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Sai, The Best Gift Of Our Lives

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai Devotees. I thank Baba and the admins of this site for giving me a platform to share Baba’s Leelas in our lives. I have been Sainu’s (that is how I address my Sai Baba lovingly) devotee since 2013. Since then Baba has given and still has been giving me and my family His love and blessings in one form or the other. To name a few, I gained self confidence, reduced oodles of weight in about six months , learnt to drive a two wheeler confidently on main road, got good marks in my Masters and Baba chose me to come to the life of my loved ones. There are many, many experiences which I have with my Sainu which I want to pen down but today I will be sharing few of them only by Sainu’s grace

So this one is a very recent experience which I am sharing. I have been aspiring for a particular Govt. job after I graduated. And this time I will be taking exam for this job for the third time and the number of chances one gets to appear for the exam are only four. And not been able to clear this exam twice has only added to my willpower and confidence to clear this exam this time. Meanwhile, my Papa , also a Sai devotee now, had asked me once to give him my resume as some friend of his who is also a Sai devotee has some references where he could easily get me a job in a private company. At that time, I gave my resume to My Papa thinking that I would accept the job offer once I was done with my exams for my Dream Job. But the interview call came much before the exams time. So one day, through my Papa I came to know that the interview was scheduled a day after the next day and I had to prepare for the interview. So, hearing this, I got anxious as I didn’t want to give this Interview as there were chances that I would get selected due to my Papa’s friend’s reference and once I was selected , I wouldn’t be able to devote much time for the preparation of my Dream Job.
So, I quickly visited Sai Baba Prashnavali and got this answer for my query, “You will get a job for survival .Finally you will be happy.” After getting this answer, I became more worried that I again asked the same question to Baba and this time I got this answer, “Work connected with documents will be delayed. Find out solution yourself ascertaining difficulties. Remember Sri Sai Baba.” On getting this answer, I was relieved throughout the day as this job was entirely based on my certificates and my performance in interview but during night, I got serious doubts and kept asking Sainu through His Prashnavali time and again and reached a point where I was sitting in my room ,crying helplessly and staring at Sainu’s Picture and talking to Him or rather expressing my anger on Him for bringing this job interview before my exams time. I was trapped completely because of many reasons. Firstly, giving this job interview would easily get me a job which I didn’t want to do because that would not let me prepare for my Dream Job due to paucity of time. Secondly, if I took this interview and by chance I couldn’t clear it, it would somewhere result in embarrassment for my Papa that I didn’t possess the basic knowledge to crack an easy interview as he had told his friend that I had got very good marks in Masters, which is by the way true. Thirdly, if I had told my family that I didn’t want to do this job and not even wanted to appear for the interview, then my father would be in a very tricky situation as he himself had given my resume to his friend and now he wouldn’t be able to ask his friend to cancel the interview.

So, the next morning I got nervous and told my family that I didn’t want to appear for the interview. They thought that I was making excuses as I have habit of staying indoors and hardly move out as am preparing for my Dream Job. My family wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and gain good exposure and confidence. So they asked me to just give the interview and gain experience and rest leave to Sai Baba but I still didn’t want to give this interview as I knew I would easily get selected and then it would be difficult for me to say No. It would be very difficult to explain in words what I went through in these one and a half days. My faith was put to test by Baba and I got various answers from Sainu like ,” This is a testing time for you. You will be saved from a very difficult situation.” “Surrender. Wishes will be fulfilled.” “You will be free from calamity by Tomorrow morning.” “See what happens tomorrow at 11’o clock. Have Faith in Sai Baba.””Don’t worry. Your reputation will be guarded” etc So, In the meantime, I recalled all the experiences where I was in a very tricky situation and how Baba helped me in either His form or Lord Hanumanji form when I was in school. I also chanted Hanuman Chalisa and got full assurance that I wouldn’t be giving this interview but still I was very, very worried.

