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Miracle Of Doing Promise To Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Ramya from India says: Sai Ram to all my Sai devotees and thanks to this site creators. This is my first posting of my experience in the site. Here is my experience. My younger sister is a Sai devotee and she used to pray a lot to Sai to get marry because her age was reached almost 30. Baba blessed her and she got married. Her husband is very good and caring but he get angry suddenly for silly reason and shout at my sister like anything. She is calm type. She used to cry for her husband for such angry behaviour. For many month it went like this. One day again for silly matter, he fought with my sister and went to hit her. She was scared of his worst behaviour she phoned us and told us about her husband behaviour and we also felt very bad. Next day morning she left her husband place and came to our home. She did not have food from previous night till morning when she reached our home. She also decided to divorce him. She told us that she can’t bare his torture anymore. Me and my parents were worried about her life. And also our neighbours started asking about her arrival to our home without her husband. We somehow maintained to answer their taunt questions that she came for her cousin’s marriage in advance. I was really hurt for my sister’s situation because i was who responsible for that proposal, i took that proposal and compelled my parents to proceed with this guy only. I felt guilty because of my selection, my sister is now facing this situation.

Dear Devotees, i am a reader of this site but not a regular reader. I used to read Sai experience and came to know about some devotees promise Sai that if their wishes get fulfil then they will post their experience in this site. Suddenly that night, i remembered this and in the same way i also prayed my Sai Maa that if You solve my sisters problem and make her husband character good and bring his angry down then i also post this experience on this site. The very next day her husband phoned me for casual talk but he did not called my sister and a thought came in my mind and i forced my dad to talk to him and made my parents to go his home to talk with him personally and get the problem solve. Then next day they went to his home along with my sister the discussion started but his character seemed to be same in that time even my mother felt bad about his behaviour. He used to tell my parents that he never shouted at her but he politely told her few things that’s it. He was putting all matters to my sisters head but my parents knew that who is the problem creator of their life but they did not speak too much because they worried if they talk too much to her husband then their married life will get end soon but somehow they finished that discussion because they want to return home that night itself, so they told both should live peacefully don’t fight for silly reason etc but then too my sister did not satisfied with that discussion. I think my Sai Maa planned something for us so He made the discussion like that and my parents told we will send her after her cousins marriage, he should also need to come to that marriage. So my Sai made the situation that even though he told he can’t come to that marriage but my Sai made him to come and attend that marriage.

Before that he called my sister then they started to talk over phone this is the change and miracle of my Sai who made his anger to come down and he started to love my sister like anything. She is happy now. I felt happy but i made delay in posting this experience and once i thought to post after typing my experience, i felt fed up of typing so i reduced some situation which happened in experience that need to be posted but after typing while doing submit it got cancelled the whole experience which i typed. From that incident i came to know about my fault because i wrote this experience without interest. Now i also heard from my sister that he again slowly started to shout at her. I think this is because i am doing delay in posting my experience in the site like i promised to Sai. Dear all Sai devotees kindly post experience as soon as possible after fulfilling your wish. I also do the same because Sai made me to understand about fulfilling the promise. So Sai will defiantly help all of us at the right time. I know i am writing this post in delay. Kindly forgive me my Sai Maa for delay on posting my experience. Sai kindly make my sister happy always in her life and also fulfil all devotees wish. Peace be to all. Sai Ram. Baba bless Every soul of this site. Sai Ram.

My Sole, My Life My All In All That Is My Sai, My Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am Sai devotee since a very long time. My Baba is my everything and I trust Him in every step of my life. Baba has given me so much in my life that I would not have asked for more. He was with me in every step of my life and has given me everything as per I needed at every stage of my life, just like as He blessed me with the best husband, best kids on proper time, good life and everything good as possible. He has always protected me form all the bad situations and made me realize the truth of life and how to live in this world. I have so many experiences that it’s not possible to list them all here, but i would like to talk about some experiences happen a while ago. I and my husband had to undergo a very bad situation with friends some time back and due to this i had lost the trust I had in Baba, I started thinking that everything is fake, nothing is real, and fact Baba has taught that helping others and treating everyone like our own family and other is all just the bookies knowledge that’s all, you don’t have to use that is real life, I taught that it doesn’t implies for the real world it’s all for words to say, because I had really tried to do everything I can, to make my Baba happy, I have always tried go to any extent to do good to anyone but I had not learnt how to be political that’s all was our mistake.

