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Miracle Of Magical Udi And Sai Baba’s Words Are Never Untrue

Sai Sister Surya from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees, I am 25 years old girl living in India. I’m Devotee of Saimaa since last two years (March 2014). Though I already knew Sai Maa since childhood, and that time I prayed Him like all other Gods. I experienced lots of small miracles of Sai Maa. But today I would like to share with you all two of my wonderful miracles. One of them is about magical Udi and other one is about Sai Baba words are never untrue. Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Before proceeding to my experience I would like to thank hetal ji and team to create this wonderful blog for all Sai devotees This is my first post on this blog and I use to keep asking Sai Maa when will I get chance to post and finally I got chance.

First Experience is, Last year in Sept 2015, I got some trouble in my periods. Which I ignored it for three months and I thought it may be because of I started working out it (I thought it may be some hormonal changes). But in 4th month, I finally took appointment of gynaecologist (26 Dec 2015). So doctor suggested to go under ultrasonic test. Then I took appointment for that. I got my reports on 28 Dec 2015 and I was diagnosed with PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease). You all devotees might have already read about PCOD on this site where some girls and married women are suffering and they are also sharing there stories about their PCOD. It happened to me just because of my hypertension and stress (because of some personal issue). Doctor prescribed me some medications for 3 months. I started my medicine from 01 Jan 2016. Plus I started applying Udi on my abdomen area and forehead and drank Udi water in every morning and prayed to Sai Maa daily that please cure me from this disease. finally 3rd month reached I completed my 3 months medication and doctor Suggested me to take another ultrasonic test to check my current reports.

On 22 march 2016 before going to test I prayed to Sai Maa for normal reports and I thought I have some time to go for test till that time I should go through this site (experience blog). And I saw one picture of Sai Maa saying “Don’t Worry, Your Problems Are In My Hands Now’. The time I read this I got goose bumps and was so happy to read that. Then I went for ultrasonic tests and got reports on same day. The time I got my report I saw them I was overwhelmed. Sai Maa’s magical Udi showed its miracle, my report were normal I was absolutely fine. My PCOD was gone. I was in shock and happy too because I read about PCOD which takes time to recover. Few girls are suffering since 5 years or 7 or some girls even for 10 years also. That’s why I was in shock to see my own report. But my Sai Maa gave me reports through that picture. Now the only thing is PCOD should not bounce back. And I forget to mention that I asked Sai Maa through Q and A site about my PCOD and He gave His answer which is attached. And I did what He asked me to do. Even when I met tailor that time I didn’t realized Sai Baba’s miracle.

Second Experience is, my grandmother is searching groom for me since last 3 years. One day (8th Jan 2016) my grandmother got call from a family for me. That they liked my profile from our community alliance book. And they wanted to see me on 10th Jan 2016 because that guy was leaving for USA on 11 Jan 2016. Even my grandmother liked that guy so my grandmother agreed and said do welcome and see me. But I didn’t liked that guy though he was well settled in USA. Since my grandmother liked that guy just sake of her I said ok I will meet that guy. But I was so upset because I always have to meet guys only my grandmother forces me to meet them. And I prayed Sai Maa, I am going to meet this guy only for my grandmother happiness. I prayed to Sai Maa “Deva my life is in Your hands now. Next day on 9th Jan 2016, I was still upset. Then like every same other morning I was going through this blog and I saw a picture of Sai Maa saying “Don’t Worry For Tomorrow I Will Be There For You” I felt so good after reading this. Next day arrived, the day of meeting on 10 Jan 2016. My family arranged food and all for that guy’s family and they said they will come around 4o’clock. I was ready and everything was ready for them we were just waiting for them to come. It was almost 4:30. I said my grandmother to call them when they are coming I thought they might it searching our home that’s why they are late. My grandmother called them and asked, when you all are reaching and Voila, here was a miracle for me. They said we are not coming because girl’s age (27 Jul 1990) and boy’s age (8 Jun 1990) is almost same. The bad thing was those people did not bother to inform us prior that they are not coming because of age issue. Anyway i was very happy and that time I recalled that picture of Sai Maa and then I realized what He meant by saying that “don’t worry for tomorrow I will be there for you”. Our Sai Maa is never never never untrue to His words. I thanked my Deva thousand times though it was not enough for what He did. And I pray Sai Maa to please give me a wonderful life partner. Deva You know me, You know my all wishes my desires. Never leave my hand. Keep Your hand on my head and never remove it. I love You Deva. Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Baba Travels To Australia

