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A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences - Part 1418

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Shree Sai Samartha Miracles
Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! I am a one of the daughter of my beloved Shree Sai Baba. Today whatever i am having is because of my beloved Sai Baba. Sai Maa is my Mother, Father, Guru, Guide and everything. Without blessings of my Sai Baba; it would have not been possible to live happily in this materialistic world. Due to my lord's grace; i am experiencing a numerous miracles in my life. Some of them are as follows. Sai Maa blessed my sister with a job. My sister completed her M.C.A. by the blessings of my Sai Maa. Then she started searching for job in and around my parents city (Currently her home too, since she is young and unmarried). She gave many interviews. She used to answer her interviews very well but she used to not get any call to join. Then she started doing Sai Satcharitra Saptah Parayan. I also prayed for my sister to my beloved Sai Maa that she should get a job (In the area where she wants). Then by my Sai Maa's grace, she got call for the interview from one of the company and also she got selected there but pay is very less. Anyways, in the beginning; the work experience is always important than the pay scale. I am sure by Sai Baba's blessings; she will do very well in her job and my lord Sai Baba will make her future very bright. Thank You my lord. Love You my Sai Baba. Please wash out all our sins from this birth as well as from our past births and bless all of us. I had promised my Sai Maa that i will post my experience once my sister gets job. Sorry for delayed Deva. Please forgive me. Here i would also like to mention that with the blessings of Shri Sai Maa my sister is doing very well in her job and she got the conformation letter before she could complete her probation period. I am sure Sai Baba will very soon bless her with the good job with high package. Thank You Sai Baba for all the happiness that You have given me. Om Sai Ram!

My sister's report came normal and in this way Sai Baba relieved me and my parents from the tension. Om Sai Ram! On Tuesday very early in the morning, my sister started vomiting and also got stomach ache and she was totally restless. I was at my home (Husband's place) and that day was a republic day and also i was having appointment with one of the doctor. Regarding my sister, my mummy called our family doctor and that doctor gave her an injection but still she was not ok. Then he told my parents to admit her to the hospital and my mom did not inform me anything about this. I simply decided to go to my mummy's place that day after the flag hoisting ceremony at my working place but i did not tell her that i will be coming. After reaching half the way; i called up my mom to inform her that i will be coming. That time she told me about my sister and also told me that no one is there at home and they are in the hospital. By listening to this i got very tensed and i immediately prayed to my lord Sai Baba to cure my sister. I also prayed to my Sai Maa that her sonography report and blood test report should come normal. I promised my lord Sai Baba that if her report comes normal and if she starts feeling better then i will take 5 roses to the Sai Baba's lotus feet in the Sai Baba temple; also i will put Rs. 1000/- in the donation box and light 1 Diya during my Thursday Vrat Pooja. Suddenly i started feeling relaxed in my mind. Then i was sure that my lord Sai Baba will make everything alright. Then when her report came; everything was normal except some small problem of WBC's (lymphocytes were very less). I thanked lord Sai Baba and requested lord to completely cure my sister and bless her with healthy life ahead. Thank You Deva. Please lord completely recover my sister very soon and please relieved my parents from all the tensions and make their all good wishes come true as soon as possible and bless them with happy and healthy life always. Love You my lord Sai Baba. Bow to Shri Sai, Peace to be all. Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah!

My mummy's report came normal by Baba's blessings. Om Sai Ram! My mom got cuts in her mouth so she went to the doctor. After examining doctor directly asked her "who has come with you?" my mom said she is come alone. Then he further said that bring someone with you and also continued saying that "You should have come beginning only when it had happened to you. Being educated you are behaving so carelessly" and told my mom to remove one mole (back side tooth) and then again come with your husband, i will explain him. Listening to this she got very scared. She told all of us about the same. Since i was at my home (husband's house); she called me up and told about the same. I got tensed listening to it and i prayed to my beloved Sai Maa to save my mother. She should not suffer from any of the fatal disease. It should be a simple infection. My mom called my Maushi (mother's sister) to accompany her when she was going for her tooth extraction. After 15 days of extraction of her tooth, doctor told her to come for the check up of her cuts in the mouth. The day she was about to go to the doctor, she came to know that that doctor is out of station so he visited him after 4 days.

