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Got Job With Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I was working at a good company for the past 7 years. I really enjoyed working over there and over the years had established very good name and working relationship with all my colleagues. I have a lot of yearning for knowledge. Recently my company got acquired and everything went downhill. All my seniors at my company left. The new company manager’s were not at all co-operative. My immediate manager I felt was getting jealous of me over small things. I felt insulted and mentally tortured over all this. Even though I had an offer from some other small company I gave it up to stay here and see if things would change. But it turned out to be a nightmare. I started searching for jobs but was not even getting an interview request for a single one. I used to cry and worry a lot over the weekends and weekdays. I asked Baba if I can resign without another job lined up and he flatly said No. So I continued in the job. Then after a lot of months, I decided to do Sai Satcharitra Parayanam to see if it would calm my mind. I usually start on Thursday and end it the Thursday next week. On Tuesday, I had a fight with my mom as to why i was still at the company and not resigning from it. I said it was difficult, but I did not mention what Baba said. She kept saying that i am unnecessarily increasing stress in my life by staying. I was a bit disturbed form this.

The very next day morning at 8 am, I got a call from a company I had done a phone interview with to find out if I can come for an interview the next day, which is Thursday. I couldn’t believe it. I usually take at least a weekend to prepare for the interview and then go. But since they called me to interview on a Thursday I decided to go for it. The interview went okay. They said they were going to inform me the next day or Monday for sure. On the same day after I went back to work I got so busy that I couldn’t make it for making Prasad and offering on the last day of my Parayanam. I apologised to Baba saying I would definitely prepare something for Him the weekend. On the weekend I prepared lunch and offered it to Baba. But I again skipped Aarti as it was very late in the afternoon. I did not hear anything about the interview on Monday either. Thinking Baba wanted me to finish an Aarti for it to go through, I was able to finish Aarti on Tuesday in the afternoon. As a miracle, I received the call from the recruiter that the interview was successful and that they would go ahead and give me an offer. This call happened as soon as I finished the afternoon Aarti on Tuesday. It just set off a lot of happiness in my mind to experience this miracle. Then later the recruiter told me that the offer will be given as soon as she was able to get the necessary approvals. I waited for the offer in a very confusing and painful way, because I was scared the offer letter would not come through. Then finally on Friday that day I got the offer, I signed and returned the same day. Through my very difficult times Baba stayed with me and that helped me calm my mind. Now hopefully with His grace everything will turn out well.

Sai Baba Miracles

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Kayalvizhi from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of our Lord Sai Baba. I have experienced many miracles of our Lord Sai Baba in my life. I would like to share few of my experiences to all Sai devotees. I work as technical assistant in an organization with blessings of my Baba. I was organizing some DD’s that we received for conducting an examination. But when checking, one DD was missing. I rechecked again but couldn’t find it. So next morning i informed my colleague and we were checking together again. I prayed Baba that please help me to find the DD. And the next second my colleague found the missing DD. It might be a small thing but it’s really a miracle for me. Without Baba blessings, it would not have been happened. Om Sai Ram.

My Second Experience: Every Thursday before work i would visit Baba temple which is near my workplace. Usually there won’t be any rush when i visit the temple around at 9 am. So i will pray and reach office by 9.30 am. But that day the queue was very long, so i thought i will be late for work. But suddenly a devotee came from inside the temple and split the queue and redirected us in another way where i had Darshan of our Lord Sai Baba and also reached office on time. Thank You Lord Baba for all Your blessings in my life. Please help me to surrender completely at Your lotus feet and stay with patience and faith till my life. Bless all Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram.

21 Weeks 9 Guruvar Vrat Results

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, Baba please forgive me that I have not written about the trading I won Rs.14000 for Rs.5000 trade, forgive me Paa, and also I am putting up with some major trade to which if i win I will buy gold for my sister engagement and get back my mom’s Mangalsutra from pawn shop, and Baba i have not yet received the past trade money I gained, forgive me if i am sinned. Please Paa bless me that money and i am trying to take credit money for next trade please bless me with that initial money too, forgive me for all the sins i have done with my knowledge and sins i have committed without my knowledge. Baba bless me with this major trade and I’ll write about that and the Rs.5000 trade together at as one experience. All these beatings I won because of Sai Baba Nav Guruvar Vrat for 21 Weeks. Baba my lovely angel I love You so much. Love You Baba, Om Sai Ram. Sai Ram Quotes. Why fear when I am here? I am formless and everywhere I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space. All that you see taken together is Myself. I do not shake or move. -Shri Sai Baba.

Sai Solved Family Problem

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I’m an ardent devotee of Sai Paa since February 2015. It was a miracle on how I was pulled towards Sai in the very first place. Since then I’m so attached to Sai Paa by doing Sai Vrat 3 times and also started with Sai Parayan. First of all I would like to thank the admin for posting all devotees experiences. May God bless you always. My mum is from India and she is very devoted mum and wife. My dad passed away few years back. My elder brother, sister and myself have a close bond with her. Yesterday my brother and mum had a misunderstanding which escalated to a bigger problem. My brother got very upset and my mum was also upset with the whole incident. I was torn between the two. This incident put me in so much of stress. I quickly prayed to Sai Paa and promised to share this experience if the misunderstanding gets solved. Sai Paa the great, solved it within a day. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Sai Paa please take care of my family and we shouldn’t have any misunderstandings or problems as I love my family so much. Om Sai Ram!