Baba taught us how to be good that’s all, but He had not taught us not to trust everyone but after that incident as day went on and on believe it or not we understood why all that happen and we started understanding it was all Baba’s plan really we have experienced so much changes in our life after that incident that we were so surprised when we compare our life before that incident and what’s happening after that incident. Our whole life has gone so unbelievable, lots of things changed, Our life style changed, lot of positivity in us, lot of changes in our whole life. I was blamed that I am a negative person, that I am bad, and after hearing that I fought with Baba I did not talk to Him for so many days, I have cried like hell, I used to cry for the whole day sitting in my Pooja room and I used to beg for justice in front of Baba, because we were broken so badly, but I was so shocked to experience certain things after that, we started understanding that it’s all my Baba’s plans to teach us the priority of our life, we had completely forgot that we had our goals to take care of and we were not concentrating on that. Now our life has changed a lot. Baba has taught us the real fact of life, that is not to trust everyone and how to be in this life. I am so sorry Baba, I unnecessarily fought with You, got angry with You but I could not understand that You had different plan for us, Baba can never hurt who believes Him whole hearty.

One more miracle that happen at the same time was my dad’s property issue was not getting solved for a very long time and even that got solved and then too in a very very good price which we had not expected. Now we are leading a very different, good, happy and a meaning full life which Baba wanted us to live. Some times when time is tough we don’t understand that it’s all His ways to make things perfect for us, but after some time we will understand that everything was His play that’s all. Thanks Baba for making me strong, and thanks for making me what I am today and thanks for everything You are doing for us. We love You so much.

Baba’s Help

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devote from India says: I am devotee of Sai Maa. Thanks hetal ji for introducing this blog. This blog is very useful for all Sai devotees. From my childhood I pray to Sai Maa, I used to pray and used to visit rarely to temple because of long distances. Then after my marriage I used to go to temple whenever I find time and then suddenly started doing Sai Vrat Pooja and used to visit Mylapore Sai temple on all Thursdays. Then all of a sudden a thought arose in my mind to do service to Sai Maa and I enquired about it and they told me to come next week like that. Then I used to go to ask them again they did not give any proper answer to me then I came back home very sadly and cried Baba, why are You playing like this. Then all of sudden I met the concerned person and he gave me permission to do service to Baba.

Firstly initially I told them I can only do three days but after one week I started going temple daily for doing service. Before going to service I used to visit temple on Thursdays that time in Aarti time, i got seventeen calls from my husband he got top rating he wants to convey me first with senior manager promotion. I was very excited and thanked Baba and my husband belief also increased. Twelve years back we all visited Shirdi with my family. Then only last year only i went with my friends and prayed to Baba that this year my husband should get good ratings and my financial debts should come to end but suddenly i received a phone call from my husband that he has got least rating. In his total service he has not got these lowest rating because of this rating all his hike and variable pay got cut for one year. I was very upset and prayed to Him why Baba, You have punished inspire I prayed and visited Your shrine. Now how i am going to manage all my financial debts.

Then suddenly in office one problem started those who got lowest rating they will tested in one new project without anybody’s help it’s tough to do individually. If we fail in this test the employer would be walked out from job. Hearing this news I was very much upset and prayed to Baba if all things go well I will share my experience in this site. Then I and my husband prayed sincerely by Sai Maa’s grace he passed in his project. So no problem for his work because only he is earning in my family. Then I had habit of reading Satcharitra whenever I find time almost daily. Baba has helped me lot but this incident happened I got very angry on Baba and convinced myself not to act like that its all of my past karma. Nowadays I left everything to Him, He will take care my family and me. I learnt a message only when He wish the things will get done otherwise not.

