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Felt The Blessings Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram!! I hope some of you might remember one post that I posted few days back where I narrated how Sai Baba was there with me during my examination. I was very much tensed before the examination due to many disturbances but I had firm faith in Sai Baba. Even when I went to Shirdi before exam, I heard Sai Baba voice in Samadhi Mandir saying “Don’t worry, write the exam”. These powerful words drove me and made me feel confident throughout, irrespective of many problems I was facing in professional and personal life.

As I told you in my previous experience, while going to exam also I prayed saying that whatever maximum was possible I prepared for the exam and the outcome of the exam is as per Sai Baba’s decision. He might want me to fail or pass, but He knows what to give me and when to give me. Whatever happens will be accepted happily as Sai Baba’s wish. Dear devotees, this thinking was tough for me few months back because I was too much engrossed in material benefits then, but after leaving thoughts at Sai Baba’s feet, this thinking came to me naturally and no inner self was stopping me to say these words that “whatever happens is ok for me”. I thought that if I fail in the exam, I will take the outcome as Sai Baba is saying that I need to work harder or this is not the right time or it is not the professional path I need to take. Whereas, if I pass, I will be happy and believe that Sai Baba is there planning my future. Either pass or fail situation, its Sai Baba planning my future, why worry if I am at His holy feet.

See His miracle now, as I went to exam hall, it was the day where few students were there at the centre for exam and I was given a place where the puja place was just above my exam place. By now devotees might have guessed that Sai Baba’s idol was there in the pooja place. So it was like Sai Baba was sitting above me and I am writing the exam at His feet. For every question I looked at Him, and I could feel His smile. I answered all the questions. After the exam I felt glad, more for the reason that Sai Baba was there at the exam rather than I wrote exam well. I thought if He was at exam with me, why I should even be concerned about outcome. I was confident about the outcome. Today, Sai Baba showed His miracle. I got the result saying that I cleared the global certification exam and I am in few hundreds who cleared the exam. All this credit goes to Sai Baba only. He was the one who wrote the exam I was just present physically over there. Right now I am feeling very emotional. I don’t know what to say to Sai Baba. I feeling embarrassed that I am not getting a word, other than Thanks to convey my feelings. This is just a magic of Sai Baba. I am not feeling to sleep today and for once I am feeling as though the day should not end as I can be satisfied, happy, emotional, devoted at His feet, mesmerised with His leela. In the Sai satcharithra also, He had promised Tendulkar’s wife that her son will go through exams irrespective of what horoscope is saying. I can feel the bliss now. I would like to thank Hetalji for providing the devotees an opportunity to share experiences and spread the word of Shraddha and Saburi “Faith and Patience” which is our only karma for all our Sai followers. Dear devotees feel blessed at Sai Baba’s feet; He is there always to ensure that we get what is needed at what time. Jai Sai Ram!!!

Baba Woke Me For Aarthi And Gave Me Udi

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Lakshmi from India says: Om Sai Ram dear Sai family! Special thanks to Hetalji for this wonderful work of bring all these wonderful experiences together which makes this as our contemporary Sai Satcharitra. I’m a simple devotee who is trying to follow our dear Sai Bapu teachings.

My day starts with online Sai Darshan, reading few experiences in this website and taking Bapu’s blessings for the day in the website ( I was watching on 16th June, Bapu’s Shej Aarthi online and mentally wished to Him that I wanted to watch the Kakkad Aarthi(wish 1) tomorrow. I had read during the day a suggestion from Sai sister asking us to keep a glass of water to Sai before going to bed and drink it on the next day morning as Tirth. While watching the Shej Aarthi I had noticed that a jug was placed near our Bapu so thought to follow the same routine. While I kept the water to Bapu, I asked him if I would be privileged to get His Udi (wish 2) next day. Afterwards I brushed aside these thoughts and went to bed. Had deep sleep, suddenly woke up and noted the time it was 4:44 in my mobile, I usually wake up around 5:30 only, I was thinking why my sleep got disturbed earlier than usual. This shows our ignorance, we forget our wishes not our Bapu, this is how He takes care of us. I, then remembered my request to see that Kakad Aarthi, thanked Bapu.. Rushed to get my laptop and got connected immediately to Sansthan site and Aarthi was going on. Joined in signing the Aarthi, watched Mangal Snan and went back to sleep around 5:30 am with contentment of how Bapu woke me up at right time.

