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Miracles Of My Beloved Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Amitha from India says: Sai Ram to all devotees and thanks to the team behind this blog as well as to all the devotees who share their experiences. Reading miracles of Baba helps us a lot to increases our faith in our Baba. I am a small devotee of Baba, this is indeed my fourth post. I have many experiences, will share few of them today.

Deva helped us in constructions of our new house. We just had 6 lakhs in our hand when we planned to demolish our old house and construct the new house. The estimation was of 14 lakhs. We got 8 lakhs loan from bank. As there was much complication while constructing the house the estimation gone up to 20 lakhs. We were tensed like anything. But I had hope that Baba will surely help us in some way and was telling my husband not to worry as Baba is there with us and we just kept our burden on my great Baba’s feet. And everything went so smoothly that we could borrow some money from others and finished the construction. And later also we were in short of money for house warming ceremony. But Baba has done arrangement for that also. We had done our house warming ceremony grandly by Baba’s grace. And whoever came for the ceremony liked our house so much that all started admiring us for constructing such a beautiful house. All this happened only due to Baba’s Blessings. And I am sure that all our loans also will get settled soon by His blessings.

One more miracle is when we were constructing the house we had seen a house for lease for our stay for 11 months. Out of that 6 lakhs amount we paid 2 lakhs for lease and promised the contractor of our house to pay that 2 lakh amount after the ending of lease agreement. But after started staying in lease house we got news from neighbours that while leaving, the owner used to deduct much amount from who was staying there before. This made us worry more and moreover my 3 year old son had done some scratches on the wall also, so we were sure that he is going to deduct some amount . I prayed to Baba and told that if he pays us the full amount I will post it here. And here I am. To our surprise the owner has not even deducted single penny from the amount and as promised we paid the full amount to the contractor.

I had some personal problem, so on Sai Baba’s question and answer website, I asked a question to Baba sitting in office and the answer was ”You will be saved from accident ,remember Sri Sai”. It was not the answer for my question so I ignored it. But Deva’s words will never go wrong. I just reached my house from office in the evening and within 5 minutes of parking my vehicle my scooty’s tyre got blasted. Everyone at home was shocked and started thinking what if it would have been blasted while riding. Really Baba only saved me from such a dangerous situation.

Baba saved me in my office problem also, I did mistake by entering same bill numbers for 2 different invoices. When I came to know the mistake I prayed to Baba to solve it and save me from shouting of my boss. I prayed to Baba and informed my boss about the mistake and was expecting the scolding’s but miracle of miracle he Said its ok. I will manage it. Wow what a miracle of Baba!

One more, my junior was not doing the job which I had told her to do every time. This I had shared with my colleague and she informed this to our boss. Our boss is very short tempered person. I was praying inside to Baba that, Sir should not shout at her as she may think that I only purposefully complained to him and it would have created a big misunderstanding between us. And Baba saved me in that also. When Boss called her inside his cabin to shout, some emergency call came for him and left the office immediately. And later he forgot the matter.

One more big mistake I done is while booking international flight ticket through cleartrip website for my boss, I used only abbreviation for his first name instead of his full name, as I was booking it for first time. Later I realised that it is big mistake. I tried to contact cleartrip customer care but there was not proper response. 2 days continuously tried to contact cleartrip as well as airways customer care but all in vain. I got frustrated, my only hope was Baba. 3rd day morning I prayed Him whole heartedly and as soon I reached office, I called the cleartrip customer care, one lady picked the call and she responded so well that she only contacted the airways and made the changes in name and also sent me the confirmed e-ticket with proper name. Really only because of Baba that lady came for my help. Sorry for my carelessness Baba. Thanks a lot Deva for being with us in each step of our life and thanks to devotees also for reading such a lengthy post. May Baba bless us all.Om Sai Ram

Ocean Of Love, My Deva

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a daughter of Deva. Deva loves me more than I love Him. Deva I am Your stupid daughter, please continue loving me. You are my life support system, I can’t survive without You. Deva what I have is all because of You. I will share my next experience very soon after coming out of the present tensed situation. Om Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahma Shri Sachhidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Daya karo Deva.

Hetal Ji , thank you for giving us platform to express our gratitude towards Deva. Om Sai Ram Deva thank You very much for Your presence in our life. My office job is of very serious nature but You are managing it very smoothly on my behalf. Deva thank You very much for sailing our life boat in this turbulent Ocean of life. Here I am sharing my amazing experience given by Sai.