I slept and woke up the next morning on which the interview was scheduled. I hadn’t at all prepared for the interview as I didn’t feel like and was super worried that I would fail the interview. So I prayed to Baba to kindly postpone the interview if he wanted me to experience it so that I could at least prepare for it rather than cancelling it. I slept late the previous night and woke up at 9:45 in the morning on the day of interview and expressed my tension to my parents and after about one hour i.e. around 10:45 a.m. My Papa called his friend to cancel the interview and told him that I wanted to prepare for my Dream Job and by Baba’s grace, Papa’s friend had not taken time for the interview and would inform us later after confirming time. Hence, the interview was cancelled. But, still I was so anxious that I couldn’t believe it and it took me around half an hour to finally become normal. So Baba kept his words and made me tension free at around 11:15 A.M., and guarded my Papa’s reputation as we didn’t have to face any unpleasant outcome for cancelling the interview.

Such is the power of our beloved Sai Baba. He can do anything. And through this situation, He made me recall all my past Divine experiences and re-introduced me to Hanuman Chalisa. And also I learnt many other lessons. And through this, He also gave me a clear clue that I should prepare for My Dream Job and that He would give me a short term job also before my Dream Job or in His words, ‘a job for survival’. Baba has bettered our life in many ways and has assured that He will take care of our future also. As promised, I am sharing this experience all by Sainu’s grace. Thank You Baba for everything. Please bless each and every child of Yours and keep them healthy and happy. Om Shri Shirdivasaye Vidmahe Shri Sachidanandaye Dhimahe Tanno Sai Prachodyat. Om Sai Ram!

Sai Ma Helped Me To Get Back My House Which Was Under Financers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone, Hello Hetalji, namaskar. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. This is definitely instant boost of positive energy when people like me are low and depressed. Keep going, hope this will reach all the people around globe increase the beliefs. Om Sai Ram once again I am big devotee of my Sai maa more than ten years. Initially I could not concentrate much but finally it became without Sai I am no more on earth and I also got many miracles from Sai maa. This is for second time I am sharing my miracles previously I have shared two experiences those two miracles saved two life’s for that koti koti pranam to my lovely dad Sai.

This experience is regarding my house. Actually my husband’s has no job, the company is closed in which he was working previously. After that he didn’t want to work under anyone so he wanted to do business only. One of our family friends invited him to do business in partnership. He was also happy. They started, after 1.5 years there was loss in business. For that business my husband took money from his friends and our house was kept in finance for money and gave to his partner. The total money was taken by him but on the papers my husband signed officially. But total money 25 lakhs were taken by him. After few days both were not happy to do business together so they decided to close the business but he is not ready to give money which he has taken from my husband (total 25 lakhs). After closing the business my husband’s friends came to know that something happened, so they came for asking money. When my husband told that the money was given by them to him directly but they said that on paper he has signed and so he has to give, they don’t know him. Then we realised that we were responsible because he has signed officially on papers. Then we went to ask him but he has no money. How come I am responsible like that he was saying finally he did not give money.

We went to court and still this case is going on in court. Please everybody pray for us to get our money back. I am the only working women and from my salary I have taken some personal loans, few things we have but still few more pending. As I said above, my house is also kept in finance , then another situation came where financers wanted to take our house because we are not paying interest and money. We have only one house if this is not there we have to be on road. From my salary are there. If anybody is coming and scolding we are adjusting the money. For this house how we can solve this situation I was literally praying, Sai maa please help us, atleast house should be there for us for shelter even if there is no food also. Then Baba show me His miracle that is, in my office increment time, six months back our main boss has changed after that in office also little politics started, I thought if I get good increment I will plan for one more personnel loan and I will get back my house from financers. After seeing this politics at my office I did not expect I will get good increment. But Baba was there and that is the reason I got good increment, market correction of my salary and promotion which I had not even thought of in that situation. I literally cried a lot. Baba loves me so much and I too love You so much Sai ma. Immediately applied for a loan once again as I was trying many banks but no one was ready to give what I expected, to get back my house from financers because I have already one personal loan. One day I slept in the afternoon on bed thinking what happened about my house? Where we will go if I don’t get loan and money they are asking us to leave the house and I was crying and went to sleep. Suddenly I got a call ,immediately I woke up, picked the call and on the other side of the call the person was saying I am Sai speaking, are you searching for the loan? I have one friend he will call you, don’t worry your work will be done. I was under shock and immediately I got one call, he asked me the details, I explained everything and then he said, he is ready to give loan how much I need he will arrange the money. I got loan within 48 hours, we paid to the financers and I got my house with Sai’s blessings. After sanction of loan, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart who had called me His name was Sai. What happened you know that number is not reachable now. Sai devotees please understand Sai ma called me and helped me. Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram Sairam.

