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A Child Wants Sweets, But It’s Mother Gives Bitter Pills

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Sai Ram devotees, In my first experience I shared how Baba helped me travel overseas for my higher studies. Sai Baba’s Darshan And His Miracles. In this experience, I will share how Baba helped me get a job. Please read my story and accept the fact that Baba answered my prayers in His own ways. I completed my Studies in Canada and was able to find a contract opportunity after graduation. I have been looking for full-time opportunities in Toronto. I follow Baba’s Q&A website and asked Baba a question about my job. The reply was, “I will experience good things from Krishna Ashtami”. After months of effort, I ended up getting a full-time opportunity in a very small place. So, I quit my contract job and started this full-time opportunity during Krishna Ashtami thinking that this might be Baba’s plan. I was not happy with my job and the team that I worked with. I asked Baba for a better opportunity as I also realized I will not have any growth in this new job. Two weeks later, I had some issues with the manager and lost this job. I was crying a lot, worried about paying my bills and loan back home. Also, this period being the end of the financial year, there’s not too many opportunities available. I barely received calls from any companies that I have applied for. I was struggling for my survival, accepted part-time jobs to pay my bills. On the other side, I still kept looking for full-time opportunities. Thought I might not find work in my field as most of the employers are asking for Permanent Residency. I wanted to live in a place where I can have access to a Hindu Temple, and be able to visit the temple every day before I start my work.

I had attended an interview with a company in October 2015. Although they were impressed with my performance throughout the interview process, they couldn’t extend me an offer as they were transitioning and having issues within the management. During my visit to this company for interview, I happened to visit the Vishnu temple of Richmond Hill (A suburb in Toronto) which is close to the company. This temple was so pleasant and had Murthy’s of almost all Hindu Gods including Sai Baba. Somewhere in my mind I had a small wish that should be close to this temple. I boldly moved to Toronto where I planned to live and work. I was still worried as hiring was slow. I felt Baba left me stranded as I ran out of money and couldn’t eat my favourite food either. I moved very close to Lord Vishnu during this time. I visited The Hindu Temple of Richmond Hill whenever I got time, begged Him to erase my sins and shower His blessings on me. When we come in contact with saints (Sai Baba), serve them and secure their love the Lord will fulfil the desires of us devotees, comes to our aid, removes our troubles and sufferings and makes us happy. – Chapter 18&19 Sri Sai Satcharitra.

It was during Vaikunta Ekadashi (or may be the same week when Vaikunta Ekadashi was celebrated) that I got a dream of Sri Venkateswara Swamy asking me to perform Venkateswara Vrata kalpam. I visited the Vishnu temple on Vaikunta Ekadashi day, observed the Pooja. I really couldn’t control my tears while offering my prayers, begging Him to bless me with a good job. I planned for a sudden trip to India, met my family, had the opportunity to perform the Vrat with the help of a Pandit in the Vishnu temple in my home town. The day before the Vrat was performed the temple’s priest received Idol of Lord Bala ji and Goddess Lakshmi. He told me that an anonymous couple came to the temple the day before the Vrat and handed over these Idols to the priests. I had goose bumps and also couldn’t hide my tears in front on my parents and the priests who were present there. I felt the Lord Himself came to answer my prayers. I also had the Darshan of Lord Bala ji in Tirupathi in this trip. I came back to Canada and started looking for work again. Baba tested me a lot during this period, made me accept odd jobs, taught me how important money is for survival and that I shouldn’t forget him at all if I want to have all necessities in life. Many recruiters called me to discuss about the opportunities that I had applied for. Nothing worked out for me.

One day, I had a telephonic interview with a company. I started Satcharitra Parayan a week later and finished it in 7 days. The same company asked me to come in for an in-person interview. The interview process was 2.5 hours with a technical interview followed by a technical discussion. This company is also located close to the Vishnu Temple. I gave the interview and applied for other opportunities. One day I got an email from the Team lead that he wants to reward my performance in the interview with an offer to join the company. The pay was more than what I expected. Really, had nothing to ask God for. I started my new job. I already completed two months and I can’t tell everyone how happy I am. Every morning before starting work, I visit the Vishnu temple and spend 10-15 minutes there. I am very thankful to Sai Baba and Vishnu for blessing me with this opportunity. I pray that they protect me and my family at all times. I am working hard to build a reputation within my team so that I can have a long and fruitful career with this company Thank You very much Baba and I love You.