I was continuously praying to my lord Sai Baba to keep her healthy. I also prayed to my Sai Maa that i will donate Rs. 1000 in the donation box of Sai Baba temple. Also when i had gone to Shree hanuman temple; there i prayed to lord hanuman that keep my mummy healthy and i will donate Rs. 100/- in lord Shree Hanuman temple. When doctor checked my mom, he said not to worry, it is just a simple infection. When i called up my mom; she told me the same thing what doctor told to her and i was very happy by listening the same and thanked my lord Sai Baba and i also fulfilled my vow of donating the money in the donation box and one more vow of writing this miracle on this site, i am completing now. Please forgive me Deva if i have made any mistake in writing this experience. Thank You Deva Sai Baba for helping me to complete my all vows. Love You Sai Maa. Also special thanks to the admin and team of this page. Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah!!

Sai Blessings
Sai Brother Hariram from India says: I am Shiridi Sai Baba from 2008. Basically I am from Tamil Nadu so I have not any experience of His blessings. When I reached Jamnagar (Gujarat) for my job slowly I came to know His pure love and togetherness. I am praying all God but for our family He is always favourite. My wife & daughter used to visit Sai Temple minimum once in a month. I have plenty of miracles to share. Here I am sharing one of them. If time permits to discuss in one to one basis we can share and discuss His blessing minimum for a year. First time we visited Shiridi in 2009 with family. After that slowly slowly my frequency of visit in increased now a days I used to go to Shiridi at least 3 - 4 times in a year. In that way I am much blessed, I can feel whenever He wants to see me I can feel it and immediately I start to travel to meet Him, to get His love and blessings. No words to explain the experiences, He is my loving father, mother well wishes and all, He is always living with me. I am enjoying that always. In my home also I am feeling it. Earlier days I used to pray and claim a lot, now a days I am not doing it I want to pray Him always in all moments as of now. He has blessed me such like anything in all form, cannot be explained in words. I have got and felt His live Darshan in Shiridi temple twice. Miracle is a normal think for our Shiridi Sai Baba. You love Him by pure heart and He is appearing in front of you. He will come to your home and where ever you want Him.

I have taken my mother with me to Shiridi in the year 2013. She was having very serious will to get His Darshan. We reached Shiridi by night 8.30 PM. My mother is senior citizen so the opportunity for senior citizen entry was closed. We had travel for around 15 hours. So I asked my mother is she comfortable to go for Darshan, because the it was too crowd in that day. She told I am ready. It was a big queue as usual and my mother was with full eager and with full spirit to get the Darshan of Sai Baba. After 1.30 hours we reach the Darshan place. My mother cannot sit in ground. So I had the worry (because of her Knee problem) but I told don’t worry it is the place of worship and home of Sai Baba you will get the guest invitation. In short while one security guard supported my mother and given a very comfortable space for my mother and to me and he told don’t go anywhere this is the best place to see the night Aarti. My mother surprised to get that space where she was sitting very comfortably and Baba face was very clear in vision for Darshan from that place. We worshiped full Darshan for around 45 minutes from that place. My mother was amazed and she was very happy and enjoyed with full of joy under holy spirit.

Then we completed our dinner by 12.00 o clock night, but I have wrongly given big order so more food became surplus and I asked the hotel person to pack and give it. My mother asked why are you packing it. I told her this is the Leela of God if some times food is getting surplus He is making it ready for someone, so I used to pack it and definitely someone will come on the way to collect and eat for mitigating his hungry. Trust on this it is His will. But mother told who will come in this night? I told her trust me this is will of God. Then we sit in a Auto to go to our hotel room. Within 5 minutes some one stop the auto and but the person was looking like beggar and my mother offered the food to him. He was accepted and given a divine smile towards my mother. She was wondered and does not talk after some time. When we reached the hotel she told that, really I was not aware this. Then she told son I was shocked he was looking like Sai Baba. He is really hearing you very closed, His blessing is always with you. I too jointly blessed today. I am enjoying His spiritual level at all moment. He is always there in all part of this universe. Jai Sainath.