Sai Was With Me And I Never Realised

Sai Devotee Sathi from Canada says: My name is Sathi and I am of a Malaysian Origin. I moved to Canada after getting married in 2015. My husband is also of Malaysian origin, but he came to Canada as teenager. We have a handsome and intelligent son. We are working on a second child and hopefully with Baba’s blessing that’s going to happen soon.

I am very inclined to publish this as an experience. This particular experience is very small but it also takes me back to couple of years ago when I first started to know Sai Baba. I came to know about Sai Baba, the very first time when a friend brought home a movie CD- Sai Baba Mahatmayam. That was my very first exposure to Shirdi Sai Baba. Right away I fell in love with His posture. The whole movie was very intriguing. During that time also I was going into a relationship with a man, and since I was madly in love I didn’t really pay attention to any sign or message that Baba may have sent my way, that relationship ended, in such a way that he married someone else from my very own house. It was Ugly, I was terribly miserable.

One day, a few months later, I was watching this movie again, I was depressed and sad and while watching this movie, I silently prayed to Baba to please take me away from here ( from my house as my ex boyfriend was married and still there ) , please give me a beautiful home, a loving husband , a man who understands me, a son and more children. I asked to be blessed with wonderful husband and beautiful family, house full of children. And then I totally forgot about my silent prayers. A couple of months later, I met my husband, from Canada. He is a gem of a person; I got married and came to Canada. We were blessed with a baby boy, we bought a beautiful house and I got a job at a bank in Canada. It was beautiful. All these while, not a single thought of Baba came to my mind. During this period, Occasionally Baba’s statue / Pictures will catch my eyes. Whenever I go to Pooja Store, Baba’s poster, statue or picture will catch my eyes. I will stand there, looking at the picture / poster/ statue, like in a trance and then walk away not buying it. I don’t know why? This would have happened so many times. I knew now, Baba had tried to reach out to me so many times, not only I had forgotten my silent prayers, I had also forgotten about Him. And then in 2013, I went back to Malaysia, to my surprise I saw a giant poster of Baba right there in the living room and I still didn’t remember. Anyway, I brought my mother home to Canada with me; she brought with her Baba’s Prasad and installed a very small tiny picture of Baba in my Pooja room. She was praying to Him but I didn’t. And then she left, went back to Malaysia and I still did not do any Puja to Baba. I didn’t know what to do or how to pray. Around the same we were having huge financial problem and we were in a huge financial crisis. I was in a depressed state again; I was also trying for my second child. Trying very hard. My son is 10 years old and he keeps asking for a baby brother or sister and every time my heart skips a beat. And still I didn’t remember about Baba. Then one day a friend was talking about Shirdi Baba temple, 10 minutes drive from my house. I swear I have passed by that place a thousand times and never went in, though was always intrigued. When I went into that temple, I saw a huge Statue of Shirdi Sai Baba made of Marble. Man oh Man , He was a beautiful sight ever! I just dropped on my knees helpless; tears were flowing down my cheeks like stream. And I remembered… and I remembered how I am in Canada in this beautiful home. That’s precisely when I surrendered to Him.