1. YOU have unfathomable plans for betterment of Your Devotees but we can only feel Your love and blessings in every worldly affairs. I requested Deva that I don’t want to take loan more than 40,00,000 and Deva, I feel that You have inculcated the idea of not taking loan from Bank more than 40 lakhs for new home and inspired to search other sources like PF, PPF through my colleague. With Your blessings and guidance the total loan taken was slightly less than 40 lakhs instead of estimated 60 lakhs and remaining amount is arranged by You. Love You Deva for everything.

2. Grand Grihpravesh puja of our new home “OM SAI KRUPA” arranged and managed by You on 17th February, 2016. Deva Love You very much but I always feel that You love me more. With Your blessings only the all home work completed on time. The whole expenses of home interior, puja and lunch was managed by You in balanced way. One week before Grihpravesh puja, one uncle (not very close, but a SAI devotee) called me that he will come for lunch on Grihparvesh day in Delhi from Bihar state. I felt very amazing like SAI Deva is telling me that He is coming for lunch. Suddenly, one of the story of SAI SATCHARITRA in which Deva assured Mr Dev to attend the lunch at his house on the eve of his mother’s udyapan, struck in my mind. Two days before puja I called him to confirm and again he told that he is coming but my mother told me that it is not possible because he is in Bihar. But as per my feeling Deva came to our new house for Grihpravesh puja exactly at the time of lunch in the form of Big white Statue. I will always be indebted to You for coming to assure Your presence in our life and continuous support and blessings. OM SAI RAM.

3. Finally Registry of “OM SAI KRUPA” , our house: We came to know in March that the registry charge is increasing by next month i.e. April 2016. Everyone in our society was tensed for the registry of their flat and all were chasing and pressuring the builder for that. My husband told me that too much registry is pending and we may have to pay extra 1.25 lakhs for registry in April 2016. On 13th March, I cried in front of Deva for help and to make the registry possible in March only. In my heart Deva was assuring me that don’t worry, everything will be fine. My husband called one senior Builder’s employee, who never pick calls of any one, picked his call and replied positively. On 17th March (Thursday) at 4 o’clock my husband again called her for knowing the status and she asked to come to their office in an hour to do some pre-registry paper work. We completed the paper work by 7 o’clock. As usual my caring Deva made the registry possible on 19th March without much hustle- bustle. DEVA AAPKE CHARNO ME KOTI KOTI PRANAM

Merciful Saima

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji and Team, I have already posted some of my experiences in this blog which are yet to be published. As rightly told by Hemadpant in Sai Satcharitra, ‘We alone cannot partake this Sai Leelamrith-the nectar in the form of Sai’s Leelas. Sai brothers and sisters have to join- the more the better’, I would like to share some more in this post.

During 2015, we had to visit my brother in Bangalore as he got ill all of a sudden. The day of our stay in Bangalore happened to be our wedding anniversary. We reached Bangalore in the morning and had to return the same evening in order to reach our place. Actually I wanted to go to Sai temple on my wedding day but due to sudden visit to Bangalore, I could not go to temple. I was upset and praying to Baba for speedy recovery for my brother and also blessings to us on our wedding anniversary. I carried Sai Satcharitra for reading during the train travel. I got up in the early morning in the train and started reciting all His hymns and since the train was late by more than two hours to reach Bangalore, I read Sai Satcharithra also. As soon as we reached Bangalore, I wished for Baba’s blessings through His photo at least since there was no time for us to go to temple. Since the Railway station is very nearby we walked through the distance to my brother’s apartments and lo! At the very entrance of the apartments, I could see Saimaa (as in Samadhi Mandir) greeting us! I was very happy! As we had to board the train pretty early for return journey, we took leave of my brother and came to the station. At that time also I took His darshan and blessings and boarded the train. In the train I was reading Sai Satcharitra for hours together before going to sleep. Then I felt that Baba has made me read His Leelas for several hours on this Special Day and thus blessed me! Even a visit to the temple would not have given this pleasure as He was with me through each word of the book!. Thank you Baba for your blessings!