I had a dream few portions of it I don’t remember, sharing here only what I remember. I was in a Sai temple holding Sai Satcharitra (backside with padukhas) doing parikrama and went to a tree (seems like Neem tree) with many people close by and on ground next to the lamp I found Udi. Happily applied it, continued my parikrama with Sai Satcharitra. I came across a person holding Aarthi thaali with few people around him. I don’t know how I was let to pass before others, I was allowed to touch the Aarthi (felt the warmth), he had a small container with Udi. He just kept the whole container over my Sai Satcharitra and went away as if he was just waiting for me to hand it over. I was dumbfound that he has given whole container even though there were people behind. I thought to share the Udi with others if they asked but none came. I went happily to my mom who was waiting for me and gave her the Udi and told her what happened and asked her to apply to my daughter and nephew stating that Bapu will protect them. I had placed two wishes to Bapu and He had fulfilled them. He has his own special ways, he took me to His temple made me feel the Aarthi physically (as I had only virtual online Aarthi), gave me Udi, made feel special and His assurance that He will protect my family. I don’t have any further words to explain His greatness; I’m still in a blissful state as I’m writing this experience. Bapu shower Your blessings on all of us and make us go in the righteous path. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Is Always Shows Us The Light

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Zimbabwe says: Hi I am an anonymous devotee of Sai Baba from Zimbabwe and I would like to share my experience I had with Sai Baba. I came across this site about a year ago and I read people’s experiences frequently, and today I decided to share my own experience with you all, hope Sai Baba blesses you all and answers all your prayers Sai Ram.

Om Sai Nathay Namaha. Sai Baba always shows us a way even if we have no way to go. My parents, I, my brother and sister used to live in a small town. We had everything, my father’s business was going well, until things started getting bad. My parents had decided to sell everything and move to New Zealand. Due to family issues we could not move to New Zealand and we lost our rights at that moment. My brother had almost finished his primary education and was ready for secondary school. We were staying in a small town and there were no Secondary schools, so my parents decided to move to a bigger town and so we did. My parents managed to get a house on rent and they managed to put us in school again, but things started getting worse due to inflation. My father had put all his money in the bank and all the money had lost value and was worth nothing, slowly we started coming down. I, my brother and sister had to drop out of school because my parents could not afford to pay for our school fees. I was only sixteen years of age, my brother was eighteen and my sister was fourteen. We also had to move out of our house because the rental was high and my mother was the only one working and it was difficult to make ends meet.

After seeing my parents going through so much I decided to find a job, so that I could help my parents. I managed to find something and started working immediately, My father and brother could not find a job, my brother went door to door asking for a job but nobody gave him anything. Then one day when we were all at home on a Saturday afternoon, one of my father’s friends came to visit him he was also going through a tough time like us, he saw how much stress and tension we were all in that’s when he told us about Shree Sai Baba as he is a true believer of Him and how He helped him and how can he help us he told us about the nine Thursday’s fast, my mother started it immediately the next Thursday, after that we had all done it one by one. After a few months my brother and Father had got a Job in the same place my Mother was working in. Thank you to Sai Baba everything of us started working out slowly. If you worship Him with full love and devotion He will come to your rescue, He will never leave His children in the dark. After a few years my brother had got a job in a bigger city he moved first, then after a few months he found something for me and I moved, then my parents and little sister moved. We are much happier now, thank you to Shree Sai Baba, I know that He is always there for us, after I did the nine Thursday’s fast I carried on fasting, every Thursday I do (thaar) for Sai Baba and I have left everything in His hands and surrendered myself to His feet. I know He will always show us a way. (Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Miracles Of Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am simple devotee of Sai Baba for the last few years. Hello everyone. Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I have experienced quite a few of His miracles during the last couple of years, since I the time I started praying to Him. I will mention a few below.

My very first experience with Sai Baba is my daughter’s admission in school. Since most of you know getting an admission in a good school has become a huge task these days. I prayed to our Baba that I will do the 7 days parayan for my daughter’s admission and did it too. But I did not get admission in the desired school. I was worried as it was my first parayan and thought may be Sai Baba has not accepted me as His devotee. But Baba had different plans. We got admission for my daughter in a much better school. And this started my Journey with Shri Sai Baba.

Another one of Baba’s miracle is how I conceived our second child. I had health issues and was not able to conceive for some time. Our daughter was 5 years old and we were worried about the big gap, if there is more delay in having our second kid. One day I was checking the question and answer site of Sai Baba and there came a reply that “Something you have wanted for long and doubt that it will happen will be soon be given to you.” In two days I found out that am pregnant. Even after this there were some issues which Sai Baba took care of wonderfully. Thank You Baba for this great gift. And now I am in my 7th month and He has been with me throughout this period and am sure He will be there with me during the rest of my pregnancy too.

One last experience that I would like to share is about Baba taking care of my husband during his on-site visit. I was praying to Baba that I should somehow get Udi from Shirdi so that I can give it to my husband during his journey. But I did not get it before his travel. So I kept praying to Baba to take care of my husband. It was his first experience of being away from us for so long. He was staying as a paying guest with an Indian family. Towards the end of my husband’s tenure there, one day during a video call he just happened to show the room where he was staying. And there HE WAS. Our beloved Sai Baba’s Idol. He has been staying with my husband the whole time taking care of him. What more can I ask for. Thank you so much Baba for being with all of us. Please continue to be with all Your devotees during our good and bad times. Thank you all the admin of this blog for this wonderful site where we can share all our wonderful experiences with Baba. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Baba –The King Of The World

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetalji. Jai Sai Ram. I wish to thank you and all the devotees across the world who are doing the kind service of spreading the name our Baba. Baba is very kind. He is our true creator and protector .He is always with His children and would do anything to protect them. He has showered His kripa on me always and I pray that He blesses all His children. I had promised that I will surely share these miracles with everyone.