My financial problems are still there but I know they will be fixed. I know we will be blessed with a second child and Baba will retain and triple our happiness. That’s it, I feel light again. Today I had my dentist appointment. Root Canal is everyone’s nightmare. Yesterday I visited Baba’s temple knowing I can’t go today. And I prayed to Baba to please not let me feel any pain, please take away my pain as dentists are a nightmare to me. I don’t know if it’s miracle, but not a single dash of pain the whole entire time and on top of it, I didn’t get a needle! I didn’t even realize she was doing a root canal, I thought she was doing a filling.

You Have Never Let Me Down, I Will Never Give Up On You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Singapore says: I am from Singapore and Baba came into my life about 6 years ago. I used to make fun of my mom when she used to pray to Baba, and funny enough Baba had a way to reach out to His devotees. Just as how He found me, I found Him in my life too.

Baba’s miracles are as deep and enriching as the ocean, His love for His devotees is infinite and can never be quantified. My first experience with Baba was an impactful one; I used to give a lot of importance to how I look. Until I developed eczema on my face and particularly it was around the area of my mouth, it was very horrible as it itched, burned and looked disfiguring. People looked at me as if I have a life-threatening disease and it might spread to them, friends made fun of me. I broke down many times and I prayed to Baba, nothing was happening. Months passed, I broke down so badly and wrote a letter to Baba and left it at my prayer table. After which, slowly yet surely my eczema was curing and soon it disappeared. There wasn’t even a trace of my eczema on my face. People around me told me that the doctor’s medicine is so powerful, but I know it was Baba’s ever kind-hearted nature that heard my prayers. This taught me that with patience and never dying faith Baba will always answer our prayers.

The second impactful experience I had with Baba, was having the need to go for an operation for my scoliosis back, as my spine’s curvature was very bad. I had many long years of appointments and MRIs and checkups and it was getting very tedious. I gave up my fate to Baba; I told Him You decide what’s best for me. If You think I need to get the operation, give me the strength to cope with it. If You think I don’t, let the doctor give me some positive news. Believe it or not, my curve was actually getting better, I don’t have straight spine but the curvature that was so bad was actually getting a little better. And I felt it, when the doctor finally told me that I am officially discharged from the hospital as there are no chances of spine curving even further, I knew this was Baba’s Leela! How great is Sai Baba. Again I learnt, with patience and faith Baba will never leave us alone.

The third was the closest to my heart, my dad nearly lost his life due to heart attack and the doctors gave him very slim chances of survival, those sleepless and crying nights I always read Sai Satcharithra to my dad who was practically like a vegetable there. Those nights that I was alone with my dad in the hospital I was never really alone, I felt Baba’s presence. There was one time where it felt like Baba placed His hands on my forehead and told me that all would be well, while I was kneeling down next to my dad reading Sai’s stories. Soon with time, Baba’s miracles started resurfacing again! My dad slowly got better and was eventually good enough to be discharged. Again! Baba’s love was there. And now, Baba is putting me through another test of faith and patience. I have been coughing and coughing for close to 3 weeks and I have seen multiple doctors already, all the medicines doesn’t seem to be working. This last doctor have asked me to come back 2 weeks later as he is suspecting that I might have TB. It’s been a crazy rollercoaster Baba, but I have faith in You. No matter what you put me through give me the strength to fight through it, give me the will power to never give up, give me the patience and assurance that You will answer my prayers. I believe and strongly believe that Baba will help me out of this plight as well.

Baba Gave Me A New Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: Sai ram. I am from Malaysia. I am a mother of 3 children. I got involved in a financial mess and Baba has helped me out

Few years ago, I sold an apartment of mine to buy a family house as my husband and I and our 3 kids are staying with our parents. That was when I was involved in forex trading as I had the capital and I wanted to increase my income. Cutting the long story short, I initially lost a big sum of money and I had to borrow from my father to pay a part of the down payment. Later on, my husband gave me a big sum of money to trade and I lost that money too. All this happened in the span if 2 years. I always thought I can manage the situation but there came a time when it was dead end. I couldn’t maintain the house and could not even pay the instalment. I tried very hard to sell the house but as the economy was bad, it was not possible. Not knowing what else to do, I called up Mr Jagtap Babaji and told him my predicament. He asked me to put the holy ash on my forehead every morning by saying Om Sai Ram 9 times and to chant Om Sai Ram 108 times daily in the morning. He also asked me go 9 rounds around Baba every Thursday for 9 weeks.