Soon after arriving here, I observed some rashes with itching on my right thigh but ignored it as some insect bite in the train. The itching was continuous and within two days it started spreading and along with that I had excruciating pain in the thigh bone. I applied caladril, vaseline etc but the rashes were spreading with fiery pain. Unable to bear the pain, I went to the nearby skin specialist and she told me that it was Herpis. (People who were afflicted with chickenpox in their childhood are prone to this) I had the shock of my life when she told me that it may take several months or an year to get complete relief from this deadly disease. I came home and started crying before Baba and pleaded for mercy. I requested to Him to cure me like He cured so many of his devotees! I took all the medicines prescribed by the doctor along with Udi daily. Within ten days the disease got cured completely and the doctor was really wonder struck by my speedy recovery! I was thanking Baba with all my heart and soul! Though we have to suffer for our sins and wipe out our Karma, our merciful God will not allow us to suffer for long!

All of a sudden, recently, I got severe knee pain and could not sit on the floor even for praying. Immediately I applied Udi on my knees praying Baba to cure my knee pain. It subsided to a great extent. Though I still have pain, I am able to move freely with His grace! Thank you Baba! Bless us all with Your infinite Mercy as we are your children and we do not exist but for YOU!

Thank you Hetalji for maintaining this wonderful blog. Baba’s blessings are always with you!

Always Stays Behind To Protect

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am professionally a teacher and with Baba’s grace I am given always what is required to me. It is not either too much or too less. Countless are the situations where Baba has been protective

Astonishing things do happen in my life. One of such was the following. Professionally God blessed me with the knowledge required to serve my department and to be in the good faith of the higher authorities. Recently something happened which I always afraid of. Something went wrong in the task assigned to me. In fact that was misunderstood. It is a confidential work. Ironically God made me several times to be one of the scrutinisers for such work. I was one of the committee members for judging the task. I felt so bad to be on the other side of the table now. Usually the faculty who are in the list of such accusations are not called for to participate even in other related works. I was worried because what I have done in an efficient manner for all these years may have one black mark. It’s so surprisingly happened that I was called as one of the committee members and without my intervention and explanation and before I go there, it was resolved. The day I attended that duty was Thursday. I was in another town. Every Thursday at my place because of the grace of God I have been given a chance to give a bath to Baba with milk and later to clean the altar and decorate Him and the temple. This has been going on for years. Now at the new place too I was given an opportunity to do similarly and participate in the Noon Aarti and Annadaan (serving rice to poor)I was so happy that my worry was removed and at the same time I was blessed to be in the spiritual activities. In another incident and in fact many times even when I was in different places on duty, somehow I have a chance to participate in the early Aarti and Puja. Once my brother met with an accident and was admitted in a big corporate hospital. There too is Baba and I was given a chance to do similar service to God. I learned one thing in all my experiences, that is the answer of the prayers depends on the honesty and truthfulness in our love towards God and faith in Him.

Baba Showed Us The Path Of Success And Happiness

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a student pursuing my graduation from India. I have been a devotee of Baba for past four years. Since then I have experienced numerous miracles of him. For me, He has been a firm giver. Whatever I have asked from Him, He has always given me everything and even beyond that. I have never felt so much peace and contentment before He came into my life. For me, He is the only one who understands each and every feeling of mine and give me immense strength to fight every difficulty

As soon as Baba stepped into my life, my life changed towards better. A life without any friends became a life full of good friends. Baba has granted me success in every aspect of life. Baba appeared in my dream where He asked for some food and a blanket on a cold foggy winter morning. I rushed into the house and as soon as I returned with food and a blanket, Baba disappeared. Following my dream, I went to Sai Baba temple for the very first time and donated food along with a blanket and felt a great amount of pleasure and happiness. This is how Sai Ram became an eternal part of my life. In AUGUST 2013, I came to know about Baba’s nav guruvar vrat for the first time and started keeping them with the wish of achieving at least 90% in my board examinations. Later I felt that I won’t be able to achieve the desired marks as I myself have not put enough efforts but Baba proved all my worries wrong and fulfilled my wish as I successfully finished my nav guruvar vrats.

