that I asked Baba to grant: 1) To bless my brother with a good job in the field that he desired for. 2) With a house which I could call My Home. 3) To grant my fiancée with the job of his dream. Baba was kind and granted my first two wishes, and I believe Baba will grant my third wish too very soon. Now I pray that my brother’s visa transfer formalities too should be done smoothly without any hiccups as there are some problems arising with his previous visa. Also I pray that Baba bless my fiancée with his job soon. Though all hiring formalities are over, the HR person is being a obstacle and not issuing his offer letter. I pray to Baba that He enlightens her to do the right thing and issue the offer letter soon as it has been almost a year that he is without job and our marriage plans are on hold because of him not working.

Baba Helped To Cure My Boyfriends Health

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I started believing in Sai Baba since my first trip to Mumbai, but I never knew that He was with me over the last few years. My faith has increased in Him. I had promised Him. I will put up this article as soon as my wish is fulfilled. Sorry Baba for the delay.

My boyfriend was suffering from excessive cough and we weren’t able to figure out what issue he had. At that point, I was following my nav Guruwar Vrat for our Marriage. His parents took him to a doctor where he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. When I heard about it, I did not understand why Baba was making me go through so much, especially during my vrat? I went to every doctor but unfortunately everyone gave the same answer. Finally with my faith in Him we took the decision of surgery. Fortunately the doctor who was going to Paris miraculously delayed his trip and finished his surgery. His surgery was successful and now he is recovering. Sai Baba, I don’t know why You made me go through so much? But I beg You, please let us get married to each other and please let my parents accept him. I don’t want to go through more Baba every day. I beg You, please hear my prayer.

Baba’s Miracle During Travelling With My Kid

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Anonymous Sai Devotee from Canada says: I am a mother from Canada. I am so grateful to Baba. He is with me every moment of my life. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Ram. Baba has made many, many miracles in my life. Whatever I am now is because of Baba’s blessings. I was travelling to Seattle from Toronto with my family. My 7 year old daughter started vomiting from the time we entered into the airport. I had some zip lock cover and I could save the floors and she was crying and complained of stomach. I was so worried. It was still 30 minutes to get into the flight but she vomited already three times. I just sat down and held her hands, prayed to Baba that the vomit should stop at this moment and we have to travel peacefully. With great miracle my daughter turned back and said mom I feel better and we went into the flight. We further travelled without any problems. I told Baba I will write His miracle and I did. I am so grateful Baba for every moment of my life. Om Sai Ram. Thanks millions Baba.

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  1. Sai baba i love you.thank you you gave courage and you removed my fear and tention.i am happy and enjoying my trip in leeds.this is my sai ram

  2. Om Sai Ram
    Baba Please bless our family with good health and guide our children in their studies and help to reach their destinations.

  3. Baba plz bless ur child. I am deeply hurt by my husband behaviour. He has filed divorce due to my MIL encouragement. I hv always tried to be a good wife and good DIL. What was my fault saimaa. 1st they drove me out of d house, now they have filed divorce. I'm just shocked. cannot bear this pain anymore. Plz tk me near u.

  4. om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.
    baba pls, bless my brother with good health and wisdom, he needs you baba.pls give him shelter at your holy feet. pls baba accept him as your devotee, you know i have been praying since long pls accept him also . I know you forgive our sins and do accept sinners for their betterment, pls baba pls i beg you baba ,he is totally lost ,bless him also , do not turn him away ,you are our father , mother , brother and everything baba , you know very well ,we do not have any one else except you in this world. pls forgive us for our mistakes and sins,and bless us with love and faith on you ,om sai ram ,om sai ram ,om sai ram.

  5. Dear SAI, i am writing this from the bottom of my heart & surely dont have much words to express my gratitude for curing my illness,restoring complete peace of mind & changing my attitude towards the best.A very very very big thank u from me SAI.Complete surrender at your feet.Next comes, i am interested in learning part but somehow i am not at all a responsible person to work & earn money as other working professionals are.Please make me a very very responsible person & work & earn money life long.I am unmarried because of reasons best known to you.So i will never ask you to get me married at the same time i have become too old for marriage.But as previously i kept praying to you all those prayers, hence whatever i am today is only because of your love & care towards.You are the world's best care taker,again this is another important prayer to make me a more responsible person & work & earn.Please take care of our family.My prayers to my friends,other devotees.Please bless us all.Thank you.


  7. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father ThankYou Babaji for blessing me and my family

  8. Om Sai Nathay Namaha
    I promised Baba yesterday If my husband stomach will stop aching I will update my experience in comments.
    Thank you Babs please give him

    good and calm nature

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Om Sai Ram , Baba blessed me, the first experience is mine and Baba made me see it today, on a Thursday that too on the last Thursday of 2016.
    Sai Sai Sai Sai

  10. Happy Baba's Day to all Devotees.

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  11. Prayer Request., Dear Sai Brothers & Sister's, Kindly please pray for my sister Durga to get marry earlier, we did lot of remedies, none yield positive results, Everyday we are crying before Sai Maa…Plz pray for us.. Thanks.. Avinash…

  12. baba give me a peaceful mind and happy heart… that in every situation i see good… and my faith in you strengthen each and every second… love you sai… om sai ram

  13. Om Sai Ram….

    Sai pls be with us. All our neighbours avoid us for no cause… I don't no the reason still nw…My kid I keep her always inside four walls… Pls Sai show us a good family friend…..

  14. OM SAI RAM !!!!
    Baba thanks a zillion for everything you gave me. Please always guide us. We always chant your name. Please help my husband for controlling on his anger. Please bless him with good health, wealth and piece of mind. Please guide him to do your pooja physically. He has a great trust and patience towards you. Today i am feeling so blessed because I have completed my first day of Sai Divya Pooja. Please help me to complete it without any hurdles and with shardha and sburi. OM SAI RAM

  15. OM SAI RAM !!!!
    Thanks for giving me relief from severe headache. Thanks a ton for making me sleep well last night as it was 1 pm and I couldn't be able to sleep. I applied udi on my forehead and also took with water. After that I could sleep easily. OM SAI RAM

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