It was a Wednesday and I didn’t know of any Baba centre nearby. The next day, we went to my aunty’s house 300km away for a holiday which was planned earlier, as it was my kids school holidays. My aunty is a caretaker of a Shirdi Baba centre. As soon as we reached my aunties house, she asked to bathe and follow her to the centre. At the centre, I got the opportunity to bathe Baba with milk, sandal wood, turmeric, holy ash and water. And it was a Thursday. I also did the 9 rounds. After that, I was in a fix financially. On Monday, my husband told me that he got some money from a deal. I immediately broke to him the problem that I am facing. My husband, who normally gets very angry and violent for no apparent reason, surprisingly said that we will go through this problem together and the house shall not be sold and he will take care of all the expenses related to the house. It was definitely a miracle by Baba and Baba is the one who calmed my husband. Baba is great. Right now, I want to pay off the money that I owe my father and settle all my other financial problems. I also want to be able to help others who are in difficulty. And I know Baba will show me a way. My aunty gave me the Sai Satcharithra book and inside the book, was a picture of Baba. As she opened up another book, there was few hundred dollars in it and she cried, saying that she was in need of money and Baba gave it to her. I also felt that it was Baba’s way of telling me that H

Got Selected By Sai Baba’s Grace

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you very much for this website. Hetalji, this gives a positive energy. I know Sai 2 years before and went to Shirdi with His blessings after that I became an ardent devotee of Sai Baba.

I got selected in first level of government exam by Sai Baba’s grace which I haven’t expected. He is always with me. “Everything is possible with Sai” I believe in this. Happy to share this experience with all of you. Om Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Om Sai baba.please cure my depression,fear.give your with me.i surended to you.give peace and courage.please help me.saima I love you.

    • Chant his name everyday with full devotion. Do read Vishnu Sahasranamam everyday in morning after taking bath after lighting a diya in front of Baba. God will help you. Have patience.sairam

  2. BABA please help me. Please see that we dont face any problems and we dont lose anything. BABA YOU know what im asking. BABA please help me BABA.

  3. Hello devotees,
    I really don't know how to post my experience, so I am posting a comment hoping it gets posted here.
    First and foremost I would like to bow in front of my baba, it's because of him I'm writing this.Om Sai Ram !!
    I would also like to appreciate the team behind this site for taking such an initiative and being so updated and prompt.. Every morning the first thing I do is look for the days miracles🙏🏻 really appreciate your efforts. I would like to share my miracle .. I have been married since Jan 2015 since the very beginning I have been facing a lot of trouble in my marriage.. I tried a lot to make things work recently my husband sent me back to my parents it's been a month I'm at my parents house I really really love my husband and I want to make things work he's really short tempered and very conservative by nature. I really pray to Sai that his ego dips and he realizes my love and my value. I visit a gurudwara every Tuesday, it's been more than 4-5 months that I'm following this ritual this time while going there I just got a thought in my mind that if I will see my sai's picture on the way or coming back I will consider it as a positive sign, but with all the traffic and parking issue and crowd I forgot about it, while coming back from the gurudwara in the same street I heard an Arti I started to sing along I realized after a few secs that it's Sai baba's Arti I just looked around and to my surprise it was a small Mandir if just Sai baba I almost had tears in my eyes. It was like the Mandir was just built to show me a miracle .. I went in bowed in front of Sai .. Thanked him and since then I've left everything in him
    Baba please please make my husband attached to me , he doesn't miss me he's not called me at all please make him realize the value of our relationship please. Don't let his mind wander towards other women.
    I'm not your greatest devotee I do as much as I can I'm sorry that my faith shivers but I think my situation is such
    I've been observing nav guruwar fast I write Om Sai Ram 108 times everyday but still this is happening to me. What do I do baba? I will do everything to make this work 🙏🏻please bless me
    Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai ram baba please help my husband again asked me for divorce proceedings pls baba help me I'm loosing hope

    • Keep chanting Om Sai Ram or Sai Sai and this will give you peace and strength to face whatever may or may not be coming. Baba will make everything right for you. Om Sai Ram.