How Sai Saved Our Lives

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee from Chennai, India. I am married and with Sai’s grace blessed with a lovely little girl. I was introduced to Sai at a young age, but was never really a devotee till I was in college. Even during that time, I never really understood the significance to Sai’s presence in my life. But, Sai has always been there for me, in spite of my shortcomings. Thank You Sai for being with me in every step! First of all, thank you Hetal ji for your efforts in maintaining this blog. A big applause to you and all those who help you with this. I would like to share the experiences that I recently had with Sai. My in laws stay in Pondicherry and my husband, daughter and I travel during festival times by road from Chennai. This January, when returning back from there, on Monday afternoon, Sai saved our lives. On the way, there is a small Shirdi Sai temple. When going from Chennai to Pondicherry, we usually stop there and take Sai’s blessings. On the return trip, I try and make it a point that I at least join my hands and bow before Him when passing the temple. This time, when returning back, I did the same. Moments later, I could feel the car getting toppled. My little one, who was sleeping on my lap at the behind went flying up in the front. By Sais grace, my husband had the presence of mind to catch hold of her. The car was in a terrible state. I did not realise what happened, but the impact was huge. I got to know that a cow came running from the opposite side and hit the car. At that time, I was shocked and unhappy as to why this happened. At the same time, happy that my little one and husband were safe. None of us were hurt. I had only small bruises. Thinking of it, I know Sai had sent that cow and saved us from a bigger accident that day. He saved our lives. Om Sai!

Other incident happened at the Birla temple in Hyderabad. I had gone there with my parents and little one in March. There was a heavy breeze all of a sudden. My father and my daughter were walking up the stairs in the front and I was couple of steps behind with my mother. As always, my daughter ran ahead. My dad was standing below a shamiana put up there. The shamiana was tied to a pole which in turn was tied to a heavy marble pillar. The heavy breeze brought down the shamiana, and all of a sudden, the heavy marble pillar also came crashing down. It just missed my father by a whisker. I dread to imagine what would have happened if my father was even one step in front. My father was however calm and continued climbing the stairs. As I climbed up and went up to that point, I could see a small Sai temple in the verandah there and Sai looking at us from there. I quickly ran there and thanked Sai for saving my father that day. Om Sai. Thank You Sai for everything. Continue to bestow Your presence on each of us and guide us through this path of life

Sai Baba Cured My Son From Hernia

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Shubhangi from India says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from past 10 years. Baba is my life. Without Baba, i would not have been what i am till date. Om Sai Ram to all. Namaste Hetal ji and thank you very much for this wonderful blog. Dear Devotees, i have many experiences shared before and will always share. In my life i have many experience of Baba and this time it was really awesome and felt really blessed by Baba’s grace. I have a son 4 and 1/2 year old which is also by Baba’s Aashirwad, i conceived after 6 years of marriage. When i use to take him to hospitals for routine check ups when he was 1.5 years one of the doctor told me that my son is having hernia. I and my husband was totally broken after hearing this and asked Baba that why He had to give him all this and told Baba, He should not have given me baby if He had to give him such a big sickness.

After some days, i showed this to my family doctor even she said the same thing and told us until he becomes 5 years to wait and after that to operate him. Years passed, he was ok for 3 years and now when he became 4.5 years old he started with the pain on belly where he had hernia. We took him to child specialist and after check up even the doctor said he is having hernia and will be cure after operation and i was fully broken but had full faith on Baba that they will do something. I had to send him for his studies to my sisters place in Gujarat even she loves him a lots. Doctors suggested for ultra sound and we left everything on the Guru’s feet and now there was a big surprise after four years the ultra sound reports came normal by our Sai Baba’s grace. Such a big miracle took place i was dumb stuck. Thank You Baba for everything, i am really sorry for hurting You by word in my hard times. Thank you to all my devotee friends will always be in touch through this wonderful blog created by hetal ji. Om Sai Ram.