Baba Saved My Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all my wholeheartedly thanks to you Hetal ji for providing such a beautiful platform where all Sai devotees can share their views and their experiences. This platform changed my life by becoming Firm Believer Of God. I belong to a Hindu family where I used to worship God whole heartedly as He has fulfilled most of my wishes but I could never truly feel His existence. My experience with my Sai has turned me into a firm believer in Sai and His existence. I knew Sai Baba from childhood but it was only from September 2015 i was drawn to Him just as a bird is pulled with a string tied to its foot. I never believed in any presence of God as i was always doubtful about His existence and merely believed that Lord has been just created by Human beings for welfare and does not exist in reality but now I am a firm believer of Sai, and existing of that supreme power. It all started by reading devotees experiences on this blog and i came to know about Sai Satcharitra, question answer website and this blog has also unlocked so many other treasures of Sai Baba which is a pure blessing. Now i know what it means when Baba says that “Your store of past merits is considerable, so you have come here.” There after i started experiencing so many miracles in my life due to Baba`s grace.

From October 2015, I started to lit Ghee lamps in front of Him and one day a miracle happened after which i started singing Baba`s Aarti Day and night. I was playing Om Sai Dhun on mobile which was placed next to my temple and lighting the lamp and just doing a casual Aarti on that Dhun, then suddenly Sai Baba Aarti started playing on mobile that is sung in Shirdi temple. It might be that the mobile was touched/shifted by my kid accidently so Aarti got played. But I was surprised to see that after sometime when i was about to end the Aarti in between and place the Aarti thali on table then Sai Aarti in mobile automatically stopped and Sai Dhun again started playing on mobile. I checked later if the Aarti was in between Om Sai chant but there was no track of Aarti in “Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai” chant. It was a miracle as well as a message from Baba. From that day to till date i play that Marathi Aarti on mobile and do Aarti every day and night. I started offering Naivadhya to Baba which i never did in past because now I know that all these things are really accepted by my Sai and not a superstition. He is watching and is with me in real. Also I am very fascinated to buy beautiful crowns for my Baba.

One day i was trying to buy Sai Baba`s car hanging online, i selected one beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba Car hanging and was just zooming Baba Picture on it to see the material. The zoomed picture started blinking suddenly and a white light started moving from up to down like it happens in xerox machine. I quickly added it to my cart and bought it as Baba showed me His presence and acknowledgement to buy it. And also it was delivered at my home on Thursday, no doubt it’s His Leela. I always put Sai on the top of everything and He takes care of the rest. Everyday before leaving, i ask Him to come to my office with me and He comes also. He has proved this. When i was travelling to office in AC bus and suddenly one butterfly entered into bus. I was so thrilled to assume that it is my Sai and said if You are my Baba You will come towards me and with no doubt that butterfly came and sat beside me and was with me all the way. I took its picture also. One major miracle which i wanted to share on this blog is related to my Job. I am working in reputed organization for many years. Last year in October seeing the attitude of my manager i got the hint that my appraisal will be spoiled this year in march and i should leave this project and join another project from where my appraisal won’t be spoiled but that time on question answer website Baba told me that “You will be saved from calamity. Don`t leave your place. Your welfare is in the hands of Sri Sai Baba” so i didn’t left that project but during appraisal time in march when my manager released me i was scared that as i am getting released now, i will get worst grade this time and i was crying and tensed whole month. I again asked Baba, He said “Don’t doubt. Read Ramayana. With other person’s help your calamity will be removed and success in work will be gained.”