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I was introduced to Sai Baba through the movie made by Manoj Kumarji in late 70’s. I was totally in love with Him and used to watch that movie very often during my college days. Then somehow for next 10-12 years I got busy in my work when I moved away from Baba. Around late 90’s and early 2000, I started facing lot of challenges in my work. That is when I was reintroduced to Baba through my wife. My father in law and wife are devotees of Baba. On my wife’s suggestion, we visited Shirdi in 2003. When I saw Baba I was mesmerised by His presence. I felt total peace looking at His ever smiling pleasing personality. After that we visited Shirdi for 2 consecutive years. There was a Sai Baba temple near my house which I used to visit very often. Though the problems kept cropping, Baba also gave me strength as well as solutions to come out of the same. Things again settled from 2006 onwards. Around late 2014 my wife and I thought that we should get an opportunity to travel overseas. Baba fulfilled our dream as I got a project through my company in Australia

When we travelled to Brisbane, Australia, we searched on Internet for any temples close to our house. The nearest one was some 30 Kms away. Days passed in to months. During my work, I made a big mistake of procuring wrong items due to which either my client or my company would have required to bear a big financial loss. There was a situations that I would have lost my job. Me and my wife spent a few sleepless nights. On Sunday morning we again searched for a temple on Internet. This time we got a address which was just 2 Kms away from my home. We immediately went to the temple. When we reached there, we were overwhelmed with joy to see Sai Baba sitting right in front of us. It was the same welcoming smile. It was a personal temple owned by a family. The owner of the temple was performing Pooja. We sat through the Pooja. When we informed about our challenge, He suggested we read Sai Satcharitra. We downloaded Sai Satcharitra and started reading it every day. Within a few weeks the client as well as vendor accepted a compromise and the loss was averted. This way Baba travelled to Australia to save me. Since June 2015, me and my wife have been reading the Satcharitra every day and see miracles happen very often. We also make it a point to visit the temple at least once a month. Now my days start with Baba’s name and end with His prayer. There are more stories which I will narrate separately. A few days ago I came across this blog portal. And there has been no single day when I did not read it. Thanks to Hetal Ji and team for making this platform available for Baba’s children. May Baba bless us all with his blessings. Om Sai Namo Namah! Shri Sai Namo Namah! Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah! Sad guru Sai Namo Namah!

Baba Helped India To Win Against Bangladesh In T20 World Cup

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: So as all must be aware of the T20 world cup between India and Bangladesh, India was on the verge of losing the match. My whole family was tensed. It was the last over, where just 6 runs were left for 4 balls. We were praying to Shri Sai continuously as there was no chance for India to win. There is a Baba’s photo in my drawing room. I, my sister and my mom were standing in front of Baba and asked Him to let us win the match. My mom just held Baba’s feet and was continuously looking into His eyes. Suddenly it was a boundary. Just 2 runs were left for 3 balls. I thought there was no chance for us to win but i was praying to Baba. Suddenly on the next ball, it was a catch by Shikhar Dhawan. I was overwhelmed. I told Baba that He can do anything and asked Him to help us. Then it was again a catch by Ravindra Jadeja. I was surprised. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I told Baba that i will send this to Sai Baba miracles page. I asked Him to keep India’s reputation as there were only 2 runs left for 1 ball. And yes, it was a run out by our captain, MS Dhoni. I was so happy and so was my family. Everyone greeted Baba for His wonderful miracle.