Sai Maa’s Instant Help

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all the children of Sai. I want to share a very sweet Leela of our Sai Maa. Before some days in the morning while I was doing Pooja, I was decorating the Idols of Gods and Goddesses. As I was decorating Laxmi Maa, I noticed that one of the ornaments (The gold chain that she wears) was missing. I tried to find it out, searched everywhere but could not find it. I was panicking and negative thoughts were crossing my mind. I asked my mother also about it, she could also not find it. Then I looked at our dearest Baba Sai and thought how nice it would be if He makes me find it and instantly I felt He was smiling at me. Within seconds I found the gold chain lying near Aasan. I have no words to explain the blessings of our Sai Maa. Love You so much Maa. Thank You. Om Sai Ram

Sai Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: This is my 4th post. I am working as lunch supervisor in school as supply that is whenever anybody is absent I will get a call to attend. I am now working for this whole month. This is Sai miracle none of them will not get chance. Thanks Sai Appa for giving me this opportunity but please Baba I want to work full time so please give me, I will be more happy like this. My hubby is having insomnia please Baba help him to get deep sleep please don’t make him suffer. As soon as I get full time job I will post my experience and please Baba I would like to work in Amazon or otherwise I want to work in big store in department section. I beg I want to get it and bless our family with sound health and peace of mind. Sai Appa bless all Your devotees and fulfil there wishes. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Jai SAIRAM,

    Namaskar to ALL DEVOTEES HERE:

    I would like to place before you all My BABAjis Holy blessings that HE HAS SHOWERED ON US RECENTLY.

    Anyone who is not able to read SATCHARITHA for 7 days parayan can read & get BABA jis blessings by reading Chapter 11 daily regularly spending just 5-7 minutes (in english version).

    BABA ji has blessed us recently as my mother was about to take the kidney test via blood test to know if there is any problem in her kidneys since she is diabetic anticipating that any organ can get affected silently due to diabetes.

    I immediately read 3 times of Chapter 11 seeking HIS blessings to get the blood reading regarding urea ceratine to be normal as my mom is very sensitive & is not strong at heart to take further complexities.

    And YES BABA JI did SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS by making the report normal.


    "This is our Sai, an Incarnation of God. He will bless any man, who will prostrate and surrender himself to Him. He, who will read the stories of this chapter daily, with faith and devotion, will soon be free from all calamities not only this, but always attached and devoted to Sai, he will get very soon Godvision, all his desires will be fulfilled and being ultimately desireless, he will attain the Supreme. Amen!"

  2. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram sabka maliek ek

  3. i had dream of putting sai baba name as rangoli
    i front of my houses.on third house gate,a little boy came disturbed me.i push him othersidehe comes and cries shouts.ipush ,his legs fell in drainage,i lift him call mum,he asks something food or something i didnt remember properly,he shouts cries i says no like that and i it just illusion or baba tries to say something

  4. Hello Baba, I prayed you alot for this miracle, but you did not listen. I don't know why, may be this is my curse and fate, sometimes I feel you are not with me while many times have felt you near me. I feel myself now I am not like before, I don't have the same love on you, but please be sure this also came from you only, you know well how I was before about you, but now changed, now I understood, if we believed someone we will be shattered while they disappoint us, the same thing happend to me also, I believed you whole heartedly but you did not make it, now everything waste and you know well my current situation. I am sorry baba, I can't hate you but I can avoid you, I don't know how long my mind will be like this, but it's ok, because I don't know how to say. My baba is not with me, and he doesn't like me, so I also don't want to disturb you by saying my problems. Please take care of your devotees, at least be with them when they need you really or always. But I am sure I definitely can't hate you, because I am loving you. Thank you baba, for everything.

  5. Om Sai Ram to on and all. Praying that Baba resolves every Devotee's wishes and keep them happy and healthy. So that every one can pray baba with a happy and painless heart.

    I am in trouble Baba. You know every thing what's going on in my life. Every thing is out of my control and my tomorrow seems so foggy. I don't like hurting any one, however I feel people are at pain because of me. But I followed my heart. Please Baba my family and I desperately need your devine intervention to settle my marriage. Can't see my father running here and there asking people for a good proposal. It had been thrice, my marriage has been cancelled and multiple proposals declined. I understand all of them were having some or other issues for which they got cancelled. I am thankful to you always for saving me. But Baba during this course of cancellation so many people are getting hurt. I feel like a sinner Baba. PLease forgive me and bring that person who is supposed to marry me soon Baba. I promise I will post my experience here. Please show your miracle for the goodness of every one. I beg you Baba. Please.