I wanted to read Sai Satcharitra (my Ramayana ) but did not had it. I waited for Baba to give me that book but couldn’t get it, so i took out the print out of online Hindi version and started the Parayan. While reading His Leelas my eyes use to get wet out of gratitude and sometimes smiling. I was surprised to find myself so much at peace, don’t know how. I started getting a feeling that i have got everything and i don’t want anything now just want to hold on to the hand of Sai Baba like a kid for the rest of my life. On the sixth day of Parayan, i heard from one of my colleague that organization rules are changing and I might be saved from bad appraisal. I was just spell bound to hear this. Tears rolled down my cheeks. My Sai has done it again! After one month, appraisal results were declared I was saved from the worst grade and got a normal grade, that saved my job. I have no bounds of happiness to know that Sai Baba`s blessing are with me. I have no words to thank my sweet God, my Sai. You are my Guide, my Guru, my God! We just need to have faith and patience and He will fulfil all our prayers. Sri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj KI Jai.

Dear Baba Saved Me From A Big Insult In Office

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, I am a Sai devotee for last 6 years. I used to do 9 week Vrat before 5 years week after week, but somehow i lost faith in Baba as what i prayed for never happened. Only after 3 years i realized, what i prayed for, Did Not Happen, because Baba Did Not Want Me To Suffer. This dawned to after one of my good friend re-introduced Baba to my life again by suggesting me to read a book- Sai Baba is still alive. This book recreated a firm faith in me. Me and my friend used to discuss about Baba’s experiences in our life, blogs about Baba, posts by devotees and Baba’s pictures on a daily basis. After i read that book, i started reading Sai Satcharitra week after week. As i kept doing Saptah week after week, i started feeling Baba’s presence and i could literally feel His presence protecting me many a times.

I work for a MNC and i work in a team where i am elder (in terms of experience) among my peers. Most of my colleagues are from well reputed institute and are very smart at work. This created a lot of stress and mental pressure for me. I work in a team where even a small mistake will not be tolerated. It so happened that one day i overlooked a variance which is supposed to be validated. There was a 99.9% chance that the data i used was wrong as never before the data had such high variances. I was shivering inside as if this had gone wrong, my reputation will be at stake, as most of my colleagues are much younger to me and are good at the job. I was supposed to send a mail asking for confirmation if the data set provided was correct and everyone were 100% sure that i used wrong data. To my utter surprise, i received a confirmation stating that the data was right and everyone were dumbstruck as it was never the case. It was miraculous. Only i know that Sai Baba saved me from this. If this miracle had not happened, i would have resigned my job in utter shame. Thanks to my dear Sai Baba. My sincere thanks to Baba for saving my reputation which is already at stake. Ever since this incident happened my faith in Baba increased many fold. My sincere prayers to Baba for one and all. Jai Sai Ram!

Sai Baba Cured My Eye Infection

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks to Hetal ji and others for running this blog. This blog gives peace and happiness to Baba’s devotees and proves Baba’s love and affection for His devotees. I am a small devotee of Baba. This is my third post in this blog. Once again Baba proved to be my saviour and saved me from an eye infection. I am here to share my experience. Please ignore if there are any mistakes. I already had a eye infection during Jan 2016 and doctor had advised it to be some eye gland infection. He had prescribed some medicines the infection had subsided but the swelling remained a little bit. Doctor had told i to be a chalizon and need do anything but if the infection returns, we need to think about removing it. I was scared to death. Now after four months, i was travelling to my home town in car. But the cars air conditioner was not working due to low gas and we had to depend on the windows for air circulation. The driver had fully kept the window open and i was sitting right behind him. There was lot of dust and pollution in the road. Something got into my eye and i was feeling light irritation. However reaching home i felt some pain in the same eye. I was scared if the infection had returned.

I prayed to Baba that my problem should be fine and if everything went good i will share my experience. Due to Baba’s blessings my eye infection went off the same night and here i am happily penning down my experience. Please believe in Baba. Let the problem be big or small, leave it to Baba and wait patiently and He will always save you. Like a sick child who depends completely on its parents to take it to the doctor and treat it. Similarly leave everything to Baba He will save you. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. I am also praying to Baba to save me from a difficult situation in office and will post it once it’s over. Hey Deva You know my situation. I am forced to go to work due to my family circumstance, then why this problem. Please help me, save me. Please pray for me.