    • Respect yourself to walk away from your marriage if your husband doesn't love you or you are not happy. If he can not appreciate you and look for other women, you don not have to be with him. You deserve much more, you deserve to be happy, peaceful and comfortable with the way you are without any insecurities that he might not love you.
      Wishing you a happy life

    • I really really want my marriage to work .. Please please make my marriage work.. Make his mindset change .. Please baba I only have you as my last hope.. My faith do shivers in between don't know what to do

  4. Baba I have placed the problem in your lotus feet, please bless my parents to come out of the situation and be healthy and safe. Keep my family safe. Om Sai Ram !

  5. OmsairAm ji thank you baba sai last time I posted a experience that shruti kaur called me with your grace and blessings got job as a teacher in school .doing bed togther also a grace .doing prayers is also your grace .messaging you is also a grace .baba thank you for everything I needed you have blessed me sooner or later today again I need you to make back in Dav nandraj bariyatu ranchi close to my home.and bless me calls text and happy married life with shruti kaur the girl I love with bottom my heart.baba you know my conditions so please have mercy grace and blessings upon me guide me protect me teach me strength me hold me and fulfill my these two wishes .call me shirdi with shruti kaur soon.baba believed you will fulfill my wishes no one can go empty handed from your door .believe you help me love joy and peaceful life. Thank you baba sai again helping me .Thank you thank you .bless ashif khan happy married life with sherya and bless my friend ashif Khan Job in pnb met life ranchi location help ashif throught job and personal happy and peaceful life.bless ashif khan a good peaceful positive life call us shirdi soon that's all wana say help us and baba sai thank you that today got ashif khan bike back just with yours name one chant omsairam help me.Thank you thank you thank not know what do what do how to do just lnow yours name baba sai help us .Thank you and lots of parnaam to yours lotus feet baba sai believe you are with us always.Thank you thank you
    Yours beta
    Rohit Kumar tiwary

  6. I m doing 5 days pooja of saibaba for wish is the procedure
    Start pooja on any day thursday is preferable
    Do pooja on same time every upcoming 5 days means morning evening…
    Make a wish on first day
    Enlighten 5 diyas in front of photo of saibaba
    Offer 1 flower,1 fruit to saibaba
    Distribute that fruit as prasad in family members
    Sing bhajans..saibavni whatever u like at last sai arti
    Imp in this pooja is only our love and devotion towards baba
    Tell this procedure of pooja to 5 people on 5 th day
    Please who dont know this pooja and come to know this pooja by my message reply me as om sai ram……please

  7. Om Sri Sai..deva u never fail to amuse me n make my love n faith stronger everytime I feel hopeless..u r always there to hold my hand n help me in every possible ways..I know it's karma that we have to suffer but I m now 100% confident n stress free knowing that u r there for me..ur words r not hollow..I thank you from the bottom of my heart n soul for being there for me today n all the time when I called upon was the ultimate..I will never ever forget ur grace n ur love n ur blessing upon me..just by knowing that u r there for me n just a call away makes me feel secure. I love u till infinity. I humbly prostrate on ur lotus feet deva. Thank you so much once again..Om Sri sai Jaya Jaya sai❤️

  8. Baba said if u keep remembering me then ill keep chanting your Name take ur care same happened with my neice in Delhi she was standing in balcony and fell down on ground floor she is 2 years always say Om Sai ram in her cute voice like baba gave his Hand in fire to save a child he gave hand to my sweet daughter too I love you saimaa alot keep faith ur faith and good deeds will cross u seven ocean

  9. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please help me. I'm losing my faith. Why I keep failing in everything. Why I'm so unlucky Baba. You know the problems I have been going through. I can't take it anymore. For how long are you going to punish me Baba. Why my prayers and tears don't reach you. Have mercy on me Baba.