    Dear Devotees, If any of you feel that Baba listens to all your prayers then please pray for me and my family.

    OmSaiRam, OmSaiRam, OmSaiRam

  6. Om Sai Ram … Deva thank you for all your blessings and also for the blessings coming on the way .. Deva bless my daughter with good life partner and happy and blessed married life and successful professional life … Bless all your devotees … Om Sai Ram.. Shirdi Sai Ram .. Jai Jai Sai Ram … Sadguru Sai Ram .. Om Sai Ram .. Shree Sai Ram

  7. Prabhu kisi ki nazar na lage, koi uska kuch nuksaan na kar paye .. uske sath rehna hamesha, uski raksha karo, usse aashirwad do woh kamyab ho, usse saflata mile, woh kush tandurust rahe hamesha .. Om Sai Ram … Kripa karo Prabhu Kripa karo .. Om Sai Ram

  8. Om SaiRam, bless everyone Babaji. i may not be a good devotee but i love you Babaji. YOU are ny strength Babaji. Please be with me always Babaji.

  9. Thank you Baba for all your blessings and love showered on me and my family,Om Sai Ram……………………

  10. I love u sai..I love u so much..I was waiting fr an imp call frm so many months..I told baba j k jis din pink phnoge shirdi me ill understnd my work wud b done..n aj duphr n shaam doni time u were in pink..n call aya…I lovvveeeee uuuuu….

  11. Om sai ram…I was not feeling well last week and was in so much pain.I prayed Baba a lot and took his udi water.I promised him to share the experience if i feel better.Thanks a lot Baba…Please cure me and heal me completely…om sai ram

  12. baba what should i do baba im lost..pls help me out of this baba..are u angry with me baba bcos im praying to other god..i trust u blindly for two years im in a stage i also dunno what to sorry baba all god are one but why no one is just want to be healthy n helping my parents n others is that so sinful? what sin i hv done until i hv suffer like ur child right maybe u didnt accept me but i hv no other to ask..pls baba i rather born 1000 times to clear my karma pls help me in birth i want to take care of my parents..they are old and nice ppl..either me or my parent never hurts anyone but why we'r suffering like this? forgive us and show some mercy baba pls..i hv nothing in this world if u'r so angry with us just take away 3 of us..they can;t live without me and me too..i know faith and patience is what u asking but we just human at one point we hv no more energy really tired baba..pls show some sai ram..

    • if possible can u go to shirdi. v 4 were in d same state of u.v were at d end of life.then visiting to shirdi brought us total changes in our prayers for u.soon expecting a good news from sai ram.saiquil

    • if possible can u go to shirdi. v 4 were in d same state of u.v were at d end of life.then visiting to shirdi brought us total changes in our prayers for u.soon expecting a good news from sai ram.saiquil

  13. Om sai ram,
    Please help me .. Am helpless. I love a guy but now am not able to talk with him n can't say that to him. I need him.please some one say what sai baba is trying to say. Will sai baba give him back to me or else not. Please help me.. Pray for me. I beg u sai baba help me from this evil pain.

    • put all ur worries on sai baba. b patience.continue with ur work. sai will take care of ur prayers for you. . om sai ram.saiquil.

  14. dear deva, you saved me from jaws of death or serious injury. if this had happen anywhere else in the body, then it would have cost a lot , thank you maa for saving me. I will definitely share it with my other experience. Today you showed me your presence twice. THank you maa for guiding me.
    Maa please fulfill my wish about my son please deva. please help karo hamari maa plaease maa.

  15. Anonymous Devotee from Gulf Says; I am a working women & I wanted to go to India for Diwali. My husband has already applied for leave whereas I did not apply as I know that I will not get leave during that period as there was an upcoming event in November & hence they will not leave me.
    Hence I put the burden on Baba & informed my office that my mother is sick & that I need to go for 10 days on emergency. I know I lied but I prayed baba that please do not give my mother any health problem as I don’t have father.
    Actually my mother was the one who wanted me to be in India during Diwali as there is no one in our home. At least during auspicious days she would be happy if we are there. So I told a lie in the office & finally they sanctioned my leave; I went to India & came back & joined duty.
    I prayed baba that if I get leave & come back to duty without any problems I will write this experience; hence I am writing now. He has blessed me in many ways.
    Another long time wish of mine is still pending in the lotus feet of Baba; hope he will fulfill that wish too which will have a turning point in our life.
    Me along with my family would like to visit Shirdi to have Dharshan of my beloved Babaji; hope very soon he blesses us.
    I will very soon upload my experience if the above wish of mine gets fulfilled. May baba bless you all and your loved ones. Akilananda Koti Brahmananda Nayaki Rajadhiraja Yogaraja Prabrahma Sri Sri Satchidananda Satguru Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram

  16. Hi everyone can anyone please tell me that now a days why experiences are not published on regular basis is everything okay with Hetalji and team, just concerned please don't mind

  17. baba pl help me in business. Market is very low and expenses like rents, advertisements are too much pl pl pl baba help me. Help me Help me

  18. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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