Sai Baba Darshan

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I have been going through some rough stretch in my life right now. Being far away from home has made me come close to God and experience the divinity in general. Recently, I was told to take medical tests for a significant health issue. I am praying Sai Baba and committed myself to 9 weeks of Thursday Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti. So far, I have completed 2 of 9 weeks and the peace I got after attending Sai Aarti is unexplainable. I have always prayed Sai Baba like any other God pretty much since I was a kid but I think I have come close to Sai Baba just recently. Today, I went out of town to visit a temple which also happens to have Sai Baba. Usually, I just visit this temple and head my way back home as the drive is far. Today, a friend that came with me wanted to visit some other temples in the area and that we have never been too. We found another Sai Baba temple and had an excellent and peaceful Darshan. Then, we went for some grocery shopping and there out of nowhere I saw another Sai Baba Mandir right beside the shop. I consider this as truly a divine intervention of Sai Baba assuring me that He is there with me during this difficult and troubled time. What are the chances I get to visit two other Sai Baba temples when they were not even in the plan? I don’t think it happened just like that randomly. I firmly believe that is Sai Baba’s way of conveying to me that He is going to be there with me in helping me come out of my health issues both physically and mentally. I am praying Sai Baba and confident that He will bless me to be disease free and good health. May the divine grace of Sai Baba be showered upon all His devotees all around the world. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Cured My Illness

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sowmya from India says: Hi everyone, i feel blessed to write my experience on this site. This site gives so much confidence to all Baba devotees. 1 month back, i suffered with cervical lymph adenopathy. There was swelling and severe pain on my right neck. I consulted doctor and took medication, intravenous medication but no use. Then we went to other doctor and done the required blood tests, FNAC, Ultrasound tests. It revealed that there are multiple nodules and cysts. Doctor prescribed steroids along with antibiotics. After 2 weeks it started to regress and completely fine. But after 10 days the problem has recurred again. The pain and swelling started at the same place. Then i could remember only my Baba. Because doctor said if it recurs we must go for surgery. I don’t want it to be a burden to my parents. I don’t want them to take this mental stress as they are busy with my marriage preparations. I prayed to Baba to cure it and applied Udi for 3 days. Then on Thursday, i went to Baba’s temple and put coconut into Dhuni. Next day to everyone’s surprise it got cured and i am perfectly alright. It’s all because of my Baba. I am so much indebted to Him. I can never thank Him enough. Love You Baba.

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    • Have faith in Baba. Leave it to Him and be at peace. Then see how He does things for you. His leelas are truly amazing. All He asks for is to have Faith and Patience. Once you have Faith, Patience will automatically come. Remember one thing, Baba loves to see His children happy and smiling when Hes there, not sad! So be calm and keep chanting Sai naam. Om Sai Ram

  1. Thank You for taking us into your fold O Deva and making us feel worthy. Thank You for being with us O Sadguru and guiding us in the right direction. Thank You for all the love and happiness You bless us with O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram..u r my guide.Pls help solve all my problem.i want my life happy like others.Pls sai ma help me guide me.Dont leave my hand and alway with me.Pls guide my daughther go for right way.only u my hope sai ma.Pls saima pls..