Baba has helped me in every possible ways. I was giving my class 11th exams. As every student, I became a little callous towards my studies in 11th class. I am a science student. It was almost February that i realised that i was not at all prepared for my final exams. There was a constant fear in me of failing. I used to ask Baba if i will clear 11th class. Baba sometimes gave the answer yes and sometimes no. It was March and my exams had started. I studied in the last days. I prayed to Baba to help me. Every morning, before going to school, i prayed to Baba to help me in my exams. I assured Him that i won’t ask for His help in class 12th. I will ask just for His blessings. All my papers went well. Before the day of result, i went to Sai Baba’s temple and asked Him to please let me pass the class with 70% to at least keep my reputation in my family. I was not even expecting 65%. On the day of result, my father went to take it. I was sitting in front of Baba in my drawing room. Suddenly my father called me. I was looking at Baba and prayed to Him. And my father told me my result. You won’t believe i got exactly 70.3%. I was awestruck. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was very happy as i was not even expecting 65%. I bowed to Baba. Our dear Baba can do anything for His devotees. It’s just, we have to have firm faith in Him. Just wait for it and He will give it to us beyond our expectations. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Answered To My Friend Prayers

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: The experience here I’m mentioning is regarding my best friend. She is also a good devotee of our Lord Sai. I promised to Sai that once she gets her job then I will post the miracle. My friend used to work as a physiotherapist in a hospital. In 2010 she lost her job due to job cuts in her hospital and since then she was trying to get job but she didn’t get any permanent job. One thing I need to mention here is she had a miscarriage in 2008 and she was literally waiting to get conceived and with Baba’s blessings she got conceived in 2010 and her due date was in December 2010. In November 2010 she lost her job and she was very much worried that she lost job. But all our friends said that it is for your good only you lost job. Because Baba wants you to spend time with your child as you were wanting for child since so long time. So enjoy every moment of your motherhood with Baba’s blessings.

In December 2010, she delivered a beautiful baby girl. We all were very happy for her and later she moved to another place. Till her daughter got 3.5 years old she didn’t get job in her field. Now the miracle stars. She prayed to Baba and took computer classes in software testing and she tried a lot still no result. Then in 2014 April I got job. But I wanted even my friend to get job as I can see her pain. So I promised Baba if she gets job then I will post this miracle here. And needless to say that she got job with a good package in June 2010. Now her job got permanent as well. See the miracle though she is from a science background she is working as software engineer. Whatever Baba does it is for a cause only. Because in her situation if she continued with her previous job then she had to put her child in day care and it is quite hard to manage new born baby and job together. I will post my experiences with Baba soon. I feel very happy for her. Baba bless all of us and guide us to be good humans. Love You loads Baba. Thanks for everything.

Baba Saved Me Again

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal ji and team, this is my third experience in this blog. I had promised Baba that i will share this experience. Here it goes. I have been working in an IT company for close to 7 years. Recently they had mapped me to a project and it was going very hectic. I was spending long hours at office. I was struggling to balance office and house responsibilities. Slowly i started losing interest in the project and was looking out for job change. My interest in the project was getting down and i was keen on getting things delivered without escalation, even if it was not the best solution. As time went on i had to look into two more deliverable but i chose to ignore it, due to my laziness. One fine day my manager was asking for the deliverable and he was not happy with it. He started asking my why i had not checked the quality of the output. I suddenly lied telling even i was not aware of the situation. This resulted in him escalating another person. I was scared if the other person and his manager are going to churn the truth, they might blame me in turn. I was worried and lost peace of mind. I prayed to my Deva to save me and lo my Deva made the team manager and the other person busy in other work and they forgot about this mail. I was relieved to a great extent and also Sai Ma made me retrospect my responsibilities. Forgive me Sai Maa for my mistakes, i will take care in future to avoid such situations. It might look like a small incident, but to a person who is under tremendous stress, Sai Baba was the sole refugee and as His promise He saved me. Please wait with Faith and patience. Whatever may be your problem leave it to His Lotus Feet and pray to Him. He will definitely cross seven seas to save His devotees. This is just one of the many incidents Baba has saved me. Baba will pull you to Him according to His will. But once you have the advantage of reading Baba’s stories, please put your heart and mind and you will be able to understand His greatness.