Lord Sai Is Ever With Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, Thanks Hetal ji for maintaining this blog. It boost our faith in Lord Sai. I am a married man working in a private firm. We have one son. This post is regarding my wife. She is a house wife. She is facing irregular periods for some time. When we visited a Gynaecologist, she informed us that there is some cyst outside her ovary and ovary must be cleaned very next day and sample to be sent for biopsy. Next day ovary was cleaned and sample sent for biopsy. Now, the biopsy report is received and Doctor told us that there is some problem and they will try to cure it by medicine. If it is not cured by medicine, her ovary is to be removed by surgery. Dear devotees, now she is under medication and her severe stomach pain has also stopped by our beloved Lord Baba’s blessings. We pray to our Lord Baba to completely cure by His divine blessings without surgery/ovary removal. We request our fellow devotees to pray for the same. Thank You Lord Sai for your blessings. Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Please show ur love on me.Thank u so much for curing my illness & changing my attitude.Its very difficult for me to complete the studies & get job without ur blessings.Please baba help me to learn & improve my skills and also with job.Total surrender at ur feet.Please be with me till my end.I beg u for forgiveness for all my mistakes & sins.I beg for ur blessings,love & care.Thank u once again for curing my illness.

  2. thanks baba for everything ,please baba keep showering your blessings and keep forgiving us for our sins and mistakes and please stay with us forever guiding us true path to walk on in life.please keep having mercy on us ,please be with loved ones and help us to gain your love and blessings always. om sai ram ,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram.

  3. BABA please bless me that i shall marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

  4. O Deva, bless us Your children, with the wisdom to distinguish between the good and the pleasant so we may only bring love and happiness into the lives of our friends and families 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Today when i went to market an old man came and gave me flower saying that it is from Lord Venkateswara.For me it is you who came in the form of that old man.I cannot understand fully what the future you have written for me, but with this blessings, i can say that all these days i was crying, begging u to be with me till my end, bless me with strong health,peace of mind,bless me to complete studies,with expert skills & job.I was crying like anything because you know my situation that no one around me to shower genuine love,care,everybody is ready to show hatred,cursings,revenge taking attitude only.I am left all alone.They left me to be a single woman.Even though when the entire relatives,friends urge them to get me married to a good person,they will be the same having their own reasons/explanations,now i can say that u r there to show ur love,care,blessings not only for today but for my entire life.Thanks a lot.Thanks a lot like anything.

  6. Om sairam.baba i am feeling very lonely.only hope is you.recently i came to know that the person whom i loved got married to someone else, its heartbreaking baba dont know …its very painful.😂😂😂😂

  7. Om shree sairam…
    Thank you so much baba for being with us…
    Baba I can't imagine that would be true really its a very miraculous baba unbelievable thanks a lot babaji…
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai…
    Om shree sainathayenamah…
    Jai sainath…
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parabrahm shree shree shree satchidhanand samarth sathguru shree sainath maharaj ki jai…

  8. Dear first devotee, if your brother in law has started shouting again, it means he hasn't changed. He may need anger management. Pls make sure that your sister is really happy and not just keeping quiet, so as not to upset you and parents. Sadly people still care too much about other people's opinions, all that shd matter is the happiness of your loved ones and not what relatives or neighbours think. Be fearless, be courageous and have faith. Sainath stands by truth and those that need him. Om Sai Ram.

  9. Baba forgive me. I am your daughter please fulfill my wish Sai Sai Sai I love you You are my Saviour You taught us good lesson in our lifem Now please dont leave us.

    • Pls bless me to improve my skills, pls pls help me to be a good job for the rest of my life.Please.I beg for forgiveness & sins.Please.Thank u so much for coming in the form of a old man.

  10. Omsairam bless all above devotee in their life with quick h fast recovery.all of them and me too need you help uslead love and enjoy the life under your blessings grace shades .omsairam
    Yours faithfully

  11. Om namaha shivaya, jai shree ram, jai hanuman, jai ganesh, dattatreya namaha, baba ki palkhi ki jai, jai duge maa, tirupati balaji ki jai

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