  3. BABA please bless me that i shall marry the person i love with my parents acceptance. BABA You are my only hope, only strength, only support and the only source of inspiration. BABA please make them accept my love and marry me to the person i love.BABA this pain is unbearable.SAI BABA please help me and please bless me and please be with me.OM SAI RAM

    Please kindly reply & bless me. From past a few days am facing a kind of obstacles in my worship. I used to somehow ignore the obstacles n try to do my daily puja in puja room. The obstacle is lizards.There are 3 or 4 lizards of which the majority are big. Am really scared of the same.We have placed Gods photo in a bureau made for puja. And this bureau is placed in a table the lizards are on the table.Despite repeated try the lizards don't move away from puja room thereby increasing the obstacle to pray.I tried ignoring them but still today when I was trying to perform abhishek to GODS one lizard had jumped suddenly which was in one of the photos. I was scared.
    Also once i got a reply from BABA – "Worship the photo of BABA & see the miracle that happenes".Instead of miracle I am getting only discouragement.
    What does this imply? DOES BABA SAY "TO STOP PRAYING?? DOES NOT HE LIKE ME PRAYING TO HIM??" I am realy really upset. Being thursday today I haven't done my puja because of this.Please reply me what BABA is indicating.

    • Om Sai Ram, dear devotee, I have a big problem with lizards. It scares the hell out of me. But i have a huge one which resides right behind my Baba's photo. One thing Baba made me realise is, that when we send out negative vibes, (e.g, fear of lizards) it will send back more. Once u are aware and say "big deal" to urself, you will see it doesnt matter at all.
      Here you got it all wrong. Havent you read the story of two lizards in Satcharithra? 🙂 You must read it. What Baba meant was continue worshiping Baba and dont let mind go after these silly matters. Just let them be. Even they are a part of Baba. So why worry.
      The more you divert ur mind to them, more you will find yourself in situations where they will scare you….
      Ask Baba for forgiveness and please continue praying.

    • Jai SAIRAM,
      Thanks for the reply I shall surely take its meaning. But I had left like how you had adviced – ignoring its presence for nearly many months but yesterday it jumped suddenly unexpectedly causing obstacle to my worship…that upsets me alot….I don't know but am upset..BABA please accept my worship…I miss sitting before YOU n meditating in Puja room because its such a special feel I get there…BABA please help me…..TELL ME WHAT ARE YOU INDICATING BY THIS???

  5. om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,baba please help my brother and save him,he is passing through very tough time , please be with him always and forgive us for our sins and mistakes. you are our only hope ,who else will support us ,please baba have mercy and save us.Be with every sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.

  6. Don't know what u have planned for us Baba but since u are the wire puller and doer, i trust that everything will turn out okay. Never forsake us Saima. Always at ur lotus feet. Love you always, Jai Sai Ram!

  7. Happy Baba's Day to all devotees.

    Thank you Baba for getting done the Sai Sachharit Parayan Saptaha from me.

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  8. Om shree sairam…
    Thank you so much baba for being with us…
    You are everywhere baba please save us and protect us baba thanks a lot babaji…
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai…
    Om shree sainathayenamah…
    Jai sainath…
    Akhiland koti brahmand nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parabrahm shree shree shree satchidhanand samarth sathguru shree sainath maharaj ki jai…

  9. Om sai ram. Baba with your help, I have starter nav guruvar vrat and sai charitra for 7days. Baba please be with me and give me strength to go through this. Baba please accept my prayers and unite us with our parents blessing. Baba I know his relationship is fixed with another girl but i am still holding on this and I know you will unite us one day. Baba we love eachother from our heart and I know he's doing this for his parents but please baba hear my prayers and unite us. If I make any mistake while doing poojas then please forgive me. Baba please be with me and him and help us go through this. Baba help me finish parayan and nav guruvar vrat without any obstacles. Sabka Malik Ek

  10. Baba meri har haar apki haar h…sometimes i think was it my mistake that i started worshipping sai baba because it's been 2.5 years since i started worshipping Him but u i haven't seen any moment of happiness since then…In the name of past karmas He is ready to give any kind of miseries to his devotees then what is He there for???

  11. I want to thank hetalji and team…for doing marvelous job..i have no words to describe the divine work u r doing..due to ur blog i realized that saibAba is here only even today…and he is helping everyone irrespective of any descrimination who take refuge in him…thank u so much to all of devotees who r sharing their experiences..there is v much similarity between saisatcharitra experiences and experiences by devotees even today…thank u so much for ur work…thanx to baba that i came across to this divine site…due to ur site i realized my baba..thank u once again..

  12. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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