Sayin Maharaj Justification

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Brother Thyagarajan from India says: Sai Ram. I would like to narrate this incident and want to see in near future why Sayin Maharaj justified like this. As far as my life with Sayin Maharaj it never ever gone wrong or mislead. If it is any mistake it might be from me not Sayin Maharaj. Coming to matter, whenever one particular incident happened I used to donate money for Annadan to Shirdi Sansthan through internet. This practice I started after a guidance from my religious friend. Today I have to donate, so I choose the amount as Rs 504 as I said above. I logged in and made payment it went wrong and again I restarted the same process and somehow it has become 2 lines and total become Rs.1008 and I am very happy to make payment and I did. Ok. What is the big deal in it? Here comes our Sayin Maharaj Leela. It is, when I started the payment my inner mind says this Rs 504 is not right amount and it must be higher than that. But I tried to pay for Rs 504 only and it went wrong and when I restarted the same process, it becomes double line and justified to Rs 1008 by Sayin Maharaj. A flash Strike in my mind that Sayin Maharaj knows how much to take from me for that particular incident. This is What I am trying to say. I am really shocked and of course very happy. When things goes in future I will narrate referring this. I attached the screen shot Humble Pranams.

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  1. Sai baba, please help us to come out of this tough situation. Every one is trying to stab on the back,please be with us and keep showering your blessings and love .Please save us and keep us at your lotus feet always .We are begging for your forgiveness for our sins.Please keep holding our hands tightly and never ever leave us.Please baba pay attention to my pleadings.Om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram.

    • Dear Devotee – you are coming out saying you have sinned and have committed some mistake on your post, and are asking forgiveness.
      The fact that you feel bad for what you have done in the past will relieve you a little. May Sai Baba bless you to come out of whatever problem you are facing. He is ever so merciful and forgiving. Sai will forgive and bring peace of mind to your soul. Please keep praying and keep faith. He will come to your rescue – do not loose hope!!! OM SAI RAM 🙂

  2. Sai ram..

    I would like to share a quick experience I had these couple of days. I am finishing my work contract very soon in this month end and have been a bit stressed about it as the market situation is not very good and few people from my company were asked to leave as they have been without a project for long. The thoughts started to occur my mind and have been worried along with the other personal issues. I got a good news last Monday that I could get a role that I have been waiting for. This was very unexpected as there were no possibilities to get an extension in my contract. Unfortunately, after some discussions, the news didn't last long. I felt very bad when I heard this news on last Thursday. I usually treat thursdays are special. I left it to Baba and said that I will take whatever you give me and I will be satisfied and work hard for it. This thursday i.e., yesterday, I received a good news of my extension in a different project. I would be happy to work here. I couldn't thank Baba more and I hope it will work this time. Thank you Baba and love you! I mentioned the same to Baba about my personal issue as well. Hope he will hear and fulfill that soon. Please baba. All these tests are killing me how much patient I want to be.

    • Sai ram..

      Thank you so much Baba for being with me today while meeting the new client. After losing all the confidence, I felt I did well in the meeting. Thank you for this project. I will work hard as I promised but please be with me and guide me. Also, the client mentioned that I might need to only work less than 100% in the project. I would be happy to do that so I can spend the rest percentage on the other project as well that I am referred to. Thank you so much Baba for giving 2options when I am falling down with none. Love you.

    • Sai ram..

      Baba.. I can't thank you enough about my job. The client asked me today to start the work next week on September 1st which is Thursday. I looked forward to hear this. Thank you Baba for giving this news today which is Thursday again. Love you.. Please guide and bless everyone looking for you and waiting for your response.

    • You are blessed child of baba. You must have done good karmas that you are getting success whatever you are asking from baba.

    • Hi, Thank you! I wish to be one. I am going through very hard times in my personal life. But I can feel Baba taking care of everything else.
      Hope he will bless me again with what I have lost in personal life.

    • You are still luckier than other devotees . Your professional life is good. Some devotees like mine are not even getting anything whatever we are asking from Baba.

      Your personal life will also get better.

      I have lost my job ,my family everything . I thought baba will help me but nothing happened.

      It's all messed up.

      That's why you are lucky that your professional life is good.