Again in the year 2014, I started keeping these vrats for my elder sister who was going through a lot of troubles in her career despite of her numerous efforts. She gave a number of competitive exams and failed in all. She also started searching for a job after completing her graduation but did not find a suitable job. Everyone in the family was as worried as they felt that it is impossible for my sister to achieve anything in her life. She was herself very sad and worried. She had no friends. There was no one to understand her situation but pressurize her to achieve something. I kept my faith firm and prayed to Baba and as usual Baba fulfilled my wish. Few months later, my sister got a call for an interview from a good company which she denied due to some distance issues. Same day she got another call from the same company’s branch which was located very near to our house and went for the interview. She successfully passed the interview and joined from the very next day. Now my sister is working in a reputed company at a good post with good amount of salary, just the way she wanted to work and has really succeeded in it. She has proved her worth to the family with the help of Sai Ram and due to which our disputed relations with the family are now all sorted. With the grace of Sai Ram and her hard work, she also got promoted to a higher post just within seven months of her job. In this way, Sai Baba helped my sister by showing her the path of success and happiness in her life. She has not only succeeded in her professional life but also in her personal life. She made some good friends as well by Baba’s grace. Baba vanished all the worries from minds of our family members and brought a lot of happiness and contentment within all. Hopeless lives became all hopeful. I am really thankful to Baba for this and each and every peaceful and happy day of my life. May Sai Ram bless everyone with good Health and His eternal Love.

Baba Fulfilled All My Family Desires

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Sireesha from India says: I am a working woman, married and even my husband is also working in the same field. We are having a daughter where our life was smooth with one child. Later after few years we planned to have a second child so that my daughter will not be alone in the future after growing up.

Here my problem started. After planning it didn’t work out for us for almost 2 years and after that also I had ectopic pregnancy where I got operated and we were all under depression. Later I started doing Baba vrat as per my friend’s suggestions and went to Shiridi also. Soon I became pregnant and my in laws want that kid to be boy as we already have a girl. This is one more problem; we have undergone scanning and came to know that its girl baby and later I prayed Baba and asked Him to do something and make my family happy as they need a boy though it’s not a possible wish at that moment. Later again after 2 to 3 weeks we have undergone scanning and it came to know that it’s a boy baby! Really I couldn’t believe how it got changed? Really it’s a miracle of Baba something which got changed. After 9 months I successfully delivered a boy and now he is 8 months old. We both went to Shiridi by taking my baby for Baba’s darshan for His blessings.

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  1. Om Sai Ram .. Deva thank you for all your blessings and also for the blessings coming on the way .. Prabhu I surrender to your lotus feet .. Baba be with my daughter and bless her with healthy, happy,blessed and successful life .. bless her with good life partner and blessed married life .. Om Sai Ram .. Shirdi Sai Ram .. Jai Jai Sai Ram .. Sadguru Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram .. Shree Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram .. Deva thank you for all your blessings and also for the blessings coming on the way .. Prabhu I surrender to your lotus feet .. Baba be with my daughter and bless her with healthy, happy,blessed and successful life .. bless her with good life partner and blessed married life .. Om Sai Ram .. Shirdi Sai Ram .. Jai Jai Sai Ram .. Sadguru Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram .. Shree Sai Ram

  3. O Deva, be with as we begin a new week and help us succeed in our affairs and be useful to others in need.

    Jai Sairam

  4. BABA please arrange for a ride which can come on time for my husband and kid. BABA in this cold weather we cant walk BABA. Please help us BABA. BABA we need ride from next week. Please arrange it BABA.

  5. In June 2016 my laptop broke, it suddenly stopped working when I was in India on leave. I was in a big trouble as I had some very important documents in the computer and my job was on stake. In fact, there was a huge risk that my company would sue me for losing those.

    I went insane thinking about consequences, and took 3 weeks holidays from my company (told them that my leg broke in an accident) thinking that I would get this fixed in 2/3 weeks. I went to computer shop near my home, they could not fix it or retrieve the hard drive, I found out later that instead they took some original parts out and replaced it with cheap ones to make money.

    Then I thought of going to Lenovo company service center the next morning, I was in a very bad shape and was very nervous. I didn't eat anything, just woke up, took shower, went to temple, then took an auto to go to service center. As I reached the place me and auto driver started looking for service center. I had address written on a paper in my hand but we could not find place for 10 minutes or so.

    Then my auto driver suggested we should ask someone where it is, he stopped auto near a rickshaw, it was very sunny so rickshaw wala had his face covered in cotton scarf. I asked him, "Bhaiya, do you know this place?" but when I saw the face of rickshaw wala I was mesmerized as he was looking like educated person belonging to a class family. I could not speak a word, he was not looking like rickshaw wala at all. He started laughing looking at my amazement, and asked me to show the paper with address written on it. The address was written in English and also I have very bad handwriting. I said you won’t understand my handwriting, to which he said, "I understand everything". He snatched the paper and told me the way, autodriver took me to the place he told me, and guess what it was sai mandir and not lenevo service center. Then I realized that it was baba himself, who said he understood everything.