Baba Showed Me Miracle By Giving My Sai Kankan Back
Sai Sister Vandana from India says: Jai Sai Ram I am a working woman as a Software Engineer in an MNC and I love Baba a lot. I have been to Shiridi this New Year along with my friend. New Year is important me as it is my birthday as well. My engineering roommate who is my bestie and me decided to visit Shiridi all of a sudden. There was no prior plan. We had Sai’s Darshan and I have bought an 'Om Sai Ram' Kankan from Shiridi. I wore it to my hand in Sai Samadhi and I felt very happy for buying it from Shiridi. The bangle was with me from the day I wore it. I have never removed it after that. One day when I was on my way to office. I was shocked to notice that bangle was missing. I felt very bad that moment and decided to search for my Kankan immediately after going home. I searched for it very nook and corner of my home. But I did not find it, which exaggerated my pain of losing it. My neighbours told me it's ok and we can buy other one from temple that Thursday. But I did not feel better even after that. I was not able to sleep that night and I searched everywhere again. This time I was vexed up and prayed Sai standing before Him asking Him to give the bangle back. I begged Him saying, I really don’t remember when I removed it from my hand, and asked Sai to forgive me if I was careless about it. I listened to Baba Aarti and imagined myself sitting at Baba’s feet, doing Seva to Him. I slept after that and the very next day, immediately after I got up I searched for it. But my effort was in vain.

I came to office, but still was thinking how it got dropped from my hand. I was feeling bad thinking what Baba was trying to convey me from this particular loss. I was in a complete bad mood that day. I read Baba stories from this same site how people got their valuable things (gold and passport) back. Thank You so much Hetal ji for building this awesome site. Though mine was not the gold bangle, I felt it more valuable. That day when I went home in the evening, I stopped searching for it thinking if Baba really wants the Kankan to be with me, He will give it back for sure. I went and prayed Baba again with tears in my eyes. After that, I went to watch TV and opened WhatsApp to see the messages. One of my friends with whom I went to Shiridi, pinged me saying it’s been a long time we did not talk to each other. I told her that I lost the Kankan that we bought from Baba Sanidhi (Shiridi). She was sad to hear that and asked me how I lost it. I was typing the same telling her that, I really don’t know how I lost it. You won’t believe, I did not complete the sentence; something came to my mind all of a sudden. I went to my room and opened bangle box, where I found my Kankan got struck in one of the bangles. It was the very ‘Happiest’ moment when I got my bangle back, and my friend kept on sending messages saying don’t feel bad and all.

I replied her saying, Baba was with her. That is why when I was talking to her, I got my Kankan back. My friend told me that, Baba was with both of us and said Baba's intension might be this- to just get it back when we are talking to each other and there after discuss His Leelas. The happiness of both of us knew no bounds. I went to sleep that night with lot of satisfaction and decided to share this happiness with all of you. Thanks a lot Sainath! We all are Your children; don’t let us feel bad by making us think that we are far from You. Please shower Your Kripa on us and stay with us all the time guiding what to do and what not to do. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Sai Appa Fulfilled My Prayers
Anonymous Devotee from India says: Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. I had kept so many of my prayers at Sai's feet and till date He never failed me in fulfilling them. I am here to share one such prayers which Sai Appa fulfilled as promised Getting an onsite opportunity was one of the biggest goal of my life and it grew severe when our burden increased with settling down in life with no debts. Usually whenever I wanted Sai Appa wanted to fulfil any of my life's important goals or for my husband's, I take up 9 weeks Vrat but this time my husband too joined me in taking up the Vrat to get my name selected in lottery Initially though many obstacles Sai Appa cleared all of them and made my name nominated for US visa. Then this miracle happened where I got the first mail in my project on positive lottery and felt overwhelmed with Sai Appa's blessings that He made this for me.

Many people around me told it my luck I purely believe it's only because of my Sai I made a promise to share my experience once I got selected in lottery and today I did it. Sai Appa gave reply to all those negative minded people around us through this mail and we feel great to know how blessed we are Sai Appa the only thing I pray now we want this happiness to be long lasting. I wish to get a proper project without any obstacles through the same account and settle properly at onsite because as You know this is our only hold and hope we got for our life to get settled and save for our daughter's future. Without Your blessings these are impossible. People may talk 1000 of things negatively but our complete heart and soul and our prayers are always at Your feet Sai Appa Bless us immensely shower Your love on us and safeguard us always. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Helped My Daughter
Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I am a humble devotee of Baba and have experienced His miracles over the last five years. Baba has always helped and guided me. Baba please bless all Your devotees and be with them always. My daughter went travelling with her friend to south east Asia for two months. She kept in touch with me everyday by messaging twice and calling me once every two days. On the 3rd of May she messaged me around 8 pm Thailand time to say she was going out. I asked her to message me back once she got back to the hostel. I did not get any message even at 12 midnight Thai time. I was so very worried, tried calling her and her friend with no response. I sincerely prayed to Baba to keep them safe and that she should call or message me. I wrote Om Sai Ram repeatedly and prayed that I would post the experience as soon as I heard from her. She called me around 3 am their time, she had gone out with some other travellers and had also met up with an Indian family. Thank You so much Baba, for keeping her safe. Please be with her and guide her and my son. Baba I love You. Sarva Loka Sukhino Bhavantu, Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai, Om Sai Ram.