  3. O Deva, bless us so our minds attain peace and we are at calm at all stages, just by taking Your name please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Om sai ram,
    I would like to share an experience , how our baba takes care of his children.
    On the way to my office, there is an area where people prepare ganeshji"s murtis for ganesh utsav for selling. So there are hundreds of murtis on the both sides of road, people are preparing for ganesh utsav. Murtis have different theme. some are in the form of krishna,or shiv parvati like that. Everyday a small thought comes in my mind, I want to see either ganeshji in baba's form or with baba. and within two days I saw a picture in this blog where ganeshji is in baba's form. Still I was looking for murti like that. And today while coming back from office, I saw a murti where ganeshji in baba's form. I am so happy… baba is our father, he fulfill every single wish of his children. Thank you maa..
    Deva, please fulfill my wish which I am asking for my son baba. Please help us maa. Please baba fulfill our wish…it will be greatest gift of my life deva. You only can do it sai. Please save us baba. Please bring back smile on our face. You only are our hope. please baba forgive us for any mistake done by me and my son. Please deva..itni saza mat do ki sambhal hi na shake.. maa roke apne bacche k liye bhikh magti he.deva.please baba fulfill our wish..I will definitely and immediately share the experience. call us shirdi maa. allow me to attend kakad arti maa please….

    • Sai ram..

      Thank you so much Baba for being with me today while meeting the new client. After losing all the confidence, I felt I did well in the meeting. Thank you for this project. I will work hard as I promised but please be with me and guide me. Also, the client mentioned that I might need to only work less than 100% in the project. I would be happy to do that so I can spend the rest percentage on the other project as well that I am referred to. Thank you so much Baba for giving 2options when I am falling down with none. Love you.

  5. Om sairam.thanks for whatever you have given me.give me peace od mind. I feel somethings are pending in my heart….

  6. Baba.. I don't know the reason.. I'm getting irritated for every small things.. Showing my anger on each and everyone in my family. Please baba give me patience.. I hate myself. I don't always get what I wanted… Feeling lonely

  7. Please baba make my job permanent. I am very is totally scattered. Don't know what to do now. Lost all hopes for furure.

  8. Vah Baba Vah, I was asking to make my job permanent and you snatch the small contract job from me also.

    This is how you were waiting to show me your chamatkaar.

    I am having nightmares now. How I will survive alone?

    • Dont u have shame to talk wid baba like this way.."vah baba vah"if baba is taking something then it is in good faith of u..u want everything in ur way..but what if it is going to trouble for u??u shud talk respectfully wid baba…u do we r human beings..but as part of lov..say sorry to baba..everything is going to fine in ur life but u have to trust baba..just small contract is gone and u r speaking to baba like this way..may baba bless sai ram

    • You have no manners . What's wrong in this wah baba wah. First of that devotee lost his job and you are bullying him for no reasons.

      I think you have no shame . To lose a job is very big thing for someone may be not for you . You must be rich .

  9. Ek chhoti si job thi mere paas baba , aaj vo bhi chali gai..

    Meri life mein kabhi khushiaan bhi aayengi.

    Pati ne bhi saath chhod dia ab mujhe bus maarne ka iradda hai tumhara..

    kabhi mere pe taras nai aaya meri life pe.

    itni pooja ki tumhari maine par tumne to had hi kar di .Sab kuchh mera chhin gya par tumne kabhi bhi apna chamatkaar nai dikhaya..

  10. Baba I was praying day and night to you about my job stability but today the management decided to cancel my contract due to budget . Ab main kya karoon. I thought you will help me in my job but you didn't show me any chamatkar . Sab kuchh chala gya hath se. I gave the time till august .I think you don't like me. Am a evil spirit. No one likes me in this world. Sab mujhse nafrat karti hain. I want to die … kahan jaaon … koi mujhe pasand nai karta. At least mujhe achhi must to de de. Pati ne bhi dhokha dia . Ab tum bhi mujhe ignore kar rahe ho. I thought you will help me. Tumne bhi mooh pher lia.

  11. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  12. Om Sai Ram, OM Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram 🙂

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