    After that I went to service center, my computer could not get fixed but my company didn't give me any trouble for losing info. Om Sai Ram!!

    • I published the above experience, i did post that on yesterday's blog too but it didnt publish so I thought may be it was not baba and thats why experience is not there. But today i see that in comments section, baba again confirmed it was indeed him.

  6. BABA my elder son is talking about all those things. He is 13 only BABA.I never thought he will talk such things. All these days i thought im raisinc my kids in a good way. He told about that girl to his friends. If my friend come to know about it i cant take that pain BABA. BABA please bless him with good sense. Plese change him in a good way. He is a some what different from others kids in this matter. BABA may be even my fault thats way he is thinkinh and talking abt girls like that. Please help him and bless him with sadbuddhi and good character. Help me BABA.

  7. Om sairam. My husband is very short tempered baba. Please make him understand me. Please reduce his anger and let us live happily. Om sairam…

  8. Om sairam. My husband is very short tempered baba. Please make him understand me. Please reduce his anger and let us live happily. Om sairam…

    • Om Sai Ram. Try giving him Baba's udi mixed with water or in sweets. Then give it all to Baba. See how He turns things.

    • Om Sai Ram. Try giving him Baba's udi mixed with water or in sweets. Then give it all to Baba. See how He turns things.

  9. BABA some tensions or the other all the time. Now its with land as the govt is saying some new rules. BABA its our earnings BABA . We didnt buy it with black money. BABA if we lose that property we will have a huge loss. BABA YOU know everything. I am not knowing waht to do now. BABA please show us way now. BABA please help me and see that we dont loose any of our property, gold and cash. Please forgive all our mistake and sins and guide and help us BABA.

    • Om Sai Ram .. don't worry.. nobody is going to loose anything until it is illegal .. in future may be it will b e-registration of property and will linked with aadhar card to know how much flats or property one have .. n how that person bought the property .. one has to shoe how he did buy .. with loans or with black money without paying any taxes .. Om Sai Ram .. Baba bless all .. don't know why ppl don't want to pay taxes .. be with all Baba . Om Sai Ram

  10. Om sai ram…All experiences and Baba's pictures with wordings are simply faith boosting…Thank you Deva…Om sai ram

  11. Om Sai Ram!

    I am writing this comment to spread the power of 9 Thursdays, I have been doing this fast since long time but I am a student, I stay in US and I will not always have the possibility to give the books on 9th Thursday to 5 people, So I thought Ill write the importance of this vrat here in this website. The reason behind giving the books to 5 people is to spread the power of 9 Thursdays and I have decided to do that here on this site which will be followed by many sai Bhakts and will be reached to lot more people. The 9 thursdays vrat is very powerful, ever since I started Baba saved me and my family from the hard times we were facing. Whoever observes this vrat will find it very peaceful and relieving from the every day pressures we have in our lives. Om Sai Ram!!

    • Sai Baba is merciful and kind. The 9 Thursdays are Sai Baba's gift to humanity and HIS devotees. I have also done them they are very powerful. My husband was affected by a very bad boss and non-interesting work, he and I both did 9thursdays, he got another job in the saemm company a different team,. very good boss and he flourished. I also got PhD sposnsorship which is a MIRACLE. Thank you Sai Baba. You are our Lord our everything

    • Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
      Shree Sachinanand sadguru Sainath maharaj Ki jai
      Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  12. Thank you Baba for boosting my morale through this site and the wordings given with the pictures. Your beautiful picture looking at us is enough to give us all the strength we need. Thank you Baba for blessing me despite all my wrongs.

  13. (p) sai pa you know all about me i m sufeering lot of struggles i dnt hve a little peace even one sec..please sai pa do only one thnk fr me pls be with me plz sai pa..pls you are allthnks to me…i felt many times that u r wth me bt still i hve sme panic mnd nd get sme fear about my lfe y sai pa plz be wth me always plz i m ur child sai pa….

  14. Baba please meri madad karo Sai..please mera depression khatam kr do Babaji, please mujhe pehle jese khush bana do Baba, i want to be energetic and positive but Baba right now i don't feel positive enough. Baba with your grace only i was able to come out of that worst phase. Baba please help me to over come this, give me strenghth, give me power make me fearless Babaji..

  15. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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