One day I got a call from my uncle that they needed my help on getting some documents signed from the notary in UK. They required it for my grandfather’s will. As it was quite important for the will to be sorted, they could not wait for my next trip to India. I was getting worried as the legal formalities would take a lot of time and money which my husband would not be keen at all. Unfortunately my uncle’s financial condition is not good and I could not ask for money. I started to pray to Baba to make the process easy and less costly. As we know, Baba can never see His children worried , He made the process quite simple and we just had to see the solicitor to sign the documents in front of him. But then came the money problem, all the solicitors were charging a lot of money and I was getting tensed as how my husband would react. I left everything on Baba and prayed that I wish to help my uncle so please show me a way in which I can convince my husband. By Baba’s grace my husband agreed and we went to see the solicitor. The solicitor lady said that it will take 30 minutes and she would charge according to the time taken. I was praying Baba that she should not take more time but unfortunately she was slow. I again started to pray to Baba that please do something and she should not charge for extra time. As I finished praying Baba, the lady mentioned that though I have spent more time, I will only charge as I said before. Baba came in the form of the lady and protected me. I had tears in my eyes thinking how Baba exactly knew my condition and helped me in the best possible way to find a solution to the problem. I have never seen such a kind lady before. May Baba bless her. I love You Baba for being with me always. Thanks Baba for showing me your presence always. I have one more wish and If Baba wishes I will soon share that experience too. Baba is very kind. He always and always loves us no matter what. All He needs is out unconditional love and devotion. Such are His kind leelas. I have dedicated this life to Baba and Baba only. I am Baba’s and Baba is mine .Love you Baba. Jai Sai Ram. Baba bless all. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Is Great! Anantokothi Pranam To Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Priyanka from India says: Om Sai Ram. Thanks for maintaining this wonderful website. I am from Kolkata. I became devotee of Baba from the year 2009.I would like to share my recent experience. I prayed Baba for some reason and in my mind Baba told me that I will solve your problem on 25.05.16 with in afternoon and that miracle happened! I was so happy and excited for this. Baba listened my prayer. Thank You Baba tons…OM SAI RAM!! OM SAI RAM!! OM SAI RAM!! Miracle happened in my life, today 15.06.16, I wished Baba that I want to read SAI SATCHARITRA on15.06.16 during my SAI VRAT and the miracle happened on Wednesday(14.06.16)evening…I got Shri SAI SATCHARITRA. I know BABA sent me this book!! I am so happy.OM SAI RAM!! OM SAI RAM!! OM SAI RAM!!.

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  1. Om Sai Ram! I had a dream and need help understanding that dream. In my pooja room I have a polybag where i was collecting the garbage i have to throw like used wick, threads, the stuff i have after cleaning etc. I saw in dream that in the bag there is a photo of sai (the one I have in my pooja room) and the stuff is rotten, its full of worms who are eating the rotten stuff and sai baba's photo is there too.
    and then in the dream he asked me to throw away the rotten stuff. When I woke up, I took the bag and threw it away. Does it mean baba got me rid of my pain from past, I have had tremendous struggle and disappointments in last 9 years. Om Sai Ram!!

    • I think Baba means that he has taken your problems upon himself. Just like he had 4 big bubos as big as eggs to save the person with the same conditions. Saints take on the pains of their devotees to relieve them. Sai's blessings are always there! Om Sai Ram

  2. Dear SAI, today my birthday please bless me.Dear Sai Brothers & Sai Sisters bless me and wish u on my birthday(today). Thank you.

  3. baba please please baba, please baba, i beg you baba, make brother go on righeous path, he is lost baba, please baba hold his hand and bring him on right track, he is also your son baba, please don't leave him and keep him under your shelter baba.i am helpless baba , please make my faith more stronger baba .he needs you baba, you are our mother , father, brother ,everything. om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram.

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please bless our family with good health and please be with us deva and clear my sons health problem.Devotee in comment section happy birthday dear and our merciful father may bless us with health and wealth

  5. Baba ji thank you for helping me to come out of depression after i reas the Sai Kasta Nivarana Mantra just once.Always be with everyone who calls you from their heart.

  6. My dear Baba, thank you for sorting out each problem as it comes along. I know that the reason it takes time, is because this is when my faith is being tested or strengthened. The sooner I really can hand these problems over to you, the sooner these issues get resolved. The only way this will happen is if you bless me with faith, patience and courage. Pls Baba I do try to hand it over but I am weak minded. Always have been and a coward. No doubt my karma but still asking that you forgive me and bless me and mine. Love you. Pls forgive me for being me. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Dear sai baba
    Please help me
    Please do some miracle and take me out of all this suffering pain and mental agony
    Please baba do bless us
    Do bless all your dear devotees

  8. babaji..i trust you……you have given me whateveri wanted in my life.plz forgive me & show me the right way….why did you take lakpada into my life..babaji meri mom,dad, sis..sab par kripa karo… life has become meaningless..plz do miracle

  9. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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