Got Visa Stamping
Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Everyone, I have experienced blessings in the form of Visa stamping recently. I went to Shiridi before stamping and also after completion. I felt the Baba presence around me and He is seeing us. I have a recent experience that i went to Shiridi and before entering into the queue, i thought i have to buy 2 Flowers for Baba but due to the time constrain i can't make it. After i enter the Samadhi Mandir one Lady came to me and gave 2 Red roses and asked me to keep that in Baba Samadhi. I Felt very happy so prayed for her also. Baba, i know You are listening to our words please grant me other things also. Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. om sai ram ...
    pls bless me to get govt job and relive from all worries, pls you know the pain which i face pls help me baba , bless me the consent of my mother for my marriage
    Om sai ram

  2. O Deva, help us control our impulses and emotions and bless us to walk the righteous path please :)

    Jai Sairam

  3. BABA please bless me that i shall marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA i am feeling really scared at times.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  4. Om sai ram .. i believe u baba .. thank you for being with me :)

  5. Om Sai Ram
    Baba please be with us deva and bless our family with good health thandri

  6. There is a message above that God is able to take our anxiety ....i don't think this works in our day to day lives...i am praying to Baba since long to erase the problems in my life...that i am not able to bear them anymore but i think Baba doesn't pay heed to my prayers...Now the situation is that since last two years this has affected my health also... i have lost my weight due to now these messages now just appear to me as stupid things... just bookish things and sermons nothing else because now i realize that whatever we do... vrat or parayan or donation nothing will work.... if it has to happen it has to happen then why Baba gives false hopes to His devotees i don't understand...All His 11 promises appear to me fake...

    1. Dear devotee, please dont say like that. Baba never backs out from His promises. He will give what you ask for, but you must have complete faith in Him. Not once should you think "will i get what i asked for". Please dont lose faith in Him.

  7. Thank u so much for curing my illness,changing myself from negative thinking to positive thinking.Definitely i can say that FAITH has increased and i will wait with PATIENCE for you to fulfill my wishes.Words fall short to express my gratitude.When you answering my prayers my FAITH in really really increased to a next level.I am not regularly reading Hetal ji's website, but when i read i can relate myself to others,learn something from the devotees and making sure that YOU will definitely answer my prayers too.Please bless me to successful in my career.Thank you so much for whatever you have given.Please forgive me sometimes i lost my cool and shouted at YOU for my failure.I am so sorry BABA.Please forgive me.Please be with me lifelong.Thank you.

  8. Hey Sai Jo bhi galti Hui ho mujse maaf ker Dena.baba mere Parivar per apni kripa dristi bnaye rakhna.baba mere ghar mein sab bimar hai aap to jaante hi ho please Baba g sabhi ko theek ker do or apni kripa dristi bnaye rakhna,jai Sai Ram sabka meliek ek Om Sai Ram.bolo Sachidanand Sai nath Gururaj maharaj ki Jai.

  9. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  10. Om Sai Ram .. Deva chabi lene ka matlab hota hai responsibility lena .. control karna nahi .. please yeh baat usse samza dena Prabhu .. Om Sai Ram

  11. Help me to marry my love.please sai

  12. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Sai Kripa Karo,Kripa Karo

  13. Om shree sairam...
    Thank you so much baba for being with us...
    Protect us with your lotus feet baba thanks a lot babaji...
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai...
    Om shree sainathayenamah...
    Jai sainath...
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parabrahm shree shree shree satchidhanand samarth sathguru shree sainath maharaj ki jai...


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