  10. Om Sai Ram. Thank you Baba for making me realise what i thought was wrong. Thank you for saving my parents. Thank you for being with me always. I really dont know whats wrong n why i am thinking all nehative things suddenly. Please help me Baba for i dont know what to trust except You.

  11. Om Sai ram.
    Reply to Devotee Experience 4- Kindly take baba's udi mixed in water daily, your cough will be reduced.Just put your faith in baba. As you have always believed, he will never let you down. Take care.

  12. Dear Sri Rama/Shiva/ God!
    I regret believing and hoping that you would help me. I hate myself for doing that all these years. I begged you to give me strength to face anything and be happy and content with myself,was that too much to ask for? My parents are unhappy, I am unhappy. I prayed, I begged you did nothing. Today is my breaking point. I am not going to pray to you anymore because you are biased and partial, you only love and help few people and bless them with luck. I am done with you. Yesterday was the last day I lighted diya an begged you to help. All these years,you did not answer atleast one of my prayers. I should have stayed as an agnostic, like I was before but never late, I am going back to that. You are cruel, unkind, merciless, stone hearted. I am never believing nor hoping that you would help me. I feel betrayed and unloved, anyway that is my mistake that I trusted but not anymore. You and I are done. I hate you and I hope it turns to indifference and that I don't care about you, just like you don't care about me

    • Dear devotee…i can imagine ur lonely from inside,sad,depressed and disinterested u are..but u are making mistakes by telling these words to baba! Baba is not responsible for ur condition..u r the one who is responsible for condition..your past karmas..please read sai satcharitra or do any pooja wholeheaetedly…and if baba is doing help of people..u should be happy..why thinking in the negative way? He is there for all of life there may be the time comes when we just broken up..we feel god is also not at all listening..we feel distance from everybody..but thats not the way to behave with god..god always do justice and always right..u have to respect and trust his decisions..surrender to his lotus feet and then see what happens!see god has send me to tell u by the message..dont be sad or unhappy..believe me u r going to be very very happy..what u need is just love and devotion..may sai bless u with happiness and peace…om sai ram

  13. Om Sai Ram .. Deva be with my daughter and bless her with happy, healthy, wealthy and successful life and bless her with good life partner .. Sadguru Samarth Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai .. Jai Sai Ram … Shree Sai Ram .. kripa karo Prabhu Kripa karo .. Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahm Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai. Om Shree Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai .. Om Sai Ram .. Shree Sai Ram

  14. jai sai ram…i feel blesses to read this holy blog everyday..thankyou admin. for creating this beautiful helps us to be refreshed with new energy,new hope etc…i really love sai baba since childhood …plz babaji bless my family also…you know everything about me..plz forgive me for my sins & show me the right path..give me strength to forget lakpada..bless me with a wonderful life partner…plz bless my sis mani,alka,sulo nima,chewang ningma,all my relatives & you sai..

  15. For few days i m feeling distance with baba..i m feeling like he is not with me..i know this is wrong thought…my exams are there..baba i know i have not done preparations well..but u have to hold my hand during exam please baba..its ok i may get unqualified i deserve that only..but u have to be with sai ram

  16. Om Sai Ram. Greetings to Hetalji and team and thanks for this wonderful blog which is a supporting pillar to all devotees. However, missing the posts after 2-Dec-16. Kindly keep posting the blogs. Om Sai Ram.Wishing all the devotees lots of happiness, health and prayers for everyone's well being.

  17. Sai Baba. Lat Tuesday I was interviewed for a job interview.It went well by your grace.They even planned for HR round but due to unforeseen circumstances it didn't happen that day.They said that they will call.I haven't received the call yet.Sai Baba pls help me.I am on great dilemma.pls get me through this.I am getting very anxious and negative thoughts occupy my mind.Pls close the process as soon as possible.pls don't test me. JaiSainath

  18. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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